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Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve

For a limited time, enjoy BLOWOUT pricing on all Indian Tabac boxes and bundles. Discount reflected in prices below.

A sales juggernaut for 11 straight years.

This remains an everyday, easy-going premium for the mild cigar smoker. Consistently well-constructed, smooth and mellow, offering ample flavor that holds your interest time after time. Each IT Ltd. Reserve is draped in cedar, concealing a flawless, Connecticut-seed wrapper leaf underneath. This leaf is grown under Ecuador’s natural mountain mist, yielding an exceedingly smooth wrapper with an oily sheen. The long-fillers are aged 3 full years following cultivation. Post-light, you’ll notice a distinctive, creamy, velvety-smooth taste.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Bear (Corona) (5.0"x50) BDL OF 25 Sale Out of Stock $138.00 $44.99    
Buffalo (Churchill) (7.0"x47) BDL OF 25 Sale Out of Stock $150.00 $49.99    
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Customer Reviews of “Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve”
The Indian Tabac LTD Reserve....the cream just keeps on, start to finish.
KB of San Francisco, CA
Firm, smooth construction (Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve). Nice pre-light aroma. Spark it up and you're greeted by a mild spice which eases into a slightly spicy, mostly creamy smoke. Lots if pure, crisp tobacco taste. Great deal made even better by the rock-bottom CI prices.
SO of Barstow, CA
I am not a cigar expert, but, I am a world class expert on the art of relaxation. The flavor, burn, draw, price, and even the look of this cigar (Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve) are just perfect! Thank you CI, and Thank you Rocky.
GW of Post Falls, ID
I am not a long time smoker but these (Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve) have become one of my go to cigars. Nice smooth mild to medium cigar, good consistent flavor that burns true and looks great. One of the more consistant cigars I have run across so far. Throw that on top of the price of these and it makes these hard to pass up! Thanks CI
MS of Washington, MO
I was looking to expand my "cigar education" and decided to try these Ltd Reserve (Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve). Drawn partly by the price, and partly by the positive experience of the Indian Tabac's that I have tried so far I ordered my bundle. With great anticipation I lit my first, only to be surprised an hour or so later when I looked down and was just about to burn my knuckles...The flavor was consistently smooth throughout. Not a start-off-smooth-then-get-harsh thing. One of the best mild cigars I've ever had. Who needs full bodied? This give loads of flavor in a light one after the other smoke.
BH of San Antonio, TX
I've bought and smoked all 3 sizes depending at the price at the time...Originaly, per today's price on CI, at least 25 more per box...Never been dissed on any of them. Nice, cool this side of light to medium in body; perfect burn, no touch ups needed and really mean this, only cigar I can smoke without my better half raising holy hell cause I did not open a window in my cave!!!! Oh, one other thing, no matter the size you order, carefully save the cedar wrapper...put it in your humi...adds nice flavor and also a way to keep humidification in check if u over humidifi!
JH of Crowley, TX
Just bought a bundle of Indian Tabac Buffalo's and got the 5 free Bears with them. What a deal at less than $2 a piece! Have been buying at local shops and for $2 you get unsmokeable cigars. These Buffalo's are as good as any premiums I have smoked and I will sure have another order for you. Your service is also fast and excellent.
MJ of Billings, MT
Just bought the super deal on these cigars (Indian Tabac Ltd Reserve). I tried two as soon as they arrived, very good. Not hard to believe this comes from the Rocky Patel stable, I just love them. Smooth, mellow and tasty. JC
JC of Tucson, AZ
Like many others I too am relatively new to cigars. Some time ago I bought a bundle of the (Indian Tabac) Ltd. Res. and have been a very happy smoker since. A mild smoke by description but I find the flavor quite fulfilling, and what a great deal. A fantastic find at a bargain, price CI is the best!!!
KW of fleetwood, PA
The Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve is a great cigar for those who like them mellow. Very smooth with great flavor. A great after dinner smoke, especially with your favorite drink or even coffee
DG of New Orleans, LA
What a pleasure! Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve This cigar is very similar to the Casa Torano in my opinion. Creamy, smooth and a pleasant nutty taste and the best thing is that it is priced right. Great value, Thank you Rocky Patel and CI!
PR of Sandy Hook, CT
An excellent cigar (Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve)...what else would one expect from Rocky Patel? Perhaps a wee bit milder than I usually prefer, but, having said that, I continue to buy the individual cigar. Excellent draw, even burn...just a nice, pleasant cigar.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
I’ve been an avid cigar smoker for years and without question the IT Limited Reserve is hands down the winner and my absolute favorite. You cannot go wrong with this cigar period, the value is impeccable, the flavor superb and intense enough to hold the interest of a veteran, yet mild enough to smoke all day long. If you have the opportunity to pick up the Toro size (produced once annually, making it the ‘limited, Limited Reserve’) I highly recommend it.
JB of Glendora, CA
Curse you, CI! Pressured by my Frau and enforced by the departure of global warming, my cigar consumption has been in hiatus since the warm house is off limits to "internal" combustion. The patio furniture, although akin to an arctic sitz bath, is the only viable option. And then what? Two great Rocky Patel offers in a row! Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve! Snap the cellophane and crack the cedar! I'm poppin' the top and pumping in fire. Ah-h-h-h. This is it. A great consistent burn and comforting and consoling smoke. Especially beneficial in thawing out frozen fingers when smoking to the end. Thanks Rocky and CI! (Just kidding about the "Curses!)
AT of Joliet, IL
I ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer so I wasn't sure what makes a a "sales juggernaut." This cigar is smooth, mild and has a unique cedary flavor. It also sends up billows of smoke during its slow, even burn. I knew Indian Tabac was a Rocky Patel brand but I thought it was lower quality smoke... I was very wrong. I've gotta kick something out of my humidor to make room for this new permanant resident. CI must sell tons of these things ...
RL of Columbus, OH
the Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve is a great smoke and the price is an unbelievable value. a great creamy smooth start with that great earthy finish. The burn was perfect with a nice and easy draw and a great aftertaste. this is another cigar you can't go wrong with. Even my wife loved the flavor and the aroma of it
MA of White Lake, MI
I tried one of these fresh off the truck and noticed it had a slight bitter flavor, so I let them rest for 2 weeks and boy a change. The bitterness is gone and had gotten much smoother with a creamy nutty earthy taste. This cigar has great draw with an even burn; would buy them again!!
HH of Stuart, FL
This is one fine Honduran smoke (Indian Tabac Limited Reserve)! Its satisfying spicey Honduran flavor and relatively mild strength has made this my favorite morning cigar. I smoked one yesterday morning with a cup of java while sitting on my patio and enjoying the cool October air and found myself in cigar nirvana. If you enjoy a mild cigar in the morning (or a mild cigar any other time of the day for that matter), then put this in your regular rotation and you too will also find nirvana... or at least some place just shy of it. The $2.00 per stick price isn't too bad either.
RO of Alvarado, TX
wow what fun....i have 2 favorits for the mild to medium class, 5 vegas and indian tabac, and what a blast they are. both have a mild to "medium" class and they sastify my urges in the best way. use to think cigars "stink" and were harsh, but thanks CI for educating me.
FL of East Tawas, MI
Just received this very nicely constructed cigar (Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve) with a sampler pack a few days ago. Overall, this cigar draws, burns, smokes, and tastes great! The honduran tobacco has a depth of flavor and richness many smokers look for in a cigar. As with all cigars, I release a bit of smoke from my sinuses to really capture the flavor, and with this one, there is a little bit of creamy sweet spice. Anyways, a pleasure to burn and a great price for a consistent cigar that stands strong with cigars priced much higher. Thanks CI and Rocky!
NK of New Palestine, IN
Got 10 of these in a daily deal about a year ago. Smoking the last of them right now and had to say these have been very consistently constructed, smooth and tasty from the day I received them. Even though the were a great deal, they have been my go-to stick when I wanted a treat.
W of PAtlanta, GA
Great cigar! I bought the Bear. Mild with a touch of spicy. Nice, even burn. Good buy!
GH of Yorktown, VA
WOW, great smoke(Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve)! Lots of depth and complexity. Had to roll up the windows in order to savor all the nuances this stick has to offer. I'm a mild to medium fan and this borders more medium to me. Too many aromas to list but if I had to characterize it not too floral like the Por Larranagas but on the other hand not likely to make you wanna lay down for the next hour, though, either. Full and substantial without being overpowering-kind of like an Ashton without the price tag. Very well balanced! Definitely a fan. Heap big thanks to CI for the price and the advice to give it a try.
JR of jacksonville, FL
This is one tasty smoke. Matches up w/5 Vegas Gold in many ways. Indian Tabac Ltd has huge smoke and a very nice draw. The CT wrap gives it that creamy pepper quality and it has a long note of cedar. Family and friends (occasional smokers) really like this one too. Subtle flavors and medium bodied finish make this stick a favorite in my group. Not one to light up after a hearty dinner, but great right up until the dinner begins. This is my favorite of the Patel line...try it.
PC of Penfield, NY
A very good mild cigar. This cigar is very well constructed and is incredibly smooth and flavorful. It has a very toasty mild flavor to it, and I detected no harshness at all. I will be looking for these regularly.
PJ of Lynchburg, VA
There is not much to add that hasn't already been said. This is a fantastic cigar, and there will always be room for them in my humi. I have nothing to gain for this suggestion, I just want to pass on what I know. If you enjoy this cigar, do yourself a huge favor and try the following: Davidoff Corazone, Diamondback, La Auroua Cameroon Closeout, these are within the same price as Indian Taback Ltd Reserve. I promise that you will enjoy the brands suggested, and increase your rotation.
DM of Taylor, MI
This is without doubt the best cigar I've had so far. Great draw, smooth, and tasty. Nice silvery ash. Good smell. For the money, it's the best yet!! -John
Jo of hn PivirottoBallston Spa, NY
I’ve smoked several varieties of the Indian Tabacs and thought I’d give the buffalos a try and see if it can become my early morning fishing cigar. I wasn’t disappointed. These cigars have a nice creamy light flavor that’s consistent throughout the entire smoke. The ash and construction are excellent. I love cigars that billow smoke and these don’t disappoint.
CC of Norton, MA

Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve

Posted by Steve R

Unless you’ve been asleep at the wheel the past month or two, you know that SCHIP is right around the corner. This bill is placing a heavy tax on all cigars, and will result in higher prices starting 4/1. Some manufacturers are using this tax as a vehicle to introduce price increases that, in some cases, go above and beyond the level of the tax. In several cases, manufacturers have instituted multiple price increases on the same cigar, capitalizing even further. On top of this, some cigars are already quite expensive, and any new increases (whether it be additional costs or taxes) could possibly put them out of reach for the working man. In an effort to provide you with optimum value, I will be matching up two cigars each week. One expensive cigar and one lesser-expensive option, comparing them based on flavor, satisfaction, construction, and price.

Volume 2 – Hoyo Excalibur and Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve

Hoyo Excalibur is a monster brand, one that everybody has heard of. Many consider this to be a full-bodied blend, but I find it to be rather mellow, hitting a plateau in the medium-bodied range. For this reason, I think the mild to medium-bodied Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve is a perfect match-up. Both are among our top-selling brands. Both are handmade in Honduras and offer similar strength profiles and flavor qualities. Additionally, both of these brands will experience a price increase due to SCHIP, but one will be much more significant than the other.

Let’s take a look at the cigars....

Hoyo Excalibur – Hand-crafted in the famous HATSA factory of Honduras. Connecticut shade wrapper. Honduran, Dominican, and Nicaraguan long-fillers. This is an attractive, blonde cigar with minimal veins and a nice, solid roll.

Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve – Made in Nestor Plasencia’s San Marco factory of Honduras. Connecticut-seed wrapper from Ecuador. Honduran and Dominican long-fillers. Since it’s grown in Ecuador, the wrapper is a couple shades darker than that of the Excalibur, with an oily texture. Small veins are present. Perfect roll.

So, how do they compare in terms of flavor and quality? Let’s move on....

Hoyo Excalibur – I selected the 5.25”x50 Epicure. With the exception of the massive No. 1, this is the best-selling size. I chose it because the Ltd. Reserve has a similar vitola, the Bear. The cigar opens with notes of toast and wood. I pick up a very faint sweetness, just before the crisp, clean aftertaste takes over. Every now and then a hint of nuts joins the fray, but not too often. The cigar is smooth, and remains that way til the end, delivering a dominating core of wood and toast throughout. I consider this to be a complex cigar. Different flavors are present, but they’re subtle, and I suggest enjoying it with a clean palate. No one flavor builds, and there is no increase in strength during the burn. Excalibur is a nice, straightforward cigar with an anytime level of strength.

Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve – As mentioned above, I chose the 5”x50 Bear to keep the playing field even. The individual cedar sleeve has been removed and she’s lit. The cigar opens with dash of pepper and toast, which quickly becomes overpowered by a creamy element that lingers after each puff. As the cigar burns, a cedary influence gradually becomes more prevelant, while the pepper and toast remain. Midway through, cedar and cream dominates, and the pepper can only be noticed through the nose. The cigar has now become medium in body, developing a nice richness along the way. There’s no doubt, the final third of this cigar is completely different than the first third. Interesting. This is also a nice cigar that can be enjoyed any time of day.

Leaving price out of the equation, this one is a toss-up. Both cigars are good. Mellow, sophisticated cigars. Both are complex in different ways. The Excalibur offers a constant series of subtle flavors throughout, while the Ltd. Reserve becomes rich, heartier, and a little stronger during the burn. That said, I would give the Excalibur an ‘88’ and the Ltd. Reserve an ‘89’. I know, I gave the Excalibur an ‘87’ back in October. What can I say, it’s starting to grow on me.

Now, let’s discuss the price. Excalibur isn’t the most expensive cigar, but it carries an MSRP of $107 per box of 20. With a CI price of just over $3 apiece, our price is discounted quite nicely, but will unfortunately be going up considerably due to an increase from the manufacturer. We anticipate this cigar selling for over $4 a stick. Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve has a similar MSRP of $138 for a bundle of 25. Damn close, eh? We sell these cigars $49.95 per bundle (2 bones per), which will likely go up about around 30-cents a smoke. A modest increase.

This is a really tough comparison. Extremely tough. When all is said and done we're looking at a difference of about a buck fifty per smoke. Both are pretty good bargains, but it’s tough to beat a well-made stick that can compete with Excalibur in the $2 range. Because of this, and after weighing all factors, I’d have to hand it to the Ltd. Reserve....

Hoyo Excalibur: Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve:

Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve

Posted by Steve R

A few days ago I received an email from a longtime customer of ours. JL of Austin, Texas. Dude is a trip....we always crack on one another. I bleed green (this is no secret) and JL is a Cowboys fan. Rarely will I come into the office on Monday morning between September and January without finding an email from my pal, JL, waiting in my inbox. Usually it contains one or any combination of the following in the subject: “HAHA”, “McScabb”, or “Beagles ....”

Anyway, I bore you with this because I was surprised to receive his email and not find one single mention of the McNabb trade talk. You feeling ok, JL? Are you running a temperature? Have you taken your meds today? (zing!) Instead, his email told me to run to the humidor and find the nearest bundle of his favorite everyday cigar: Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve. He swears something has happened to the blend – tweaked possibly – because they’re tasting better than ever. I’m up for the task: I have always enjoyed this cigar, and if it’s even better these days, I need to know so I can replenish my supply.

The nearest bundle was in the 6”x52 Toro size, so here I sit with a full bundle of caramel colored Toros blended by Rocky Patel with one thing left to do: light up. First, I inspect them. The wrapper looks beautiful. As I said, this Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf has a brilliant, caramel color and minimal veins. It’s smooth to the touch and has a little bit of fur on it. I love that. The leaf is surprisingly thick and wrestles with my cutter a bit before letting go of the cap. The pre-light aroma is nice and woodsy with hints of proper post-roll aging.

Pepper is always the first flavor I pick up upon lighting Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve, and this Toro is no different. Nice, white pepper coating the front of my palate and exiting through my nose. Far from overwhelming, there’s just enough spice to contrast the smooth, creamy series of tobacco and cedar nuances that follow. This creaminess builds throughout the burn, becoming richer.... denser.... enveloping the palate and leaving behind subtle notes of toast and cedar. If you miss the pepper, exhale through your nose now and then – it’s still there. The complexity of Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve never fails to surprise me. For such a mild cigar, it’s eventful and deceivingly satisfying. And I have to agree with JL here: the increased richness during the burn is new to me - and I dig it. Despite being a relatively fast burner – or maybe I just refused to put the dang thing down – this Toro stayed cool and smooth to the end. Rarely do I burn a cigar down below an inch, but Rocky’s Ltd. Reserve is one that always seems to make it that far....I love the complexity.

JL – Thanks for the heads up. Romo is still a Nancy, though.