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Ashton ESG

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Ashton ESG is one of the rarest cigars on the market, no doubt. But if you have the cash and you can get your hands on some, you're in for a truly memorable experience. Carefully crafted at the renowned Arturo Fuente factory, ESG (Estate Sun Grown) employs an extremely scarce Dominican Sun Grown wrapper - a dark and oily leaf that's grown within the Fuente Estate. This perfectly rolled cigar utilizes rare and well aged tobaccos to create a unique, full-bodied profile. Notes of leather, spices, nuts, earth and wood are perfectly balanced and delivered in remarkably smooth fashion. 

Crafted to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Ashton, ESG cigars are released once a year, in one size per year over a 5 year span.

Ashton ESG 22-Yr Salute received an impressive 94-point score noting: "Marvelous notes of rich graham cracker and cracked black pepper concentrate with a creamy vibrancy in a consistent, precise draw. Buttery accents of sweet cedar segue into a seductive full-bodied finale."

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
20-Yr Salute (churchill) (7.0"x49) BOX OF 25 In Stock $475.00 $427.50
5-PACK In Stock $95.00
21-Yr Salute (robusto) (5.2"x54) BOX OF 25 In Stock $437.50 $393.00
5-PACK In Stock $87.50
22-Yr Salute (torpedo) (6.0"x52) BOX OF 25 In Stock $500.00 $450.00
5-PACK In Stock $100.00
23-Yr Salute (toro) (6.2"x52) BOX OF 25 In Stock $475.00 $427.50
5-PACK In Stock $95.00
24-Year Salute (perfecto) (6.6"x48) BOX OF 25 In Stock $525.00 $471.99
5-PACK In Stock $100.00
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Customer Reviews of “Ashton ESG”
Hands down the best cigar I have ever smoked. Incredibly complex in flavor, and an absolute joy to smoke. I've tried all of the salutes and I prefer the 20yr (churchill), but he'll I'd take any size, any day. I know these babies are expensive, but if you have the chance, indulge and enjoy one of these. You wont regret it. Use your upcoming birthday, new years, or hell, a Tuesday night as your excuse. Thanks CI for finally offering these hard to find gems.
AF of Suttons Bay, MI
I don't think anyone can or ever will come close to producing this level of Cigar perfection. A couple of years ago I bought one in my local store and was skeptical at dropping $25 on a stick. Don't get me wrong. I have spent thousands on Cigars since I entered the realm of becoming a Cigar aficionado just never on a single Ashton. Man was I glad I did. What a Cigar. I think in the almost Two hours it took me to smoke that Churchill. Time stood still. I was mesmerized by the complexity of it. Full bodied but so refined. I knew right then and there I was to become $400 poorer, yet richer in ways money cannot provide. That Fuente clan sure do know how to make an incredible Cigar. Maybe it's me? But I think that the bulk of the amazing flavor comes from the wrapper? I know there are other components that make a Cigar what it is. That's just my thought. So. yes they are expensive but I can't say enough to tell everyone go without food. Drinks. Taking the wife out. Whatever you need to do. Get a box of these and break one out time to time and reward yourself with what is and will always be a truly memorable Cigar. Fit for Kings...But smoked by the masses.
DM of Herndon, VA
These seem to keep reproducing in my main humidor as I can't restrain myself from buying a handful every time I walk in my favorite cigar shop. I smoke maybe one a week and I am always floored by the complex flavor and flawless draw every time. Cosmetically, the stick is a work of art. Beautiful sun grown wrapper complimented by the totally awesome band. This is without a doubt one of the finest cigars in the world.
MC of Luling, LA
This is a a great cigar. Don't drive afterwards, or try on an empty stomach.
This is a mans cigar. So if you're not too sure, just don't smoke it, and leave it to the professionals.
....I am currently smoking the 24 year salute and it is absolutely fantastic. I don't know what it is because I was under the impression that the cigars were the same except for the size. This is very close to being my favorite cigar. I will have to have more to compare to my favorite, the opusX. This is going to be fun.
ER of Highland, IN
By far, the best cigar I have ever had.
TL of Tahlequah, OK