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HC Series Black Maduro

For a limited time, enjoy an additional $10 off each bundle purchased. Discount reflected in prices below.

The saga continues....

No matter how long you’ve been in the cigar game, you're likely quite familiar with Xikar, maker of high-end, industry-leading, lifetime guaranteed cigar accessories. In the world of luxury cigar accessories, Xikar proudly sits pretty atop the pyramid. A few years ago, Xikar rolled out its own premium cigar line, the Xikar HC Series, and folks said they couldn't compete....their talents wouldn't carry over....they'd never succeed. But ten 90+ ratings later (that’s 10, count’em), it's safe to say Xikar has proven all doubters: wrong. With that in mind, welcome the latest addition to the HC family - Xikar HC Black Maduro.

Dressed in a dark, silky-smooth Havana Oscuro wrapper grown in Connecticut, Xikar HC Black Maduro is jam-packed with a rich combination of long fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. After aging, these medium to full-bodied handmades deliver a creamy, complex array of coffee, pepper, caramel, leather, and earth. Delicious is an understatement, Xikar HC Black Maduro is downright heavenly. And now for the really good part....they're starting at just $2.50 apiece.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Belicoso (6.0"x54) Sale
BDL OF 20 In Stock $155.00 $49.99
Belicoso (6.0"x54)
5-PACK In Stock $17.00
Churchill (7.0"x48) Sale
BDL OF 20 In Stock $150.00 $44.99
Churchill (7.0"x48)
5-PACK In Stock $16.00
Grande (Gordo) (6.0"x60) Sale
BDL OF 20 In Stock $160.00 $49.99
Grande (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
5-PACK In Stock $17.00
Robusto (5.0"x50) Sale
BDL OF 20 In Stock $130.00 $39.99
Robusto (5.0"x50)
5-PACK In Stock $15.00
Toro (6.5"x52) Sale
BDL OF 20 In Stock $150.00 $44.99
Toro (6.5"x52)
5-PACK In Stock $16.00

Customer Reviews of “HC Series Black Maduro”

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C.I. speaks the truth! Delicious is an understatement!
Sometimes I'm suprised by an exceptional cigar , and this is one of those times . These beauties burn and draw perfectly . There are hints of sweet spice , mild pepper , wood , and earth . Yummie from first lite to nub . Cigars like this are giving me an appriciation for milder maduro flavors . I could smoke these every day and not get tired of them . At these prices I can afford to! Thanks C.I.
Couldn't wait to try these when they arrived yesterday....great looking, well made cigar! The burn is even and slow, but the draw was pretty tight....hoping this improves after some time in the humi.
Forget the price, damn fine cigar. Smooth and rich, while still a little mild for my tastes. They just came in today, I can only hope they maintain their smooth flavor as they rest. Chocolate caramel toast with a hint of pepper. Nice smoke.
This is my Goldilocks cigar. Not too strong not too mild. Just right. Good burn and draw all at an attractive price point. Another winner in the CI stable.
Excellent smoke, was very impressed with this cigar, I received 2 cigars in a sampler pack, and I now have it saved in my wish list. I will certainly buy this smoke next time around. 4 STARS. Very even burn, 1.5 inch ash, so it was rolled perfectly in my opinion. A must try cigar (Belisico Torpedo)
I purchased a bundle of these last week when they were the "Weekly Deal" and they arrived Saturday. I normally place all new cigars in the humi for at least a week before trying them. I decided to try these right off the truck and I am glad I did. I am on the third one now and they are a very nice smoke. It is a good looking cigar, good construction, and each of the three I had burned well. The body is medium and the maduro wrapper adds wonderful flavors. For the price I paid I am quite happy with the purchase and I would have paid more now that I have tried them. Great cigar!
This is a well constructed, medium bodied Maduro with a lot of flavor. Draws smooth, burns slow and even. I poured some scotch and kicked back with this one to unwind for the day. An hour later I am relaxed and feeling pretty satisfied.
Taste is ok, Draw is way to tight, hard staying lit. Why better maduro's out there for the money. I would not buy these again
I received a 5 pack of these with a Xikar cigar caddy combo. I'm new to cigar smoking and still trying to find what I like. I really enjoyed this cigar. It burned even and held a nice long ash. It wasn't too full for my taste. I can't wait to burn through the rest of these and wouldn't mind sharing either.
Got these with the '12 days of Christmas' sampler and had waited to try them. Pulled on out during the Packers game and was pleAsently surprised. Very attractive cigar with a nice medium maduro burn. Was amazed by the price. Normally cigars this cost have wrapper defects. This one is very nicely wrapped and smokes well. Would recommend to madaro lovers looking for an everyday smoke.
This is not a good cigar. I received one with a sampler, would not buy them outright. The first few puffs had a bad taste, almost chemical, ammonia would be a good description. After that it leveled out to a bland grassy flavor, that rode out the rest of the cigar. Became harsh early in the final third so I put it down, no loss.
What an outstanding cigar at such a low price. The CI description is right on target then some. There was nothing about the cigar I didn't like, & so glad I purchased a box of these. If your looking for a great go to cigar, try a few of these. Even burn, great draw, plenty of smoke. This is the kind you smoke till your fingers burn.
Not quite what I was expecting from this maduro. Very light flavor (think ghost kiss) that is noticeable on the retrohale. I had the robustos as a free upgrade thrown in and the flavor and body does crescendo as you smoke them but by the time you are done, you're left wanting more and having nothing. I wouldn't seek them out again.
Somewhat let down on this HC Maduro. Kind of " Plain Jane " tasting to me. Guess I was thinking it was a Xikar product it was going to be fantastic or at least " pretty good " but it's truly about a 6 on a scale of 10 for me. Wish I could report the satisfying results like others seem to enjoy but like the old saying goes - - - - Experience is a Dear Teacher ! ! !
I must admit I was skeptical of these cigars before I tried them. I was smoking 5 Vegas Alpha Series as my everyday and found they are a terrible brand. They come unwrapped all the time and are just not a quality smoke. It was a night and day difference once I tried the HC though. I have fallen in love with them! They are a fraction of the cost (almost half) of the 5 Vegas and never come unwrapped, burn very even and well, plus the flavor is not too peppery which I attribute to a sub-par brand. I have a Xikkar lighter and have always loved it and I am glad to see that Xikkar puts as much time and care into rolling their own cigars as they do to making high quality, very smokable, fine cigars.
Very Nice good smoke for the money.
Very nice cigar for the money!
Started out lovely with nice earth and coffee tones. About halfway through though the flavors became muted and it was like a totally different cigar. Couldn't finish smoking and am a little leery of smoking the other one sitting in the humidor.... Shame since the construction and draw were perfect and the first half was wonderful.
Great cigar, I like a smaller cigar but this is a good one. I did have one tunnel on me though.
Notwithstanding some negative reviews, after having smoked some 60 of these, I think this is a great cigar.
This is a truly delicious cigar. Don't let the low price fool you. Well constructed, smooth and slow burning. The taste is fine and smooth. Don't hesitate to buy these as you'll be smoking a fine cigar at a great price.
Great taste, although draw is somewhat tight and it was canoeing fairly bad for the first third. Straightened out after that. Would purchase again.
After trying 2 of the milder blends from the HC Taster's pack, I wasn't sure what to expect from the Maduro. I was more than surprised... This is a REALLY good cigar. I'm still trying different brands and learning the differences, but this one is going to be hard to beat for the price.
This is a good looking, well made cigar. The draw is perfect, producing billows of smoke. An excellent taste which I really can't describe. Burned perfectly out of the box and I'm glad I stocked up on these goodies because I am sure they'll even get better with age. Don't let the low price point fool you. Save some cash and buy these, you won't be sorry.
Some maduros are mellow and smooth, tucking there complexity just beneath the hints of cocoa, cream & soft leather. Others punch you in the face and douse you with pepper spray. THIS (HC) maduro is "something completely different." Right out of the cellophane, I held this to my nose and was fascinated by the complex aroma - almost like something faintly floral.... While I stashed a few back in my humi, I couldn't wait to try one. Holy $#!t!!! Flavors are right out front AND STAY THERE. I kept pausing throughout the smoke to marvel at this gem. Passed one off to a friend at a music festival over the weekend (9/20/14) and he went ape-$#!t over this thing. Perfect burn, steady draw (Belicoso, btw), great mouth feel, balanced pepper, tons of leather and earth… Not an everyday smoke for me. This one is special. But at these prices?… I may be changing my ways.
Great smoke. Got a few as part of a sampler. Will definitely be looking to get some more!
Excellent burn, draw and flavors. I would highly recommend the HC Maduros.
I'm smoking my second of these bad boys, HC Maduro Torpedo-sized from the CI Boutique Beauties sampler... A bit of backstory - My new neighbor (I moved to FL this year) saw me smoking a cigar and struck up a conversation, and then highly recommended the CI Sampler I mentioned. He said he loved mild, smooth cigars (which is right up my alley) and they were all great cigars and tremendous value. The Good News: He was right...they were all great smokes and this is no exception. This is a beautiful, pretty smoke... gorgeous silky brown wrapper and perfect construction. BUT - It's NO JOKE! I had no idea the sampler was all Maduro cigars... and powerhouses! I am much MUCH more a Montecristo and Dominican/Connecticut Shade guy than a Puros Indios/Bahia and Honduras/Maduro guy.... BUT HAVING SAID THAT, This spicy, rich cigar is a fine, fine smoke. Pretty flavorful and lots of spice come out from the beginning and this Maduro wrapper is no walk in the park, but very well made and very enjoyable. Just not exactly a breakfast -smoke. Plenty of spicy, full-bodied notes on the palate and a pretty, perfect burn with crisp white ash and even draw. Cannot go wrong here, especially if a true medium-to-full body cigar is your bag, baby.
Good smoke. Well worth the price.
CI's ad had my mouth watering for this cigar. I was like a kid in the candy store when they arrived just before a big party at our house and was showing them off to all my cigar aficionados telling them about the great deal I got. Two days later I finally got to light one up on the golf course, and the draw was really tight. I used a tee to try and open open it up better but to no avail. The puffs I got were good, the construction was good and the ash was long. I will let them sit in the humidor and patiently wait to see if they open up. More to come.....
One of my favorites. I bought a bundle of 20 on Black Friday. I'd never tried them before and took a chance. If I had known how good they are I would have bought 5 or 10 bundles. Simply a great cigar. As good as anything I've tried no matter what the price. Still a great deal at the current price but a steal at what I paid. Kudos to HC and CI on this one. Premium stick at a budget price.
Get yourself a 5-pack and, as with all new arrivals,let them sit in a well attended humidor for 3 to 4 weeks. I absolutely ENJOYED this stick (robusto) and found myself wishing it was a churchill as my fingers began to burn! I'll be buying a box asap!
All I can say is wow this is a fine cigar. Just got mine in and they were ready to smoke by the way they were packaged. Med, smooth, rich, consistent cigar.
Exceeded my expectations. Smooth with nice slow burn. I have handed these to friends and all think this is an exceptional smoke.
These things are flippin fantastic. I got these on sale for $34.99 and wish I had cashed in my savings and bought enough to fill my 250 count humi! The normal price for the robustos are $49.99, which is still a good deal.
Outstanding stick! I love the 60 ring. It stays cool 'til it burns your fingers, wonderful flavor! I’ll be ordering more of these.
Myself, my uncle, and a cousin of mine all ordered the 12 days of Christmas sampler this past year. We all sampled the same cigars at the same time, and this stick was by far our favorite. Keep in mind, included in the bundle were Cohiba, Montecristo, CAO, Gurkha and others as well, but this was absolutely our favorite. I will definitely be purchasing a few more for the collection.
Great taste. Full bodied and balanced. Absolutely loved it!