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Garo Double Habano

Double-down on Habano with Garo.

To the untrained eye, Garo Double Habano doesn't quite jump off the page. I get it, I do. Another B-list brand on the closeout chopping block, same story told a thousand times before. But this one's got an ending that's nothing but happy. Consider the following:

- It features two Habano wrappers - a dark, oily Habano Connecticut Oscuro on the outside and an Ecuadorian Habano serving as the binder

- It's made in one of Central America's largest and most respected factories (the home of dozens of 90+ rated brands you know and love)

- They start at a paltry $1.50 apiece

Take a close look at this one, you won't regret it. Smooth, rich, medium-bodied handmades, yours for a song.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill (7.0"x48) BDL OF 20 Out of Stock $120.00 $39.99    
Robusto (4.7"x52) BDL OF 20 Out of Stock $112.00 $29.99    
Toro (6.0"x50) BDL OF 20 Out of Stock $116.00 $34.99    
Torpedo (6.0"x52) BDL OF 20 Out of Stock $128.00 $39.99    
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Customer Reviews of “Garo Double Habano”
Great cigar , picked up a bundle of torpedo's for 29 bucks on a daily deal , if I only knew I would have ordered 3 bundles for that price . Full of flavor and burns like a 10 buck cigar . Do yourself a favor and order a bundle , I know I'm going to !!!
JS of Michigan City, IN
One word, Tons of flavor. wait thats 3 words... oops! Seriously though great cigar.
DL of Slatington, PA
I took a chance on a very inexpensive Honduran cigar and was not sorry. I'd judge it to be about a 'medium' smoke with a pleasant pre-light aroma, firmish ash that doesn't flake all over creation and quite an even burn. It's probably going to stay in my rotation.
MM of Leesburg, VA
Love these cigars, would like to know how to get them flagged as one of my favorites. Very smooth med. bodied, very good draw and a tight ash.
TG of Dayton, NV
I've had a mazo of these in the humi for a month or more and smoked about half of them. Great construction, firmly packed, reasonably heavy in hand, smoke wonderfully, just don't find them flavorful at all - they are really rather bland IMHO even if you like 'em mild.
MW of Grass Valley, CA
I can't believe how good this cigar is, especially for the money. I hope it sticks around until I need more.
RM of Plymouth, MN
WOW, I treated myself to the Torpedo CI daily special got them today and were outstanding cigars. Very firm yet not weighty and a good burn. The taste profile of the mature habano reminded me a lot of the Vegas A series. This is one top notch smoke.
RP of Worthington, WV
I purchased these as my every day smoke. I had to move them to my special occasion humidor. Taste, burn, finish and ash on par with the best of the premiums I have smoked. Great value
JP of Stony Point, NY
If you love habano tobacco for the price it can't be beat. awesome.
JK of Ottawa, OH
Got a bundle of the Garo robusto recently and after having smoked most of them I can tell you that my only disappointment has been in the construction at the head. Every one of them (not most, but all) has had the wapper disintegrate leaving a shaggy head. Maybe a punch would take care of this. In all other respects they have been very good for the price.
SN of Abilene, TX
Awesome, awesome, awesome. Awesome flavor, great construction, good draw, and awesome price. If you like maduro cigars, you need to just add these to your humidor right now.
DM of Sparta, WI
This is a great morning cigar. Mild, easy draw, even burn, no bite. This cigar is ALWAYS well behaved and is ready for a puff with no attention. Smells decent and rolled just right. To me, if I have to touch up, relite, or puff too often to keep it lit, I don't want it. Not a real fan of mild cigars but I will buy again just for those reasons.
FS of Gaithersburg, MD
I ordered the Humi Sampler #2 that came with a Garo Double Habano Robusto. Solid construction, great smoke and after researching them here on CI seems to have a really hard to beat price. After a long day at work today I sat down with this smoke and a scotch. Great way to end the day. I'll be ordering more of these in the future.
GF of Lafayette, LA
These cigars have such a deep hearty flavor profile that I am at a loss to describe them. I got a bundle of the toro's and would recommend them to anyone who likes a mild-medium habano smoke. They are just really enjoyable from foot to butt. I haven't been disappointed by a single one for any reason. I will definitly order these again.
SW of Karnes City, TX
With my mild taste buds, I would consider this a medium blend. Use a punch on this cigar(except the torpedo). The draw is excellent, the burn is right on - straight and white - irregardless if I draw fast/hard or slow/soft. Smoked half of it, left the ashes on, came back and hour later to finish and upon relight, no really bad/bitter relight taste - weird but nice. I am by no means a cigar/meal expert - but I had braised beef in wine reduction and this cigar complimented the meal perfectly. All in all - a really good smoke from a "mild" cigar smoker....(received this smoke from a sampler pack from CI - glad they had this one included)
TP of Highland Village, TX
Got a robusto in a sampler. Very dry smoke with a mild flavor. Slight hint of cocoa powder. Use punch on robusto size or wrapper will come apart. A good cigar for a beginner.
PT of Jacksonville, FL
Good flavor, good construction, nice even burn, good value smoke. Smoked one the day after delivery hiking with my dog in the desert. My only regret was all I had to drink was water.
JE of Oak Hills, CA
My buddy Trotskies in Roseburg sent me one of these to test drive. The very next day after I smoked it I bought a 20 BDL of the Robusto (4.7" x 52). The flavor is on the higher side of medium and the smoke smells so great I catch myself inhaling the cigar. This is one of the best deals I have ever come across. $29.99 + $4.95 shipping for 20 Robusto (4.7" x 52) Amazing/Ridiculous
BM of Portland, OR
Could hang out in the cigar lounge with this one & hear no complaints. Flavor is mild but, as others have mentioned, the aroma of the smoke is really nice, smoke is cool, retrohale is as pleasant and mild as pipe smoke. And at the price, this could be a no-brainer anytime/yard/not-sure-what-to-smoke stick. Hooray for a double wrapper on a "cheap" stick! Buy a bunch!
This stick came in a sampler. As soon as I lit this baby up I knew it was a good one. Perfect draw, nice aroma and not too tart like so many cigars on the first few draws. It quickly mellows out even more with medium body, lots of smoke and tons of flavor, even better when retrohaled. Get s chewy gooey good towards the end and still burns cool. I'm not the biggest maduro fan, but this stick is as good as or better than most and I highly recommend it. And the incredibly low price is the kicker. Definitely a new addition to the rotation. Kudos!
I've purchased a couple samplers now, and have had the opportunity to enjoy many great cigars. After I finished up my last sampler, I logged back on to CI to purchase some of my favorites... I looked up Cohiba, 5 Vegas & These Garo Double Habano.. to my surprise, these are a very low price cigar! Well forget the other 2, I'm in for 20 of these babies! If you've never tried one, please help yourself and do so, you wont regret it. They have a nice draw, and burn. Cigar lasts about an hour. The first 3rd of the cigar has a creamy smooth taste, next 3rd is about the same as the first with some extra spice, and the last 3rd is full of that creamy spicy taste. My hope is that none of you buy this, that it stays unknown, under appreciated, so that I can continue to buy them at this low price. But seriously, buy 1 or 20...
Well I have to admit I was a little worried being so cheap. I bought one pack, boy was this a surprise good burn, good flavor, mild, and a very good price. So before they were to be sold out I bought three more bundles and smoke them every day. This is one of my better smokes, evenif they only cost $30.00. get some before there gone.
I have tried dozens of brands in the $2/cigar range, and these are without a doubt one of my favorites. In fact, I prefer these over many that are priced two or three times as much. Each order is consistent. Really nice flavor and aroma and always burns well. One of those rare cigars that feels like a real steal. Hope they're always available at this price.
I got this cigar as part of a sampler and I must say that I liked it. It was strong yet pleasant and burned perfectly. It's hard to believe that these cigars are so inexpensive.
DE of Anaheim, CA
Bought a bundle of robustos and honestly have to say not a bad cigar at all, pleasantly surprised!
RB of tuolumne, CA
Good quality, tried one before setting rest in humidor. Good draw, excellent taste and after taste, nice burn. Would recommend buying
AN of Chicago, IL
Decent, but IT IS a $2 cigar. They are slightly bitter. They do get better toward the end and I had the 7 inch. Every other review is glowing though, so maybe it's just me.
GG of Bulitt, KY
I got one of the Torpedo's in a sampler and what a treat! Fantastic medium bodied cigar with a great draw and even burn. Nice nutty flavor with hints of coffee. I went to CI to see how much it would be to order a box fully expecting it to be at least $80 to $120 a box, imagine my surprise when I saw it was only $29 to $39! I plan on ordering a couple bundles of these babies.
EF of White Oak, TX
This is a great smoke! Premium quality at discount prices. I used to spend $200/month on cigars and now I don't have that kind of money, so I have made an effort to locate the best quality at the best price and this is a winner all day every day. The construction is great, a heavy, oily wrapper, the only con being the cap, which tends to unwind a little. That defect is the only thing I can say against these cigars. The flavor is a solid medium body, rich and creamy, exactly like I like 'em.
SR of Cambridge Springs, PA
Just finished this cigar and had to come on here and share. I cannot praise this cigar enough. Full of flavor and is great from beginning to end. Will be ordering a bundle of these for sure.
KM of Port Saint Lucie, FL
Don't know where my batch came from, but the first 3 of these Churchills I've tried were a disappointment. Even after spending time in my humidor, the last two burned unevenly, faded away between puffs, and needed several draws to get a decent amount of smoke. One I even had to toss after going through less than 1/4 as it was just burning a hole down the center. I'd chalk it up to my being a relative novice and only occasional smoker, but several other brands, particularly the Puros Indios Vieja are wonderful smokes.
GS of Lakewood, NJ
Excellent cigar! I tend to like the full cigars, but this one packs a good punch of flavors for a medium.
JF of Shortsville, NY
I picked up a bundle of these after getting one in an introductory sampler pack. Nice even smoke, not too mild, but not over bearing. Very pleasant aroma. Doesn't leave you with the stink finger or cigar mouth. This stick will definitely stay in my humidor as a regular. Can't beat the price either!
JS of Hudson, OH
Received 2 Toro as part of a CI sampler. Nice cheap smoke with a mild flavor. Would make a great everyday smoke for the price! Thanks CI!
BF of McArthur, OH
A pretty darn good everyday smoke. The flavor profile is sort of a one note pony, however, 20 cigars for $29 bucks, this is one of the better bargain smokes I have had. The construction and burn have been very good. This is a cigar that you will enjoy smoking as an everyday cigar, and not fret too much if you don't smoke it all the way to the nub due to great pricing.
Received this as part of the humidor/cigar bundle.... Bitter, dry, will not buy it again.
KJ of Chicago, IL
While I'm no afficianado, I have to say these are much better than a lot of higher priced Cigars! I don't notice transitions perse but just a lot of great smooth earthy tobacco flavors. Burn is superb for any price and construction is perfect! I honestly bought these on a whim just to have something to fill my Christmas present Humidor and I have to say it was a great find!
PG of Phoenix, AZ
Well am actually trying it for the first time at this moment and all got to say is pleasant, smooth the taste is awesome DEFFETNETLY I recommend Garo cigar ... Just became a fan..
LS of las vegas, NV
Easy to light. Very good construction and burn. Required a relight at two-thirds in. Higher draw resistance but very heavy smoke output. Thick and oily on the palate. Mild to medium strength with solid medium flavors. Dark chocolate, molasses and sweet tobacco up front with a short finish of sweet cedar. No spice or pepper. The mild strength and rich flavors make it a very easy cigar to smoke. Pairs very well with a smooth, high proof whisk(e)y.
Great flavor, poor construction. Almost every one is tunneling. 1 inch ash on outside and almost 4 inch hole in the middle.
TR of Kutztown, PA
I went through a bundle of toros a couple years ago and I'm finishing a robusto right now that came in a sampler. Every one has been well-constructed, burned well, draw was fine. Liga Privada? No. Good smoke? Yes.
This is a surprisingly tasty and aromatic cigar. My friends thought I was smoking a $10 cigar. They burn even, hold their ash, are consistent smooth to the end and truly smoke like a cigar 5 times their cost. I'll be buying more.
MP of Benton, AR
Absolutely awesome for the price! this is my go to smoke and I have no complaints I have smoked many of these and not one was bad definitely pick up a bundle you want be disappointed!
EL of Cassville, NY
Picked up a Mazo of Toros and am just now trying my first one after a few weeks in the humidor. I'm enjoying a nice double IPA and this mild double habano is going great with it. While it's not a "complex" stick, it does produce nice thick smoke, very mellow, nice taste/aroma, has burned perfect, dense white ash and would be a great daily smoke at the current price. I will keep these on hand at all times at under $2 a stick!
TS of Colorado Springs, CO
Coffee-nutty, touch sweet; complexity of an airplane read. The Double Habano Toros had weird kind of stirrup mouthpiece assembly which unraveled half-way through.
Discovered it in a CI sampler a few months ago. Never heard of it so I smoked it last and its now my favorite everyday cigar
FR of annapolis, MD
So I had one of these Churchills sitting in my humidor for a lil over a month from a sampler and decided to go ahead and try it. All I can say is wowsers! Excellent smoke. I would say it's mild as it had a creamy coffee with a lil pepper until the end where the pepper came on strong but it was good! The best part is the aroma is so wonderfully delicious it makes you want to eat the cigar(no joke the thought crossed my mind!). 2 cons: It smokes fast (but not hot) and use a punch cutter (wrapper started unraveling without). Otherwise, great cigar for the price point. Will be putting these on my to buy list.
DW of Los Angeles, CA
I bought a bundle of these for yard smokes. The first few, I thought what a waste and left them in my humidor for over a month. No tunneling, no burn issues, no bitterness. Turned into a great cigar with, nice developed flavors with little to no harsh aftertaste. Buying more soon!
PL of Dravosburg, PA
Very pleasantly surprised with this cigar! Got the Churchill in the humidor combo and kind of expected nothing from it but WOW was I wrong. Full of flavor but not too harsh. Great burn, smooth cocoa and woodsy flavors all the way down. Will pick up a box of these once there's room in the new humidor. And a great price too!
JG of Essex, MD
So I clicked the "MAKE ME AN OFFER" section of this website. And thought to my self "hey Charlie what we gonna get good deals today?" So I come across one of my top faves Garo Habano torpedo. I gave an offer that CI couldn't refuse for 3 bundles of 20 Garos. So I went to bed and woke up and BOOM! MY OFFER WAS ACCEPTED. So I'm thinking to myself now, "FUGEDABOUT IT!". I just scored 60 6x52 garo torpedoes for a crazy price. And that's that. FUGED ABOUWD IT!
CC of Ridgefield, NJ
Got a torpedo as part of sampler...great smoke! As most other reviews stated, this is a phenomenal cigar and a great value. Ash holds tight, smoke is clean, and roll is tight. I aged mine for a few months which I think helped bring the flavors through.
RS of Mundelein, IL
I'm a fan of Habano, so I picked up a bundle on clearance. Liked them enough to reorder. Just a decent, every day, medium smoke that won't break the bank.
AS of Greensboro, NC
My buddy gave me a Garo to try last Summer. Since then, we'll order a box of torpedo Double Habano smokes to sprinkle in with our normal fare. You can't beat the burn and consistency of these for $2 a pop. I've had many a "higher" priced cigar that wasn't nearly as good!
JT of Irmo, SC
Very nice, great smoke!
JB of Friendswood, TX
Ordered a 20 bundle of Toros on special for $29.99. Never tried these. Right off the truck I wasn't too thrilled to be honest. But wait a sec...a couple weeks rest and I love these sticks. Perfect anytime smoke for me, with chocolate, leather, coffee and cherry notes. In a sub-$2 cigar?! lol yep. I have absolutely no complaints. Worth a lot more IMHO. Ordering more asap.
MF of Phoenix, AZ
Just ok...draw just ok, construction just ok...I know it's a bundle cigar but I won't order again...3 on a scale of 1-10.
JD of Mesa, AZ
Tried my first Garo Double Habano after work today. It lasted for an hour in about 35 degree wind-chill, I dont want to get into to much detail since I plan on doing a video review of this stick, but suffice it to say for now it overachieved in every facet and is worth twice or more the per stick price. Salute to Cigars International for offering this gem.
CJ of Oldsmar, FL
This is a new cigar for me in 2015. I ordered a bundle of 20....based on their review and description which sounded inviting....My first impression was skeptical as I thought this is not going to be a quality stick. It seems a little flimsy in construction although it looks and feels decent enough. It feels very light for this size cigar. The light was good and the initial burn is very even and smooth. Nice draw. Cool burn with lots of clouds of aromatic and tasty smoke. The initial burn left sweet perfumey notes which disappeared and blended into a nice complex mix of creamy coffee and cocoa. It's rated a medium to full smoke, but it seems closer to mild to medium. Nice for an early morning or late even smoke. An even and very long, smooth non flaky ash remains, something akin to a much pricier premium cigar. When it finally dropped off from its own weight and landed in my lap, much to my surprise, it remained intact. I've never seen that happen on any cigar at any price. their street price of under $2 this is a pleasant and likeable smoke.
RM of Sedona, AZ
Oily and delicious! Well made, great burn and did i mention they are budget friendly! You can't go wrong with this purchase.
CM of Clintwood, VA
Great cigar!!
This is my new favorite stick. I keep a few un-banded bulk specials about for every day smokes, and I have my top shelfs to share with friends at barbecues, but these Garo Double Habanos are my absolute favorite way to treat myself. I've not developed enough of a palate to describe the flavor, all I can say is it's the perfect balance for me, not too bland and not too strong. One of the few sticks I am willing to pay list price here.
CM of Salt Lake City, UT
This one is hit or miss. So far, my first was very good; burned smooth all the way down, flavors were same kinda bland. Second one was soft on one side and after about 10 mins was burning on just one side of cigar. I'll let em sit some and see if it improves any.
RA of Rapid City, SD
Great smoke, even burn, good ash, great taste and great price. I will keep these in stock while on deployment...
This is one of those cigars That not only looks amazing, it goes to WOW when lit. I'll be getting more on my next order!! Thanks CI
DL of Eugene, OR
This is a good cigar. Good flavors and nothing too strong. I seem to go for habano wrappers, for the taste and strength. This one did not dissappoint in any way. Especially sweet, is the cost.
I actually really enjoyed these cigars as an easy daily smoke.
AH of St Cloud, MN