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Gurkha Special Ops

Gurkha Special Ops....ready for deployment, sir!

You might not have seen them comin, but the Gurkha Special Ops have arrived. Special Ops is a name traditionally reserved for the nation’s elite soldiers, the cream of the crop. Inspired by our nation’s best, Gurkha set out to create a cigar equally elite. Wrapped in an silky and flawless, extensively aged Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper (it’s quite stunning, mind you) each Special Ops is primed for optimal enjoyment. A complex core of Nicaraguan and Dominican long-fillers creates a medium-bodied bouquet. Earth and wood dominate, while a rich and chocolatey nuance lingers long on the toasty-sweet finish. From time to time you'll pick up some gentle notes of pepper, adding to yet another flavor to this complex beauty.

Note: The box of 20 includes 20 Gurkha Special Ops cigars packaged inside a rugged travel humidor.

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Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Special Ops”
This cigars are just plain awesome! You can't go wrong with the burn, taste and experience.
AB of Va Beach, VA
A marvellous Churchill. Tons of creamy smoke, easy draw mild flavor. A cigar to relax with when you have several hours to sit back and enjoy.
GS of South Haven, MI
I am fairly new to cigar enjoyment but, this is hands down the smoothest cigar I have had to date. Definitely worth every penny!
CM of Miller Place, NY
This Cigar is a work of art. I love flavorful complex cigars and this stick delivers, BIG TIME. The cigar is well made with a beautiful oily Maduro wrapper; it looks and tastes great. I am still searching for the perfect cigar, but this stick comes pretty damned close to being "the perfect cigar". I highly recommend this stick for it's complexity of pepper and spice with a nice smooth finish. It's a great stick from the first puff to the last!!!!!!
FS of Brooklyn, NY
Tier 1 excellence. I have several on stand by, and can't bring myself to smoke them too often because I don't want to run out. This is an iron fist in a velvet glove. Strong and smooth.
I bought the herfador combo kit from the Nazareth store and I absolutely love it. The knife is great quality and razor sharp. The herfador is a must for any serious smoker and the cigar itself is a true delight to smoke.
JF of Bangor, PA
Got the cigars to smoke when my son was born with the guys in Afghanistain and they were amazing!! A great flavor and was a relaxing couple of hours with the guys!
CK of Brillion, WI
I'm a new cigar smoker. I've tried about 10-15 different kinds but this one is the best I've had to date. Nice!
SL of Dalzell, SC
Gurkha is one of my favorite brands to start, but with the travel case and knife it's a real bargain. The cigars are a good smoke too. You can't go wrong.
ML of Pinson, AL
Burn was in and out as far as even/uneven, construction very good with a slight oily sheen. The smoke and draw stayed very strong for most of the lit time (which was about 2 hours), never needed a touch up light, but did have to fight a little to remove the band without tearing the wrapper. The flavors stayed more on the woody, earthy tones, and while the second half did some strange things as far as draw and smoke going south, it is worth giving this stick a smoke.
I just smoked this cigar and it was amazing! One of the better ones I have had to date. Good choice for anyone. A must try.
WG of Salisbury, MD
This is a great full cigar!! So glad they're back!! Plus, the humidor, knife and coin are a great added bonus!!
JQ of Albuquerque, NM
Amazing flavor, with great pull.
JR of riverdale, MD
The cigars are actually pretty darn good. Not the best Gurkha but for the price, the case, and the size of the stick its a solid deal.
BK of Columbus, OH
Friggin' AWESOME! Bought a second one because my friends and I smoked the first case up over a weekend!!
NJ of district Heights, MD
The Best cigar I have ever had..nothing like it.
JB of Canton, MI
robust peppery taste. not overwhelming to the palate. very smooth. a very good cigar. JB. From the "D"
JB of Canton, MI
I have well over a thousand cigars of many brands and blends in my humidor, and this is one of my favorites! I treat it as a special occasion cigar, it's that good! The exhale through the nose presents a nice aroma, very pleasing and smooth. 1.5 to 2 hours of pure pleasure, and goes great with a nice rum. Just relax and enjoy!
Very run of the mill cigar. Fairly disappointed. Not much draw other than a vintage musty taste. Hard tobacco bite to it. After reading other reviews and hearing people were getting a heavy cocoa taste really got me down after only 1 out of 3 cigars even gave me a hint of cocoa. One was also packed very tight and had a poor draw. Never the less, it is still a well constructed cigar and was not a horrible taste. 5/10 Rating.
MK of Farmington, IL
Best deal I have ever had! Great ash from the start, you have a kick from the beginning with spices then starts to mellow down with a darker flavor, and using the box for not just a traveling humidor also a firearms case works really great, and top it all off with a tactical knife couldn't get better than that. Thanks CI Nation for the great deal.
JW of Flushing, NY
Very smooth, great flavor and burn, consistent threw out. Still enjoying them.
I picked up one of these on vacation a couple of years ago. I finally ordered a bundle. I was brought back to the reason I totally love this cigar. It's so chocolatey and creamy! As a result, it is one of my all time favorites!
NG of Bolingbrook, IL
I purchased this item and was very impressed with the product when it arrived. The Herf-A-Dor it arrived in was very impressive and the cigars were presented beautifully. Next the knife that came free with it was suprisingly big and handy. Then I smoked one of the cigars and was suprised by the flavor and aroma of it. It let of smooth notes and very thick flavorful smoke. I am no expert by any means, but it was a tasty cigar that drew evenly with every puff. Very enjoyable cigar, and very impressive presentation.
At 99 a box, I took a chance on these cigars and I'm not disappointed. If you like maduro's then these are definitely worth a try. Is an even better deal when you take into account the large travel humidor this is included. Great burn, draw, flavor and plenty of smoke.
ED of Sicklerville, NJ
I have smoked a lot of different Gurkha's. I can't believe this is rated as full-bodied. It was sooo smooth and mild. I like the Beasts, the Beauties and Widow Makers, but this bad boy was better. Thanks CI for the smoke. I will order my own box now.
AS of Spring, TX
Don't buy this cigar! Nothing wrong with the smoke I just want more for me! I enjoy them and I'm a Gurkha Fan. Quick story my son raids my cigars from time to time with my permission. I could smell him smoking a great cigar and was a little upset because I thought he was smoking one of my good cigars like a Zino or Hemingway. Dang it was heaven just getting it second hand.
ML of Pinson, AL
Absolutely stunning! Not too bold and not too mellow. I love Gurkha and these definitely did not persuade me to look elsewhere for sticks to stock my humidor. Thanks CI, you've got a lifelong customer!
JM of Saint Robert, MO
This cigar is no joke. Its starts powerful, sweetens, and ends with a kick. The bonus herf is extremely roomie allowing me to take several choices and doubles to share. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys full body cigars or looking to take along lots of choices.
Extreme smoking pleasure warning. She blows off two tone smoke. Amazing smooth burn and flavor. I'd choose her with my last supper.
HB of Beach Haven, NJ
Really good deal on a great Churchill!! NICE bonus freebies!
I have to say this is GREAT! The travel humidor is great, the knife its razor sharp, and the cigars are actually pretty fresh even after transport. I even put my Gurkha grab bag in there and it fits 30 cigars very nicely. I give this product 5 stars across the board. I can't wait to try the Special Ops stick! This is a must buy. I recommend this to all Gurkha fans or the ones new to Gurkha or new to cigars in general. It gives you everything you need. I can't say enough about this product! If you haven't bought it yet, I would because it's an all around great deal!
MM of Levittown, PA
Nice job Gurkha!!!! These are great smokes, very very smooth, with sweet undertones. Coming from Gurkha you would expect to pay $10-15 per stick but nope. I was very weary of buying such a brand new cigar I'm glad I did though.