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Graycliff Avelino Lara 80th

To the average enthusiast, Graycliff cigars are merely high-priced ultra-premiums carefully formed by a small team of just one dozen rollers inside a tiny factory in the Bahamas. However, the roots of this brand are entirely Cuban. The late, cigar-making legend Avelino Lara is responsible for perfecting and maintaining the luxurious Graycliff name. Avelino, the man who created the original Cuban Cohiba, is the man behind Graycliff cigars. His passion, skill, and knowledge for tobacco and premium cigars remains the red, beating heart of Graycliff....and no Graycliff cigar captures his unrivaled spirit quite like Graycliff Avelino 80th. Crafted to celebrate Avelino’s 80th birthday, this special cigar was sold exclusively at the Graycliff Resort and Cigar Factory for a hefty sum. A ‘phantom’ cigar of sorts never intended to see the light outside Graycliff’s historical walls. Today, this special handmade can be had from yours truly and delivered promptly to your front porch. Only 400,000 cigars were made and few remain....

Graycliff Avelino 80th was built for the true enthusiast. A full-flavored creation comprised of the factory’s finest, aged tobaccos. Hand-selected leaves aging in true Cuban fashion since – in many cases – 1995. A complex mixture of vintage long-fillers from Nicaragua, Honduras, Brazil, and Costa Rica marries inside a feisty Ecuador Habano binder. On the outside, a gorgeous Sumatra wrapper graces each vitola. A rich, leathery leaf with ample oils and heady nuances. Each puff engulfs the palate with chewy, velvety smoke and leaves behind an exquisite level of satisfying nuances. Roasted coffee and cream mingle with a rich, earthy core as traces of dark tobacco and white pepper enter the fray. The finish is long, toasty, and sweet, rounding out a true masterpiece from a true cigar artisan.
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PG (robusto) (5.2"x50)15 CIGARS Out of Stock $300.00$149.00    
Pirate (torpedo) (6.0"x52)15 CIGARS In Stock $375.00$97.44
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Customer Reviews of “Graycliff Avelino Lara 80th”
“Took a flier on a CI deal and got 10 of these and a lighter for $100. I'm not much for jack-hammer cigars and this is not that. Lots of nuance and finesse. Very consistent from the beginning to the end. Complex in a refined way, but doesn't change character at all. So good, though, that I didn't want it to change. Whata beautiful smoke! Faultless construction, perfect burn and draw. Mine are robustos. Never got hot and was delicious until I couldn't hold it anymore. Ci's description of flavor is accurate. Definitely worth the money and definitely box-worthy. Don't buy 'em, fellas - save 'em for me! Thanks for a good deal and a good steer, CI.”
DK of Ludington, MI
“Burned a little on the warm side due to a tight draw. Very much a mild-medium body smoke. Flavor wise I got cedar, nuts and not much else. Sorry but this smoke did not do much to wow me....”
BS of Slidell, LA
“Tobacco and a slight sweet almond finish is what I get. Never evolves past a mild to medium finish. If this is your kind of cigar get it, but I can buy a mild cigar for a whole lot less with more flavor.”
JP of Fraser, MI
“This is a mid- strength cigar at best with a slight tobacco zip. Very well balanced with enough flavor to keep me interested. Construction is solid with an oily wrapper that burns and draws just right. If you like smooth and creamy, this one is for you.”
PW of Charlestown, RI
“Got a box of 5 of these in the Build Your Own sampler pack, based on the reviews on other places on the net, I wasn't expecting much, but with it being made by Graycliff, I had hoped the reviews were wrong. I lit one up as soon as I got it, and it was a complete disappointment. No flavor to be found all the way through, I was pretty unhappy with it. I gave one to a friend to see if maybe its just me, but he had the same results. I'm going to let the other 3 rest in the humidor for now, maybe light one up in a year or so and see what happens.”
JC of Lockney, TX
“Got five of these yesterday (torpedo) and let them sit in my humidor overnight. Some of the wrapper leaf came off with the ring, so that was a bit disappointing. Toasted and lit the Lara and could only tell it was lit by looking at the glowing foot - didn't seem like I was getting much smoke. The burn was even and cool for the first half. Tasted very smooth, a bit creamy, and a bit like spices and leather. The second half of the smoke wasn't a whole lot different. Draw was a bit more relaxed and yielding more smoke, but the flavor and intensity didn't change much. I smoked it down to about an inch and found the experience left me wanting something more. I'll let the other four Lara's rest in the humidor for a few weeks before burning another and coming at this with a fresh perspective. Hopefully a little time in my humidor will bring out something more satisfying from these cigars.”
RM of Delmar, NY
“I'm just an old stone mason and not a cigar snob by any stretch. When I say it was a privilege to smoke this its because the attention to detail on this little robusto is the same I would give my own work. Perfect draw, nice aroma, and the taste was of well aged tobacco in its prime. Nice spice in the retrohale and luxurious clouds of smoke. This was a gift and greatly enjoyed and appreciated. A good buy if you appreciate great skills in cigars.”
C of Antioch, IL
“I received these as a sampler and have been smoking cigars for 60 years, including many from Havana on trips overseas, I like fuller tasting cigars and I believe these to be one of the very best cigars I ever smoked along with Oliva V. They are more medium and have very complex flavors from start to finish that I find very interesting as a break from the maduro cigars I normally smoke. I cannot comprehend any negative reviews from my experience.”
“I have to agree with most of the other evaluations. Nice construction...nice draw...good flavor, bland.”
ND of Nooksack, WA
“This is one of my favorite cigars. With a cup of coffee, with the occasional puff while BBQ'ing, this is heaven. I've bought many and keep buying. When I light one over a campfire with friend and share a few, they ask, what was that, can I have another? A great cigar.”
“When I tried the first one in a sampler, I noted that it may be the best complex, medium flavor cigar I had ever tried from the start to the nub. I bought more of these and they are aging for an encore, but so far I cannot understand the negative reviews. In a few weeks I will try another. They are very high priced and should be perfect at that level, so far they may be from my one sample.”
“Picked up a fiver of these on a special....was anxious to try them so burned one right away and was very disappointed. The flavor was bland/lacking and the draw was very tight. I put the remaining 4 in the humi and forgot about them for awhile....I have gone back and burned two more since then and have been equally disappointed each time. The draw remains tight and there is just no great flavor to this cigar. I am not a cigar snob, but I know what I like and this isn't it.....”
JP of Indianapolis, IN
“Bought a deal of 15 of these guys. Very unimpressed to say the least. They just don't have much of a flavor at all. I just don't see how these cigars draw a premium price for what they are. Plenty of other cigars on the market for a fraction of these priced ones. I had my hopes up on these too and they just did not deliver. Oh well, I'll just keep them as hand out cigars, no biggy.”
KC of Mount Ephraim, NJ
“Got these in a build your own sample pack. Gave them a rest in the humidor for a month. Had a very light almost effortless draw, I thought great! First 1/3 was a strong taste of leather backed with some pepper and then faded into some faint grassy-almond flavor. Had burn issues with keeping it lit, about half down inside was a very loose packed center. While have enjoyed Graycliff 1666, the purple label Chateau Grand Cru, even the G-2's and Turbos, I didn't care for the Avelino, but then again I don't like leather tasting cigars.”
“I enjoyed this cigar. I was apprehensive at first, after smoking a crappy, half-filled "G2" from Graycliff previously. But this was an enjoyable smoke. The burn started off a little uneven, but corrected itself eventually. about a third of the way through, I could detect a nice flavor of cloves and raisin, amongst toasty tobacco. Kinda like cinnamon-raisin toast.... with cloves.... and tobacco... hahaha. but despite my apprehension at the start, I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar, right down to the finger (and lip)-burning nub.”
ER of Templeton, CA
“Not usually one to write reviews, but these were so bad I had to. I too bought these in a create your own sampler and I am glad I only ended up with five of them. Three of the cigars had plugs and were completely unsmokable. The two that I was able to draw on were less than stellar especially when considering the quality that is supposed to come along with the Graycliff name. Bottom line, if you want to have a pretty looking cigar with a gold band in your humidor then this is exactly what you are looking for....if not I suggest you keep looking.”
“I ordered 10 of these in the PG robusto because the crystal by graycliff were good. So far the 80th have been extremely disappointing. 3 of them went straight to the trash because they were completely un-smokeable despite using a poker rod through them. The others went to the trash after about a fourth of the way through because I got tired of poking to unclog after every puff and they got sour in taste. I have 2 left in humidor that I'm considering just throwing away.”
“These are terrible. They suffer from poor construction {lousy draw], wrapper very flimsy, and the flavor is ,by no means, not any where near that of a primo cigar.”