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Fonseca Overruns Sale

For a limited time, enjoy additional savings on Fonseca Overruns. Discounted pricing is reflected below.

Fonseca Overruns: ain't no denying this deal is insane.

Just peanuts for a quality handmade Manuel 'Manolo' Quesada, the cigar-making legend behind the 93-rated Casa Magna, 91-rated Quesada 35th Anniversary, 91-rated Fonseca, 90-rated Tributo and so much more. Over time, over-production inside the factory results in an accumulation of delicious firsts aging in the factory vaults. Legit treats, made with the same superior materials, fermentation and aging processes, and unrivaled quality control measures. These cigars are firsts to the core - at a price that's just ridiculous. So ridiculous, I can't tell you exactly what you'll receive....but you're no doubt guaranteed a scrumptious and satisfying handmade in your choice of seven fantastic sizes. And, I have a hunch you'll quickly discover which delicious, Manolo-made morsel you possess after just a few quick puffs.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Belicoso (6.0"x52)
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $110.25 $28.98    
Lonsdale Corto (Lancero/Panatela) (6.0"x43)
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $105.25 $20.15    
Robusto (5.0"x50)
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $102.00 $22.12    
Robusto Pekeno (4.0"x50)
BDL OF 15 In Stock $99.50 $19.50
Overall Rating 3.66 out of 5 Based on 62 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Fonseca Overruns”

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1 out of 5
Just smoked one and don't like it, sour taste, uneven burn and stains my fingers..won't buy these again.
3 out of 5
Fonseca Overruns
I bought the 5 X 50's and they were advertised as overruns. I don't think so because they are homily cigars and a bit mushy. The taste was fine and the draw good. These cigars just weren't pretty and did not have much heft in the hand.
2 out of 5
Not really a good deal. rough from start to finish.
very rough from start to finish, not really a fonseca. a better deal is the torano colosseum, for just a little more.
3 out of 5
Fonseca overruns
Wrap was light cigar ok
3 out of 5
Not outstanding
uneven wrapping, burn was inconsistent, flavor was good but not great.
4 out of 5
Compact, easy draw, full flavored smoke. Couldn't pass on the price. Great value !
2 out of 5
Not good
Like every fonseca I've ever smoked, uneven burn, gnarley taste, very short finish. Would not recommend except to plug a hole in a dam.
2 out of 5
I have enjoyed these Fonsecas before: Very nice for an inexpensive cigar. Unfortunately the 2 of this bundle I have smoked have been very tight and difficult to enjoy. Regardless of it's flavor, when a cigar is "work" to smoke it makes for a bad experience.
5 out of 5
I like em'!
I'm not a newby but not the seasoned vet either. I like them not too strong and smooth, which is what these things give me. I AM a Fonseca fanboy!
5 out of 5
Mantenace superviser
I like too much The montecristo torpedo,thanks.
1 out of 5
Too thin wrapper
Very mild even for a new smoker like me. Very poorly made. I threw away more than I smoked. he wrapper was so them it would crack or tear and leak. Extremely disappointed.
3 out of 5
OK but stale
5 out of 5
my favorite cigar?
Amazing. First bundle was dank and musky, yet very creamy. Reminded me alot of an aged Macanudo. Every stick burned slow, cool, and even. I threw these in with a progressive, and a couple boxes of higher end smokes, and these turned out to be the star. I just ordered four more bundles, fingers crossed they come anywhere near this first one!
4 out of 5
A good smoke
Recently bought a bundle of Fonseca overruns. A nice smoke for a great price! Received them quickly and they were nice and fresh!
4 out of 5
A pleasant surprise!
Ordered the Fonseca overruns on a whim since I'd been disappointed on a previous order of Fonseca small panatelas. Not so this time. The pekeno size (short robusto)is very fine and a real bargain. Have given a few--just a few-- to friends who've soon become better friends. A real steal for the budget minded.
2 out of 5
Low quality. Falls apart as you smoke.
2 out of 5
Not Good
Uneven packing; hard draw; left a dry taste not pleasant.
5 out of 5
Fonseco overruns
A really good cigar. For the money it's a steal!
2 out of 5
These should be called THIRDS.
Ugly and veined. Poor construction and not very tasty. I don't believe that these are overruns. They are not even seconds!
1 out of 5
Would not buy these again
Even though the price per stick is great, the "stick" is anything but great. Very harsh, poorly constructed and every one I lit ran all over the place. Think I'm just going to stick with grade A premiums from now on.
1 out of 5
No flavor. ..disappointed , will never order geese again. Makes afraid to try anything new . Worthless !
5 out of 5
Full of flavor in a small package. Perfect on a winter night in the unheated smoking porch
5 out of 5
Smooth as hell
If These came in a bundle of 20 I would make them my daily smoke.
5 out of 5
Perfect morning cigar
Every one i smoked was even and smoked like a star. The PERFECT morning cigar with a cup of coffee. So mild, almost pipe smoke mild, but burned evenly and changed a bit midway through. Never overpowering - and will be buying more.
5 out of 5
Great service
Great service
5 out of 5
Great Cigar! Great Value!
Love them. Good burning, long lasting cigar, with a greta taste right down to the end.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Very good; specially its seize
Very good; specially its seize
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Fonesca Over runs
These and the robusto 5x50 size have been very taste and smooth all the way down. These were not old and dry like some of the cigars I have purchased thru you. I would b glad to order these again. Keep selling the best cigars and most affordable Cigars I have found online. Thanks again Tom M.
5 out of 5
A Wonderful Cigar
A great cigar. Tasted delicious all the way to the end. A perfect cigar for everyday. Quick and easy to smoke.
5 out of 5
Cigars International my hometown tobacconist
I have been buying cigars from CI for years and have never had a problem with the quality and condition of the cigars ordered. I will continue to purchase form them
5 out of 5
Tasty and inexpensive
I like Fonsecas and this one is very good and at a really good price.
4 out of 5
Not exactly
I have purchased this cigar before and thought it was pretty good so I ordered more and ended up with one that was sweet on the end ,I can take a lot but not a sweet cigar ,I will say CI took it back without kicking to much mostly I love CI,s cigars and think they have a great company Thank You,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
1 out of 5
Sorry, not worth even the small price I paid
5 out of 5
These cigars are great in the winter they burn good and have good creamy flavor
4 out of 5
Better then i thought
Really good I was surprised, I oredered the robust and at first a bit dry but a few days in the humidor took care if that and the more time goes by they get even better it's been over two months months nice and they are good. I had a couple hard drawing ones and one unraveling but other then that all good, as a matter of fact ordered two more bundles
4 out of 5
Better then i thought
Really good I was surprised, I oredered the robust and at first a bit dry but a few days in the humidor took care if that and the more time goes by they get even better it's been over two months months nice and they are good. I had a couple hard drawing ones and one unraveling but other then that all good, as a matter of fact ordered two more bundles
1 out of 5
Fonseca's monumental failure!
So I have tried several of these over the weekend... and well they are going back! The quality is aweful, the smoke is relentlessly harsh, it is definately money not well spent... I rank these as the worse of the worse, ship them all back to your supplier. Something you would find in a cut rate cigar shop. I am not just blabbering for sake of using up air. I have been smoking cigars for over 40 years. These are truly not worthy as a handout. Even the ring size is not what they are supposed to be... CI these are well below your standards. Your group has many many more cigar brands at economy pricing that run circles around these. As I noted before -- Fonseca overruns??? Overruns of what?
1 out of 5
Save your money.
You can't make these any better over time. Simply put this is a cigar that rivals a machine made, in quality, in wrapper, in construction... Not even close to be associated with Fonseca brand... actually this one can't even come close to those as a decent cigar! Sorry -- I chased a price point and very disappointed. If you are an avid cigar smoker - and have not tried this run, DON'T --- save your money.
1 out of 5
Fonseca ? Really?
Ok -- this one is not hard to rate -- bad to terrible. Overstretched wrapper and its like smoking a rope. Very disappointed compared to some in the same price category which are made 10x's better and valued priced.
4 out of 5
fonseca overruns
very good cigars for the money
3 out of 5
Dried out Cigars
Good flavor cigar, but very tightly packed. Was hard to draw on the cigar after lighting. Cigars were very hard. Plan on leaving in the humidor to soften up. Luckily they gave me some ACID Blondie's that are ready to smoke.
4 out of 5
Fill the humidor
Better than I expected for the price. Will buy again.
5 out of 5
nice mellow smokes
very good cigars you can buy nice cheap everyday cigars without paying the premium price
4 out of 5
Fonseca " Good To The Last Puff "
Nice smooth smoke punch or cut. Good all the way thru.
5 out of 5
Last order of many
cigars were fresh and good ship time. Thanks for another solid order.
1 out of 5
horrible cigars
I tried to smoke a couple of these and decided it just wasn't worth it. I threw them all out.
5 out of 5
Nice smoke for the $
Can't beat these Fonsecas for just over a buck a peeve
3 out of 5
Age them in humi for a month min
I've had these for 2 months now and have 4 left. If I had reviewed these 2 months ago I would have said they were like smoking just, well, smoke. No taste at all. However, after some time in the humi they started to come around. They have remained a very mild cigar but now actually have some taste to them. The construction and smoke production are very good. Now slight sweetness come through along with a little bit of nutty. The finish is a little ashy and leaves my mouth a little dry. Overall a good smoke with morning coffee and a pretty good value.
5 out of 5
Fonseca Overruns Robusto
Outstanding mild cigar at an extraordinary price. Real value!
4 out of 5
Very smooth and tasty treat!
I'm a fan of Fonseca. Very consistent across all their sticks! The tobacco is smooth and enjoyable. These overruns haven't let me down, either. A good measure of different flavors with great draw and even burn. Mild-to-medium with just enough spice on the tongue ... and did I say "smoooooth"!? You won't be disappointed, my friends.
5 out of 5
Great cigar, easy smoke rich in flavor. Smokes like their $5 cigars.
4 out of 5
everyday cigar +
Life is Good and everyday is special so why not celebrate with the Fonseca Robusto Pekeno?!? Overrun?? Who knew! Nice mild smoke and they all smoked perfectly w/no runs or canoes.
4 out of 5
Casual & Robust
Easy draw, good burn. Full bodied flavor and smoke, casual and undemanded.
4 out of 5
Fonseca Overuns Robusto
I smooth, medium bodied smoke. I enjoy them and will buy them again.
1 out of 5
There is no way these "overruns" would qualify as even seconds. The cigars I received were veiny, lumpy, misshapen, uneven burning hunks of crap. I figured the first one was a fluke, the second was sort of okay but really tight and hard to draw through, and the third was actually curved. I got about a third of the way through that before I'd had enough. I wound up returning the remainder for a prorated refund minus shipping. Do not buy these.
5 out of 5
The cigars are a good
The cigars are a good quality and taste. Will buy again.
5 out of 5
Excellent cigars for walking the dogs!
Great mild cigar. Always consistent draw and flavor.
5 out of 5
Great buys
i love the awesome selections and varieties offered by CI. The ease of ordering is par none. Thanks from a satisfied cigar smoker! Sandbar Griff in Hot Springs, Arkansas( GO HOGS ! )
5 out of 5
Fonseca Overruns Robusto
This is a great value cigar that you can smoke anytime. They burn great. Highly recommend.
5 out of 5
Ciigars foe home base in Waukesha
I always look forward to the shipments and fire up a fresh one as soon as they arrive.
Customer Testimonials
I didn't care for the 4x50's. I think CI offers better, even at the low prices.
Knowing these were from the same maker as Casa Magna (awesome, get some), I was excited for these to come. I got impatient and lit one as soon as it hit the door and was a little disillusioned... Poor lopsided burn and super lean in the flavor department, even for a Connecticut. A few weeks in the humi helped, but a Ziploc bag and a paper towel soaked in Cognac helped more.
I've ordered these 3 times, very nice.
These are nice Cuban sandwich style cigars. Each one smokes with a nice, easy draw.
Received this cigar as part of my order a couple weeks back. I chose to buy the bundle of 40 chicos. Let me start by saying, this is a quality cigar, and the price just can't be beat. Unfortunately, I'm experiencing some issues on the draw, its very tight, but these are overruns, they arent supposed to be perfect. The ones that I have been able to smoke, are fantastic. If you're looking for a good mild to medium-bodied smoke that won't hurt the wallet, this would be a great choice.
I was looking for something economical to smoke on breaks and bought the Chicos. After a week in my humidor I hoped it was time to give them a shot. The first one was much like many of the other reviews, too tight to smoke. I called Customer Service after reading through the reviews to see about sending them back. The nice gentleman explained about high humidity during shipment and recommended setting them out for a week to dry out. It's summer and humidity is running 78% so I was doubtful, but I tried it. In addition to doing this I put one in the refrigerator for a few hours as a friend recommended. Perfect draw and a very enjoyable little cigar. Great suggestion from a very patient person who has learned to deal with complaints with compassion and understanding. I'll be looking for these in the future.
I bought these for when the boys get together as an inexpensive alternative. Had one right out of the bundle and was impressed with the draw, flavor and burn. Not the best but very good especially considering the price! I'll be keeping a bundle on hand!
Very good cigar for the price. I have smoked half of my purchase no problem.
Just received these cigars today & fired one up. My first impression was that I had wasted my money on some smokes that I wouldn't be finishing off. However, since I know that the first impression at light up isn't always how they finish up, I figured I'd wait til it went down to the nub before judging them too harshly. I'm glad I did! The stick is well made, firm & tightly packed. In fact, the end was too tight & I had to get past the first puffs & "Knead" it a bit for it to draw better. Hoping this is unique to this one cigar, although not a big deal after I squeezed a bit. As to the taste, I'm glad I was patient here as well. I didn't like the initial taste. Probably not a bad taste, just a bit more pungent than I like in a good cigar (if I was patient enough to age them a bit, that might help) but as I continued to smoke, a wonderful thing happened. It smoothed right out, stayed consistent & finished really well. All in all, a pretty good smoke & definitely well worth the money spent.
Ok for a quick smoke. Nothing spectacular. 40 smokes for 29 bucks!
I added a bundle on a whim, and was quite surprised. While some were quite ugly, they smoked good for a mild/medium stick.... A great yard gar.
Awesome! Sweet to the tongue with mild leathery tones. Delicious cigar!
I think this is the best bang for my buck by far. I got the robustos and they had great flavor, not to mention being an even smoke with a good draw. I'll always keep some in my humidor for those nights when I don't have time to smoke a pricier cigar.
....Wrapped so tight I couldn't draw them had to throw them away....
I bought these cigars because they came with a lighter and were supposedly almost half price. The lighter was great, but these smokes were thee worst I have ever bought. Burned terribly, tasted terrible. I could have smoked leaves in the backyard with more joy and saved some money. Dont mean to be bitter, I bought them and took a chance and I am trying to help you not do what I did
I taste a wonderful Cameroon, delightful, makes me want a big ol' La Aurora...
Unfortunately I must parrot the other reviews. Bought 3 bundles of those Palmitas...way too tightly wrapped. could not smoke 'em. Exchanging them for Chicos, which I had last summer and loved. I have to admit I am skeptical about them after reading these reviews. We shall see!
good smoke, nice body, mostly holds up well burns evenly
I must say the panatelas were really good with a medium creamy wood flavor, a couple were tight but they smoked well for 1$ each GOOD DEAL..
These sticks are not bad for the money. If you want a cheapie to smoke while you do yard work, these are it.
I purchased the 5x 32s and a lot of reviews said these cigars are hard to draw - yikes! I've had to cut them in half and skewer them to make them worth anything. I don't want to work that hard to have a quick smoke. Will not purchase again.
I added these on to my order on a whim. Actually enjoyed them. There's a sweetness in the flavor, pretty mild, extremely quick burn. If you're going to smoke these, cut a very small hole to slow the draw. That improves the flavor as well.
My first bundle of the Palmitas was extraordinary, full of flavor and well constructed, with only two or three having draw problems. So I quickly ordered two more bundles of MMAO, and have been disappointing ever since. Only about five out of both bundles have been worth smoking, the rest are so so tightly wrapped and dry there is no draw whatsoever. These are hit and miss, great if you get lucky, but not worth the risk.
Got the Grueso Robusto (5.5 x 52). It is an exact match to the Casa Magna Robusto, which was Cigar Aficionado’s 2008 Cigar of the Year. These overruns are an excellent smoke at an excellent price.
Ordered the Panatela--this is some lovely tobacco, problem is the roll is so tight that they are unsmokeable. If you can get them to draw, you are in store for a delicious cigar. I had to cut them in half and run a drill bit through the length of the stub in order to get air flow. Tastly--yes indeed. But the the roll is so tight they won't draw at all. I let them dry as suggested by the support person. No improvement --sorry to say this was a huge tease. The cigar is flavorable but unsmokable due to the construction. Perhaps the larger ring size will be better. Again, the tobacco is excellent, but the skinny rolled cigar is hyper-dense and prevents ignition of any smoking.
I was really looking forward to the bundle of Chico's (4.0"x32) that was coming in the mail. This excitement was quelled when I tried smoking the first one. All but 5 or 6 of the 40 were wrapped so tight they were unsmokeable. I stood by the trash can and worked my way through the lot snipping and drawing (or trying to draw) in search of the smokeable ones. Of the ones that I was able to smoke, they were very mild and would be a good post breakfast or drive to work smoke. Sticking to my ACID Krush for my cigarillo fix...
I didn't know Fonsecas had sweetened caps! I had memories of a true Fonseca, and was extremely disappointed. Not a fan of sweetened tips.
Bought a bundle of the half corona's and really enjoyed them. However when I saw they were out of stock I bought the panatella's. A bit tighter draw but still very enjoyable. Great price! I would like to see the half corona's again. How about it CI? Think that's possible?
You people need to shut up about these cigars, or they will be out of stock forever. Move along, nothing to see here.
Is the half corona that is out of stock being reordered? Good smoke at CI prices, win, win!
The palmitos... the first one I tried burned, but couldn't get any smoke out which was strange because the draw wasn't bad. Then the wrapper popped off. I tried another....a little more smoke obtained but had a musty taste....
Nice flavorful stick... wish I had found these earlier; I sure would have been ordering them more, but I will be making up for lost time...
Gave these a shot for a quick evening smoke. Nice.
I ordered these feeling a bit inquisitive....I had mixed reviews based on my first 5 sticks. Two smoked very well and really seemed high quality, but 2 were very difficult on the draw, and the fifth was a rough start, but finished very well. After I let the cigars sit in my humi for a couple of months, the darling these little sticks are really began to shine. Ever since, I have been happy to include these in my humi as a great go to daily smoke. From someone who finds these a great value, test the draw before lighting these, and smoke them when you have access to another if the draw is not smooth before lighting. At the price point, if you find two cigars out of 20 that you know are sold as seconds that do not live up to a 93 rating, just put it back and give another stick a go.
I got some Chicos on a checkout special and on the whole they're pretty good, if not too tight. Some would not draw at all and require either a punch or some work....
I know these are over runs and you get what you pay for. The first 5 bundles of Chico (Cigarillos) (4.0"x32) were great, a nice medium-mild quick smoke. I really enjoyed them. The next 2 bundles contained some cigars wrapped tight.... and completely or near completely unable to develop a draw. I will give them 1 more go and hope for more of the first bunch.
I recently reviewed these overruns, but felt compelled to re-review them since I have ordered several more bundles. This time I got the maduro version of the petite corona, 4.5" X 40 & a natural wrapped Pequeno robusto. They are 4" X 48. (a guess, since the package did not have the dimensions printed) The maduro petite corona is a good solid offering. As with all the types I have tried in this line, they are mild bodied. The maduro wrapper does add just a bit of a kick, but they remain mild/medium. I slightly prefer the natural wrapper version, but both are good values. Consider most of the larger ring gauge cigars in this line to be 25/30 minute smokes. The Pequeno robusto bundle is interesting, in that it seems to have a different flavor profile than the rest of the vitolas I have tried in this line. A pleasant, mild bodied 30 minute burn, with an underlying tobacco flavor. Hints of mild spice & nuts are present. Amazingly, the nutty flavor reminds me of peanut butter. It actually is a good flavor, just odd, in that I can't remember a cigar with that particular taste. The everyday price on these is good & the recent discount made them even a better value. All in all, I think they are decent everyday smokes that won't drive you into the poor house. Grab a bundle or 2 if mild bodied quick smokes with a top notch pedigree appeal to you. If you are looking for big flavor & full bodied overruns or 2nds, you will need to look to some of the other offerings like the 90+ rated or the Super Premiums.
A reorder of the half corona size arrived this week & this time I received a bundle of maduro wrapped. Just like the previous bundle, the construction is very good. Tight, firm, heavy feeling for their size. I sparked up my 1st & as before, the draw is a bit tight. Not a big issue, a bit of probing & the cigar releases a good amount of smoke. This particular blend is mild, as was the natural bundle. I prefer the natural wrapper, which adds spice to the flavors. The maduro, is not bad, but I would prefer a bigger flavor boost. At the end of the day, a good value smoke. I can't wait to see another sale of the Fonseca overruns. I will surely order several bundles of the larger ring gauge sizes.
I got the Chico (Cigarillos) (4.0"x32) as an add-on after thought to a regular order. The ones that I can smoke are a great, quick cigar. But unfortunately about 1/3 of the bundle is rolled so tight that they are un-smokable.
I have to agree, the chicos (4X32) I received are way too tight. Every other aspect is great, just unsmokeable, it's too bad.
Nice maduro but wrapper is kind of messed up. Nice taste.
I bought a bundle of Panatelas/Lonsdales for $10 during checkout. The cigars looked okay, but every single one from the bundle was plugged and completely unsmokable. This was a shame because the cigar's aroma was very pleasant, but too bad it didn't pull any smoke. Maybe it was just a bad bundle.
I recently purchased some of the half-corona size of these that were on sale for $9.95. These little suckers were extremely tasty to me. I am kicking my rear-end for not buying more than one bundle of these. Had I known just how great these cigars were, I would have purchased 4 or 5 bundles while they were on sale. Even at the regular cost, these cigars are a steal. I will purchase these again, and very soon!!!
I have bought two mazos of the Fonseca Overruns. 1st the Half Corona arrived at regular catalog price & they are a joy to smoke. Everything about them is excellent, not the least of which is the price. However, I stumbled upon the Palmita in the "Make Me An Offer" area of your website & purchased a mazo for about 30% less than the catalog price. They WILL NOT draw, no matter how you cut them. They appear to be made of the same tobaccos as the Half Corona, so I am at a loss as to why this particular size CANNOT be smoked. Disappointing, for sure, since the larger size is so satisfying.
Good construction, no blemishes, draws evenly.... but off the truck dry as a bone and harsh. No discernable flavor of natural Dominican tastiness. Strong leather flavor. I stripped some cellophane and its off to the humidity treatment in hopes of a tasty stick later on.
I receive the panetelas. 5.5x38, they are mild but flavorful. A bit tight on the draw, but nothing to worry. They exude a very creamy character that intermingles with notes of cedar and sweet tobacco. Some nice spices through the nose that keep things interesting. My daily smoke as far as they last.
I bought some Fonseca Overruns and the draw is just too tight of the few I have attempted smoking thus far. Admittedly, I usually like average sized cigars and the overruns I won are like 4X32. The smaller 5 Vegas cigars and Camacho cigars smoked far better and lacked the tight draw. Really a shame because minus the draw the cigar would be a good breakfast cigar.
I like strong cigars. Strong cigars! But, that said, on a hot afternoon, a nice, big mild cigar can really hit the spot while sitting in the shade with a cool drink. These aren't as good as AVO or Casa Toraño....and they're even milder than either of those, but I bought a bundle of the churchills and they are consistently very good. Perfect draw, pretty wrappers, nice flavor. If you like mild cigars, you'll be hard pressed to find a better smoke for two bucks.
These have a great aroma when burning, a good draw, good burn, decent construction. That is as far as I can go. It's a flat tobacco taste.
I ordered the half-corona. A very hard draw. I really got tired pulling on these. I put them in the humidor but it didn't seem to help. The color of these sticks is creamy peanut butter. The taste is smooth and creamy. A delicious cigar, but having a draw like that I'll not order these again.
For what I paid (19.95) for these cigars, I feel as though I stole them. This is a premium cigar for pennies. Thanks CI...
I have ordered the Belicosa once and the Robusto twice. Good cigar at a great price. Good to keep for a yardgar or while working on the Harley. They are "overruns" and there will be some problems.... I have received a wide range of wrapper shades but you can't beat the price for a good (not great) cigar.
This is a good mild Connecticut cigar with lots of smoke. I enjoy this cigar with my morning coffee. Construction is good, minimal veins, double cap, and a nice white ash that hangs on around the 1" to 1" 1/2 mark. I get notes of grass and a light sweet pepper in the light up that fades into a sweet leather and light woodsy taste that lingers into the 2/3rd. The last third still has the sweet leather but as the heat picks up a nice tickling and almost licorice type sensation envelopes the pallet until the next puff. Not real complex but absolutely satisfying. smoke em off the truck as I did but they get better as you let them rest in your humidor. expect to spend a good 1 1/2 hrs on this treat.
Picked up the Robusto pack. What a deal! Very nice smoke. I am rather new to smoking cigars and tend to buy samplers to try a lot of different cigars and see what I like and don't. But when I saw the price I thought I would give them a shot. Absolutely love them and will be purchasing them again.
FYI-the NO.1 - 7.5"x50 size is a big mild Connecticut wrapped herf stick. Give them a try if you like the regular Fonseca or Leon Jimenes.