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Free Cuba

Free Cuba cigars so cheap, you’ll feel guilty.

Today the Free Cuba brand is better than ever. Handmade in the Dominican Republic, Free Cuba cigars are quite simply a winner. The proof is in the pudding. Superior wrappers and fillers, quality tobaccos and excellent construction, traits clearly evident puff after puff. Indeed, a Connecticut shade wrapper leaf is married with a combination of patiently aged Cuban-seed Dominican tobaccos. Not overly mild, but certainly not powerful, either. This medium-bodied concoction yields a mellow and pleasant yet eventful cigar that teems with flavor. Come see why Free Cuba cigars have once again become a top seller – I guarantee these CI prices will make it hard to resist.
  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill 2-fer (7.2"x50) 50 CIGARS In Stock $275.00 $65.00
Robusto 2-fer (5.0"x50) 50 CIGARS In Stock $225.00 $55.00
Toro 2-fer (6.0"x50) 50 CIGARS Backordered $250.00 $59.00   Notify
Torpedo 2-fer (6.5"x52) 50 CIGARS In Stock $275.00 $65.00
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Customer Reviews of “Free Cuba”
What a nice suprise this thing (Free Cuba) was.Once you can get past the pair of robustos on the band, it turned out to be quite enjoyable.Just ordered another twenty.
CW of Fort Wayne, IN
I do not spend $100 on a box of cigars and usually stick with the the dollar per items. Some are good and some are what I call "harsh". These Free Cubas are the best ones so far. Very mild and consistent.
JC of East Islip, NY
I have been smoking cigars for 4 years now. I have big collection of cigars. This one is a great smoke (Free Cuba) for the price. I can easily compare this one with $5 per stick cigar. Aroma is great, smooth and spicy. I am going to make it my daily cigar of choice. Thank you Cigar International for providing us good deals like this.
JS of Melbourne, FL
I ordered these (Free Cuba) when they were on special and it was the best deal I have ever gotten. They are a smooth cigar and a pleasure to smoke. I wish I had ordred 10 of the deals when they were offered and will if it ever comes up again (although the regular 2 fer price is good). They are fun to smoke and my brother loves the band (in fact, he has decapagued the large band around the bundle).
BB of CBartlett, TX
A very smooth cigar (Free Cuba) with consistancy all the way through. I'm almost tempted to stick the butts in a pipe just to not waste the finish. I haven't figured out why the woman on the band is topless, though.
DM of New York, NY
OK! I smoke a lot of cigars! So I am always looking for a great deal. I bought the Free Cuba toro 2-fer deal last week (based on the review from the deal finder, Gonz) and I am impressed. This cigar has excellent construction, it's smooth, it's mild, and has a great taste. I've been very disappointed by much more expensive cigars, but the Free Cuba is top notch. I only have 8 left out of my first bundle and will be ordering more soon. Thanks C.I. for the great deal, and thanks to Gonz for a review that was once again right on the money!
IK of Jarrettsville, MD
These (Free Cuba) are arguably the best kept secret around here. I bought 'em to give away to friends 'cause of the girl. I'll buy more 'cause of the quality of the smokes. Good stuff.
RM of Ligonier, IN
I received my order of Free Cuba cigars the other day, after letting them rest in my humidor for a few days, I fired one up. I now have a new everyday cigar. Taste more like a high price cigar. These are great.
TE of Washougal, WA
Received the Free Cuba's, about a week ago, smoked a few before putting them in my humidor, fairly well constructed, noticed some large stems in some of the cigars, good burn, draw is loose on some cigars and tight on others, because of inconsistencies in the filler, lots of smoke, aroma is nice, flaky gray white ash, mild sweetness on the palate, mild in body, smooth and creamy, not bitter at all. This is a good anytime cigar, for someone on a budget, or who does not want to spend a lot of money. Not sure if, i would buy them again, would probably, pay a little more and get something more high end.
GC of Las Vegas, NV
....Oh well, live and learn....get what you pay for.
JD of Washington, DC
I tried these beauties for two reasons - cheap and cute band. I can afford to smoke the pricier stogies and do. But these have a great flavor for the price. My only complaint is that they can be a little loose and I can burn through one quickly. I have to say that the longer they sit in the humidor the better they get! Definitely a diamond in the rough.
BF of Los Angeles, CA
I saw the cigar band (Free Cuba) and as a photograher I was hooked! I bought a bundle and smoked two cigars, ordered two more bundles. Now I keep at least one unopened bundle on hand. I will NOT run low on these jewels. As long as I can find them I'll be smoking them!!
DK of Jacksonville, FL
I just recevied my free cuba cigars and i must say you guys ci know your stogges , they mild and smoked get for a dollar , ill be back for more..
TW of valparaiso, IN
Bought these (Free Cuba) for my wedding after a reccomendation and reviews from the website. Nothing but rave reviews from the occasional to hard core smokers. A very enjoyable smoke and cant beat the price!!
BW of Rocky Point, NY
I got my Free Cuba cigars today, I took one out on the veranda (ok it was a lawn chair in the back yard) and lit it up. WOW this is better than I realy expected, smooth taste good ash and a price that is amazing. I will be buying more.
DO of Davenport, IA
I have no complaints about the Free Cuba torpedo. It is a decent, albeit mild, smoke, which means it's just not my preference. The deal is worth it to keep a bunch on hand for friends who come over to join me for a smoke. Otherwise, they'll just sit in the humi. Still, if you like mild, you should find these worth your effort.
TN of Arvada, CO
This is a great smoke. (Free Cuba) Mild and tasty. I chain smoke these on the weekends! A great every day stick.
DG of Dugspur, VA
best cigar (Free Cuba) I have ever ordered from CI.
KE of vallejo, CA
Very smooth and burns well in all sizes. great every day smoke. I couldn't get Brocatus anymore so thanks CI for suggesting Free Cuba
DD of Little Suamico, WI
These are very mild, but flavorful cigars. They have a sweet-tasting smoke that my wife hates less than most of the other cigars I have been known to smoke. They do NOT remind me much at all of my old staple, Arturo Fuente, which I used to take home for $35/box (Privada #1), back in 1993, before the boom. But they DO remind me of Macanudo, which I was never really able to afford. Not my favorite cigar on earth, but a real value for the price. That said, I agree with one reviewer, that they are a bit on the loose side. But I'll take that problem over a cigar that's been rolled too tight, and can't be smoked. These are good cigars, and I hope they stick around for this price, or near it, in this post-S-Chip world.
RB of Nashville, TN
The best cigar in the morning with coffee great also with scotch,this is my 3rd order of torpedos I LOVE the cigar bands, I hope CI keeps them around THANKS
JF of merrillville, IN
I picked up my order of Free Cuba cigars today ( Torpedos 6.5 x 52 ) from the post office all ready to start complaining about paying a buck five a stick ; but when I settled in and started burning one I honestly felt as though I was getting over on CI by getting such a quality smoke for dirt cheap ! It was kind of like ordering an extra large six shot double mocha expresso with cream and being charged for a small black house brand coffee and then having the clerk lean over and tell you, by the way it's decaf ! These are really gentle giants because they have a rich full flavor that is mild, mellow and just as smooth as silk. If CI delivers this much enjoyment for a buck a throw then I can't wait to see what I can score from them for say $2.50 - $3.00 !
FV of Grants Pass, OR
Get some! For the price I'm going to start keeping them on hand for when friends come over. No sense giving someone a $10 cigar who doesn't smoke much and expect them to enjoy it like you would, Heck this has become one of my favorite cigar to smoke while doing the yardwork as well as enjoying a book and some whiskey. Can't go wrong here!
JJ of Fountain Inn, SC
Love 'em! Now I have to tell you that I am no cigar connoisseur. Many pricey cigars I've tried just don't impress me. Some haven't been as good as the everyday machine rolls you get at the grocery store. These have a great aroma and flavor. Nice easy draw, and the thing that they get points from me for is.... THEY STAY LIT! I don't care how expensive a cigar is... if I have to keep sucking it to keep it going, I do not enjoy them. These are a nice easy smoke, something you can relax and have a beer while chatting with friends, and you'll never have to re-light. You won't be disappointed and I will certainly buy them again.
ET of Fontana, CA
Just got my order last night, took them all out of the cellophane and put them to rest in my humidor. First thing I noticed was that the wrappers were rather inconsistent in colour but hey what do you expect for a little over a buck a stick with shipping. I normally like med-full bodied smokes but wanted to get a cheap mild to keep on hand for myself and others who generally don't smoke cigars. Took one out this morning to enjoy with a cup of coffee and was pleasantly surprised. Construction wasn't bad but I noticed this first stick was rolled rather tight. I had to unbend a paper clip and stick in the cigar to get more air in it. Once I did that I had a much better draw. Flavor was rather nice with nuances of nuts, toast and a nice mild tobacco flavor. I would imagine some good humidor time will create a nice cigar. I've smoked better and I've smoked worse but the price/flavor ratio is just right for me.
JL of Church Hill, TN
These cigars (Free Cuba) looked like a good deal for an every day smoke and based on other reviews, I figured they would be decent. I was pleasantly surprised at the flavor and how smooth they were. I can hand these out to friends often for the price, but without feeling bad about the quality. I would recommend leaving them in a humidor for at least a week though. I tried a couple straight out of the package and those burned unevenly and had issues with the wrapper coming off. After a week in the humi however, they're good to go. I would purchase these again.
MM of Mosul, Iraq, AE
MM of fresno, CA
I know this is counter intuitive but these are great cigars, I have developed an almost Churchillian rate of consumption but like most of us I have a budget to stay in. These are by far the best everyday smokes I’ve found, no short filler, well made delightful taste and beautiful plumes of smoke!
EG of Waynesboro, VA
This is a mild but tasty cigar that is well constructed. The aroma is of spice and cedar and the flavor gives you hints of both. It is not so mild to lose your attention. I enjoyed this stick with a nice light beer. This cigar at this price is the type of cigar that could put alot of AMS machine made stogies out of business if more people would try them. Love the band on this one too!!
JA of Palm City, FL
Well, I got my shipment today, and the first to see fire was the Free Cuba, I do admit to being a Noob, but Damn, I do like them. They do feel a little loose, but the burn was good. And compared to other's that I have tried and have a much higher price, I'll buy these again just to make sure I have a few to keep around for rainy days.
RW of Tooele, UT
I received this cigar in my shipment today bundled with the Po' Boy package. I really was eager to try one and I'm glad i started off with a really good one i enjoyed. I like the burn it has and the flavor is incredible for the price. Nice job CI!!!
JT of HTempe, AZ
I smoked my first Free Cuba today. It's not a Macanudo but for a buck a stick it's a good value cigar. Slightly stronger than mild, coats the palette nicely, and gains strength towards the end...The construction was solid, easy draw, and even burn. If you're looking for a well made, tasty, economy smoke you won't be disappointed..
LM of Porterville, CA
I have just finished 50 of these and I liked them very much. I did, however, find quite a bit of dirt or grit in them. If not for that, I would buy them again.
MA of Bethany, IL
While not a Cusano 18 double Connecticut, 5 Vegas Gold, Macanudo Hyde Park Cafe or Man of War Virtue these sticks are really good for the buck. I ordered 50 and have only had issues with a few of them, of the 15 or more that I have smoked. Only one has had a bad (hard) draw, the few others had wrapper issues (coming apart). But, all that aside, for the few, I have been very well pleased. Nice aroma and I usually nub them out. Great knock around and every day smoke. Great as a wake up cigar with a cup of coffee. Hope my next batch will be as good as these.
JM of Hampton, TN
Great knockaround mild. It is shortfiller though, so be prepared to spit tobacco bits off your lips...great bang for the buck - flavor is good and you can smoke this any time day or night.
JT of Powhatan, VA
Unsure about the price and large qty (50)? Usually smoke higher dollar sticks and are looking for a quality Dominican "everyday smoke"? THIS IS IT! What a deal! I have smoked the 50 of these up faster than any other cigar I have had. These things are good in the early a.m. with coffee, after lunch or dinner, or even late a night with a cold brew or some fine tequila or scotch. Great stick for the $! CI does it again!
JT of Powhatan, VA
I have been smoking Free Cuba for years and am hard pressed to find a better mild cigar with such consistency. The advert implies that it is wrapped in a true Conn Shade wrapper, since "Windsor Shade" is a processing facility in Connecticut, known in Santiago as "Shade Leaf." So appreciate not being conned into accepting an Ecuador leaf as "Connecticut," as all the Patels, Padillos, Perdomos, etc do--especially Alec Bradley and Oliva, who have the gall to call these cigars "Connecticut" when there is not one particle of true USA grown tobacco in them, thus they pay peanuts for wrappers that they use on very expensive fake Connecticut cigars. There aught to be a law certifying genuine USA grown tobacco.
CB of Wellfleet, MA
Smooth, mild, consistent (in both flavor and burn), delightful smoking experience -- what more can I say?
BS of Bensalem, PA
Have smoked 2 so far and both of them had burn issues and wrapper problems. They do appear to be very dried out so hopefully some time in the humidor will help. Considering all the positive reviews I have to assume that the issue is dryness. Hopefully time will enhance the flavor as well since these first two have tasted a bit like smoking cardboard. (No kidding)
GH of Swayzee, IN
These cigars are a GREAT everyday cigar, especially for the money. They burn great, taste is decent and it is a very reliable smoke. Of the many I have purchased over the years, I can count on one hand (and still have a few fingers to spare) of the ones that didn't live up to expectations. A great buy!!
Turns out these are a great cigar after all. I suggest aging them for 4+ months. Once they stiffen up a bit, they really smoke above their price. I will consider ordering another bundle.
Not a bad cigar for the price but I will not buy them again. The draw and burn are very good but I couldn't taste anything, the flavor was very bland. I usually smoke a medium body but also enjoy a mild cigar like Romeo Y Juliet and these just didn't meet my expectations based on the reviews.
JK of Scottsdale, AZ
Darn good yard 'gar! Out of the 60+ ordered, several too tight to smoke, but for the price, very good for yard work!
Purchased a bundle and have been very happy. I am using these as my "base" everyday cigar that all "other day" cigars have to beat for taste and $$. The minor imperfections, canoeing and mild variations in flavor keep these guys as enjoyable and unique puffs. The flavor has been very pleasant overall.
AL of Fort Collins, CO
you had better have a draw poker, a good one. not a bad cigar, when you can find one that you can actually draw through. out of 40, i had maybe 15 i didn't have to use a draw poker on to be able to light it.
JD of Oklahoma City, OK
Free Cuba, well first off I don't smoke the band, they were a pretty good smoke, when you could draw them. You definitely need a draw poker for them, I had no loose ones,80% I had to use a draw poker on . When they named them free cuba, i think they were talking about the draw. But I will probly by some more, they gotta learned how to roll them by now
JD of Oklahoma City, OK
I find these quite enjoyable and always buy extras to give to friends and family. I also roll my own cigars using this same tobacco leaf combo.
I like and enjoy the Free Cuba brand. It is my replacement for Pirates Gold as my good, cheap smoke. I prefer the Maduros but I see other people do too since they are out of stock.
RG of Santa Maria, CA
Absolutely the worst cigar I have ever smoked and I have smoked alot. Has a musty taste, very soft and uneven burn....
What a steal of a cigar, let me say first that I have multiple rows of Cohiba's and Diesel's in my humidor and Free Cuba's have earned their spot in my humidor. I keep a box of "cheepies" in the garage fridge that won't fit in the humidor and Free Cuba found their way into my humidor with respect. For $1 a cigar I feel like someone is getting robbed. Great flavor, great burn rate, greater price. What is not to like about Free Cuba!
KN of Henryville, IN
These are a great everyday smoke, smooth and flavorfull. Can't beat the price and well worth the wait. Just glad I got a 2 fer bundle, it will hold me for a month, maybe!
MS of Guthrie, OK
A great cigar with a nice earthy flavour. I smoked 50 of these without feeling tempted to switch to a different brand. Definitely check these out.
MF of Manchester, NH
Uneven burn even after being in the humidor for more than a week. Occasionally seems that they are made from cut-off ends.... Rank 5/10
MC of Ontario, NY
As a beginner in the cigar world, I know that most times you get what you pay for. That being said, this is a great cigar for the price. They canoe a fair bit, and they have some heavier tobacco pieces in them, but I won't go without having some on hand.
LP of Colorado Springs, CO
Worth the money. Good daily smoke
NB of Lubbock, TX
Great value for an everyday smoke. Mild enough to go with the second cup of coffee, strong enough for after dinner. Complex enough to keep your interest without demanding full concentration like a Gurkha with a single malt. Nice draw and even burn. They will improve if you let them rest for a month or two before smoking (if you can restrain yourself that long).
Have been smoking the toros, torpedos, and the robustos for more than two years now. The toro is by far my fave, but all of them rate great for best construction of any cheap and better than most of the more expensive cigars that I smoke. Good start, good draw, good finish. I have hesitated to rave about these in a review for fear of CI raising the prices. They deserve my praise, so will chance CI's integrity.
Great buy, great smoke for the price. I smoked my first one right out of the bundle. The draw was nice, flavor was mild and smooth lots of smoke and the burn was even and it's ash was nice. This is a great smoke for everyday and the money. I will keep these around in my humidor for a while.
KG of Spring City, TN
The India Pale Ale of cigars. I am on my second toro and could smoke these all day. If 'Candellas' ever make a come back I will need to stock up before there is a shortage.
DJ of Young Harris, GA
I have been smoking Free Cuba cigars several years; great buy and a great smoke. I have never had anyone I passed one to say anything but compliments on this cigar and want to find out where to get them.
The IPA of Cheap Cigars -Thats a good thing. (Toro is what I have) This is something of a candela flavor. I am not an expert but I describe it as using bitterness as a good flavor profile. I love it. In addition, it has a good draw, good ash, seldom if ever needs a relight or touch up and lasts a good long time. That is important to me since I calculate cost by how much smoke time do I get for the buck.
DJ of Young Harris, GA
I ordered the Robustos several weeks back. The first 2/3s of the cigar are creamy and pleasant, with a just a touch of bitterness. The final 3rd burns hotter and is much more metallic in flavor. There's a moderate amount of smoke throughout, and the cigars burn fairly evenly. Overall it is a decent smoke that doesn't break the bank. It should be noted that these improve SIGNIFICANTLY after a few weeks in the humidor.
BH of Glendale, AZ
So never heard of these at all and didn't want to pay full price for something that I might not like. So a guy in my club went in half and I was enjoying them enough that I hated the fact that I just didn't buy the whole fer. For the price and character of them I wouldn't mind making them my everyday smoke and would recommend them to anyone that likes a mild cigar.
RV of Lafayette, IN
I'm very impressed. Surprise for sure. Construction, draw and flavor are excellent! I'll be buying more for sure. I buy all my cigars from CI....The Free Cuba was one of the lowest rated, but one of my favorites. What a deal!
Excellent daily smoke for the price. Some bad apples in the bunch, but overall happy.
AC of Burnsville, MN
I really enjoy these cigars while working outside! They are very mild and a great buy!
JM of Crescent, OK
For a cheap cigar, the Free Cuba is pretty satisfying. I get the about twice a year, put in my humidor for a month or two and enjoy them on the golf course or on the lake.
Great cigar, easy draw, well constructed, mild and burns evenly.
Mine were dried out when they arrived. 2 weeks in humidor did not help. As far as delivering a nicotine jolt-they worked.