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Davidoff Grand Cru Series

Handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, Davidoff cigars are high in price and high in quality. Each one looks stunning and burns like a dream. Seamless wrappers, perfect burn, easy draw, relentless consistency, balanced flavor….time and again. Rolled by a select few and blended to perfection, all Davidoff cigars feature 4 year aged, hand-selected Dominican fillers. The Grand Cru Series features an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and displays a full-flavored, medium-bodied profile.

Davidoff Grand Cru received a well-deserved 90-rating noting: "A lightly hued corona that starts with a damp earthy note that becomes floral and sweet with hints of espresso and carob. Balanced and clean."

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
No. 1 (Corona) (6.1"x43)
BOX OF 25 Backordered $432.25
No. 2 (Corona) (5.6"x43)
BOX OF 25 In Stock $394.25
No. 2 (Corona) (5.6"x43)
5 CIGARS Backordered $76.00
No. 3 (Corona) (5.0"x43)
BOX OF 25 In Stock $358.63
No. 3 (Corona) (5.0"x43)
5 CIGARS In Stock $78.85
No. 4 (Corona) (4.6"x41)
BOX OF 25 Out of Stock $294.50    
No. 4 (Corona) (4.6"x41)
5 CIGARS Out of Stock $58.90    
No. 5 (Corona) (4.0"x41)
BOX OF 25 In Stock $254.13
No. 5 (Corona) (4.0"x41)
5 CIGARS Backordered $53.68
Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Davidoff Grand Cru Series”

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5 out of 5
Maintaining Standards
Excellent smoke, you get exactly what you pay for here, one of the finest cigars available today.
5 out of 5
Great Smokes
Excellent cigars. Smooth, great tasting, a bit pricey, though.
Customer Testimonials
I hope that this will help shed a little light on the matter of why Davidoff Cigars are deemed "So Expensive" by some. Davidoff are expensive cigars but, unlike some other very expensive lines, Davidoff has a long reputation for quality; operates its own factory, which is usually ranked among the best, with highly skilled, well-paid employees; enforces quality control standards that are among the industry's strictest; and uses aged, top tobaccos. Of course, that doesn't mean everyone is going to like Davidoff cigars. Still, I do think it's reasonable to recognize at least some of what goes into the price of the product. Now, as to whether they're worth the price or not is a decision for the individual smoker. Remember. Though pricey for some, remain at the pinnacle of cigar enjoyment for many. If you still have questions as to why they cost what they do? I urge you to contact Davidoff directly and speak with a rep from their company. They will be more than happy to explain to you the nature of their operation. Then I think you will understand why they are priced the way they are. Hope this as been of some help to many of you.
To err on the side of caution, I will only say that Davidoff is one of the best cigars available. I'll not include Cubans into the conversation, but will include Opus X, God of Fire and the like. That list of brands another reviewer mentioned are indeed above average, solid name brand smokes. But they are not of the on the same playing-level as Davidoff. EVERY Davidoff stick is perfect, creamy smoke, excellent aroma (that even my spouse appreciates), perfect burn, and good selection of flavors. In other name-brand varieties, I expect several in each box to be tight, or come unraveled, or have uneven burn. Davidoff, however, is the only cigar I trust in a single finger tube when I go out. And a cigar that I would never hesitate to give to rich and famous movie producer I might happen to run into.
....The Davidoff cigar is a blemish among all the brands of cigars. There is no justification for the dollar amount charged on any of these cigars. It is a slap in the face to the honest cigar smoker, wanting to purchase a high price cigar every now and then. When they do get some extra money, and decide their going to try a $15.00 dollar or above cigar. Then the decision has to be made on; which one do I purchase? After looking over the many brands offered, they come to the conclusion, that Davidoff must be a great cigar. After all, something that goes for $600.00 plus per box (some Davidoffs), that has to be one hell of a cigar. If they have never spent this much money in the past on any other cigar. The only thing they can compare the Davidoff with, is their regular purchased lower in cost smokes. At the present I have around 400 cigars in my humidor, (all but a few purchased at CI) and my only purpose for giving this information is to establish some credibility. My cigars are made up of a mix that range in price, from a buck to $25.00 dollars each. The higher priced ones are from the forbidden area, and considered to be the best in the world. They were a gift, given by an individual who happens to be from this country. Even those only cost him $450.00 dollars for a box of Cohibas Siglo VI. I can honestly say, they were worth every penny of the money they cost. Here is where I have the problem with Davidoff, and can't understand why no one within the business has spoken up. Out of all the cigars I have in my humidor, Davidoff isn't in the top 10 of what I consider good cigars. For example; Alec Bradley Tempus, CI Legend Purple, Diesel, CAO (any of them), 5 Vegas Gold Classic, Morro Castle, Grand Habano Vintage 2002, and Perdomo Reserve Golf. This list could keep on going, but I think you get the picture. Each one that I listed, are not only lower in price, but better in flavor. Wait. Let me reword what I just said, and put it another way. All the ones listed, are a far better value when you compare dollar for dollar on those and Davidoff. The $450.00 dollars per box cigars I already talked about, at least gives you more in flavor than you payed in money. It is also a cigar that you would pinch pennies to purchase another box if it were possible. One of the Davidoffs I have is just a little larger in ring size than a number 2 writing pencil, around 5.5 inches in length, and goes for $15.00 dollars. The only people who could justify this price and flavor, are those who have the need to be or look important. I took the time to look at the first 12 Davidoff products listed on the CI web page. There are only 3 fan reviews written out of the 12 different types offered on the page. If nothing else, this tellls us that those who purchase them don't write, or they have nothing to say about this super high cigar. I spend a lot of money on the CI web site, and very loyal as a customer. This in its self gives me the right to review a cigar from my perspective, and then have the review posted. This is the third review I have written on Davidoff, since the first two were not posted. Bottom line. All of the large cigar dealers should work together in getting the Davidoff company to reconsider their price list. They are not worth any where near what they cost, and if I had a cigar store. My integrity would not allow me to carry a cigar of this nature, knowing that they were not getting what they paid for. You be the judge, buy a sample pack and write a review. As stated, I've spent hundreds of dollars on cigars from CI, and will continue to do so. I don't place the blame on CI, but I do ask for them to address this issue regarding the high cost of a cigar far below in value.
Simply stated this cigar is amazing. I had the pleasure of smoking my first in what I hope to be a lifetime of smoking Davidoff cigars. The Grand Cru No. 1 is great. Perfect burn, nice ease draw, and not a flaw on any of the five that I ordered. It is a full cigar but not with the heavy feeling or overwhelming power that I've had with other cigars. It is this balance that makes this cigar perfect for sitting on a deck in the sunshine enjoying a nice cold one.