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Don Smith

Don Smith!

Don Smith - Series D no less, actually "Series Dee" - is amazing. Not the cigar....the concept. Take Don. Here's a traditional start to a cigar name. Then combine it with the most common Gringo surname. Then, actually spell out the letter 'D' in Series Dee. This takes cheese to a whole new level. The amusement factor alone is worth the price. And you may be surprised to know the cigar actually ain't half bad. Made with Sumatra Ecuador wrappers and a mellow blend of Dominican long-fillers, these big Churchills are mild in body and not overly dreadful.
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Churchill (7.0"x50) BDL OF 20 In Stock $80.00 $25.00
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Customer Reviews of “Don Smith”
Wow, I finally made it in this world. I have my own cigar. If you guys are interested I could send you some photos of me smoking the cigar and you could use them in your ads. Or maybe me on the deck of a big yacht or other similar activities. This could be HUGE.
Do of n SmithChattanooga, TN
Yeah, a cheap Dominican (there’s a million of those!) cigar. Blugh!
PP of Polarisville, AK
Ah, the Don Smith Series Dee. My advice: Buy a bundle and give them out to your friends who always try to mooch a good cigar. It does produce a lot of smoke. Unfortunately, it's not good smoke. It certainly belongs on the UNSMOKEABLE list. If nothing else, it helps you to really appreciate the cigars you do enjoy.
AM of Metamora, IL
A mild bodied cigar with strong woody overtones. Smooth, no spice. Kept its character to the very end. Loosely rolled, it became very mushy next to the heat of the cherry, but otherwise well constructed with no runs. This is a cheap cigar, but with none of the harshness associated with cheap tobacco. Good for golfing or mowing the lawn. If you are in the store, get the Bag O' Dung so you can add the band to your collection. Hey, Joe! Hows about sending me a real cigar for this real review. :-)
RW of Harrisburg, PA
This is a beautiful presentation but the overall cigar was a bit to be desired. At the beginning, the taste was "right on" for a sumatra wrapper. The burn was uneven and hard to keep lit. Then the entire stick became soft and mushy.
DW of Indianapolis, IN
I will save these for when I have an emergency like running out of the good stuff. Don't have a novice try these, they won't want to smoke cigars again if they do.
SP of Manassas, VA
I am surprised by all the bad reviews. While not the best I ever smoked, I found this to be a pleasant smoke. At the current price of $1 a stick I think it's a bargain.
JD of Newark, NY
Okay not a top brand but didn't expect it to be. However I like the woody tones and it is a smooth smoke. The cap isn't well done so be careful if you bite it off. It is still better than machine made cheap nasties by far.
I'm surprised at the bad reviews. First off, what do you expect for a $1 cigar? Actually, I've tried quite a few of the $1 cigars here, and they are pretty bad.....except this one. It is a GOOD $1 cigar. If you want a better cigar than this, spend more than a buck. Otherwise, if you want some smokable single ducat sticks, here you go.
An overall good smoke for a cheap stick.
JL of Blissfield, MI
Of all the cigars in the Po' Boy III Sampler, I enjoyed this one. Needed frequent re-lighting, but the taste was actually good.
The ones I've smoked, probably 5, burned evenly, produced a reasonably good flavor and smoke. I've paid a lot more for a cigar and was really dissapointed. A deal for the PRICE!
JS of Mobile, AL
real good smoke. nice and long good flavor. Definitely a good choice
OW of Lincoln, MA