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Duque is a decent everyday cheapie handmade. Made with Sumatra wrappers and Dominican long leaf fillers, Duque is mild in body and it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye.

Pronounced "du-kay"

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Churchill 2-fer (7.0"x50) 50 CIGARS In Stock $200.00 $54.99
Toro 2-fer (6.0"x50) 50 CIGARS Backordered $175.00 $49.99   Notify
Torpedo 2-fer (6.0"x52) 50 CIGARS In Stock $200.00 $54.99
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Customer Reviews of “Duque”
For an everyday cigar (Duque) this is a gem. I ordered 2 bundles of the Wavell and have been very pleased with them. Occasionally there is one that is just too hard to draw on, but for less than a buck apiece whaddya want. The taste is medium and has improved with about 16 months in the humidor. The ash is tight and holds to about and inch and a half until the the first drop. These taste much better than I expected and would order these again.
HF of Port Hueneme, CA
For the very first time in my cigar-smoking career, I threw cigars away. I needed the room in the humidor, I'm never going to smoke these Duque Churchills, and I would only give them away to someone whom I would never want to talk to again. I gave these nasties a little more time in the humidor, and it didn't help. I'm not a high-end primadonna. I've enjoyed my share of cheapies--Brocatus or 1876 Reserve, to name a couple. But these Duque Churchills are worse than the dregs from the bottom of a pot of 3-day-old coffee. I bought some more Rocky Patel goodies, and the Duques were taking up room. They're outta here!
BV of Elgin, IL
Bleah! Nasty! Foul! Ugh, I can't believe what some people put in their mouths and call a pleasant experience. I let these Duque Churchills rest for a couple of weeks in the humidor, and they were the worst cigar-smoking experience I've ever had. These belong in the cat-box, not my humidor! Cheap? Yes! Good? NO!
BV of Elgin, IL
Not bad, not bad at all. Nice everyday cigar (Duque) for the price. Will purchase these again with no hesitation.
KR of henderson, NV
You're underselling these. Duque No "cigar of the year" to be sure, but a dandy smoke. I smoke cigars from across a broad price range, including lots of cheap sticks - most of which taste like they should be priced cheap - including some recommended by CI. Not these. The duque torpedoes are the best under-a-buck cigar I've found. They've got a few small soft spots and I'd like more spice, but this is a great stick. It smokes in about 45 minutes, opening with a little "barnyard" flavor that smooths out and converses nicely from about an inch in down to the nub. Solidly constructed, nice burn, great draw - I think I'll go smoke one now.
DB of Ellensburg, WA
What a find (Duque)! This is a great smoke and surprisingly consistent. I love the look of it (I have come to love torpedos). This is my "everyday golf course smoke" and fun to share with all at a buck-a-piece.
GM of Woodbury, CT
Anyone who thinks thay can make a blanket endorsement of all cigars by one maker, knows nothing about cigars. While other Duque cigars leave MUCH to be desired, the torpedo is VERY good. I won't smoke a cigar that is just SMOKE. There must be flavor and the torpedo has it. I smoked TWO last night in a five hour poker game. Perfect for the golf course (I call it "my golf course cigar") when you want a good taste that you can share freely ($1 each) and not be embarassed. This is not a "sit with a glass of port on a Saturday evening" cigar, but when you consider the cost, and thus the VALUE, it's a five star cigar.
GM of Woodbury, CT
These (Duque) are a really good smoke. The draw is nice and its packed really well. A well rounded everyday cigar.
NI of Northbridge, MA
Tried these with a few friends - we were not impressed. About 3 puffs apiece and we had to put the Duque out to pasture!
CW of Fredericksburg, VA
I just bought a bundle of your Duque cigars and boy was I surprised! I didn't expect much but from the first cigar I was hooked. I couldn't believe I got such a great cigar for such a cheap price. Boy are you guys dumb! You could easily get three times the price for these. Maybe I shouldn't have told you that. I guess I should order more before you go and raise the price.
RN of Purcellville, VA
This is my favorite "cheap" cigar (Duque)! Very well made and my wife actually LIKES the way they smell so there are no objections when I want to smoke one and unwind. I swear they taste faintly like banannas and vanilla wafers. I've even got friends who swore they would never smoke a cigar, hooked on these. The torpedo is the way to go. Thank you CI!
JK of Terre Haute, IN
A pretty decent cigar for the price.Duque Nothing spectacular, but a solid smoke. Nice tight ash that holds for about an inch and a half or so. Sometimes you'll get one that's got a bad bite to it or is tough to draw on. I usually smoke one of these while taking the dog for a walk. The torpedos last quite awhile, therefore so do the dog walks.
TJ of N Burr Ridge, IL
I order these cigars (Duque) for "business" meetings (on the golf court) with clients looking for a cheap enough smoke to be able to hand out freely but still smokable enough for them not to think I was a cheap skate. They have a good mild flavor that doesn't over do it. They make for a long smoke that is enjoyable however I found that once you smoke them to about 2 inches or so it was hard to keep them lit. I had to keep relighting it. over all for the price they are a good smoke.
BW of Sparta, TN
My regular brand was Roly until I recently tried a Duque. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and taste of this cigar. It is a firm and slow burning cigar that burns evenly.I personally like to sniff my cigars sometimes without actually puffing it so as to enjoy that very nice aroma. It is the best cigar that I have found for the money!
WM of Upper Marlboro, MD
Bland and almost tasteless. I got these in the Po Boy II sampler awhile back and they were...way too mild for me!! The Cuban Delights were so much better and flavorful.
JP of Whitesburg, GA
I wanted to like it. The construction, draw and burn are good. After smoking a lot Rocky Patel Edge Counterfits I just can't taste anything when I smoke the Duque. Good cheap cigar for someone who likes their cigars mild. I would rather pay more for Blue Label and get a lot of flavor.
RC of Duncan, SC
I just received my order with the Po Boy Sampler II today. I was able to smoke the Duque Churchill straight out of the box. For the price you pay this is a great even burn and easy draw cigar. The cigar stayed consistent to the end. The wrapper stayed on while smoking, unlike some other cheap cigars that i have tried that fall apart while smoking. I suggest you try Duque and decide for yourself.
JT of Benton, AR
I bought the Po Boy sampler that these came in and had let them sit in the humidor for about a month. Just tried one this afternoon and I have to say it is a decent smoke for a $1! Burned real nice, tons of smoke, good draw, very mild. I'd get these again as an everyday type smoke, great value for the money.
DB of Fitchburg, WI
Already got a case of the cognac Duque's and I like them a lot, then I stumbled on an even cheaper bundle of Duque's and these are absolutely a nice, everyday cigar. Not complex by any stretch of the mind, but it does leave a nice lingering natural tobacco sweetness behind...the draw is as easy as breathing and I can usually get about an hour and a half out of them, with a moderate smoking pace. They have a nice natural moist texture that helps them stay fresh and smoke evenly, where I've had to re-light more expensive brands due to uneven burns. at $1 a throw, they're likely to be kept around in some quantity in my personal stock. If you are new to cigars and just want something mild and safe to start with, try a Duque, you won't get scared off by something intense or complex flavors/aromas.
I bought 3 boxes of cigars two weeks ago, I spent $60.00 on a box of Victor Sinclair's, $40.00 on a bundle of 20 Nicarao's, and $20.00 on a bundle of 25 Duque torpedoes. The Duque torpedoes out smoked them all. It's not the best cigar in my humidor; however, a great on the go smoke. I went out on the boat yesterday and smoked one of each of the above mentioned cigars and hands down, my fourth cigar of the day was another Duque. I was very surprised. Keep the pricing and I will pack my humidor with Duque torpedoes next month.
Got my order today and right out of the box there pretty dang good. Smoked 2 so far and the rest are in my humi, not a bad cigar at all.
JP of Crab Orchard, KY
My brother turned me on to these little honeys. For the price its a good cheap smoke. I would not want to smoke these all the time. Every now and then it works for me. Give them a try they may work for you.
Great cigars!
JD of Chicago, IL
I'll tell you what people. Stay away from this little gem, that way it will always be in stock for me. ...long ashes
Excellent for the price. Fresh
Not a bad everyday cigar! I will order more in the future. An ugly cigar, but tasty and well built!
JC of Indianapolis, IN
Little dry and wrapper on some came off. Otherwise a good cigar for the price
BT of Greenwood, IN