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Dona Lydia

A hidden gem.

Dona Lydia is a wolf in sheep's clothing if I've ever seen one. It looks a bit like a boom brand that somehow managed to survive the fallout. In reality that couldn't be further from the truth, because it's made by one of the biggest and best tobacco growers in the world, the Oliva family. No, not the Oliva family that you're thinking of. And before this gets confusing, let me explain. There are actually two Olivas in the cigar world of no relation to one another. The cigar makers you're quite familiar with, while the growers work behind the scenes raising the world's most sought after tobacco. Their tobaccos are bought and blended into today's hottest blends. And these top-notch tobaccos are utilized to craft their very own cigar titled: Dona Lydia.

Now that the fine print is out of the way, let's take a look at the cigar at hand. Carefully crafted in Nicaragua, Dona Lydia utilizes a hearty array of Cuban-seed long-fillers from Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican, all hugged by a Connecticut Broadleaf binder. This rich ensemble is then topped off with a chestnut-brown Ecuador Sumatra wrapper. Burning slow and cool, Dona Lydia unleashes medium-bodied smoke and waves of flavor. Toast, coffee, leather and a slight sweetness enter the fray, as puff after puff provides to be as good as the last. Go ahead and give 'em a whirl, you'll be happy you did. 

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill (7.0"x48) Sale BOX OF 25 Sale Out of Stock $160.00 $40.26    
5-PACK Out of Stock $19.00    
Corona (5.5"x44) Sale BOX OF 25 Sale Out of Stock $130.00 $36.59    
5-PACK Out of Stock $17.00    
Robusto (5.5"x50) Sale BOX OF 25 Sale Out of Stock $150.00 $38.92    
5-PACK In Stock $18.00
Torpedo (6.5"x54) Sale BOX OF 25 Sale Out of Stock $170.00 $44.01    
5-PACK Out of Stock $20.00    
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Customer Reviews of “Dona Lydia”
I've had 10 dollar sticks that I wouldn't trade even up for one of these. Had not seen them at C.I. before and the shop that I bought them from did not have them anymore. Can't believe the C.I. price!! Got 2 boxes of torps and wish I could afford to buy 30 boxes. The flavor and quality of this cigar is excellent. Even though it's a medium cigar it satisfies like a med/full. You can not go wrong with this cigar. A wolf in sheep's clothing absolutely!! Thanks C.I.
JC of Akron, OH
One of the best corona I've tasted in a long time nice ash nice flavour good burning all the way to the label.
This cigar we very good for the price. I was pleasantly surprised with the smooth flavor. It burned evenly and had a nice ash. This was having one right out of the box. I'm excited to see how they taste after sitting in the humidor for a few months.
I bought a bunch of boxes from another company, then they ran out. When i saw..... C.I had them for such a great price i grab around 8 boxes , anyway Dona Lydia is one of the best cigars i ever smoked , and believe my i spend around 6 thousand a year on cigars, so needless to say i have smoked many cigars over the last 20 years or so. I will miss Dona Lydia cigars i hope when C.I runs out the will get more because i will suck them up.
I ordered the Dona Lydia corona and I smoked one soon as I received the box and it seemed very young with brown paper bag burning flavor. I did taste a faint sweetness but this box will have to rest in the humidor and I will try again in 3 - 6 months or so, hopefully it will get better.
TK of Shirley, NY
First tried one of these at the 'Gigantic Puff' event (Livonia, MI) back in 2010; I had never heard of the Dona Lydia line, so I knew nothing about them. It was my first cigar of the evening; the cigar was well made, firm roll, with an excellent wrapper. The draw was very good, the cigar burned slowly and evenly, and most importantly provided excellent flavour throughout. This is a hidden gem of a cigar. --JMJ20 (11/2013)
JJ of Portland, OR
This is an excellent cigar, very consistent! Great everyday smoke and the CI description is right on the money! Thanks guys .
EA of Encinitas, CA
Received a tip from a friend who said that I had to try these out. I've had tips before on "good smokes", some were good and some just missed the mark. Picked up a box of Dona Lydia Torpedo's 6.5 x 54 and found them to be a truly extraordinary smoke and a price point that allows it to be smoked every day. It was a wonderful medium body smoke, easy draw with a firm white ash that held firm for over an inch and a consistent burn line. I smoked several over the next few days and all were consistent with a nice even cool burn that went deep into the second half. The flavor profile is a medium yet displays well rounded complexity with that tell tale Ecuador sumatra spice. I found these to have a really consistent construction, wonderful flavor and a great value and as for me, a must on the golf course. Take a tip - you won't be disappointed with this one!
WP of Lakewood Ranch, FL