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Don Lino Habanitos

Smooth, satisfying smokes from the Dominican.

Don Lino is a classic brand made in the La Aurora factory, the oldest and best known factory in the Dominican Republic. It utilizes select, extensively aged Dominican long-fillers. The trimmings of these fillers are then used to create Habanitos, a golden-brown, Sumatra-wrapped cigarillo that's filled with creamy, crisp flavors delivered in a mellow, deliberate manner. Quick and satisfying, 50 Habanitos come packaged in beautiful replica tins, giving you a mass of delicious, 'tweener' smokes.
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Habanitos (Cigarillos) (3.1"x20)
100 CIGARS In Stock $34.99
Habanitos (Cigarillos) (3.1"x20)
BOX OF 50 In Stock $22.50

Customer Reviews of “Don Lino Habanitos”

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2nd feedback... Sorry, it took me until tonoight to realize this... This little smoke (Don Lino Habanitos) tastes VERY similar to the 5 Vegas cask strength, minus some of the spice. Amazing for a "tweener" to have this chararcteristic... Don't buy the 50 box. Just go ahead and buy the 100. You will thank me later... Prove me wrong...
This is a nice, small, quick smoke (Don Lino Habanitos). Not quite big cigar taste, but acceptable. Rich, pure, tobacco flavor. One of the better small smokes that I have had; more imprtantly, probably the best 'tweener smoke value I have found so far - very good price:performance ratio. At 20 beans for 50 of 'em, you can decide for yourself without spending too much.
Wow, these are really great smokes. Give one a good whiff before you light it up; you'd swear it was a flavored cigar. A rich and amazing tobacco aroma with vanilla notes that smell...sweet? They burn nicely and satisfy that craving you might have, when you don't have the 40 minutes to go with it. In fact I find them a great cigar for decompressing on the daily drive on, windows down (weather permitting). I ordered a box of 50 and smoked most, handed out the rest. Now I'm back for a box of 100! The only complaint I have is that I wish they were just 1/2" longer, so I can get that 1/2" of smoke I normally have to stub out before burning myself. :-)
These are great little smokes when you have 10 or 15 min. to grab a smoke. They have a lot of taste for a tiny cigar. I too was not a fan of small cigars but my new job provided a chance to smoke these, I was pleasently surprised. And like the guy before says buy the 100, it was good advice and i cant prove him wrong.
These little smokes aren't half bad, my only complaint is the cellophane around each cigar can be a pain to get off. Once that is done they smoke really well, I found a few that were a rolled a bit tight, but other than that, they were a pretty good 'tweener smoke. Really good price, too. I'll be gettin' these when my usual "Shrapnels" aren't in stock.
Well, I'm not much for small cigars generally as I have been let down before. But when I read that these (Don Lino Habanitos) were made in the La Aurora factory, I thought I'd give 'em a go, since a really need a small smoke every once in a while. These have yet to let me down. they may be small in size but not at all i flavor. Full bodied, spicy yet creamy, and oh so short. This is a small cigar that I will always keep around!
These little Don Lino Habanitos are great! I enjoy smoking them whether while I'm driving, or enjoying the winter cold after a shovelling the snow of my driveway. Nice smooth taste!
Just had to say go ahead and buy the 100, as previous fan mail states you will definitely not be disappointed. Fantastic little smoke at a great price.
I just placed an order for the 100 box..had the 50 one months back and was completely surprised about how great these were...Was a big fan of the shrapnels for a while, then tried the Alta Garcia..Gotta say, these Habinatos are by far the best. I love how strong and smooth they are...perfect for an 8 minute smoke. Definitely won't dissapoint.
These little guys pack quite the punch. I followed PJ's advice, and got the 100 about 3 weeks ago, and they are all gone now. Great for warming up, for breaks at work, for sharing. As to those complaining about difficulty unwrapping the cellophane, all you need to do (if you're a right-handed individual) is to hold it with the left hand, gold strip pointing left, and with your thumb and index pull on the loose end of the gold strip. Need to order more. Also dig the tin they come in.
New to cigars and I was looking for something like backwoods. I was surprised to find these guys had their own flavor that I also enjoyed. Quick smoke when you are in the yard working or enjoying a few beers.
Beautiful little smoke. Just enough taste for a very quick break. Worth every penny.
Took PJ's advice and got 100. Out of all the cigarillos I've smoked I enjoy these the most, so now I'm back for 300 of these tasty things. Sure I love bigger other smokes, but for at work with little time to smoke these are my favorites. See you when I run out again.
Pass on these...even as a quick smoke they dont stand up.....mouthful of cheap tobacco right off the bat while watching the barrel unravel....returned unused portion...
Smaller than I thought; more of a cigarillo....good smoke though
These little cigarillos are very tasty, mild and well made and packaged. The tin box is really cool, they come in. They only take about maybe 5 minutes to smoke, so they are really just for a quicky. They are good quality and make a nice gift for your friends.