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Davidoff Corazon

Corazon, a tasty little number from Davidoff of Geneva that won't break the bank!

The mighty Tabadom Factory of the Dominican Republic is home to some of the world's finest super-premium cigars, including AVO, the Griffin's, and Davidoff. New to the latter is Corazon, a delightful medium-bodied blend comprised of an aged blend of rich Dominican long-fillers inside a gorgeous Connecticut wrapper from Ecuador. Seamless in appearance and silky to the touch, each Corazon delivers a buttery-smooth bouquet with notes of sweet tobacco, cedar, and cream throughout the burn. Rich subtleties and a toasty finish complete this well-made cigar, offering a sophisticated smoke built for daily enjoyment.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Corona (6.0"x43) BOX OF 25 Sale Out of Stock $97.50 $39.44    
Short Piramides (Pyramid) (3.8"x60) BOX OF 24 Sale In Stock $105.60 $39.44
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Customer Reviews of “Davidoff Corazon”
Guys If You Want A New Great Cigar Try Corazon You Can't Go Wrong
JA of Punxsutawney, PA
I got the short robusto since it's winter and I wanted a quicker smoke. Nice looking cigar. The big 60-ring let's in a lot of air and the draw is easy and smooth. "Smooth" pretty much describes everything about it. It's well-made and consistent from beginning to end. Not an "event" cigar, just a good quality, good value smoke. I will definitely be trying the regular robusto when I'm back outside this spring.
KL of Cincinnati, OH
I'm half way through a bundle of these and each one has had a perfect draw...and the taste is very nice also. Can't find one negative thing to say. Highly recommended.
BV of Columbia, TN
have never wrote a review on a cigar before ..i love this cigar! i read all reviews and try to make educated picks on what goes in the humi and this one needs to b one of them! mild..smooth..have paid 3 times more for the same quality
NM of Beaver, PA
I was recently speaking to one of the nice ladies in the CI customer service department about the Davidoff line and based upon her experience she suggested trying one of the Corazon products. I bought a 5 pack for $13 and was expecting nothing more than floor shavings from the Davidoff production line scraped up and put into a wrapper: shame on me. A truly excellent cigar at a very affordable price.
JW of Arlington, VA
Just smoked my first corazon today and loved it. Not overpowering, great draw, burned excellent. Big davidoff taste without the big davidoff price!! Keep these in stock CI, I'll be back for more.
RG of Hudson Falls, NY
This gem WON'T be just as smooth and tasty as it's much more expensive brothers. It isn't creamy and flavorful. Don't buy them. Choose something else. That will save more of these treasures for me!!! If CI finds out how good these really are, they will likely raise the price! This cigar is the best value on the Internet, bar none. After months of searching, I've found my regular humidor occupant!
PL of Minneapolis, MN
SP of Darlington, PA
It is VERY rare that a "bargain" cigar this good comes along at any point in time. I don't know how the crew at Davidoff have managed to pull this one off. But who cares! That have and it's bonus day for all of us!! The construction and flavor is what you'd expect from the "big" brothers. It smokes and tastes like a dream. Buy some. They will suit any level of smoker. Simply a wonderful cigar.
DM of Herndon, VA
I've spent a lot of money on samplers and 5 packs, just for the purpose of finding cigars worth the purchase of a box. The Davidoff Corazone is a cigar that I would pay 3 times the cost, since it smokes way better than others I have that were much more in dollar amount. Instead of saying beg, I implore you to try this cigar and you won't be sorry. It is the only smoke I have in my 350 count humidor that I know will smoke even all the way down, and keep it's great flavor. CI, just because I said I would pay more, please don't put me to the test. This is the best deal on a top shelve cigar that I have ever found.
DM of Taylor, MI
The Davidoff Corazon is poetery in motion. With it's long even white ash, easy draw, great construction, and a flavor of cedar, leather, and just a touch of white pepper. A must purchase for any person, regardless of which category your in (mild to full), you will love this cigar. With the price being this low, you can't go wrong.
DM of Taylor, MI
I pretty much agree with the masses here. This is a wonderful change of pace. I usually go with at least a medium to full or full bodied cigar any time of the day, but I got a five pack thinking 'why not try it?' Very pleasant taste and aroma enjoyed with a cup of coffee this morning (Nov. 4, 2012), absolutely perfect burn and a good flavor profile to be enjoyed any time of day. Cheers.
JM of Hickory, NC
Really nice cigar. Great flavor accurately described here and great construction. Best deal going.
SM of Mount Prospect, IL
Where do I begin? I was looking for a quality yard gar and found a diamond in the rough. Everyone I give one too is amazed at the delicious stick and easy draw. This cigar practically smokes itself, you are just lucky enough to enjoy the huge flavor. Furthermore they burst into smoke upon lighting yet never get too overpowering. Set it down for 10 minutes and come back to a smoldering stick. These are not just a great deal, they are the best deal for the everyday smoke.
JL of Middle Village, NY
I tried my first Corazon over a year ago and I haven't looked back since. The construction, the draw, the burn are what I'm looking for in a cigar. It's an awesome first smoke with the morning coffee or whenever. I have never been disappointed by these gems. Who makes them is not important to me as long as my cigar smoking criteria is met and these sticks definitely meet my criteria. I just received a box from CI and I'm burning one now enjoying the delicious taste.
These are decent, well made and have a basic flavor profile. Not as good as Private Stock, but very similar. Might be the same wrapper. I wouldn't have mentioned a Davidoff connection in my marketing technique with these, since we all know Davidoff is the best cigar in the world outside of the Cuban big brands line Romeo, Montecristo, Bolivar and Cohiba. Since Private Stock is listed as a Davidoff trainer cigar, and this line is supposed to be a poor man's Davidoff alternative, they should have at least used a better wrapper or some better blend of filler. Nice, decent, but not worth wearing the Davidoff name.
DG of Connor Twp, ME
DELICIOUS! one of my favorites......mmmm.....
Tried these in a 5 pack since I wasn't sure about such a low priced cigar, I found them to be a great smoke leaning towards a medium cigar, very easy draw, great taste throughout. The construction of the cigar is high quality, much more like a high end cigar. I'm looking to keep a box of these on hand. Simply a very enjoyable everyday smoke.
JM of Milwaukee, WI
Just got my first shipment of the Corazon by davidoff. Folks let me tell you what a GREAT smoke for the money, nice medium flavor lots of white smoke and a firm ash. The wrapper is slick and smooth with no veins. this is my new everyday smoke. You can't go wrong with Cigar, as one other reviewer said this is a poor mans AVO.
Dollar for dollar you won't find a better cigar. I've been smoking these for at least 3 years & haven't had a bad one yet. No their not the Davidoff double R's I have in my humidor. But hey, the double R's aren't these either. At less than $60.00 dollars a box, I think it's pretty damn brave for Davidoff to put their name on them. I've seem other big name brands use their influence on their cheaper cigars & was embarrassed for them & their product. You can purchase these and just call them great.
DM of Hixson, TN
Best every day smoke ever. I've been buying Corazon toro for years. They have been my breakfast cigar for as long as I can remember. I am so disappointed to hear these gems are discontinued! Tell me this is a mistake please!
KP of Yuma, AZ
I'm a fan but I won't say much here! Ooooosh people, keep this secret from CI nation. My last review was on MOW Puro Authentico and since then the price has never dropped to my wallet size.
I was irritated with myself when the box of short piramides arrived at ordering these super short cigars. My fault - it was the only size left and I ordered while having the last cigar in the humidor. My first Corazon and I'm enjoying the draw, nice slow burn for a loose bunch, good body. I'll pay more attention next time and get a longer cigar when they are back in stock.
Wow! Had to smoke one of these bad boys the day I received shipment to see if the reviews were accurate! They were! I am impressed, you can't beat these for flavor, construction, draw and even burn for the buck. Smooth, I will definitely buy again.
BM of Peosta, IA
Tried these (Toro) on a deal of the day earlier this year (2014), and they became my summer favorite. Was very disappointed that I couldn't find them in stock anywhere when I ran out. Saw you got new stock in, so even though winter is setting in and I won't go through them too quickly, I just grabbed a box of Churchills. These cigars are phenomenal at the CI price, they burn evenly and produce a dense ash - and are super smooth right to the end. If you want a premium smoke at a discount price - don't hesitate. Grab a box of Corazon.
I agree with the masses here. A flavorful, easy smoking cigar for the price. I am ordering my fourth box to date. You cannot go wrong with the Corazon.
JG of East Rutherford, NJ
I think i burned my fingers was the answer to : are these any good? Awesome flavor. I love original cubans and now I love this. Great draw, flavorful, and good with any kind of drink.
BB of Santa Clarita, CA
Been looking for a great value on an everyday Connecticut breakfast cigar. Bought a box of the coronas. This one is fitting the bill very well so far. Smooth, creamy, classic Davidoff hay, mild->med. A notch below the strength of a Perdomo Champagne or SC Elegancia.
AB of lakewood, CO
These cigars are as advertised! Great cigar! Great price! Thanks CI!
MS of Tinmouth, VT
A Davidoff for everyday! Will buy another box!
I love these cigars!!! I have ordered four boxes of these over the last year and simply said, I love 'em. If you like a easy, smooth draw with alot of smoke as a result, this is the cigar for you. If you are a golfer and appreciate a cigar that you can leave lit in the cart while you go and hit that 300 yard drive, this cigar is for you. To top it off, this cigar burns as evenly as I have ever seen. Since I have gone through over 4 boxes, I feel safe saying that this is one of the most consistent cigars I have ever smoked.
I am usually a higher end cigar person. As times are tighter I have been on the lookout for a daily value good cigar. I was nervous about putting out money for a bargain smoke, but I read so many good reviews and finally banked on any product made by Davidoff to be at least OK, even if it is a bargain smoke. I wouldn't rate these as high as some have, but I will say these are the BEST bargain cigars I have ever bought. They have great construction and draw as well as a consistent mild to medium flavor. Certainly well worth the fifty nine bucks for a box. This is certainly a go to every day kind of smoke that is also acceptable to give to company...even those that are cigar enthusiasts. That's my take........and I do consider myself to be picky with cigar choices.
CC of Vacaville, CA
Very smooth smoke. I will buy more!
JB of Livonia, MI
I love Davidoff when I can afford them, I tried Corazon thinking the Davidoff quality would make them worth a try, I expected decent to good, but what a surprise, these are very good! Perfect for everyday cigars. Easy draw, nice flavor, overall a nice smoke, especially for the price!
JM of Milwaukee, WI
Great burn, nice white ash, just a little mild and bland for my taste, great aroma though, friends asked me for some the day I got them, they are hard to share. Fantastic after seafood and white wine. Thanks CI.
I was really anticipating the arrival of my Corazon Churchill five pack by Davidoff. As a relative newbie to this hobby called Cigar Appreciation, the idea that I could get a good cigar from Davidoff for under three bucks blew my mind. Well, those puppies arrived yesterday and I just finished my first one. I was thrilled and so were my tastebuds. This is an exceptional smoke that did not disappoint. I believe I'm gonna have to keep these beauties in my humidor as I continue to try other brands that will be my everyday go to cigars.
MS of Olathe, KS
Great everyday smoke. You can tell it's made by Davidoff. Mild with creamy notes. Excellent $2-3 stick.