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CYB (formerly Cuenca y Blanco)

Reap the benefits of CYB cigars.

CYB (formerly Cuenca y Blanco) cigars hail from the legendary Joya de Nicaragua factory located in the Esteli-based JdN factory. These exquisite cigars are a labor of love, and a collaborative effort of two amazing minds: Joya de Nicaragua President Dr. Alejandro Martínez Cuenca and José Blanco, formerly of Aurora fame.

Each CYB will have you at hello, thanks to its gorgeous Ecuador Habano wrapper primed with tooth and glistening with oils. Beneath the hood, a complex blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers from Ometepe and Esteli marry with Peruvian long-leaf tobaccos, inside a Piloto Cubano binder from the Dominican. Snip, light, and sit back to enjoy a supremely complex cigar with a strong focus on eventful flavors, rather than outright strength. Throughout the slow, cool burn, your taste buds are soothed by deep notes of oak, earth, and espresso bean. A touch of leather and dark cocoa enters the fray midway through, while each puff is complemented by a sweet, black pepper nuance that lingers long on the finish. CYB, a uniquely complex cigar showcasing a wide range of satisfying flavors within a refreshing, medium-bodied profile. Something to be enjoyed early and often, and something to make some time for....and savor the blending talents of two top-notch minds in the industry.

CYB received two 90-point ratings, one of which noted: 

"A dark and well-made corona, this full-bodied cigar delivers a chewy, toasty smoke that is sweet and nutty on each puff."
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Corona Real (5.5"x46) BOX OF 21 Sale Out of Stock $152.25 $80.02    
Lonsdale Club (Lancero/Panatela) (6.5"x44) BOX OF 21 Sale Out of Stock $177.45 $84.33    
Robusto Deluxe (5.2"x50) BOX OF 21 Sale Out of Stock $175.35 $87.67    
Toro Supremo (6.0"x54) BOX OF 21 Sale Out of Stock $196.35 $98.17    
Torpedo Especial (6.2"x52) BOX OF 21 Sale Out of Stock $219.45 $109.72    
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Customer Reviews of “CYB (formerly Cuenca y Blanco)”
Quite possibly the most complex cigar I have ever smoked. Fantastic.
I would agree with the above review. It was a mostly medium smoke. Perfect burn. Seems the flavor profile changed every half inch. I would say the the last third shifted to strong, away from medium. Very nice cigar.
This cigar was recommended to me by one of the very helpful associates at the Hamburg location. Told him some of the cigars I enjoyed and he walked me around the store pointing out what he thought I'd enjoy. He identified this as one of his personal favorites. I know why. What a great smoke. This will definitely find a regular home in my humidor. Great customer service and a great recommendation.
DR of Emmaus, PA
Unbelievable cigar. Got a 5 pack for a great price and I feel like I should go back and give them more money. So complex, so much flavor. It's delicious. It's phenomenal.
FR of Staten Island, NY
A box of these arrived Monday. On Tuesday, I'm smoking my second one and worrying about running out. That said, it will probably never be an everyday cigar, for me. It's a bit milder than most of the JdN varieties I've tried, but very flavorful. In general, my favorites tend to be a little sweeter and spicier. I'd call this more savory, and comments about wood and leather seem to fit. It's more expensive than some cigars that are more to my taste, but still one I'd like to keep around for when the mood strikes. So far I can't find any fault in the construction or burn. Love it or like it, this is a quality cigar, and I can't imagine anyone not liking it, a lot.
MS of Westover, WV
Tried a Corona Real. Good construction and burn, but did not satisfy in the taste/flavor department. On the mild side of medium in body. Touch of spice, but nothing else. I wouldn't call it bad. I wouldn't call it good.
I believe I underrated this cigar on my previous review. Every time I smoke one, I like it better than the last. I'm gonna need a humidor just for these. They're kind of the Bass Ale of cigars: maybe not my all-time favorite and not always what I'm in a mood for, but if I was stuck on a desert island, I'd want a few boxes of these and a few cases of Bass.
MS of Westover, WV