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Cusano Habano LXI Sun Grown

A very unique experience.

Cusano is a quality boutique brand and it's a shame more folks don't have at least one in their regular rotation. If you're not familiar with Cusano, this is a family of top-notch handmades boasting 91 ratings, complex blends, and buttery-smooth flavors.

For Cusano Habano LXI Sun Grown, it all begins with the wrapper. This ‘exotic’ leaf is a crossbreed of Habano-seed Ecuadorian and Dominican, grown out in the open to absorb everything the sun has to offer. This results in a thick, leathery leaf with ample flavors and natural oils. Various Dominican long-leaf ligeros are blended underneath, creating an eventful, spicy core layered with interesting complexities. The cigar is medium to full-bodied and full-flavored, promoting a rich, but buttery-smooth sensation offering earth, pepper, and a silky sweetness on the aftertaste.

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Customer Reviews of “Cusano Habano LXI Sun Grown”
What a good smoke (Cusano Habano LXI Sun Grown). I like my cigars with alot of subtle flavors and some oomph and this cigar delivered. On the strong side BUT not enough to make you take a seat. The flavors are fantastic from woodsy to a slight sweet peppery flavor. Smells good too. The wrapper looks great. This cigar looks as good as it taste. I'm glad I tried one. I'll smoke many more.
FF of nazareth, PA
For some reason I'm getting to like perfecto shapes more and more..don't ask me why. The (Cusano Habano LXI Sun Grown) is a very pleasing cigar with a complex, ever-changing flavour. Though full bodied and with bags of flavour, the thing is never in the least harsh. It starts out with a very nice pre-light aroma and it only gets better. The only problem I had was with a somewhat uneven burn which required attention, but that didn't detract from the excellent flavour. Good cigar.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
Just tried my first( Cusano Habano LXI Sun Grown ) and needless to say it was thoroughly enjoyed. This one definitely packs a punch. Full bodied with FULL flavor. A little strong off the starting line, but about a third way down, it evens out to a nice strong nutty flavor with a hint of pepper and a slight leathery after taste. Maybe not a daily smoke, but definitely on for the rotation. If you like 'em full/full you'll enjoy this one!
RM of COB Speicher, AE
This was one of my first cigars and now one of my top 5!!. I was in Kentucky visiting my grandmother this summer and I thought, " I’m in the best place to get cigars cheap, and by God i found the best deal on this cigar, Buy one Get one Free, they were $5 and I thought I would get one for my uncle Lloyd and he said he hasn't smoke cigars in years and when he smelled just smoke from mine, he said that smells really good! and then later that night ( i saved half of my cigar ) we went to a flying J's and smoke the cigars and he said: That’s a good cigar..., and when my uncle says something is good he means it, Nice burn(but not when your in the car with the windows down"lol") very good mild taste, wonderful spice that hits right at the lips, I give it a solid 94 out of 100, will be looking forward to buying more Churchill’s when I go back up :)
I just had one of these delicious beauties and I must say, the composition of this cigar is to die for! The smoke is so fresh and unique. I do have to say that this by far is the best Cusano I've ever had the privilege to taste. The flavors within this beauty are subtle but exquisite. With each puff you experience a plethora of nuances. Such as cream soda, leather, earthiness and a hint of vanilla. I must say, the textual representation presented by CI is less than sufficient for such a beauty. Ever since my first puff, this will forever have a place reserved in my humidor. Please my CI brethren, take heed of my recommendation and enjoy one of these heavenly cigars today.
CS of Akron, OH
A well constructed stick, nice to look at, nice band, but that's where the compliments end. I found this cigar to be stale, bland and too mild for my tastes, lackluster is putting it kind. Got this as a four pack of Cusano's for 8 bucks so I'm not to dissapointed, hope the other 3 are better than this.
MF of Lexington, KY

Cusano Habano LXI Sun Grown

Posted by Steve R

As I sit here, puffing away on a tasty cigar filling the office with beautiful clouds of thick, creamy smoke, I am reading a very disturbing article...

“Presumably, the physicians’ association worries that children who identify with the authoritarian general — who wants to annihilate the Hulk, played by Edward Norton — may be tempted to pick up the habit.”

Are you freaking kidding me?! Can’t the AMA think of better things to do, like encouraging their 27,000 members to alert local media that Big Macs and Whoppers make you fat, coffee is hot, and children should exercise every now and then, rather than sitting on their ever-expanding cabooses in front of reality TV shows with a white knuckle grip on a Coke and deep-fried grub?

To add insult to injury, last week, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania approved a statewide smoking ban. Finally, the non-smoking legion can rest peacefully at night, devising a plan to prevent us from enjoying a fine cigar in the comfort and safety of our own homes.

Somebody unplug me...

Enough of the rant. Let’s talk cigars, something that is obviously taboo to anti-tobacco zealots...

In my hand is my second Cusano Habano LXI Sun Grown Preferido Grande of the day. Over the weekend, I burned my way through four others. One with a cup of coffee, another with a dark Belgium ale, and two more while sipping mojitos after a hard day working in the yard. Now, my palate is clean, and I am able to fully appreciate the subtle flavors this surprisingly strong blend has to offer.

This Cusano has just been released, and will be fully launched at the annual RTDA (now IPCPR) in July. Always creative in the wrapper department, Cusano chose a special hybrid leaf grown in full sun to gain as many nutrients as possible, leading to a thick, oily, and flavorful wrapper. It is a Habano-seed Ecuadorian grown in the Dominican. Beneath this leaf, Cusano chose a long-leaf mixture of Dominican ligeros.

Based on this recipe of robust tobaccos, I first expected this cigar to explode with hearty, spicy flavors with a strength to match. However, each cigar has been impressively blended to deliver ample flavor, with a deceivingly strong body that creeps up on you throughout the final half. Cusano has a way of carrying the same, memorable smoothness throughout each of their blends without sacrificing flavor. During the burn I pick up a heavy toastiness, with elements of earth, spices, and damp wood. The finish is dry, but offers a subtle sweetness that’s short and crisp, yet undeniable. The aroma is pleasant, filling the room with toast and cedar. Upon hitting the midway point, the cigar becomes considerably richer in flavor, with a heavier influence on earth and wood, while gradually entering the medium to full range. Rarely do I burn my fingers on a cigar, but it happened with the Cusano Habano LXI Sun Grown (man that’s a mouthful to say) twice, and I suspect it’ll happen again in the future.