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Cohiba Red Dot

The result of five intense years of research, the famous Cohiba cigar brand is now available in limited quantities in the US market.

Often called "red dot" Cohibas due to the markings on the band, this exquisite smoke offers a medium-bodied flavor and a strong, smooth and incredibly rich character. Handmade with a toothy Cameroon wrapper and aged mixture of Dominican-grown Piloto Cubano tobaccos, Cohiba's blend sets the standard among today's premium cigars.

Cohiba received a well-deserved '91' rating, noting:
"Well made with a good draw, Cohiba has a solid core of distinctly nutty flavors that have an underlying creaminess. French peanut notes and a touch of caramel on the finish make this a very tasty medium-bodied smoke."

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Churchill + Cutter (7.0"x49) BOX OF 25 In Stock $477.25 $283.25
Corona (5.1"x42) 5-PACK In Stock $68.75 $43.00
Corona + Cutter (5.1"x42) BOX OF 25 In Stock $343.75 $203.75
Corona Crystal (5.5"x42) 5-PACK In Stock $82.45 $51.50
Corona Crystal + Cutter (5.5"x42) BOX OF 20 In Stock $329.80 $195.40
Double Robusto (5.2"x54) BOX OF 10 In Stock $165.00 $96.99
Gigante (Gordo) (6.0"x60) BOX OF 10 Backordered $199.90 $119.18
5-PACK Backordered $99.95 $62.50
Gran Gigante (Gordo) (6.0"x64) BOX OF 10 In Stock $204.90 $122.80
5-PACK In Stock $102.50 $65.00
Miniatures (Cigarillos) (3.7"x24) 100 CIGARS In Stock $171.00 $99.20
TIN OF 10 In Stock $17.10 $11.95
Pequenos (Cigarillos) (4.2"x34) 30 CIGARS In Stock $95.40 $56.04
TIN OF 6 In Stock $19.08 $12.95
  Robusto 5-PACK Backordered $82.45 $51.50   Notify
Robusto + Cutter (5.0"x49) BOX OF 25 In Stock $412.25 $244.25
Robusto Fino (4.7"x47) 5-PACK In Stock $69.05 $43.50
Robusto Fino + Cutter (4.7"x47) BOX OF 25 Out of Stock $345.25 $206.15    
Toro Tubos (6.0"x50) BOX OF 10 In Stock $179.90 $106.10
5-PACK In Stock $89.95 $56.00
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Customer Reviews of “Cohiba Red Dot”
Cohiba cigars out of all I've tried, including Avos, uphmans, montecristos, and other good cigars....are by far my favorite, they are beyond what they charge for them, and their taste exceeds even more expensive brands that I've tried. in essence, they are the shizzle, and are peerless in their taste, quality, and value; extant. mko
MO of Nashville, AR
I have had the cuban Cohiba, loved it a lot. Really like the Cohiba XV, hope they bring them back.
S of Copperas Cove, TX
I love these cigars. Perfect construction, draw, ash and burn everytime. Great flavor, not very complex but hits the spot every time. Too damn expensive though, you pay a lot for the name on these. If only they were about half the price I would smoke 'em everyday.
JB of Burlington, WA
Relative newbie to cigars (6 mos now) but have smoked a wide variety of brands. Got a couple red dots (Cohiba) in sampler and have seasoned in the ole humi for months awainting the day with great anticipation. The day has arrived! Toasted the foot and we're off. Unfortunately not to a good start as the cigar did not draw well. It feels like the last third was packed or rolled too tight. Otherwise, pleasant aroma and medium bodied. Certainly wouldnt put it in my top ten but will give it another try. Luv CAO Black, Greycliffe Red, Ghurka Class Regent, REO, R P V92, and a few others a lot more
HD of Birmingham, AE
Not a big fan of these (Cohiba) I got them for a gift. The first cigar was horrible the second one was a little better but still not what i was expecting to get from a cohiba. I gave the third one away. Maybe they should be a little tighter on quality control
EC of Monroe , LA
The "Cohiba Red Dot Pequenos", definitely a tasty, well rounded cigar, but the Red Dot leaves me in the red ink. It's good, but too pricey. Another lifetime, maybe, if i'm lucky.
VB of San Francisco, CA
to be honest with you i had cuban cohibas and they were a bit strong.i prefer the dominican cohiba a smoother smoke and a potent fragrance.
cr of Lakewood, CA
Best Non Cuban (Cohiba) on the market... bar none. Might be the best even if you include the Cubans. Great cigar, worth the price if you are into good cigars. I have smoked all of the premiums and these are in a class of their own.
DO of Soldotna, AK
I just finished a (Cohiba Robusto) for which I only paid something like $3.75 ....the Cigar of the Month cost. Was it worth it? Absolutely! Excellent draw, faint but very pleasing pre-light aroma, beautiful construction, long, firm ash, dead even burn and excellent flavour. Would I pay retail for the thing? Absolutely not.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
just finished my first non-cuban cohiba, which I received in sampler pack. robusto size red dot. Great burn, nice long ash, impecable construction. Taste profile? not complex but just solid tobacco taste. Would I buy these? Nope - even on special they are $5 and over each. There are way too many other cigars which I feel are equal quality but better character and way less expensive - All of the RP's, most Gurkha's, definitely the CAO's, and just soooooo many other great cigars! Kudos to CI who brings us these great cigars at the best prices - period. CI is the only place I buy gars!
RG of Discovery Bay, CA
This was one of the first cigars that I ever enjoyed and it has been difficult to find anything comparable in quality since. A true standard in the industry. A bit pricy but a must have in any respectable humidor. Thanks CI for providing cigar enthusiast with this gem at such a reasonable price. Keep up the good work!
AS of Fulton, NY
Best made cigar I have ever encountered. (Cohiba) It held a nearly two inch ash. Smoked slow, even and with good flavor. The question is, is it worth the price?
JR of Marion, IA
Thanks ! This is a great idea. It'll keep me alert to Cohiba specials.
TK of Waupaca, WI
Very dissapointed. I had a few robusto's and they burned poorly, uneven. Very hard draw and just not what i was wishing for. My friend got a sampler pack and i smoked thre of those that came in the pack .. plan awful. I have purchased many other cigars here that blow away the Cohibas. To name a few, the 5 Vegas Miami, the entire Cuban Heritage Gems Sampler, and the Chunktastic 60-Ring Mega-Sampler (except the black pearl). I just had a brickhouse that blew away the over rated Cohiba.
DP of Tracy, CA
The best constructed cigar I've ever smoked. The ash is white and firm, the burn is amazingly uniform and the draw perfect. The smoke is not overly powerful but very flavorful throughout. Definitely in the top 10 best smokes. This is one of the few cigars worth getting a burn between your fingers. A must try but you'll go broke if this becomes an addiction.
LZ of Gainesville, GA
I received a couple of these in the CI 90+ rating pack Cohiba was extremely disappointed. These weren't "nasty" cigars at all, only middle of the road smokes. There was nothing unique about them except the high price. The draw was a little tight, the smoke was very mild, the burn was the best I've ever seen and the rolling quality was exceptional! Over all, this cigar wasn't even close to the flavor of a Cuban Cohiba. To be sure it wasn't just me though, I gave my cigar partner the other one and we were both in agreement on the lack of flavor.
These are one of my faves. I just took one out of the humidor that I'd been aging for almost 2 years. At first, I thought I had somehow ruined them. The first 1/2 inch was a bitter charcoal taste. Oh no! What had I done?!?! I set it in the cigar rest and poured a sniff of one of my favorite Kentucky bourbons. When I returned, before taking a sip of my drink, I drew on the "Red Dot." The charcoal had given way to a leathery wood taste. Soon thereafter, the lip and nose pepper appeared and I was once again a happy camper. Lesson learned? A cigar is like a journey. Just because your trip starts a little bumpy, it can finish as smooth as silk! Overall: Bitter start, woods and leathers with a long medium peppery finish. Excellent even burn and solid ash. Still one of my favorites. Thanks CI for your prices, excellent customer service and unmatched shipping department. My heroes!
BN of Zion, IL
Sorry folks but for the price of these thing Id rather smoke yard clippings. Ive smoked many now. some fresh some aged. Not inpressed one bit. Its a name no a cigar.
EW of Vandalia, IL
I was on a cruise ship heading for Bermuda when I first tried these (Cohiba) smokes. I bought a tin of the Cohiba Pequenos from the tax and duty free shop on the ship and it was $14.99. I just started to feel the affects of a cold coming on. I smoked the first one and was kind of unsure if I liked it or not. I think the cold had something to do with it. I torched a second one after dinner and before you know it I had bought 3 more tins. I have definatly found my favorite. I smoke these things every day and when I say smoke'm I mean these things are dripping wet with druel tearing apart in my mouth like Im eating them they are so good. There not peppery... not hot and have nice taste... oh man I want one now but just smoked a sample Graycliff 1666 that wasn't quite as goodd. For a small smoke these things are the way to go. Trust me.. you'll want to eat them!
AC of Coventry, RI
I was buying the (Cohiba) red dot toro tubos( 6x50) in my local store for 12 dollars each....way too much money, I know, but at least CI will allow me the pleasure of still smoking one of the finest cigars they have at 8 dollars each - for most maybe too much! for me, a great bargain and obviously a savings...hey, to each his own...way to go CI....keep the deals coming!!!! A long time customer from years ago, now returned home to CI !!!! p.s...these cigars are slow burners,very smooth, creamy and hold a beautiful ash...once you try one, you will want a second.
JL of edison, NJ
These guys produce a very nice product. If you are a fan of medium body blends than give these a try. They are well constructed, flavor full, not over bearing at all. No issues, just enjoyable. A great smoke for the money.
KG of Acton, ME
Hey CI Nation! Just got a taster box of Cohiba double coronas off of whack-a-deal (couldn't resist at that price).I was rewarded for my curiosity.These are very flavorful-lots of nuttines and underlying cream with peppery spice solid medium body.These taste very well-aged right off of the truck.These are some of the tastiest Cameroon wrappers I've ever experienced.Also make sure you gently pull on this lady because that's how you will get all of the nuances that's hiding in there waiting to get out-puff too hard and you'll rush a good thing and scorch the flavors.Very nice,Thanks CI.
RK of College Park, MD
This is the cigar all other cigars should be judged by, Great cigar. The most tasty, with such a wonderful aroma. These cigars are worth the money when you feel the need to really enjoy a truly great cigar. I had these years ago, these are better now.
MC of Henderson, NV
Just bought a robusto today in atlantic city and smoked it. I didnt have my humidor but was still one of the best smokes i've had.
KC of Pittsburgh, PA
Awesome cigar love it! Smooth...Tasty....Good Burn.....
ES of redford, MI
I agree that the high ratings on these Cohibas may have a bit to do with name recognition. I was not very impressed with these. The construction was excellent as one would expect from Cohiba, but the taste profile was a little disappointing. It wasn't terrible by any stretch. Maybe name recognition (coupled with a 90+ rating) was the same reason that I expected more...hmmm...psychoanalysis time...
MR of Castaic, CA
I bought a pack of the Pequenos and couldn't be happier. The small size is great when you only have an hour to smoke, and need both hands to work on the motorcycle ! Nice flavor, good construction, and less then 2 bucks a smoke ! Highly recommend them.
KG of Rochester, NY
First of all, the Customer Service Department at CI are nothing less that fantastic. I was so impressed by one of the reps that I wrote an email to the sales manager Mike Devitte, on the great experience I had working with a member of Customer Service. He expressed his grattidude, and said that it was refreshing to receive an email that was a person withourt an attitude. If they have been a help to you, let them know it. Now that I have expressed my thanks to CI, I ordered this Cohiba cigar based on their suggestion. I had expressed that my favorite cigar was a Cuban Cohiba Siglo VI, and the rep told me I should give these a try. While the cigar was as good as it could be, it didn't measure up to the Cuban. My thoughts on cigars are not based on getting a kick back for the ones I like. Nor are they bassed on what others say, even though I respect their views. No matter what you hear about the Cuban cigar going down hill, there is still nothing like them in the world. Let me give you an example; The Cuban Cohiba is only150mm (5 7/8") X 52, but will smoke almost as long at the the long Mark Twain at 7.4 X 52 that is also good. Adding to this, from the first draw until it is down to your fingers the flavor stays the same quality and never gets hot. If you notice, when the decription of what is used in the cigars we purchase, most of them will say a cuban seed is involved, since other countries try to match it in greatness. Until these become legal, and CI will slash the prices (I HOPE), then this Cohiba will do just fine. For those who have never had a Cuban, you will love this cigar regardless of where it is made. Well constructed, nice draw, and a great price that allows you to purchase a few.
DM of Taylor, MI
Got this as part of the 5 star Dominican sampler (Robusto). Was a really excellent smoke in my novice opinion, though I usually smoke a more full bodied cigar. As such, I was somewhat let down by the lack of thick, flavorful, make the neighbors shut their windows sort of smoke that I enjoy. I would love to have more of this around, though for the price i'd probably end up buying the 5 Vegas gold for a medium bodied smoke. For me, this would be a special occasion type cigar.
JD of New Haven, CT
Without a doubt, the Cohiba is a great cigar, filled with flavor. The question that must be asked, is the cigar worth more than $200.00 dollars of your money. When I take into consideration the list of great cigars half the price of the Cohiba Smokes such as Diesel, Davidoff Corazone, Indian Ltd Reserve, Torano Vault, Gisbert, and the list goes on. If you consider the cigars that may not be half the price of Cohiba, but much cheaper. Then you have you AVO, Griffins, La Auroa, etc. I will sacrifice the Cohiba price tag, for one of the others I have mentioned. I would like someone to explain why certain cigars have a high price tag. Starting with Davidoff, and why these cigars are so high in price. Again, the Cohiba is good, but I have others in a cheaper bracket that satisfy my palate.
DM of Taylor, MI
First off, I'm currently deployed so I definately want to praise CI for getting my order to me in five days. Imagine my surprise when I got my cigars today during mail call after just placing the order a few days prior. On to the cigars. I've been spoiled over here. With the local nation's shops selling cuban cigars I've been smoking the real-deal Cohibas for the past 3 months. I can honestly say the Cohiba Robustos surpassed them in my opinion. Very, very smooth taste. The taste reminded me of vanilla cream soda with no unpleasant after-taste. I think I just found my new favorite cigar!
MA of Eielson Afb, AK
Great construction, nice even draw, and incredible flavor. I found myself about to smoke past the band! Definitely one you'll enjoy down to the last puff.
ES of Albuquerque, NM
This is the first time i've ever toasted a Cohiba cigar and i must say that it is a very nice one dementional smoke. Little bit of pepper upon toasting which mellows out nicely. One thing i did notice was that this cigar left me with mild cotton mouth. No too bad though, you will definately need a beverage that compliments the cigar.
MP of Perrysburg, OH
I ordered a tin of Cohiba Pequenos and the first one i lit up was amazing. Right off the bat i was getting nuttiness and some slight pepper, then some cream and leather. I tried another paired with a glass of V.S.O.P. Cognac and i must say i was in heaven.
RR of Beaverton, OR
Great cigar in EVERY way, but price. It simply isn't THAT good.
MG of Columbus, OH
Simply amazing! These are incredible when their fresh. I got a couple of these with the Delicious Dozen II sampler and absolutely loved them. A little on the expensive side, but well worth it.
ST of Fpo, AP
Smoking a Red Dot now, (Robusto) Very Smooth and a wonderful taste, would reccomend these to everyone to at least try.
RP of Oswego, NY
Nothing short of exceptional! The only problem I have with ANY Cohiba's is others making references to them in comparison to Cuban Cigars! Yes. there are still quite a few good ones coming out of Cuba. But for what you have to pay for them ( I'm British and can buy them legally in the UK) they are not the value nor the "incredible" cigars that they once were. There are SO many outstanding Cigars being produced in Central America these days. I don't need to go into details as all of you can read and smoke your fair share. Anyway. BUY some of these Cohibas. They are a bargain for the price and the quality is second to none.
DM of Herndon, VA
Smoked one today and I could barely draw any smoke from it. I hope the other 4 I have don't do the same.
JB of Fort knox, KY
As I took the first puff of the Cohiba Red Dot I realized it wasn't what I expected, good draw, good burn, plenty of smoke output, but little to no flavor, I was somewhat disappointed. I might have just ended up with a single gone bad, nonetheless this experience has shattered my expectations for Cohiba. I do live in Germany and they do sell Cuban Cohibas at the local smoke shop, I just might give them a try before I give up on this brand.
I am an amature in the world of cigars, I recently purchased the Top Shelf Humidor Combo #9, and in the combo was a Cohiba Red Dot Rubusto, so far the best cigar that I have smoked, and far the best one out of the combo sampler. It had a good flavor not to powerful and not to mild, a perfect balance. I am very interested in posibly making a box purchase in the furture. The only thing I dont like about the Cohiba is the price.
KD of Clarksville, TN
I received a few Cohiba Red Dot cigars in a freebie & must say that the strong points are obvious with this vitola. I am smoking a Robusto Fino & am amazed at the vein running the length of the stogie, the tear in the wrapper near the cap & the slightly uneven burn. This is after a month in a 70% controlled humidity environment, but it does taste good. I could never pay the price they command, so am forced to burn a few here & there that I get in freebies or mega deals. Always enjoyable, mid level medium bodied with a caramel core & light spices. If money is no object, Cohiba may be just your cup of tea. For me, I can put my grubby paws on 4 or 5 really good cigars, for the price of one of these, so that is what I do.
Was given a Cohiba Red Dot Robusto today by a coworker and I must say, it's a really good cigar. Not as strong as I thought it would be, but it had plenty of flavor all the way to the nub.
ML of New York, NY
Smooth cigar with a nice, even burn and a peppery flavor. Got 5 in a larger sampler for a good price. So far, one of my favorites in the small amount of cigars I've tried.
PU of Moscow, PA
Smoked a Cohiba Habanos...spoiled me for other cigars..tried this one and a bit strong for my taste..great smoke however, even burn, easy draw. Bit raw to start, but mellows somewhat midway thru. My tastes do run toward milder cigars however: Macanudo, Montecristo, Arturo Fuente
DH of Chicago, IL
I've smoked a few Cuban Cohiba's in the past and they were a little strong for me, but this Red Dot was very smooth. It had more of mild feel than a medium and was very tasty, almost like a light coffee taste and no horrible after taste either. 10 out of 10 for this Cohiba. This could very well be my new favorite cigar.
JV of Beachwood, NJ
Smooth....but bland like burnt toast, not for me.
DM of Winder, GA
WOW!! Im pretty new to the cigar scene, but have only smoked the best of the best thanks to my "cigar professional " friend, and I am amazed at this cigar. I got it in a sample pack that came with a glass top humi from cigars international. The first quarter is nutty, with a hint of earth tones, in the middle the nuttiness and earth flavor really comes out, and in the last quarter, there is a lot of pepper and spice. im very impressed! its a roller coaster of smoking 3 different cigars! awesome!.. I will be buying more to age in my humi to see if the flavor changes..but it can only get better! go for it..mind blowing!
RS of prescott valley, AZ
An OK cigar that's way overpriced for what it offers! Sure, the most prestigious name in cigars. But by far not one of the better smokes among the higher-priced offerings. Can do much better for the price (or even less $). They're just trading on their excellent Cubans.
Nice cigar, but doesn't seem to be top shelf, Got it with a sampler, wrapper fell off. The replacement stayed together, need more quantity control, the 2nd one burned nice. but not what I expected. Ci has so many better cigars.
KF of thurmont, MD
Absolutely the best cigar I have ever smoked. And I'm semi-OCD so I keep track of weird things. For example. I've smoked 87 different cigars and out of all those different brands Cohiba Red Dot (Robusto) was number one. Flawless. Perfect flavor, perfect strength, perfect construction, perfect burn. If my wife couldn't find out I would splurge and buy multiple boxes. It's best to find these in samplers though. Check out BLUE CHIP COMBO #2.
RF of Jeffersonville, GA
I love these. They are without a doubt one of my all time favorites. However, the price don't play nice. There are so many premium top shelf cigars without having to pay so much. Everybody that likes should try these at least one time. It was a right of passage for me of sorts as this was the first cigar I ever had and I'll pick up some down the road when I feel like forking over the dough for them. It's hard for me to say no to these forever just because they're a bit pricey...
DP of Danville, AL
Easy to light. Good construction, draw and burn. Above average smoke output. Pleasant aroma with an oily thickness on palate. Cool burn needing several touchups in second half which is unusual for this brand. Medium strength with full flavors. Deep, aged tobacco taste with sweet cedar, nuts, dark fruits and hints of coffee. Overall a richer and more substantial profile. Medium length finish and no spice.
First time I ordered robusto I never imagined how good their are. Now I know , taste like coco with pepper. These have a very unique smell and taste. Very well built the price are high but I guess if you don't smoke a very day then it's worth every penny.
FD of Hesperia, CA
Very tasty, had to pop the little cigars in the humi for a week and then they just got better and better.
GH of Albany, NY
These things are great. I need a fast stick and this fits the bill. They are rich and very flavorful. We have all smoked Cohiba's, now you can have one in approximately 15 minutes.
MM of Willis, TX
Great cigar. Bit expensive though.
I love these cigars. They have a biger cigar flavor but smoke in 20 minutes. Great for those of limited to the outdoors and who's significant others don't want to be around the smoke.
I am definitely a newbie and am making my way thru my second sampler. I tried the Cohiba robusto and loved it! Very smooth and noticeably better than anything else I have smoked so far. I looked to buy some more but was a little disappointed by the price. Its a bit higher than I am prepared to pay right now but I will keep an eye out for good sales on these.
AS of Webster, NY
Love it was my favorite so far. Thanks Cigars International, I love you guys and you made a customer for life! :)
DC of White, GA
Hands down the best smoke I've had since the Cuban I smoked whilst in Ireland. I've had a very wide variety of cigars, and with the exception of the Cuban, none have come anywhere near as enjoyable as the Cohiba Red Dot.
SM of Kingfield, ME
Cohiba Red Dot: one of my favorite cigars hands down. It is a toss up between 30 year Graycliff and Cohiba Red Dot. Thank goodness CI knows how to pack samplers. The Cohiba/ Graycliff sampler is the only way to go. IMO Cohiba Red Dot verse Opus X. No competition. After smoking them back to back you will see what I mean.
MB of Gaylord, MI
I got the Red Dot in the Robusto size today in a sampler and couldn't wait to try it. The Robusto is my favorite size, and this is without a doubt one of the best cigars I've ever had. It has a nice full flavor, construction, and burned spot on. If only I could afford to buy a box, I would be ordering one right now.
CM of Webb City, MO
Cohiba Red Dot is an excellent cigar huge flavor. I will enjoy this one to the nub. Wonderful flavor and great aroma. This cigar is made to perfection and handsome in appearance. Great cigar, indeed!
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
8 out of 10 were great; some were just to hard to smoke. It was like the cigar was clogged so to speak.
NS of Fort Leonard Wood, MO
One of my favorite. Great ash and long lasting. Compliments on the aroma from my non-smoking friends. Worth the money.
BF of State College, PA
Hands down my favorite winter/ride to work smoke. Price is awsome and was shipped very quickly. Thanks ci
MR of Avon, OH
Awesome cigar! Very smooth, tasty and satisfying. From the very first time I tried Cohiba's, it became my numero uno.
Excellent mini cigars if you get the tin of 10. Good for a quick 3-5 minute smoke.
WW of Hamilton, VA


Posted by Steve R

We just finished up our Christmas catalog, and added a nifty little gift-buying section for all types of buyers. Some of us were chosen to play the role of everyday characters folks can relate to. Characters you work with, associate with, are related to, etc....characters best described as, ‘that guy.’ My character, in a word, was superficial. Makes a lot of money (completely false), prefers name brand stuff (depends on what I’m buying), and spends a lot of money (busted). Anyhoo, the cigar for ‘that guy’ is Cohiba Robusto. I lit one up for my photo, and decided to keep it burning to double-up on a review. Multitasking, check. Efficiency, check. Cutting costs, check. Yeah, I’m also ‘that guy’ - where you at, boss?

First off, this Cohiba certainly ain’t the prettiest cigar. The wrapper is mottled and marbleized. No biggie, sometimes I prefer a cigar rustic in appearance. It’s more genuine - more authentic - and seems less fabricated. It’s solid as a brick, though. No soft spots anywhere throughout the barrel. A slight barnyard aroma on the pre-light, a quick toast, and away we go.

There’s a good amount of rich, raw tobacco at play here. Not bad. But the thing that I enjoy most is the salt and pepper flavor I’m getting. Salt up front, pepper on the exhale. Not a spicy, lingering pepper. But a quick, cracked black pepper that diminishes with ease on the finish. Through the nose I get cedar and spice. Actually, if I exhale through the nose that black pepper on the palate lingers much longer. An enjoyable little discovery. After about an inch, the salt-like influence fades, the pepper remains, and a sweet, woodsy nuance takes center stage along with a softer hint of almond. Who knew Cohiba was this complex?

This is where the cigar remains ‘til the end. I’ll be honest, it burned a little fast but the flavors were pretty damn enjoyable....especially on a fresh palate paired with a cream and sugar ‘Great One’ from Dunkin. I’m drinking Dunkin, fool. This is a tasty, medium-bodied cigar with some good flavors at play. Now....mind you, I probably wouldn’t find myself buying a box of these anytime soon, but for the right price, this is a good buy. And we have enough ways to save on this brand to make them more reachable for the common man.

I have to say....I am pleasantly surprised. Don’t be fool by my 89-point score. Remember the days when 89 was ‘outstanding?’ Indeed, 92 seems to be the new 89. And if you compare this score to my previous scores, know that price is always a factor with me. If this were a $5 stick, we’d be playing a much different game.

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