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Camacho Havana

The most Cuban-esque of all the Camachos!

Camacho has always been touted as a cigar that rivaled the Cubans with its bold, heady flavors. In fact, the Camacho Corojo Toro was named the number one full-bodied cigar in the world, beating cigars from every corner of the planet (Cuba included). That's some accomplishment! Well, the Camacho Havana isn't the most full-bodied cigar in Camacho's arsenal, but I'll be damned if it doesn't reminded me of Habanos of the past. Rich, spicy-sweet flavors dancing around my palate throughout the medium to full-bodied smoke. The Honduran-grown, Habano Criollo wrapper is simply gorgeous. Oily, silky, smooth and nary a vein in sight. This luxurious leaf is wrapped around an aged blend of Honduran Corojo long-leaf fillers to complete a deliciously balanced smoke that's smooth and satisfying. Enjoy!
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Customer Reviews of “Camacho Havana”
This is my third Camacho cigar series (Camacho Havana) I've tried and I am thrilled at what this cigar has to offer. After eating a huge dinner for my anniversary, I sat on the front porch and let this blended beauty take me to relaxation paradise. Taste, burn, body, are all fantastic. Burned this one down until an inch and a half left, and decided to leave it on a perfect ending. Thanks CI, for having a variety to choose from. You have a customer for life!
DK of Mt. Holly Springs`, PA
I found these to be very woody and earthy with an underlying sweetness that becomes more zesty towards the end. Solid packed and rustic, it burns even with a big flow of toasty smoke. A spicy full strength draw and medium well balanced flavor. Im glad to see this cigar back.
PW of Charlestown, RI
Got a great deal on the Diadema size-(6x60),and ordered quite a bunch. I found these to be quite mild-to-almost medium in strength and flavor. I don't know if it is because of the larger ring gauge or what. I was expecting that typical fullness Camacho is known for, these seem like some Connecticuts got mislabled as Havanas! I'll stick with the corojos and slr's, maybe I'll try some smaller ring gauges before jumping to conclusions, Thanks C.I.
Hello gang! I must update from my previous post which was made hastily. I have given these Camacho Havana's a few months to rest and wow! Flavor has become very complex and rich along with a very luxurious aroma. Lesson learned-give your stogies time to rest. It's hard sometimes but patience is key, thanks C.I. and Camacho!
This is a delicious cigar offered by Camacho & CI (clearance priced now), I have enjoyed the robusto tubos and the figurado edition as well. I passed out the tubos at my son's wedding rehearsal dinner to those who wished to enjoy. This cigar is a big hit. Since CI has put them on clearance, I have purchased 3 more boxes for future enjoyment at greatly reduced pricing..... get some now!
I am an avid cigar smoker. Tend to be into full flavored and very spicy cigars like Man O War, Diesel Unlimited and much of what Don Pepin has to offer. I bought a box of the Gigante (toro) of the Camacho Havana and found it to be a really good medium body cigar. It it full of tea and a nice dry leather taste. I would give it a solid 89, especially as a first cigar of the day or a mid day cigar. I then bought two boxes of the figurdos. They were markedly different. Much more mild and even quite acrid. I've given them 2 months in my humidor and will not even try another one for a couple months. I'm wondering with my experience and the clearance prices we are seeing if this line is not cursed with a bunch of inconsistency?
JN of Albert Lea, MN
Somehow, these always seem to be on special, as if they don't measure up to the other Camacho cigars. Well, I'm almost done with the box, and each one has been a great smoke.
This guy is worth it, a very good cigar!
In my opinion, the best of the Camacho line up. Smooth, creamy and well balanced with ample spice. If I could only smoke one Camacho, this would be the one.
JC of Lakewood, NY
What a beautiful and relaxing smoke. It has a great burn and a wonderful cedar aroma and flavor. I bought 2 boxes and will buy many more!
Typical world class Camacho!!