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Black Ops Connecticut

Suited up and ready to go.

Black Ops Connecticut ventures into territory that by now seems all too familiar for a mild cigar, the value arena. But Scout’s honor, Black Ops Connecticut is one of the best mild cigars I’ve encountered in quite some time, period. I handed one to a buddy and the result was nothing less than expected. He thought it was a five to seven dollar cigar. My thoughts exactly. Big on flavor, but tame in demeanor, Black Ops Connecticut puffs with the best of them.

Let's take a closer look at the cigar shall we? Black Ops Connecticut features a silky-smooth Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper gracing a mellow blend of Cuban-seed tobaccos. This combination yields a deliciously creamy and crisp profile layered with nuances of oak, cream, pepper, and cocoa. Delivering ample flavor and enough strength to keep you interested, it's without a doubt the bowl of porridge that's just right.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill (7.0"x50) BDL OF 20 In Stock $120.00 $59.99
Churchill + Knife (7.0"x50) BDL OF 20 In Stock $120.00 $64.99
Robusto (5.0"x52) BDL OF 20 In Stock $100.00 $49.99
Robusto + Knife (5.0"x52) BDL OF 20 In Stock $100.00 $54.99
Toro (6.0"x50) BDL OF 20 In Stock $110.00 $54.99
Toro + Knife (6.0"x50) BDL OF 20 In Stock $110.00 $59.99
Torpedo (6.2"x52) BDL OF 20 In Stock $120.00 $59.99
Torpedo +Knife (6.2"x52) BDL OF 20 In Stock $120.00 $64.99
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Customer Reviews of “Black Ops Connecticut”
Great cigar. Can't say enough about the black ops. Starts smooth and ends the same. As soon as I got them I grabed a drink and lit one up. The aroma is great, the flavor profiles are as it says. Still haven't found a bad time to smoke this on or a drink that doesn't bring out the flavors. Flat out if you don't like this one more for me and some select friend's.
DG of Oaklyn, NJ
Honestly I expected something more from these cigars, especially after reading the description above. Don't get me wrong, it's a good smoke, but not as great as they advertised. If you wanna try the "Black Ops series" I suggest to get the habano or the maduro.
Simply amazing cigar. Lots of thick smoke, perfect draw, and great flavors. Wrappers were a bit brittle at first, but a short rest in the humidor fixed that. I would recommend this cigar to anyone.
Great cigar, I really enjoyed the flavor profile. It for sure leans towards the mild end, but has a great complex and nuanced flavor center. Creamy, with notes of butterscotch and wood. Great Cigar, especially at the price point.
AM of Mound, MN
I was very suprised in this cigar. I was a little worried, but after smoking this one I was very pleased. It has a rather mild taste and remains that way through the whole cigar. I would recommand this cigar to everyone.
EM of Upper Marlboro, MD
Love the smokes. They were very nice to smoke after a 12 hour shift in Afghanistan. Loved them so much I had to order more then one bundle. Cant stop smoking them. Will keep getting them.
DB of collierville, TN
I'm an army guy, so I naturally was drawn just by the name... but after smoking one I was hooked!!!!! I have given away ten of these to friends who are hardcore smokers and they love them too!!!! Don't let the price fool you; they are a great smoke and will be kept stock in my humidor!!!! Thanks CI for the great buy!!!!!
PP of Springfield, IL
Black Ops Connecticut is a good cigar at a great price! All three wrappers are good and I might give the edge to the Maduro, but it's close. Like Gurkha in general; it's all good. They're well made, taste good and the draw was good on every stick. I love the bling like the cutters and knives for free or discount! I've received many cutters and knives to give to friends. You can't go wrong.
ML of Pinson, AL
Got one of these to try since it's made by Gurhka's blend master and the price was good. Was pleasantly surprised with this. I let it sit in the humi for a little over a week and just broke it out. Very nice construction and pre lit aroma. The first third of the stick is quite mild with creamy, nutty, cocoa tones. After the half way mark it becomes more of a medium body holding it's nutty flavor but with hints of pepper, cream, coffee and earthy undertones. Very even burn all the way to the nub. Finally put it out with only 3/4" left and enjoyed every last puff. Will buy more of these and recommend giving them a try.
SK of Slatington, PA
If you enjoy premium cigars, this is not for you. Cigar texture seems fine, but its aroma smells like cheap and irritating. Draw is very good, and burn is quite fine. I just do not enjoy its taste.
JD of Minneapolis, MN
I'm always searching for a cigar I can afford to smoke every day, since the new tax it has been hard to find one this cigar and the maduro, are my favorite smoke, for the price, and better than some that cost more. Consistently great cigar!
DG of Afton, WY
After 2 weeks in the humidor picked one for a smoke. Lit easily and burned even. Over 1 1/2 in of ash before tapping in off. Easy draw and no bite down to the end. A nice smoke. A good value at CI price. Will buy these again.
DY of Niagara Falls, ON
Awesome cigars, and especially for the awesome price. Awesomeness.
JF of Umatilla, FL
Smoked 2 this weekend. burns evenly, taste not bad for the price. I'll keep these around to hand out when I don't want to unass my bad boys!
RD of Alvin, TX
Good smoke for $$$$$
JG of Torrington, CT
I was kind of skeptical about ordering a whole box on a whim, but wow what an awesome smoke. Very smooth and flavorful I am glad I bought this great cigar!
BS of Hobart, IN
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