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One of the best value handmades you will find.

Last month I realized that for over 2 years I’ve been selling the daylights out of Brocatus and had never even smoked one. I had received some emails telling me how much people liked it, then came more emails, and even more until I finally took notice and grabbed a box to smoke. Damn right! This no-nonsense handmade is quite mild with some nutty, oaky flavors and a balanced, consistent character. The long-fillers are all Dominican while the wrapper is a smooth Connecticut-seed Ecuadorian leaf with a nice sheen.

And the price! For just over a buck it’s downright spectacular.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill 2-fer (7.0"x50) 50 CIGARS In Stock $200.00 $69.99
Robusto 2-fer (5.0"x50) 50 CIGARS In Stock $175.00 $59.99
Torpedo 2-fer (6.5"x52) 50 CIGARS In Stock $200.00 $69.99
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Customer Reviews of “Brocatus”
I didn’t expect to much when I ordered this cigar (Brocatus), i was just looking for a bargain. I must say the cigars look pretty. A deep brown colored smooth connecticut type wrapper with a nice classic cigarband. The cigars are pretty firm build, the draw is great. I bought the Robusto’s and i am very pleased with the experience, it's difficult for me to decribe cigar flavors but this is very ok, kind of toasty taste and very smooth, I think i found my all day smoke for less then a dollar a stick, thank you guys
JJ of Pompano Beach, FL
I picked up a box of these on a special...they came in today and put all in the humi cept the one I'm smoking now...very tasty and mild with a fragrance my wife cannot complain canoeing or relights on this one...I'm impressed with how well they were not dried up, broken or otherwise in the box...speaking of...the only thing I'm hesitant about is using the Bracatus Box for storing other cigs. I can smell wood glue...possibly airing out will help..closing, just a good cigar!
JH of Crowley, TX
I've had a box of these aging in the cooler-dor, so I handed them out to the guys at the latest neigborhood bonfire. The guys were blown away that I was handing these out for free, they're so good. Thanks, CI!
B of VElgin, IL
Shhh, no more kudos for this cigar. The next thing you know it will have "out of stock" next to the size I buy. Yes it's a nice mild smoke, lasts around 9 holes of golf, and seldom have to relight like some of the dogs that cost 4 times the price. Yes, I have had a couple that draw a little tight. Not enough to give you a hernia, but for the price tag I can live with it. I just chalk the occasional tighty up to a "rookie" roller.
GR of Sebring, FL
I normally smoke maduros or various corojos cigars, yet was looking for something mild for morning coffee. This Brocatus, as I will not give it a 'wow", it is a very mild, very pleasant cigar. It ain't pretty as it has considerable veins and a blotchy-uneven colored wrapper, but this is a budget cigar. It smokes very smoothly, milldly and has a pleasant sweet nutty finish. Make no mistake, this is a very mild cigar yet has a nice flavor and perfect burn. I enjoyed this mild cigar and will keep some in my humi for mornings and cuttin" the lawn.
FF of Eau Claire, WI
My wife bought me these cigars (Brocatus) and told me she paid about $1.00 a piece. I was expecting I would have to flush it instead of smoke it, I was wrong. It is mild, draws as easy as any Arturo brand and I know the price has to go up once the word gets out. My advice Buy NOW!!!
KG of Atlanta, GA
Not bad for the price, but not great. The construction and burn is good and the flavor is okay, but very mild. I have one in the morning when I don't want to burn through my higher end stuff. I good give away cigar for newbies or the ocassional cigar smoker that won't make you any enemies.
GS of Fleetwood, PA
These babies are AWSOME ! Not only a great smoke for the price but just plain a great smoke, price not withstanding. I've given several to friends and the all agree. A great cigar, the price is just frosting on the cigar cake !
LF of Mesa, AZ
This is Corona-Chris and I've gotta say that the guy's at CI finally did it, they've gotta smoke (Brocatus Churchill) that'll tickle your tastebuds senseless. No point in even describin' the taste o' these beauties, cause they're so DAMN good. If Churchills are your thing, as they are mine, do yourself a favor and the folks at CI too, buy a bundle, you'll not be disappointed, I PROMISE!
CY of Corona, CA
When I first got these (Brocatus) I fired one up right away and was a little dissapointed....I put them all in my humidor for a couple of months and afterwards tried one and really enjoyed a whole a good cigar with a little humidor time.
What a tasty smoke (Brocatus), and the price makes it all the better! I usually don't care for smokes from the DR..just to mild for me, but this one's a winner!!
CD of Bristol, CT
One of the best values when it comes to a cigar ever found (Brocatus). I have had 5 and 6 dollar cigars that haven't come close to how tasty these are.
JA of Cincinnati, OH
I am a fan of Dominican cigars, and Brocatus, regardless of the price is one of the best! The prelight aroma is mellow, the draw is excellant, the nutty, oakey, flavor is quite pleasant. It produces copious amounts of smoke, with a nice finish. I highly recommend this cigar. (Hurry, before they realize at CI that this is a great value, and raise the price!)
JO of East Brady, PA
o.k. i ordered the special (Brocatus).two bundles for (can`t remember the price)but it was a deal(hey we aint all bill gates).after smoking them,this is a decent cigar for the money! i like big cigars,and this ones big(7x50).it has a good taste and burned even,and i swear to you,the ash hung on past the two inch mark! every time. if your looking for a decent smoke for a good price.this ones it brotha!
PC of columbus, OH
This cigar is an outstanding buy. It has an easy draw and burns slow. I was shocked and amazed at the flavor for a mild cigar at this price. It been appoited to the position of my favorite every day cigar. Thanks CI.
RL of Columbus, OH
Got these (Brocatus) in today and had to give 'em a try right away. I got the Robusto's and immediatly was impressed with the silky smooth Connecticut Shade wrapper and the excellent construction. Taste-wise I was equally impressed. A mild cigar for sure but has plenty of flavor, great draw and an even burn. I've had 5 dollar cigars that weren't near this good. Buck a stick and all I can say is get 'em while ya can!
TK of Buffalo, NY
WOW! and that's an understatement. When I first read about these cigars (Brocatus) I thought what the heck, I'll give them a try. From the first draw to the last it was great. A well made cigar. I got them yesterday and I've had four so far and each one is a delight. This will be my cigar until C.I. comes up with a better one but that will take some doing. Well I'm goning out on the deck and enjoy another one.
DO of Davenport, IA
What a nice suprise.............. (Brocatus) the burn, the draw, the taste.........excellent...never mind the price. I love a cigar that doesn't tarnish my tongue. Compare equally for any 25/$120n cigar on the market....and I have tried many........Beware Romeo y Juliette kv
nice mild smoke right out of the box, good construction and consistent burn.(Brocatus
GT of st. paul, MN
I was a little concerned buying these only because the price was so damn good. I had been looking for a good cigar that I could enjoy anytime and that wouldn't break the bank if I wanted to hand 'em out on the golf course or when friends come over. So I bought a box and now I'm hooked! (Brocatus) Very mild but packed with lots of flavor; a delicious cigar. Good construction, even burn and an all around winner in my opinion. I always get great reviews from people I've given these too as well. The ash tends to fall off prematurely but I hardly call that a big problem. This is a great cigar that you won't regret buying. These will always be in my humidor!
CB of Austin, TX
Like just about everyone else, I wasn't expecting much from these but the price was just too right. Now these are my morning cigars. They are just great. (Brocatus) To be 100% honest I like these better than the more expensive milds that I have in my humi. Buy them and you will see what I mean. Just great!!
SF of Tampa, FL
Finally- a well made, mild cigar, that doesn't taste like a paper bag! It doesn't hurt that these can be had for about a dollar per stick either! This is a cigar that I am not the least bit ashamed to hand out to all of my buddies on the golf course. Seasoned smokers and newbies alike all love this cigar, and it doesn't empty my wallet to spread the joy! The best value out there!
AR of Liverpool, NY
When I first bought these cigars (Brocatus) I was a little skeptical about how good they were being such a cheap cigar, despite the reviews I read. After letting them sit in the humidor for about a week I decided to smoke one whilst having a cup of coffee on the back porch and boy was I surprised. The cigar had a very nice draw many small intricate flavors that initially caught me by surprise. I have only been smoking cigars for about two years but I have had my fair share of top of the line cigars and this one despite its cheap cost ranks high up on my list. It started out with a few uneven burns but once I got into the cigar it burned nicely and really came out in flavors. It is a great casual morning smoke and I highly recommend it to fans of light cigars. This cigar has secured its spot in my humidor!
MG of Catasauqua, PA
I normally dont comment on anything but felt it was necessary in this case. I broke down and ordered the(Brocatus) 2fer of torpedos not really expecting much for $50. I recieved them today and put them all in the humidor and for the heck of it I kept one out and hauled it to work with me this afternoon. After dinner I went outside and lit it up.........absolutely amazing taste for a so called "mild" cigar! It held on to almost 2 full inches of ash! I hardly ever smoke a cigar that hasnt sat in the humi for a few weeks but this just blew me away. Im glad I brought it to work. Cant wait to taste em after a few months in the humi. Will definetly buy more!
KL of Norfolk, NE
Good smoke right out of the box (Brocatus), but Really good after about 2 months in the huimdor. the wrapper gets a oily look and the taste will somewhat compare to that of a vegas gold if not better in some cases, very tasty and mild. Something you don't come across everyday. So buy them and let them sit if you can!
RM of Mount Airy, NC
The Brocktus Torpedo is a pleasant suprise. Yes it's mild for one who generally smokes Maduro's but it"s a nice change of pace, well constructed, very nice steady burn and draw. I am well pleased with them.
EJ of Pine Island, MN
After reading all the positive reviews I finally broke down and bought a box of these 'cheap' cigars. While I don't think they compare to a 5 Vegas Gold or a Macanudo, I was surprised when I tried one. The Brocatus burned very even with a nice light ash. The smoke was thick with a nice draw. The taste was not very complex, but was a nice enjoyable tasting smoke. For around 30 bucks a box I don't think you will find a better tasting or constructed cigar.
GB of Rohnert Park, CA
Wife got me 50 of the churchills. They really aren't bad and i'm thinking they will get better with age.
KW of Cleveland, OH
Just got the Brocatus cigars today (Robusto size) and I like them a lot. They are very good and they smell awesome. Thanks CI
KM of San Diego, CA
Just finished smoking my first Brocatus 5.0 x 50 and I think it was a wonderful cigar for the price. I immediately thought it was a poorman's Graycliff "G2"; nutty/oaky flavors and a great overall taste. It burned evenly and had no construction issues. I'm so happy I bought these; it's not a G2, but for the value conscious buyer it's heaven.
TS of Riverside, CA
I just bought a box of torpedos and let all of them rest in the humidor except for one. I decided to go against my better judgement and smoke one out of the box. Surprisingly even without any of my humidor time the smoke was rather pleasing for a mild cigar. I tend to smoke stronger more med-full flavored cigars but this was a nice change of pace. Pre-light smell was pleasant, construction was rather good for the price range and the only issue I had was that some of the wrappers were a little splotchy here and there.....but hey, what do you expect for $1 plus change per cigar. These would be amazing in the morning with a nice cup of coffee. The flavor kind of reminded me of the makers choice cigars that CI sells. I bet a month in the humidor will make these even more amazing.
JL of Church Hill, TN
Brocatus is a good, well balanced everyday smoke. Mild but flavorful. I got two of the Churchills in a Po' Boy Sampler and truly enjoyed same! Nice even burn with an easy draw.
AW of Canandaigua, NY
I've tried most of the sub $2.50 cigars that have decent customer ratings on this and other sites. The Brocadus is the least expensive of them all and probably the best. As stated by others, it is a mild cigar but it is also tasty. I've almost finished my first box and have had no real burn or draw issues. These aren't the prettiest sticks in the world but they aren't poorly constructed either.
JR of Gulf Coast, AL
I bought these cigars (Brocatus) because I was looking for an altenative to my Oliveros Classic as an everyday cigar. They were inexpensive and all the reviews were positive. Great cigar...great cigar. I've been smoking stoges for about 15 years and consider myself experienced. I've smoked about everything from Cuban Cohibas and Montecristos to Partagas, Rocky Patel, and Ashtons (I have my collection of butts to prove it)...these cigars rate (to my taste buds) right up there with them. The construction is expertise, the flavor is superb, the price is absolutely a nice bonus. My only problem is...i wish I could find them in maduro. Do they manufacture them? Nonetheless, my next purchase will be 50 torpedoes to go in the humi with my Rocky Patel Vintage 99's. Thanks CI, your site is better than porn...uh...thanks anyways.
FF of Tazewell, TN
This cigar, Brocatus is great. It is a bit mild, but only paying $35.00 box it's worth it. I do wish they came in a larger ring gauge due to my draw. These cigars are one of my daily smokes. They are great in the morning with coffee or just relaxing with a bourbon. I have had only a couple of duds. Bad draw, wouldn't stay lit. That is minor in the grand scheme of things. Enjoy Brocatus!! Thanks CI for your great prices and availibility.
TB of Cape Cod, MA
Outstanding price and value. It is a mild smoke and you can't go wrong in buying this cigar. I take them to our tailgating group for every home game and they are loved by all.
GB of Lexington, KY
CI. Do you take request? If so, could you please have these great cigars in at least a 52 ban Churchill, since the 50 are smaller than I like? If not, this is still a great change of pace cigar,for those who are a med to full body person such as I. After smoking a few cigars such as the Triple Play, Diesel, Alec Bradley, and other brands in this category. There are times when I want something on the mild side, but still has flavor. This cigar is the answer for those in this category, and you can't beat the price. Try to resist the temptation of smoking one as soon as you get them, (like I did) since they improve with at least a week of humidor time. There are billows of smoke, easy draw, even until the end, plenty of flavor, what more is their to say. If you enjoy this one, then you need to give the Churchill Deluxe a chance also. The Brocatus is a cigar that you could smoke with your morning coffee, and all day long.
DM of Taylor, MI
usually you get what you pay for but this was a surprise. great cigar. great price.....just had a third kid so i need a bargin
BB of Barksdale Afb, LA
Great cheap cigar! I've purchased 4 boxes of the robusto's so far. Some had a green spot here or there but ALL smoked great and tasted great, and most burned evenly. There's nothing to complain about. Definitely worth the $. Definitely worth trying.
I just got my shipment of the 2fer of Brocatus, 30 minutes ago. Could not wait, had to light one up. Nicely filled cigar, with a heavy premium feel. The draw was a bit tight, construction was very good. Mild taste, and a mild buzz. This cigar has a spicy leaf in it that gives a non cigar fragrant aftertaste, which I love. I don't know what it is, but it tastes and smells great. The aroma is sweet and very pleasant. I read some bad reviews on this brand, however they were old reviews, and I suspect either the blend, or the blender has changed since. This is a super everyday cigar, I am ordering another 2fer now. It's cheap, so even if you get a few with bad draws, it's absolutely worth it.
AS of Pasadena, CA
I ordered this cigar based on the numerous positive reviews. Sadly my experience was anything but positive. I received my two boxes of Brocatus Churchills a day earlier than expected. Excited to break into them, I lit one up after dinner that night. As I opened the packaging I realized that the boxes were made of a Masonite material. I was expecting some sort of wood, but for a buck a cigar I just shook it off and moved forward. Upon opening the box there was an overwhelming smell of wood glue. I couldn't catch a whiff of the actual cigars aroma. I took out a cigar, cut it and checked the draw. Excellent, however upon smelling the cigar all I could get was the same smell of wood glue. Finally I lit the cigar and hoped for the best. After toasting the end and getting an even light I had my first puff. Hmmmmmm...wood glue. I had just bought 50 cigars that smelled and tasted like wood glue. Hoping that being a mild cigar it just needed to develop a bit I stuck it out through the whole Churchill. Eventually some vague oaky notes came through, but the overwhelming taste of the box seemed to saturate the cigar and made these subtle notes worthless. Sadly not the experience I had envisioned.... I love CI, and this is the first bad experience I've had with them.
JP of Boise, ID
I needed a mild cigar to smoke at night (so I could sleep) and wanted a cheapo for yard work, hunting, etc., so I tried Brocatus. It's cheap enough and mild enough and, on top of that, a nice well made smoke, good enough for any time you don't want the big kick from a strong cigar. I'll contnue to keep them on hand.
For a daily cigar I generally order cigars on the cheap side so I was very surprised at how good these were for the price. After smoking 2 of them I shared one with a friend today and he couldn't believe it was a $1.10 cigar. I bought another 2 boxes before Cigarintl runs out of them!!
RS of Stone Mountain, GA
Ordered based on others reviews. First day I recieved them I smoked one. I will tell you, it wasn't love at first sight or smoke. The next few weren't much better. I let them sit for a week or so and tried another. It was better. I have now had them in my humidor for awhile and let me tell you, they get better and better. Great burn and flavour. I recommend buying these but let them sit for a bit. You will be glad you did.
Light but tasty. As others have said, they benefit from a month or two in the humidor. Really quite nice, reaching into the "good cigar" class.
AP of Rochester, NY
Just got my order of Brocatus torpedos....lit one up right off the truck. To be honest, I became worried when my stick was difficult to draw, resulting in little if any smoke making it to my palate. But with a little rolling around in my fingers the roll loosened up and the creamy mild smoke filled my up to the brim. If this is the worst experience I have with these cigars then I am in good shape. I recommend these to anyone looking for a mild everyday or morning coffee cigar! Keep it up CI!!!
AM of Winnsboro, TX
Have only smoked a couple so far, and while they're not the best cigar I've had; I've certainly paid a lot more for a lot worse. Like most, humidor time will improve them. What they did do right out of the box was burn evenly, stay lit, draw easily, and produce nice, thick clouds of smoke. I'd say their decent, everyday cigars.
DE of Searcy, AR
Nice cigar; nice flavor and a good burn. Some minor flaws, but for a little over a buck a stick who's complaining? For this price you would expect a two-puff and into the garbage dog rocket. Not the case. A good cigar to smoke to save your prize cigars for better occasions. Also a good cigar for mooches that won't get them po'd at you. No, Padron need not worry.
I ordered two boxes for an upcoming party give-aways and everyone enjoyed them - not very easy to do! This is a pleasant discovery for an everyday/everyman casual cigar. Great flavor, strength is truly mild-medium, rolled tight, wrapper stays in place, and burns quite well. The only downside, is that just a few had a stem in them, probably 1/5, but they where short and did not take much away from the cigar experience. A good cigar, I hope CI keeps them in their inventory and maintain the price point. Enjoy!
Bought a box of expensive cigars as a gift for my father-in-law, and bought a box of cheap Brocatus for myself. We ended up smoking two of his and all of mine.
DW of Bend, OR
The Best medium range cigar available ... simply great!
DL of Clermont, FL
I have been searching for an everyday cigar that doesn't add up to a car payment every month.....found it!
RF of Lansdale, PA
Overall this the best everyday cigar. I have tried a lot of cigars looking for a good cheap smoke. Look no more, this is it. And in comes in a box for $1.20 a stick. Mild and great with coffee in the morning.
SM of Houston, TX
Returned these cigars--don't burn well--awful taste
I like these smokes. Good construction, fairly even burn, ok flavor. This is a good everyday cigar.
Starts out okay. But after long, about half way, turns somewhat bitter. To me finish was dry tasting. I am a fan of cheap cigars for every day craving satisfaction, but I recommend John Bull way above these.
JB of Eugene, OR
Very pleasantly surprised. I wanted to leave these in the humi for a month or so before I tried but, curiosity got the better of me. A nice light everyday smoke. First one had good flavor and solid construction. I was worried it would be a real quick burner but, it was not. I will buy more!
JB of Livonia, MI
....every other cigar was plugged...well..guess you get what you pay for
LD of Philadelphia, PA


Posted by Keith

If you're looking for an economically-priced golf course cigar, this is it. Over the years I've been asked a million times for a 7" cigar that's mild enough not to be intrusive, enough flavor to be interesting, and a cost of less than $1.25. While it might not fly with the chardonnay-and-brie crowd, for around a buck apiece I'll tell ya, this does the job every time. 

The maker, Luis Tomas Mendez, is not a household name among cigar enthusiasts. That's not for lack of experience in the industry, as he's been a grower and dealer of tobacco for years. Recently he began manufacturing cigars as well, with a factory located in Tamboril, Dominican Republic. His experience as a grower causes him to use great tobaccos in his blends, and this little number is no exception. The fillers are all Dominican while the wrapper is Connecticut-seed with a very smooth texture and slight sheen. It's got a slight nuttiness, some oaky flavors, with a balanced and consistent character. The low price might give you pause, but if you're looking for a low-priced handmade with flavor, try Brocatus. 

Hey, given the price/value it probably deserves a better rating than this.


Posted by Gonz

Some cigar brand names will transcend time, no doubt - 5 Vegas (obviously), Montecristo, Perdomo, Cohiba, Punch, Hoyo de Monterrey, Brocatus (??).  Wait, what was that last one?  I'm not even sure how to pronounce it.  Where is the emphasis?  On the "o", the "a" or the "us".  Bro-cah-dus or Bro-cay-tus or Bro-cah-toos.  I don't know, be creative, whatever, but umm, that's actually a cool name.....

....start-dreamscapes 2007.....

if I were king, I want a cool name, something that will forever be remembered in the cellar of history, and preferably something related to my favorite hobby - no, not porn, get your head out of the gutter - cigars you wise-ass.   Let me think, "King Gonz" - probably won't cut it, "King 5 Vegas" - um, damn if that sounded good I like it, "King Brocatus" - hey now, that sounds cool.  "King Brocatus has entered his throne - lift the toilet seat now!"

....end-dreamscapes 2007....

Anyway, not sure if you know this, but this brand is one of the most heavily counterfeited brands on the market.  You'd think I was kidding, but it's the only explanation I can come up with as to why the maker would put the words "The Original" in script on the band.  "The Original Brocatus" - yes! that clearly legitimizes this brand.  If you believe that, I've got a rich uncle in Zimbabwe that will wire you 10 million dollars, just send me your bank account number and I'll promptly forward it to my rich uncle.

OK, now that I've promptly wasted 5 minutes of your time, let me tell you a little something about this phenomenon called Brocatus.  Like most geekers, I feel the need to explain in logic flow format....Part 1 - cheap!  Part 2 - mild!  Part 3 - yummy!  Part 4 - buy it now!  Here it is in proper logic format:

IF Part 1 AND Part 2


     Part 3

     Part 4


     GOTO Part 1

For those of you without 20 years of programming experience, I'll remove the lingo.  I thought Brocatus was going to be an ordinary backyard chewing, spit up and not taste it kind-of cigar.  I was soooo wrong.  I saw the reviews pile in from folks saying this was the shocker of the century.  I'm a convert, no doubt.  You'll get a chalky-white, firm ash from a mild cigar that burns consistent, even, and full of good-time everyday flavor.  The mildness gives it a burn-anytime quality.  The consistency has you coming back for more, and the price seals the deal.  Just a buck+ per stick.  Give this and the silly name a chance, King Brocatus is right-on for this one.


Light'em up,

- Gonz