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AJ Fernandez Overruns

A. Fernandez handmades, dirt-cheap prices!

When you make millions of cigars per year and employ hundreds of rollers cranking them out by hand all day long, there are bound to be leftovers and overproduction in various sizes and styles. That's what we have here - all from the heralded Tabacalera Fernandez, home of AJ Fernandez and his star-studded lineup of top-notch blends. These cigars burn and taste just like the firsts you know and love. Man O' War, Diesel, 5 Vegas Triple-A, San name it. Some are box-pressed, some are round, in a variety of natural, maduro, and Habano blends. All long-filler cigars hand-crafted in typical, top-notch A. Fernandez fashion with first-quality, aged tobaccos. 

I'll be honest, the nature of this product created something of an inventory nightmare for me. There's a bunch of different Corona sizes (5"x42, 6.5"x42, etc.), various Robusto sizes (5"x50, 5.5"x54, etc.), and so on. Rather than count them all bundle by bundle, I'm opting to move them out in mass without sorting it all out - passing along even more value to you. Since the exact sizes and blends vary slightly, we've grouped them into 5 general sizes. You pick the general size you want and we'll randomly pick one that falls within that size category. Don't worry, every bundle contains 20 of the same exact cigar. And naturally, they're all far less than their normal boxed counterparts.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Robusto BDL OF 20 Out of Stock $120.00 $39.99    
  Small Figurado BDL OF 20 Out of Stock $140.00 $29.99    
Torpedo BDL OF 20 Out of Stock $150.00 $49.99    
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Customer Reviews of “AJ Fernandez Overruns”
I was on here looking for a good priced smoke! As does everyone on here. Thought I would try a box of these since I love everything from Fernandez. WOW!! Great smoke, long ash, and lingering hints of vanilla. Would never expect spending less than two bones a piece on em. This has been very enjoyable. Hopefully this sticks around as I will be a regular with this one!!
BG of Gilbert, AZ
Would recommend! Recently purchased a bundle of robust is...very impressed. Don't let price fool you. This is a very nice smoke. Ashes nicely. Slight vanilla taste, whist white smoke and slow burning stogie. Get a bundle. You won't regret it.
MT of Chambersburg, PA
Just smoked 1 of the robusto bundle I got-a chisel tip and boy 'o boy was that super delicious. Notes of spice, earth and cedar, while maintaining a smooth draw and slow burn. Do yourself and your wallet a favor and try a bundle. Momma said "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get". she was right quality. value, and a enjoyable smoking experience.
TM of West Allis, WI
Shhhh! Don't tell anyone, but these A. Fernandez Overruns are awesome cigars. I ordered a bundle, on a whim, when ordering a big name brand sampler selection and I haven't smoked a single stick of the name brand since the order arrived. In fact, I'm enjoying one of the A.F. overruns right now. I can't wait to order more!!!
DM of Suwanee, GA
coronas I just got are Puro Authentico maduros. ligero city!
AB of Lakewood, CO
very good selection
MV of Roswell, GA
I've had four batches of these since they were introduced. First order I got the robusto and a maduro box-pressed toro. The robusto was also a maduro, but round. Both of these were fantastic. Next time I got the two-headed monster. This was something like a sun-grown wrapper, a bit spicy and sometimes harsh, but usually smokeable. The fourth batch was a round habano wrapper toro and also a bit harsh. All four batches were loaded with ligero making them all full-bodied and plenty of nicotine. I was very, very satisfied with the first two bundles and rather disappointed with the next two that had plenty of raw power, but were lacking much pleasant flavor. The way these are sold, it really is a crap-shoot. If you're a gambler, go for it, but if you know what you want, get that instead.
JE of Universal City, TX
These cigars are an outstanding value! I picked up a bundle of robustos via email special which were so great that I immediately picked up some Petite Coronas. They are fantastic as well!
WH of Loveland, CO
I got a bundle of Churchills and they were great: full bodied smoke, with a great burn and soft draw. I went back for a second helping, and they were all gone. Word of a good thing sure gets around fast.
BY of Phoenix, AZ
I bought two bundles of torpedos cause i like all the other brands Fernandes makes. Wow they are really GOOD. Nice taste and an ash that stays on. Lots of smoke ,easy draw. They came boxed pressed with out the box. For $2.00 each they are a bargain! Hard to beat this deal.
AW of Philadelphia, PA
JB of Springfield, PA
Just got a bundle of Toro's and unfortunately I am disapointed with the taste and body. There is some spice but no rich flavor. The taste is green and somewhat dry. No sweet spot to speak of and maybe I got a hint of wheat somewhere along the stick. Maybe I just got a bundle of 5 Vegas red seconds or something but I guess thats the chance you take with this sort of deal. I will stick with the Ligero laced seconds for sure for my cheap sticks.
I am a sucker for anything with the AJ Fernandez name on it, so when I saw these overruns It was pretty much a slam-dunk purchase for me. I ordered the coronas...two bundles. What I received were actually about a 6x48. Seemed almost like a small toro. No worries though. These things seem like Man O' War Virtues. Connecticut wrapper, somewhat mild, great draw. I'd definitely order them again if they got any more coronas.
Great Smokes! Just got my second bundle and was able to match them perfectly to what they were "supposed" to be. Lets just say both were incredibly delicious blends. So happy with these, love everything from AJ Fernandez and these overruns are no exception. Cheap and delicious. What more can you ask for?
AR of MIami, FL
My Fiancé has over 260 Great Premium cigars in the cabinet. I use to be hooked on nothing but Sopranos..... I am addicted to these Fernandez overruns! I love the flavor and the great slow bun. All I can sing is "what a feeling!"
I got a bundle of toro sized "figurados" (I use quotes because they are sort of half box pressed, flat on two sides and round on the others - great shape. on a whim and the price was right, I'm a sucker for price is right cigars. I smoked one several days after getting them and was repulsed, the shape was WONDERFUL, the feel in the hand was great, the draw was a scosh too easy, just the way I like it, sipping what was an abundant amount of smoke but they tasted raw. I chalked it up to experience and moved on. Last month I took another out, figureing it to be a lawn cigar. Wow, I shut the mower off, grabbed a seat and a bottle of dark beer and had a wonderful hour and a half. A little rest made these things from dog rockets to delights. Now my problem is that I can't get that exact shape and size again unless I am very lucky. I am husbanding them when I would much rather have one a day and I fear the time when I will run out, they keep getting better and better. I got a robusto size and the same thing happened, disgusting for the first month, then steadily getting better and better. Love the shape of those as well. I'm down to 8 of thhe first ones and I am just going to have to roll the dice and get another bundle.
Good buy .Good flavor
I have purchased quite a few of these bundles and they have all been excellent. However, my favorite is the small figurado, the bomb, whatever they are. Chocolate, sweet spice and they smell like a barn (pre-light)! absolutely fantastic....
The guess: I'll start by saying I got the coronas. A dark wrapper, spicy to the tongue. What does AJ make that's a force to be reckoned with, and comes in corona size? Diesel is what I'm going with. Worth noting: I've only had one Diesel, but I remember it being very complex... lots of powerful flavors. Also worth noting: it gets me cigar drunk, similar to the Cinco Triple A, but I don't think the AAA comes in corona .. also, it has an even darker wrapper than this. The verdict: Fillers feel pretty consistent, though not particularly firm. I noticed a little unravel in the middle of the cigar. I'm fine with it - seal it up like an envelope and move on. Lit it up and the draw was, if anything, a little too easy - beats the alternative, in my opinion. The unravel never became more of a problem during my smoke, which lasted a good 45 minutes or better. Let's talk smoke - this little cigar gave off a seemingly impossible amount. I'm happy to have 20 of them, and I'm happy that I spent 30 bucks for it.
So far I have ordered 4 bundles of the Churchills and every one was perfect! Great smoke! I am ordering another two bundles today.
RR of Milton Mills, NH
I have ordered nearly ten bundles of AJ Overruns. Mostly corona and robusto. The best single word to describe them is INCONSISTENT. Not only from bundle to bundle, but within the same bundle.... I had a bundle of coronas that was like a rainbow of wrapper colors ranging from one of the lightest color wrappers I have ever seen to dark black. A few of them had pigtail caps, again ranging from perfect to mangled little stubs. I have had GREAT bundles of easily identifiable brands in great shape... MOWPA, MOWPAM, San Lotano oval maduro, and some bundles that absolutely matched NOTHING AJ has anything to do with, but were still great top quality AJ style cigars....Oddly, one of the tastiest bundles I got was unidentifiable, very poorly constructed with caps halfway off, but the dark oily wrapper was covered in plume inside darkly stained cellos...aged to perfection... every bit as good as any AJ cigar I have ever had. The moral of the story is that you are rolling the dice... However, you may get some real gems that are worth far more than you pay, or you might get the leftovers from the training class for the first time torcedors made with leftover scraps. The big figurados may be another story as I have never tried anything that big or expensive.
For AJ fans this is a must! I ALWAYS order this to supplement my samplers. Its an everyday smoke without breaking the bank for a premium cigar. Remember, these are overruns so some come with very minimal flaws. If your an avid AJ fan then you will be able to distinguish some blends such as San Lotano, Diesel, Pinolero and Man O War.
LL of Santa Clarita, CA
My last bundle of these were San Lotano Oval! Unbelieveable deal
These have been the deal of the decade for me. The last batch of AJ "seconds" turned out to be San Lotano ovals and at under 30 bucks for 20 of them it's a braindead deal. I've had several orders of various sizes and out of about 250 cigars, there was only 1 that burned funny. Go for it... you won't be dissapointed.
Went with the Robusto bundle when these were on the weekly special for $25...ended up getting San Lotano Ovals which retail for $8-9 a stick. Incredible deal! I recommend these bundles to anybody!
WB of North Versailles, PA
This is the 2nd year I've gotten a case or two of these when offered...glad they've been put out again for purchase...loved them last year, love them again this year...the guy who makes 5 Vegas knows how to make damn good cigars and this is no exception with the overruns...enjoy an affordable, excellent stick from this maker and you won't go wrong.
Incredible bargain ! I got these in the mail and was like a kid in a candy store wondering what cigar AJ Overrun i purchased. I opened them up to see i received 20 robusto Connecticuts of some AJ creation. After much research I was awe struck that I scored big time on San Lotano Connecticuts! This was to the fact that aj doesnt make a lot of connecticut lines and the robusto dimensions are one of a kind only to san lotano ! Smoking one revealed how insanely good it was and thats san lotano. No construction flaws at all. Gorgeous oily wrappers and great burn. I am going to always have a bundle of aj overruns in my humi. Purchase on faith with no hesitation.
It's a bit of a crap shoot as to what you're going to get, but so far, I've not been disappointed. Then again, there is little that AJ makes that I don't like. I just need to remember to forget the free shipping & spend the 9 bucks for priority mail. Otherwise, by the time they get here, they are well aged.
RH of Coram, MT
I just received the toro's today and smoked one ROTT. It was a very good cigar. Nice size, clean wrapper, and a nice dark flavor profile. It was woodsy and had dark chocolate throughout. I look forward to smoking one after some rest.
TW of Pittsburgh, PA
I have ordered this deal 4 times in 4 different sizes and have yet to be disappointed. Each time I received a different blend all great. Almost as fun trying to guess the blend as smoking them. I will continue to order these babies as long as their available. Once again CI hit it out of the park.
I use AJ Fernandez Overruns to restock my humidor. I have yet to have a stick from the Tabacalera Fernandez that I don't like so this really isn't a risk for me. I prefer the large Figurado but have recently picked up some robusto as well. These remind me of the San Lotano cigars but may have been a different brand. Always great quality, varying strengths, but great value for the price.
Just smoked one ROBUSTO off the truck its short 4 .5 and maybe 54 ring and feels heavy. medium brown , nice roll, burn, tasty leathery oak ….WOW worth every penny of $ 1.75. BEST ones I ever had in this price range <$2 its easy a six to eight dollar stick.
I purchased a bundle of robustos last year & received a box pressed maduro 5" X 52?. My initial reaction was less than enthusiastic. Months later, I wish I had a few more than the one stowed in my "1 of a kind" humidor. They improved dramatically with some cedar aging. Since AJ Fernandez is among my favorite cigar "people", I fully intend to buy up a bundle or two while they are on sale....
Just be aware before you order, what you request might not be what you get size wise. I ordered the Toros and what I received were 6 1/2 x 46 box pressed, I hate boxed pressed anything. The size was more like a Double corona. No more surprise orders for me! I was more than a little disappointed.
Have ordered and reordered these in several varieties and have not been disappointed. Great everyday smoke with great flavors and even burn. Waiting for a special so I can load up again!
DS of Phenix, VA
I love AJ Fernandez cigars. I haven't yet come across a bad one. I thought I give this a try ( you can't beat the price ). I was not disappointed. I know what taste good to me but I can't describe a cigar in great detail like the pros. I've ordered the overruns 3 times now and each one was a different brand. So far, I have figured out 2 out of 3 which ones they were. The smoke great and didn't disappoint.
MT of Tabor City, NC
You definitely get your money worth with these bad boys. Amazing smokes for the price. I ordered the toros and got 20 massive box pressed beauties. Good construction, good burn and good flavor. Give them a shot, you won't reject it.
KC of Roeland Park, KS
Just finished a box of the small figurado. Nothing small about them by the way. I believe around a 60 ring in the middle. A very intense smoke. Definitely bold in body. I really enjoyed them. A long smoke that was very rich. Not an everyday smoke for me but something I will keep in the box for nights when a mild smoke won't do.
CR of Redding, CA
Hit and miss. Had some great smokes out of this deal and some disappointments. For the price its worth the risk but the last two bundles were not as good as the first two.
A bundle of these almost completely dissappeared from my well stocked humidor. I was surprised to find that my son, who was home from college, had skipped over the big name brands and smoked these instead. He claims they are hands down the best cigars in my humi. I reordered and he and I are already racing through the second bundle. The kid is definitely onto something.
Like most of you, I am always looking for a bargain premium cigar. I saw the AJF Overruns were advertised as true overruns and not seconds so I gave them a try. I ordered the Toros at $2.25 a stick. I received a bundle of full bodied, 50x6.125 cigars with what appears to me to be Habano wrappers. I must say, the flavor of these cigars is excellent. The construction was not. Several of the sticks had issues.... I have smoked enough A J Fernandez cigars to know this does not meet his usual high standards. My guess is that those with problems were selected to be overruns. I have smoked worse $2.25 cigars. They contain excellent tobacco. If you don't mind fighting the burn as you smoke, go ahead and pull the trigger
NS of Oklahoma City, OK
I've ordered a bundle of these overruns three times, each time in a different shape, and each time I've been really happy with what I received. The first two times were in the lonsdale and the corona shape. The "lonsdale" that I received was, in actuality, a 7" Churchill, but it was a super smooth, very pleasant mild-medium smoke. The coronas were dainty little petite coronas with a twisted cap - I'm guessing Puro Authentico based on the amount of peppery ligero in it and the appearance. The third bundle I ordered was the small figurado, and frankly I don't have a clue what it is - but it's good. It's a nearly jet-black maduro in a short Salomon type shape, with a full bodied flavor but without as much pepper as the coronas. In all three cases these were just really fantastic cigars and I can't say enough good things about them. I wish that the selection of sizes was more consistent - I prefer coronas and lonsdales as a general rule, and sometimes a panatela - but I suppose the nature of the overrun beast is that a business can only buy what the factory is willing to part with. I'm hoping some coronas or lonsdales or lanceros come in soon, but until then I'm not going to lose any sleep! If you have a fondness for blends of various strengths and flavor profiles, take your chances here - you might get mild, you'll more likely get strong, and you might just get pepper bombed. Whatever you get, if my experience is anything to go on you'll get some fantastic cigars.
Wow! I just received two bundles of torpedoes, and am very pleased-well constructed, easy draw, very flavorful, and an extremely good price. I'll buy more, as long as they are available. Thanks CI!
WOW, this was one of the best cigars I've ever had! The problem is I don't know exactly what it was.
AH of Fair Oaks, IN
I have had several bundles of overruns and everyone was good, some better than others. Received 2 bundles today, 1 robusto and 1 torpedo and the wrapper looks identical. Unfortunately for me it looks and smoke like a Connecticut, very mild. Mild doesn't do anything for me so now I'm stuck with 40 cigars, that's the chance you take....
MW of Martinsville, IN
Ordered the Torpedo. Great smoke. Only issue is they are very short.
The con wrapper is a minus. It eliminates the Fernandez punch. No pun intended.
Really enjoying these. They burn fast but have a great flavor.
BT of Mount Airy, MD
OK I like AJF and knew going in it also included 1844 -which actually is a decent everyday cigar - but also pretty well his cheapest - but I was hoping for one of his better ones at cheap number. That is why you buy unmarked seconds and hope to get lucky. I got which seem to be 1844's haven't smoked one yet but it looks like a twin - don't feel ripped off at $1.50 a cigar by any means as I have paid more for the same (They almost always sell for $2 a cigar now) it is a good cheap cigar... Hope others fair better--note the small moniker on this cigar is misleading--it is a decent size
MW of Hoover, AL
Outstanding smoke! I love these cigars and the price is unbelivably low. It's another typical A.J. home run.
JM of Wakefield, RI
This is an amazing offer, a great cigar for the price and just mild enough for my liking. I have offered a couple to golfing buddies and now they are on CI ordering AJ' Overruns! It is a good thing!
SA of Lombard, IL
I think I got some San Lotano on too!
I've only smoked two of the Corona sized sticks from a bundle of twenty, however, they were absolutely fantastic. They started off with a great pepper blast, but then developed into something more sweet and creamy. Smoke them slowly though since they are a narrower ring gauge.
Smoked 5 of the bundle so far and have mixed feelings. The first out of the bunch was among the best of the AJ cigars I have had, but the consistency has been terrible so far. Some weakly packed and severely loose draws but 2 of the 5 have been perfect. Exactly what you should expect from overruns. All in all a good buy for the $ and I will purchase again.
TB of Fulton, MS
Very Good! I ordered 2 more
RM of Schererville, IN
Great everyday smoke. Smooth and fulfilling to the palette.
ET of Wichita, KS
Wow! What a great smoke.great draw great burn, that's all I need to say.
Got these in the mail pretty quickly and have already smoked a few. I ordered the toro size and got San Lotano Habanos. Huge score!!! As I looked closer I was a bit worried since they looked more like gordos than toros. I checked sizes for different AJ cigars and sure enough - the SL Habano has a size called "toro gordo." But no worries after that since the cigars burn perfectly, just like their retail version, and the strength doesn't vary that much with the size on this cigar. One cigar apparently had a knot in it from uneven rolling which caused it to burn very unevenly. But the rest look fine and have smoked great so far. A fantastic deal and I am so happy to get 20 SLs at this price!
These are stronger than I usually smoke, I usually burn to the nub on some of my favorites but these become too hot or spicy about 1/2 way in. They are tasty with some chocolate notes but a little too full for my taste.
CM of Clintwood, VA