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Alta Gracia

A wee bit of Irish goodness!

Alta Gracia means “High Grace.” Appropriately so because these little cigarillos are heavenly little smokes. Made in Ireland - the land of Saints & Scholars (not to mention Jameson, Guinness and Riverdance) - Alta Gracia cigars are one of a kind 'in-betweener' smokes. They burn a tad hot toward the end but all the while exude a creamy tobacco flavor with a naturally sweet finish. Choose between Natural, Maduro, Irish Crème, and Maduro Irish Cream and savor Alta Gracia’s smoothness. Perfect for a quick smoke....besides, at my friggin' awesome price it's hard to go wrong.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Chocolate Stout Cigarillos (3.1"x23)
BOX OF 50 In Stock $36.00 $19.99
Chocolate Stout Senoritas (Cigarillos) (3.8"x31)
BOX OF 50 In Stock $45.00 $24.99
Irish Cider Cigarillos (3.1"x23)
BOX OF 50 In Stock $36.00 $19.99
Irish Cider Senoritas (Cigarillos) (3.8"x31)
BOX OF 50 In Stock $45.00 $24.99
Irish Cream Cigarillos (3.1"x23)
BOX OF 50 In Stock $36.00 $19.99
Irish Cream Senoritas (Cigarillos) (3.8"x31)
BOX OF 50 In Stock $45.00 $24.99
Irish Whiskey Cigarillos (3.1"x23)
BOX OF 50 In Stock $36.00 $19.99
Maduro Chocolate Stout Cigarillos (3.1"x23)
BOX OF 50 In Stock $36.00 $19.99
Maduro Cigarillos (3.1"x23)
BOX OF 50 Backordered $36.00 $19.99
Maduro Irish Cider Cigarillos (3.1"x23)
BOX OF 50 In Stock $36.00 $19.99
Maduro Irish Cream Cigarillos (3.1"x23)
BOX OF 50 In Stock $36.00 $19.99
Maduro Irish Whiskey Cigarillos (3.1"x23)
BOX OF 50 In Stock $36.00 $19.99
Natural Cigarillos (3.1"x23)
BOX OF 50 In Stock $36.00 $19.99
Natural Senoritas (Cigarillos) (3.8"x31)
BOX OF 50 In Stock $45.00 $24.99
Overall Rating 4.14 out of 5 Based on 35 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Alta Gracia”

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3 out of 5
Not too bad.
A nice mild smoke hat doesn't last very long. Intentionally. If you're looking for a "quickie" this is it. Great price, too. They do tend to run if you push them, but if you don't, they stay fairly cool all the way down. I'd buy them again just to have around
5 out of 5
Alta Garcia Irish cream
Best little cigar around. Great for a quick, tasteful smoke
4 out of 5
good stuf
nice & tasty
4 out of 5
good stuf
nice and tasty
5 out of 5
Good Cigars
My husband loved the cigars and I will be definitely ordering from this company again.
3 out of 5
"A wee bit of irish goodness" is a little much to be said about these cigarillos. Perhaps it was because I ordered the natural cigarillos, but these cigarillos are ok. I have never tried a cigarette before, so I can't tell you they taste like a cigarette, but they smell like one. Smokes for 10 minutes tops, and starts getting hot halfway through. Sadly I cannot finish these cigarillos and am left to throw out a good half inch of cigarillo. Not bad for the price though, I would keep these in my cigar box for those "I don't care, I need a quick cigar." times.
4 out of 5
Nice quick hitter
I can't enjoy a nice cigar during work hours and it would be a waste to ruin a nice stick over a couple of puffs. These are a nice 5-10 minute quick cigar. Not a mini Aston, but not junk either. Nice little find.
4 out of 5
A perfectly good, mild, short cigar. Probably a 10 minute smoke. The ember tends to run up one side or the other, but somehow evens out as the cigar is smoked down. I think I prefer something stronger.
5 out of 5
Small but strong
The Alta Gracia cigarillos are pretty deceptive. For their size you'd expect them to be pretty mild like the rating given, but my impression is they're more medium to full bodied instead. Each one I've had so far has been like a kick from a mule, but with a soft creamy Irish Cream flavor on the end that mellows everything out. Their size makes them ideal for taking along with you for when you want a quick cigar, but don't have the time for a regular. Instead these can be smoked in about the same time as a cigarette only 1000x better. I'll definitely keep my humidor stocked with these at all times.
5 out of 5
Good Smoke!
Nice little cigar, smokes well, like the taste (Irish Cider), but I wish they came in Rum.
3 out of 5
A little weak.
Found the flavor a little weak. Tried the Irish Cream version previously and they were more flavorful. Otherwise they were OK.
4 out of 5
Short but satisfying
Nice medium to strong smoke for those quick fixes
3 out of 5
Not quite what I thought it would be
Not what I was expecting. This small but very smokable cigar is fine for what it is, a quick smoke. However, I was expecting there to be more of an infused flavor, more like the Aurora Principes Vanilla. They don't even have an infused smell to them prior to lighting up.
3 out of 5
They were vere tight and Dry hard to smoke them
2 out of 5
Not impressed
I was not impressed with the taste of these cigarillos. I wasn't expecting much, considering the price but there are much better tasting cigarillos CI offers, that cost less. I wouldn't buy these again.
4 out of 5
Maduro Irish Whisky Cigarillos
Bought the maduro Irish whisky cigarillos. Good tobacco and good taste of mild whisky. Saver shipping was very fast. 3 boxes of 50 for the price of 2 special makes the Alta garcias a good get.
5 out of 5
very pleased
These along with the other cigars I ordered were a hit at my wedding.
5 out of 5
A good smoke
These are perfect for a quick smoke when time is short. Also great for a party as you can leave the box on a table and allow guests to help themselves.
4 out of 5
Just okay...
After smoking Aurora Principes Vanilla cigars, which I really like by the way, these supposedly 'irish Cream" cigarillos were lacking in flavor. They tasted a bit harsh, were hot smoking, and more like a cigarette than a cigar. I will say that they do produce a lot of smoke, which I like, and while they are obviously targeted towards having a 'quick smoke' in lieu of a true cigar, they just didn't taste good to me. Not something I would buy again.
5 out of 5
great lil smokes
At a great price
5 out of 5
4 out of 5
Perfect for a quick smoke
These are perfect for a quick smoke. It burns hot towards the end but it was expected. Will buy them again
3 out of 5
a five minute cigar.
5 out of 5
Good Little Smoke
I like these and use them for when i am out or dont have enough time for a big one.
5 out of 5
These are a real treat,
These are a real treat, they smoke very well and even. A little hot at the end but not bad. Puts out lots of smoke and they last 10 - 15 min.
5 out of 5
love em!
A very nice little smoke, when ya don't have time for something more. A very nice flavor, that is consistent all the way through. I will definitely buy more when needed.
3 out of 5
A bit sweet
Although a bit sweet for my taste, my wife liked them. Burn a bit hot at the end, I guess I need to go for something a bit longer.
5 out of 5
Enjoy able strong 5min smoke
Great with Coffiee & addictive get the 150 count you will thank me later. Great little puff
4 out of 5
Subtle But Enjoyable
These little senoritas are a mild 10-15 minute smoke with a subtle hint of Irish Cream. I was worried that they would be overpoweringly flavored, but they weren't. Very Enjoyable!
5 out of 5
A wonderfully smooth flavor for a quick smoke with all of the essence of a quality cigar in a short package
5 out of 5
Alta Gracia Cigarillos
I love these things. Always great to grab one when I'm doing stuff around the house. Great tasting.
4 out of 5
Wonderful little smoke at a great price.
Wonderful little smoke at a great price. Ordered more.
5 out of 5
Fast and smooth
i have been so impressed with the delivery time from CI. The cigars I get are perfect for me and within a reasonable cost to fit my situation.
4 out of 5
I got the Irish Cream senoritas (cigarillos) and although they don't really remind me of Irish Cream, they still have a nice flavor. They are sort of like smoking a big cafe creme cigar. They have a smooth taste and the aroma of the smoke is nice and sweet - and speaking of smoke, they do put out a lot of smoke for you to enjoy. I think these will last for a long time, as since they are so big I will probably only smoke them from time to time. If you're looking for a smoke that lasts a bit longer than regular cigarillos and that smells sweet, you will like these.
3 out of 5
nice little smoke
Small tasty, not very much Irish Cream flavor but a great in between smoke.
Customer Testimonials
Great taste for a little stick. These are not Excaliburs, but for the price they can't be beat.
Great cigar, great value.
Great little cigar; love them.
Just got these in today and they are fantastic. Don't last long at all, but great if your taking a break at work or trying to not stay in the cold too long.
Tasty little gems. Quite smokey, and ten minutes of relaxation!
Great for a quick smoke! I do wish that the Irish Creme would have had a much stronger signature, but not bad. Enjoy!
Bought these Alta Gracias for a smaller cigar smoke and am very pleased with the smoke. Smooth and has a good taste. I bought two boxes and will probably by another when these are gone. Good for smoking while playing golf.
All around a good little cigar.
These little cigars are among my favorite everyday smokes. Great for when you don't have a lot of time.
These are some great smokes! The Maduro Irish Cream Panatellas are the perfect size for a quick and flavorful smoke. The wrapper is a nice dark shade and the flavors are subtle but delicious. They do burn a little hot so you'll want to slowly savor the flavors. Buy these here too because CI's shipping is unreal, standard shipping in two days?!? I'm a loyal customer now!
Fantastic little cigarillo. It pairs well with a coffee dessert and drink. (Irish Cream) is light, and noticeable when stored in my humidor and smoked slowly. Tobacco is mild and smooth. Shipped in a cute little box and the cigars were constructed well, and pre-cut. I recommend highly especially with a drink and dessert!
Very nice! Ordered a second order in hopes for 100 instead of 75.
This was an awesome buy. I have been looking for the cigars that smelled like the ones my uncle smoked for over 5 years now. I would have never took the chance on such a small box. But this is what i have been looking for many years. It brought tears to my eyes when i smelled them. I lost my uncle 20 yrs ago but the smell of his cigars stuck with me. Thank you for the memories.
This is my third or fourth order of these Ireme Cream cigarillos. I will continue buying these as long as they're being made. I really enjoy these tasty little cigarillos. They come in a nice wooden box w/ a latch and each one is unwrapped and pre-cut on both ends, for a hassle-free 5-10 minutes of pure joy. Sometimes I just don't have time for a 45-60 minute cigar and these are perfect for grilling or working on something in the garage or a quick smoke outside when it's too cold for a cigar. Definitely recommend trying a box of these.
not at all what I was expecting. I could not stand the flavor, but my neighbor likes them. I guess you get what you pay for.
Not too bad. Obviously, one does not expect a nuance of flavors from such a little guy. The fragrance of the smoke is awesome. It reminds me of cherry pipe tobacco. It's good for about 10 minutes, so I carry one with me for when I'm helping to close the ski slopes at night. It's cold enough that people don't know you're enjoying a smoke because it just looks like steam coming from your mouth. One must know how to play the game. ;-)
nice tweener smoke
Took a chance. I was hopeful that these were not "harsh" as with all other cigarillos I have tried; nope. The guy I gave them to, loved them though. I think I am not a cigarillo kind of guy.
Guess I was expecting a flavorful Irish cream flavor. Not much of that flavor. It's still a good cigar for a quick smoke and the price was right.
A great little cigar! Out of the 30 or so that I've smoked I only had one that didn't burn like a top notch cigar. Highly recommended for that quick good smoke....Gonna give the Naturals a try on my next order.
Great, easy smoke.
I like these little sticks. I was looking for something to have at work when I can't make an hour commitment to a smoke. These fit the bill nicely, I bought the Irish Creme, I just ordered 2 more boxes.
I tired these before and they are pretty good for a little smoke, only smoked the Irish Cream haven't tried the rest.
I love the flavor.
They're a great little smoke, it just wasn't enough for me, because my son was smoking more than I was. I will order more for me.
Good smoke for breaks. Burns hot near the end but nice for the price.
Don't let the size fool you - these are tasty little cigars! The naturals have a real tobacco flavor and good body for such a small cigarillo. Can't wait to try the Irish Creme.
Good little tastey suckers that you dont have to devote an hour to smoke. If you are looking for something that tastes good and dont want to spend a lot of money, get a box of these.
My wife loves these cigars they are mild and natural tasting
These are ok smokes. Even though CI listed their size, I was still surprised at just how small they really are. The box of 50 fits in my hand. They have a nice creamy taste the first few draws but you have to take small ones because they burn hot. After that they get ashy. These cigarrillos create a lot of smoke for such a small cigar which I found to be a plus. Burn in about 15 mins or less. Good for short drives but don't expect a lot.
Decent enough for the price, the photos are generous to the quality of course. Some of these have a really tight draw but that is to be expected. Sadly, on my most recent shipment of these, the box and goods were cracked/damaged. I most likely will not be ordering these from CI again.
I actually got a free 50/bx (Irish Creme) of these with an order about a month and a half ago. I really enjoy these little things. They are a great "taster" for when you do not have the time to sit down and smoke for an hour, taste great, burn evenly, and do not have a bad aroma. With the price, I would recomend giving these things a try for anybody that enjoys a quick smoke every now and then or is on the go and doesn't always have time to smoke a full size. Good smoke!! Thanks for the free gift CI
got a box of these as well as a box of the erin go bragh and honestly i love them. if your a cigarette smoker switching over or just looking to smoke a quick little cigar here and there these are great. burn pretty well sometimes a little funny and get pretty stout at the end but i will be buying more with the next order.
I bought a box of these in the Irish Cream along with a box of Erin Go Braugh Irish Creams. Both are in the same type of box and taste great. If you don't have an hour for a good cigar like me and you have to work for living then here you go. These are much better then a Black n Mild anyday of the week. The taste is great and will burn for a good 10 minute break. Non-smokers appear to like the smell of the Irish Creams which is a plus living with a non-smoking wife.
A lot free stuff is not worth the price. These are different little smokes that will do in a pinch. They will get you by when you need a quick smoke. I often find myself short on time and these come in handy.
Not bad, especially for the price (free with order...). Small enough to smoke in a few minutes, no need for cutters, etc. Nice flavor
they were ok, they really werent my cup of tea. I gave them to my dad and he loved them.
Compared to the other counter-product I have ordered online - Erin Go Bragh - Alta Gracia clearly triumphs over the Erin Go Bragh in terms of easily savorable taste (w/o having it to acquire it over time w/ Erin Go Bragh?); & quick smoke convenience. I wud DEF recommend everyone try the Irish Creme just once; take my word; you will never be disappointed.
Just got these in today, a little smaller than I thought. Lit one up and was pleased by the taste, both the natural, and the Irish cream. Will make for a nice little smoke snack.

Alta Gracia Natural Cigarillo

Commitment is a challenging part of life. For me, this whole notion of committing to one thing means a painful, unappealing obligation which commonly ends with dejection and despair. Perhaps I am off-base with this whole idea of commitment. Maybe commitment is a virtuous trait that should be revered. Having said this, I’m just not into it.

Anyway, I’ve grown quite a reputation here in the retail division for being a connoisseur, aficionado, maestro and all around master of the miniscule entities known as “cigarillos”. The aforementioned “cigarillo”, or “little cigar” in Laymen’s terms, burns easy and goes down fast.

Having worked in every single retail store CI has to offer, whenever a store employee sees Brock walking through the doors on an off-day, they immediately conceal the display racks which respectively present the cigarillos out of fear of running out. Whether it’s a natural wrapper, maduro, flavored cigar or simply dirt cheap, I am willing to smoke any and all cigarillos placed in front of me. I love them so much!

I recently realized something about myself and the type of cigars I like. I’m typically a corona and/or robusto smoker with a heavy emphasis on cigarillos. This makes complete sense now! A little cigar such as the Alta Gracia is a tasty, satisfying morsel of tobacco which literally consumes a maximum of FIVE (5) minutes of my time! Little commitment! I am cigarillos. Cigarillos are me. We are intertwined in the forces of life, thus, producing a beautiful union of two entities!

While the Alta Gracia is offered in either Natural or Maduro, along with being featured in three (3) distinctive sizes (all of which I have smoked), it should be no surprise to you that the size I’m choosing to smoke in droves and review today is the cigarillo.

The Alta Gracia Natural Cigarillo is a small cigar which has roughly the width of a pencil and the length of a…um, golf pencil. The size is 3.1” x 23 if that helps.

In copious boxes of fifty (50) little cigars, you can basically fit an entire roll of them in your hand with ease. If you’re one of those weirdos who like to stick the entire foot of the cigar up your nose before lighting them, you may want to reconsider this practice with the Alta Gracia. It’s too thin and you will have a high probability of getting it lodged in your nasal cavity. On second thought, go for it. Upon lighting this delightful treat, you will notice how smooth and mild it is right away. Flavor-wise, I’m getting hints of tasty, natural mild tobacco.

In the middle third of this cigar, the Alta Gracia Natural is holding the same flavor but is burning slightly hotter due to its size.

When this little guy gets down the nub, it burns hot as hell. Having said the aforementioned, I love these things so much that I literally smoke them down to my fingers, reluctant to put it down.

Just like Christmas, the cold weather is coming. Invest in some of these scrumptious little sticks if find yourself smoking outside often. 

Listen, I’m not going to write an elaborate review for an inexpensive, value-brand cigarillo describing it with industry buzzword descriptors such as coffee, nuts, almonds, vegetal and whatever else the literary masters have to say these days. It’s small, quick, mild, tastes like tobacco and only occupies roughly 5 minutes of your time. More importantly, it’s damn good and damn cheap.

Expert thought of the day: Don’t you love when a “good Samaritan” does an unseen good deed, then proceeds to tell EVERYONE they know? These fake philanthropists slay me!