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Arganese Nicaraguan Habano

Note: Arganese has undergone a packing change. The new packaging is set to arrive soon, so I'm offering up a rare chance for you to grab the old stuff at a serious discount. Supplies are very limited.

Full-flavored beauties, massively discounted.

Arganese is not a household name....probably not even in the Arganese household. But it certainly will be after this massively discounted offer! Tasty, well-made, and flavorful handmades starting at just 30 bucks per bundle!

Arganese Nicaraguan Habano incorporates a dark-brown Habano wrapper from Nicaragua and a bold Cuban-seed long-filler blend to deliver a dense tobacco core supported by subtle notes of leather and a long, semi-sweet and peppery finish.

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Robusto (5.0"x50)BDL OF 20 Out of Stock $108.50$22.03    
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Customer Reviews of “Arganese Nicaraguan Habano”
I can not believe this is a Nicaraguan! I usually can't handle Nicaraguans! I have never tasted anything like this before! SMOOTH to the draw....Without any bite and with the incredible price tag! Can't beat this deal anywhere! WOWWWZAA!
AC of Los Angeles, CA
The first bundle of these sticks were GREAT!!! But my last two bundles have not been so good. Very harsh and bitter tasting. I'm going to let the bundle I have left take a LONG nap and HOPE they get better.
CC of Petersburg, VA
cigars intl has done it again with a fantastic bargain for those looking for an everyday stick. I'm one that has expensive cigars in my humidor but I need one for everyday cause i have my weekend sticks and my birthday sticks and a collection of don pepins. After months and months of smoking and looking for an everyday stick i finally found it- please dont let the price fool you. These sticks are really really good,if you have collection of really good sticks and dont want to waste them try these, they're that good.
FA of Brooklyn, NY
Upscale everyday cigar for a blue-light-special price. Straightforward cigar with a tobacco taste predominating and a little pepper on the back end. It's fine if you all don't hurry up and buy this cigar. There will be more for me.
DC of Augusta, GA
This is not a sub-$2 cigar. Period. Plenty rich, complex enough to stay interesting. Test it on your friends (they'll likely not have heard of Arganese) and I'll bet they peg this as a $4-5 stick.
SR of Tampa, FL
I just recently smoked one of these in a sampler pack my daughter-in-law gave me for Christmas. It was a Churchill and I have to say it was a wonderful smoke and lasted a very long time. I went to the Cigar shop to buy some more, but when i asked the guy that run the place what just one would cost, he replied, '' i get about $9.00 each for these. I almost fainted when he told me that!!!!!!! i didn't tell this rip-off artist that i can get these same great cigars from CI for about $1.50 each, i just got out of that place as quickly as i could. I would be willing to bet he will be out of business pretty soon. That made me appreciate Cigars International that much more!!
JP of Whitesburg, GA
I pulled the trigger on the Arganese Nicaraguan torpedo completely on impulse, after receiving a CI email special. At this price point, this stogie is an unbelievable deal - top sirloin for the cup-o-noodles budget. The construction is solid and each stick is filled to the brim, but with an effortless draw that billows thick plumes of smoke. There is significant flavor from the start - spice and oak with a long, peppery finish. After the first 1/3 it mellows significantly, delivering a smooth flavor profile of leather and oak, but maintains that long, peppery finish. It's not harsh at all, just enough to keep things interesting. Towards the last 2 inches that original strength and spice returns to deliver a one-two combo to the taste buds. I was impressed at the complexity of this cigar given CI's meager asking price. This is one blend I'll definitely buy again.
BC of Portsmouth, VA
Great value here. Got the torps and have been very impressed. Give it a try if you are a fan of a medium-heavy nic. Thanks for another great bargain CI!
MW of Fort Worth, TX
I have had some problems with the wrapper flaking off, but for the most part these have been good. They are very flavorful and seem to burn evenly. The only problem is that about one in three seems that the wrapper wants to crack and start flaking off.
PB of Deland, FL
On my second bundle of these. Every one has burned nearly perfectly. A fairly firm draw, but I like that. Lots of flavor. Last night I smoked one of these followed by an Oliva Series G and liked this just as much as the Oliva at at least 4 times the price.
PB of Deland, FL
Smoked about 5 of these now. Good, rich flavor similar to the La Aurora Cameroons I have been smoking lately. The burn has always been even, but two of the wrappers have cracked about halfway down. This may be that they are sensitive to the extreme humidity as these have been smoked late in the afternoon on an outdoor smoker's porch at a sports pub. You can imagine what the humidity in Florida in July late in the day would be. I have certainly had wrappers crack worse than this. I was able to finish smoking them with just a little care. Good cigars for the money and I will buy again.
PB of Deland, FL
I would like to thank FA of Brooklyn, who sounds just like me. I too have a collection of good cigars, including a prized selection of Don Pepins, and have been looking for a good cheap everyday gar. I got a bundle of Arganese Nicarauguan toro today and smoked one right off the truck. Nicely packed, nice draw, good straight burn, and though it started a little mild it built to a nice full spicy flavor at the end. A very good cigar at these prices. I will definitelty be ordering more of these and also will try the maduro. For the money this cigar can't be beat!
GM of Belchertown, MA
This is one of those rare "cheap but you probably would never know it" cigars. Rarely has any cheap cigar problems, and flavor is on par with sticks costing three times as much. They really shine with a couple months rest! Maybe not the type of cigar you bring to a herf, but is definitely one of the better "everyday cigars" out there.
MG of Columbus, OH
I have been buying this cigar for a long time & I was disapointed with the last bundle the wrapper would roll off after you unwrapped it.This also happen to the last bundle of samples I brough. I was very pleased untill now. Jack
JW of Glendale, AZ
I have bought 1200 or so and smoked them all since they first appeared on ci I can tell you the ins and outs. I use them as my everyday sometimes twice a day sticks and they are great for that the wrapper is thin and does not take to improper care the draw is sometimes inconsistent but I have smoked about every cigar (thousands) made and I have never found a better cigar at this price the way I figure is if I get one or two with a bad draw or that are under filler I can throw them away and still have 18 cigars that should cost 5 dollars piece great flavour great med to full cigar never to heavy never to light
These cigars are quite nice. Nice burn, smoke, taste, and great price. I've had the Arganese maduros and I liked them. I've had an Arganese connecticut and liked it. I just ordered a bundle of them. All three of these Arganese cigars are now my go to(s). I probably won't order anything else (on my budget), anymore. Grant's blended Scotch whiskey is my go to scotch - great taste and price. That scotch and these cigars leave me in a nice place without breaking my bank! Thanks CI!
I received 5 or so from my brother. He hyped it up so well, telling me it was an absolute steal. I couldn't wait to light one up as soon as the Postman delivered it. I put it in my mouth and I thought I had eaten a cat turd. I immediately called my brother to tell him he had problems if he liked those. Instead he just broke out laughing. These were so bad I threw them straight in the trash....
BS of Chino Hills, CA
Got one of these guys in a CI brown bag sampler. Looked very well constructed, had a nice aroma and burned nice and even. It started fairly mildly, which I was surprised about to he honest and finished with a decent spice that turned a little bitter at the end. My only issue with this stick is that it didn't seem to have alot of smoke with each draw and that's something I enjoy. All in all a good smoke, glad to have had it. Will probably grab a 5pk next time I seem 'em on sale.
MR of Versailles, OH
Man, these are some smooth tasting cigars! I made a deal and got a great price. All you need is a Captain and coke and you are set for a fantastic experience! Thanks you Cigar International!
JB of Spring City, PA
This is a great cigar! Well built, even slow burning, great mix of earth and spice flavors. A definite "keep in stock" cigar! Thanks