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Arganese Maduro

Note: Arganese has undergone a packaging change. The new packaging is set to arrive soon, so I'm offering up a rare chance for you to grab the old stuff at a serious discount. Supplies are very limited.

Maduro lovelies for pennies!

Arganese is not a household name....probably not even in the Arganese household. But it certainly will be after this massively discounted offer! Tasty, well-made, and flavorful handmades starting at just 30 bucks per bundle!

Arganese Maduro utilizes a well-aged blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers paired with a dark, oily broadleaf maduro wrapper to deliver a medium-bodied array of coffee and dark chocolate flavors complemented by a naturally sweet finish. Dee-lish!

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Customer Reviews of “Arganese Maduro”
Here's an update to my first comment about these cigars. My first comment was that they tasted okay, earthy, hints of chocolate and coffee. Bit the draw was awful. Well, after a few days in my humidor, the draw hadn't improved much. So, I let a couple of them dry out a couple of days. Wa-la, the draw is good now. They're tasting even better. I'm enjoying them now. I'd probably order them again.
MG of Cherry Hill, NJ
I was pleasently suprised by this smoke, Burned great, nice draw, tons of smoke and nice maduro flavor. Love it when Im not expecting much from a cigar and I find myself wishing I had another. Picked this one up in a sampler. Will have to keep an eye out for these, not bad, not bad t all.
RR of Spokane, WA
I probably shouldn't do this, because they will run out, or raise the price. One person said they didn't care much for these. I too, originally bought for mooch cigars for our annual golf trip to Vegas. I figured I would have one after a particularly nice cigar, to make the "good ones" last the week. I was really quite pleased with the cigar. I smoked it down to the nub. Don't get me wrong, it's not the greatest thing I have ever smoked, but it is better than a lot I paid 5x more for. It is a pretty good smoke. The description is pretty close. It's mellow, and has notes of chocolate. I would give it a realistic mid 80s rating. I am ordering more. The ones I gave to friends got a good feedback too. I am ordering some for them as well. I hope this helps.
RS of Boise, ID
Great tasting everyday cigar still available at low prices. Don't be misled by pseudo expert reviewers who find things wrong with inexpensive smokes. This maduro competes with some of the best in virtually every aspect of cigar Quality. The price just makes you stupid not to try them.
PP of Denville, NJ
I bought this cigar about 1 month ago and finally smoked my first one today. I have to say that it was a good smoke. For this price I will buy again. Excellent draw, great smoke, and decent flavors.
AR of Irvine, CA
It will do if you need a nicotine fix but is certainly not a memorable smoke. Out of a box, I can't think of a single cigar that hit me. These would be good for working in your yard, on your car or if you have cigar mooching buddies.
LZ of Gainesville, GA
Very few bundle cigars are not a disappointment, and being naturally thrifty I've tried a bunch. I'm on my fifth bundle of Arganese Maduro and I've only had a couple of duds. Most are very pleasant smokes with good draw and burn. Not the most complex flavors but you do get the chocolate and coffee of a maduro and for the price its a good everyday smoke.
JS of Cornelius, NC
No disappointments after two. Great burn,excellent draw, hints of dark chocolate still can't believe I got a bundle of these for $25. thanks CI!
RG of Hudson Falls, NY
I have to say i was very pleased with these great Maduro cigars. A good even burn, great draw and nice chocolate and coffee aroma. The aroma made me think of the way the house smells when we bake chocolate brownies. I will most certainly buy these again, and soon!!
JP of Whitesburg, GA
I've been wanting to try these for a while now, low and behold, Santa must have known because I got a mazo for Christmas. Just finished my 1st one and have to's a darn good smoke. Held an awesome ash and had great smoke. Glad I was finally able to try these and will probably be buying more in the future. Incase it helps, I usually smoke Cuba Libre Ones, while this smoke isn't a C.L.O it's definitely nice, don't think too many would be disappointed if they bought some.
JK of Cape Coral, FL
The Arganese Maduro is a fantastic maduro with a ridonkulous CI price tag. Construction is firm and consistent, with an easy draw that billows huge plumes of smoke. I've been through a box and a half and haven't wound up with a dud yet. It has the flavor profile typically found in a Dominican maduro, and gives off an aroma so intoxicating they should bottle it and sell it as a cologne. I've given up buying a couple of pricier brands because to me, the Arganese is a much better bargain without a "bargain taste." Arganese has become a staple in my humidor.
BC of Portsmouth, VA
Nice Cigar! Smoooooth, Creamy, Chocolate with hints of coffee and leather. This has medium strength gem is my new morning cigar and is a lot more exciting than the Connecticut wrapped ones I used to smoke in the morning!
DL of San Diego, CA
I am not a Maduro cigar smoker, but these have changed my mind. bought a bundle of 20 awhile back because a good friend recommended them. I still trust him. They are a great smoke, good ash and good from the first draw to the nub. I will be buying these again...You should too.
DO of Davenport, IA
My barber started me on this smoke. He then ran out and it took me a while to find them again and I'm glad I did as this has become one of my go to smokes when I hang out or introduce a new cigar smoker to the pleasures since it is an easy, light smoke.
WB of Leesburg, VA
I agree and disagree with some of the comments. #1, the burn is almost perfect. The roll is tight and firm. The cigar is however on the full side of the spectrum. Yes, hints of chocolate and pretty earthy. All in all its a winner.
NT of Nolensville, TN
When I bought these they came a little dry but met my expectations. A few days in my humidor and the next one was amazing. I can't believe this is a buck and a half cigar. You can't beat this cigar for the price. And CI's customer service was fantastic to say the least. People willing to talk to you about your purchase, with little to no time on hold. That kind of service has earned them another lifelong customer. Long live the Arganese Maduro on
DJ of Hoboken, GA
soooo worth the skrilla!!!!!I like my gurkhas and toranos but ill tell ya this cigar is very nice.def. gonna keep in my humi I recommend this to anyone if you are a maduro smoker and like that spice of good nicaraguan tabacco.
RC of Fulton, NY
I had actually forgotten about these. I was smoking them pretty regularly about a year ago then just wandered off to try some other "budget" sticks. Got a Maduro Toro in a sampler and it was a true V-8 moment! I promptly ordered a bundle. Great flavor: kind of earthy with a definite kick of spice to start out. About an inch in, it just becomes smooth and mellow. Almost always an even burn and a pretty easy draw with a nice amount of rich smoke. I've yet to have a wrapper problem with these although it does help for the RH to be back in the 60% range. I actually have 74% in my humidor. No lie, for a while I thought I was going to have to giv'em up because I could not get above 41%. I've run into one or two that are about as close as I can approximate trying to draw smoke through a brick and I have had one tunnel a bit. But for what, buck and a half a stick, screw it I'll take the loss. These smoke like a much more pricey cigar but they're definitely cheap enough to burn a couple a day! I highly recommend you give these a try if you haven't already.
Im a fairly new cigar smoker. Im still sampling different varieties to find "my cigar." I know I like the maduros. In the meantime, I keep coming back to this as my go to, everyday smoke. I dont know if you pay more for names or reputation in this industry, but what I do know is that I really enjoy this cigar, regardless of the cheaper price tag. In the end, this might be what I had been looking for all along. We'll see.
RZ of Barto, PA
Ok, I'm probably going to regret this but I'm gonna let ya'll in on a little secret...if you like La Perla Habana's "Black Pearl" Original, then save yourself half the cost and buy this smoke!! I originally got a few of these in CI's Maduro Madness Torpedo Sampler (it's no longer offered which is a shame). The sampler included four different brands but included both the Black Pearl and Arganese. Man, it's hard to tell them apart by their flavor, construction, and burn. In a blind taste test I bet you couldn't tell them apart. However, you sure can tell the difference in cost!! This is a fantastic, consistent, smoke packed full of flavor and an even burn that you would expect from a "Top Shelf" brand. For the price, you can't go wrong!! This gem will be a regular in my humidor as long as CI keeps em' stocked!!
TH of Gulfport, MS
Not that great, but not that bad either. Middle of the road smoke. The construction was solid and held together well, but was my first cigar to ever go out on me. I've had this sitting around 70% humidity for almost 2 months in my humidor before lighting it up. I wouldn't pass on it if it were free, but would most likely not go out of my way to purchase another.
SC of Pflugerville, TX
I read the reviews and thought what the heck...sounds decent for an inexpensive stick...gave one to a friend and he smoked it down to the nub... thought he would burn his nose...! Burns great with lots of smoke and the taste is pretty decent...I will buy these again.
DE of Gibbsboro, NJ
Overall I can say that I am pleased with this cigar, especially considering the price. It is well constructed, burns consistent most of the time and has good flavor. Just don't make the mistake of smoking your premium cigar BEFORE smoking this one.
MM of Sugar Land, TX
A pleasant surprise, I received one of these in a brown bag sampler I ordered on a whim and it did not disappoint! The draw is consistent and clean, it carries a blend of chocolate and light coffee flavor, and pairs wonderfully with the Pumking Imperial Pumpkin ale I'm sipping. Would definitely order these on their own when the humi starts to run low again.
BH of Lorain, OH
Much, much better than expected! Recieved one in a sampler & was skeptical. It's sat about a month in the humi & besides being a little fragile when cutting (seemed dry), it burned perfectly & had a good draw. Draw was a little tough @ 1st but impoved quickly. Good taste that is far above its price. Hints of earthly taste but I didn't notice the chocolate others have mentioned. I would DEFINITELY recommend it, especially @ this price.
TR of Garden City, MI
This will sound like a contradiction, but this is a great, cheap cigar.
Not a bad stick, especially for the price. Complex, woody, and chocolate flavors, medium body with little strength. Good as a second stick of the evening or for non-cigar smoking buddies who don't want to waste a more expensive stick.
AW of Munhall, PA
Am very impressed with these, great smoke. Nice smooth flavor good to the last nub. Good and proud to share with friends and family. Thank you. Your deals are great and never disappoint.
KF of North Richland hills, TX
Very toasty throughout and spicy in the middle. These are very enjoyable despite it's short size and are excellent down to the nub.
BC of Warren, OH
GREAT every day cigar. Cutting grass or a beer and the game. I really like it.
DF of Clearwater, FL
Good flavor and burn, nice change of pace.
DD of Reddick, IL
These sticks wee a pleasant surprise. Great construction and burn. Very nice flavors. Big Thumbs up.
MS of Columbus, OH