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Drew Estate Natural

It's Cigars International's 20th Anniversary! Help us celebrate, and enjoy $20 OFF our already low Natural prices. Discount is automatically reflected below on boxes of 18-count or higher. 


The Natural cigar line by Drew Estate is a cigar you have to try. Each is handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua with a host of different gourmet long-leaf tobaccos from Syria, Haiti, Turkey, Dominican Republic and St. James Parish. Exceptional draw leading to incomparable flavor. These cigars impart a unique, distinctive taste which you won’t find anywhere else.

Each size in the line is a different blend and therefore offers a very distinct flavor profile. Below is a quick summary of each different size:

Natural By Drew Estate:

Big Jucy: an extra-big, extra-juicy, Jucy Lucy
Clean Robusto: 
naturally sweet and rich
Dark Angel: 
a chunky torpedo with a rich, sweet, and complex medium-full flavor.
black as night; delicately seasoned; hints of mocha
Dirt Torpedo: 
a bigger, dirtier version of the Dirt in a Torpedo size
medium to full with superior balance in richness and sweetness
an intriguing flavor, aroma, and rabbit-in-a-snake appearance
Jucy Lucy: 
Cameroon wrapper; small size; hint of caramel, smooth
Ltd. Irish Hops: 
dark, rich, creamy, with a sweet finish; complex and medium in body.
Ltd. Pimp Stick: Cameroon wrapper; medium-bodied, major flavor; exotic blend; rich, smooth, subtle
Medusa: a funky culebra offering 3 rich, mocha-filled cigars in one.
a 7"x44 lonsdale version of Dirt. Natural Dirt Blend.
mocha cappuccino taste; hearty flavors
Root Deluxe: 
a 6"x50 version of the Root that comes individually tubed
Shorty: dark, slightly sweet, and rich. Hints of mocha and chocolate.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
"NDB" (Lancero/Panatela) (7.0"x44) Sale
BOX OF 24 Backordered $187.14 $125.97
"NDB" (Lancero/Panatela) (7.0"x44)
5-PACK Backordered $38.00 $32.00
Big Dirt Torpedo (5.0"x52) Sale
BOX OF 24 Backordered $175.74 $117.08
Big Dirt Torpedo (5.0"x52)
5-PACK In Stock $30.00
Big Jucy (Corona) (5.0"x46) Sale
BOX OF 24 Backordered $158.34 $103.51
Big Jucy (Corona) (5.0"x46)
5-PACK Backordered $27.00
Clean Robusto (5.0"x51) Sale
BOX OF 24 Backordered $188.10 $126.72
Clean Robusto (5.0"x51)
5-PACK Backordered $32.00
Dirt (Corona) (4.0"x43) Sale
BOX OF 24 Backordered $139.14 $88.53
Dirt (Corona) (4.0"x43)
5-PACK In Stock $23.50
BOX OF 1 In Stock $20.60 $16.07
BOX OF 1 In Stock $20.60 $16.07
English (Toro) (6.0"x52) Sale
BOX OF 24 Backordered $194.34 $131.59
English (Toro) (6.0"x52)
5-PACK Backordered $39.00 $33.00
Jucy Lucy (Cigarillos) (3.0"x38)
BOX OF 40 Backordered $171.90 $114.08
Jucy Lucy (Cigarillos) (3.0"x38)
5-PACK Backordered $17.50
Ltd. Irish Hops (Toro) (6.0"x52) Sale
BOX OF 24 Backordered $204.00 $99.99
Ltd. Irish Hops (Toro) (6.0"x52)
5-PACK Backordered $42.50 $30.00
Ltd. Pimp Sticks (Perfecto) (6.0"x52) Sale
BOX OF 24 In Stock $204.00 $99.99
Ltd. Pimp Sticks (perfecto) (6.0"x52)
5-PACK In Stock $30.00
Root (Robusto) (5.0"x55) Sale
BOX OF 24 Backordered $196.74 $133.46
Root (Robusto) (5.0"x55)
5-PACK In Stock $33.50
Root Deluxe Tubos (Toro) (6.0"x50)
BOX OF 10 Backordered $109.97 $85.78
Shorty (Robusto) (4.5"x50)
BOX OF 10 Out of Stock $80.00 $39.88    
Shorty (Robusto) (4.5"x50)
5-PACK Out of Stock $36.00    
Overall Rating 4.74 out of 5 Based on 87 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Drew Estate Natural”

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5 Star
4 out of 5
4 Star
3 out of 5
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5 out of 5
CI is a great place to do all of my cigar purchases! Great prices and unbelievable deals! Keep up the great work!
4 out of 5
Slightly bitter.
A bit more bitter than what I remember them as.
4 out of 5
Natural Drew Estate Clean Robusto
Very nice cigar. exceptional draw good burn rate and very nice sweet (not flavor sweet like vanilla or anything) just a nice sweet draw right through the end. Naturally rich and sweet is a good characteristic of this cigar. IMHO worth the 5 pack buy. I also like the Dirt Torpedo in this series.
3 out of 5
Good not great
This is a good cigar with chocolate and coffee notes. I wanted something a little sweeter. I like to switch between medium to full cigars with somethiing sweet.
3 out of 5
Too sweet and too smoky: Burns and smells like an incense stick. Finally evens out to a smooth, earthy smoke halfway through. Mixed bag.
5 out of 5
Drew Review
Very pleasant flavors. ..well crafted from beginning to end. .very smooth ..aromatic
5 out of 5
Nice, sweet smoke.
2 out of 5
Thought I would enjoy these
Thought I would enjoy these as I like most of the natural line...probably my least favorite stick with the dirt
5 out of 5
I found these in a sampler I purchased recently and now I am hooked! Great cigar all the way to the end!
3 out of 5
Decent stick
I actually ordered these hoping for some hint of the same sweetness of the Dirt but was disappointed. It is still a fairly smooth cigar but just not my taste.
1 out of 5
I have always had good luck with Drew Estate. Not this time. The NDB's I ordered were sub-standard. The wrappers cracked and fell apart, the cigars were mushy as if they were poorly rolled and they would not stay lit probably because they were so loosely rolled. I will not buy this model again.
5 out of 5
Good service
Whenever I place an order I find that it is filled correctly and arrives on time. I am very pleased with CI.
5 out of 5
A great smoke
I love these cigars when I am feeling like something with a full but sweet flavor. They pair great with coffee. Lots of smoke, easy pull and always well made.
5 out of 5
Love This Cigar
Great taste at a great price. Consistently made and hasn't canoed on my yet.
5 out of 5
Solid Smoke
Once again, Drew Estate never disappoints. Quality.
5 out of 5
Will order again, as a
Will order again, as a matter of fact, NOW is a good tome
5 out of 5
One of the best stogies out there. My favorites!
5 out of 5
my favorite
This is a great cigar and a my friends love it
5 out of 5
Class,class total class
Excellent people on the phones easy to order to order on line products always fresh and quick delivery and easy to track customer forever
5 out of 5
Big juicy
Mild & smooth and my favorite !!!
5 out of 5
drew estate
You can't go wrong with drew estate. Pretty much anything they come out with is pretty dang good. Worth the money and then some
5 out of 5
fine smoke
This is a great cigar. It does smooth ask the way down and maintains the hint of sweetness throughout.
5 out of 5
Drew estate clean robusto
1 of my favorites
5 out of 5
Smooth sailing
Best little sweet tipped cigar on the market. Love the little guys.
5 out of 5
Easy day
Shipping is very timely. Good quality for the money.
5 out of 5
Drew Estate Natural Dirt
Great cigar if your looking for something different. Even my wove smokes them!!
5 out of 5
Big Dirt Torpedo
My first 5 star rating. Like all Drew Estate cigars, the draw and burn is even and consistent! Mdaybe a little sweet for some smokers, but I like it. Very complex flavor with some earth, leather,nuts and berries and some flavors yet to be identified. Right up there with Irish Hops, but better. Highly recommended!
5 out of 5
Phenomenal Cigar
Drew Estates sets the bar high with the Dirt torpedo for flavored cigars. Very hard to beat.
5 out of 5
always one of my favorites.
always one of my favorites. never fails to please. Flavorful and relaxing
4 out of 5
Thomas Hilliard
Drew Estate Natural Ltd. Irish Hops are one of the best cigars I have ever smoked
5 out of 5
Favorite For Sure
This is a gentle but wonderful cigar.
5 out of 5
Good on shipping and got what I wanted!
5 out of 5
Keeping the wife happy!
I do enjoy the Natural line on occasion, but I prefer the more traditional cigars for the most part. On the other hand my wife really enjoys these cigars over the more sweet flavoured cigars and when she wants cigars, that means I get cigars too! It's a win win for everybody.
5 out of 5
Absolutely love these things. If you havent tried these yet please do so!!
5 out of 5
As usual with Drew Estate, beautifully made, and very tasty, and they would be tasty even if the tips weren't delightfully sweetened as they are.
5 out of 5
Awesome cigars! I smoke the big juicy when I'm just relaxing and the juicy Lucy when I'm on the go!
4 out of 5
Drew Estates Natural Irish Hops
Like all the Drew Estates products I've sampled, the construction is consistent with a nice draw and even burn. The cigar is sweet with the essence of leather and spice. Not too strong and an overall pleasurable smoke.
5 out of 5
Perfect addition to any humidor
I was introduced to this little gem as part of a brown bag sampler, and have since added it to my list of favorites. It smells amazing from the torch, and lights easily. The cap is a little sweet at first but mellows out quickly. It produces great clouds of smoke, and there are essences of coffee and mocha throughout, with a bit of spice at the finish. I will smoke these down to the nub each time and everyone I share them with becomes a fan. Definitely my "go-to" cigar.
5 out of 5
I've been looking for a mild cigar for sometime that everyone can enjoy and I haven't had any complaints even from the serious cigar smoker!
5 out of 5
Great Smoke
I love the Drew Estates Natural Ltd. Irish Hops. It is a slow burning cigar that stays smooth from start to finish. I have shared these with friends and they all love them.
5 out of 5
Natural big dirt torpedo
It's a good cigar has a little sweet tast . Must have
5 out of 5
Drew estates natural dirt
I enjoyed it and recommend it for it's pleasant flavor. Great experience.
5 out of 5
Great Smoke
This is a excellent cigar.
5 out of 5
Love you guys
8 years later, still prompt with great customer service!
5 out of 5
Awesome Smoke
Big juicy is my favorite!
5 out of 5
I've had nothing but good
I've had nothing but good experiences on all of my orders from CI!
4 out of 5
These are nice shorts dudes, the sweetened tip can be a little much but as it wears off its good I always keep a few
5 out of 5
Ken Kissling
Great cigars!!
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
Great cigar in a small size.
5 out of 5
Irish Hops Excellent Cigar
A nice hint of flavor with a sweetened cap, excellent 1 hour cigar. This is my favorite of all the Natural I burn a box of these a month.
5 out of 5
Gotta love the Dirt
Been smoking the Dirt Torpedo for years, perfect cigar for the golf course or just a mid-day burn with your favorite brew. The cigar has the perfect amount of sweetness while packing enough strength & flavor to satisfy a more sophisticated pallet. I even carry a few with me for my brother-in-law, who is not a big cigar smoker, but loves the Dirt. I really do absolutely love this cigar, I just wish Drew Estate would make it with another inch added to the end!!!
5 out of 5
fast delivery
it is a pleasure to relax and enjoy a mile Jucy Lucy. Just the right size when taking a break in a busy schedule.
5 out of 5
good dirt !
the Dirt is so good , just wish they didn't cost so much
2 out of 5
this last packs of cigars did not have the lasting flavor that the others had,i was very disappointed with them,might have to change my selection
5 out of 5
love them
great smoke, sweet, smooth and about halfway you get a good spice flavoro. of the sweet capped cigars this is the best i have ever had
5 out of 5
Dirt torpedo
Probably my favorite cigars of the Drew Estate line of cigars, and I like a lot of them. Very smooth the whole way through.
5 out of 5
Drew Estate's Dirt
Yummy! Big taste and flavor in a little cigar, love em!
5 out of 5
Big juicy
They were awesome! I have since bought a starter humidor sampler pack from yiu guys and I currently have an order shipping in Thursday of some Alec Bradleys. So far you guys are doing an awesome job!
5 out of 5
Great Service
Outstanding Customer Service.
5 out of 5
One taste and you'll be hooked
Bought a five pack of Natural Irish Hops to try, they had such a great flavor and great smoke I had to buy myself a box of 24....Yum you can't go wrong
5 out of 5
One of the only times i chew on "Dirt" and enjoy it..!
I really like the meaty feel of the Big Dirt Torpedo... The long-leaf tobaccos are exceptional as advertised and the flavor is truly distinctive. To me, it's like smoking a pipe but in the form of a long lasting chewy mildly sweet voluptuous cigar...! I always have a handful of them in my humidor.
5 out of 5
Love these!
Love these!
5 out of 5
Great Cigar!
If you like a well made, medium bodied cigar, that produces thick creamy smoke and has a bit of sweetness on the draw end, this is your cigar. These happen to pair well with golf for some odd reason, or just sitting around the pool in the evening with good friends. Even my wife likes the aromatic smoke coming off these sticks. Bonus.
5 out of 5
Can't go wrong
Great smoke, box was very fresh when I broke the seal. Nice even burn. Perfect cigar for a break or after a meal with a drink/
5 out of 5
Oh so good!
What a tasty, smooth and pleasant cigar. Would smoke these again and again.
5 out of 5
Drew Estate Dirt Torpedo
I received my package of Dirt Torpedos from CI , and I absolutely love them , they have a perfect mixture of a slight sweet note , and regular cigar quality , this is always my go too cigar , from now on
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Always Great!
Can't beat the blend of the NDB, Dirt torpedo or English from Drew Estates... No matter how it's shaped, always semi-sweet with mocha and spice overtones.
5 out of 5
Always good prices and service
I will not order from anyone else.
5 out of 5
Get dirty people, you won't regret it.
I haven't had a Drew Estate that I haven't enjoyed but of those I've tried this is hands down my favorite. I can't afford them all the time but I always have a few on hand to celebrate a really good day or to have after a really crummy one to remind myself that there is good in the world ! I love the flavor profile, my only complaint with this cigar is that I occasionally come across one that doesn't burn evenly.
5 out of 5
best selection of cigars
best selection of cigarsi have seen ,plus great prices
5 out of 5
Drew Estate Root is Great !!
Excellent Smoke. Great tasting, burns well. Very enjoyable...
5 out of 5
Get down n dirty boys !
I'm still working my way through the Drew Estate library. But so far this is my favorite. I smoke em to the very end. I haven't had one yet that had a bad draw or didn't burn even and have great flavor. Whats not to love !
5 out of 5
juicy lucy
5 out of 5
Great cigs , at a
Great cigs , at a great price
5 out of 5
Dirt Torpedo!
One of my favorite cigars that's always in my humidor. This medium bodied maduro is tasty and regarded as an excellent smoke when introducing it to others.
5 out of 5
My favorite cigar, burns smooth,
My favorite cigar, burns smooth, great smoke!
5 out of 5
Excellent Choice
Anything Drew Estate, I am new to the International game and in the process of finding my brand. So far anything Drew Estate has my attention.
3 out of 5
Was excited to try this blend in the 'Natural' line by Drew Estate but was disappointed to find that this cigar had a flavored tip. Good for some people, just not my cup of tea.
5 out of 5
Nice stick.
The natural series is a very nice smoke. Like all DE, well made, good looking, and a great smoke. Medium bodied with a good draw. Plenty of smoke and a pleasant aroma. A hint of sweet.
5 out of 5
This is the one boys! I've searched and searched and I have found it. This is by far the best cigar I've ever graced my pallet with. It's perfect in every way! You'll be glad you did but if don't it leaves more for me. That is all.
5 out of 5
Drew Estate Dirt!
What great cigar, I've always enjoy Drew Estates, good start, good finish and nice even burn, great tasting cigars
5 out of 5
Great cigar!
Great cigar!
5 out of 5
A MUST have in every humidor
Excellent cigars fit for every mood and every occasion. Nice creamy notes throughout the entire cigar that can be smoked down to the nub.
5 out of 5
Drew Estate Natural Root
I am an ABSOLUTE Drew Estate fan!!!! Every cigar that I've had from them has been a home run. I love the smooth, slow burn and subtle flavor of the Natural Root. I would without a doubt order more. Thank you CI for the variety of Drew Estate cigars.
5 out of 5
tasty little cigar
5 out of 5
Resent cigar order
My resent order came fast, fresh and for the right price. Thank you.
Customer Testimonials
Dirt Torpedo, all the way! Not the cheapest you might buy... but an excellent choice to make.
Drew Estates: They all seem to be pretty cool in the taste department, but not one of em last very long and all seem to burn hot. Must say my first go to's were Drews, but quickly have faded.
I received this cigar as a part of a bundle. Great draw, full bodied. Great smoke.
Just ordered and received last week my latest collection from CI...included in that order was the Gourmet Infused VII I pulled one of the included smokes out last night after mowing the yard, I set out in my back yard with a Dark Amber Ale, the smoke I selected was one I had never tried before, the Drew Estate Natural Dirt Torpedo. From the time I fired this one up my only regret was that there was only one of them in the 16 smoke sampler. With winter coming on, and less opportunity to smoke{I only smoke out of doors} my humidor is full for winter, but I may just have to order me a 5 pack sampler of these delightful smokes to get me through till Spring and outdoor smoking arrives. From beginning until the last puff, which is when my fingers started to burn, this smoke is one of the finest I have tried in my 15 years of enjoying quality cigars from CI....thanks guys for including this one in your Sampler.
DE Natural Dirt Torpedo is my go to cigar. Love the flavor & smoke it puts out.
Yet again...another phenomenal cigar from the king of quality infused cigars. It's one of those "anytime", ""anywhere", "30 minute" smokes that you NEVER have to relight to even out the burn and have that "Drew Estate consistent smooth taste" from inception to the unfortunate ending. Also one of the few cigars that women don't go "EWWWWWW" when they smell the aroma. ***A definite "buy" if you're on the Drew Estate bandwagon.
Not my type of cigar. I bought the sampler and smoked the Natural "Root". Nothing wrong with it, well constructed, consistent burn and just seemed like an average cigar to me. Others may like it, but its a little pricey and I don't know why it has so much hype.
It tasted like a florally, sweet with a taste of cherry. It was almost as if I was smoking pipe tobacco. Very different. Rated 85.
Had my first Natural Ltd. Pimp Stick today, I'm normally not a torpedo fan, but I will make exceptions for this baby. Great smoke, good draw to the end, a constant changing of flavors from toffee to hazelnut while you smoke. I plan on getting more of these.
Just had the Irish Hops. It was a unique flavor I hadn't tasted in a cigar before. It kind of reminded me of my vanilla cavendish pipe tobacco. It was very smooth for about the first half, which was the best part of the stick. Burned really well. The tip was very sweet and was interesting, but kind of muted some of the tobacco flavors.
For several years the Dirt Torpedo has been my favorite (reasonably priced) cigar.
One word, Primo !
The wife absolutely loves them. A very flavorful smoke!
Sweet tip plus spice equills a great cigar! Love it. This was my first Drew Estates cigar and it goes great with Johney Walkers Black!
FANTASTIC!!! Very Sweet but mild cigar that will leave you sucking on your lips well after the cigar is long gone.
From the moment it hits your lips to the fine fiery finish this is one good cigar! Almost as good as kissing my wife on our wedding day. Sweet to the lips, subtle smoke, nice long ash, even burn, great taste on the finish. Unwrapped the label and smoked this sucker down to the end. I want more of the Natural Dirt torpedo. This opened up a whole can of worms and now I will be trying all of the Natural Line. I'm already on the Drew Estate band wagon so this just amped it up even more! Next time I will pair this with a Bailey's mixed with amaretto and a splash of cherry!
...just finished the "Big Juicy", my 4th from the NATURAL portfolio...It's beautiful wrapper gives this stix exceptional eye appeal...a wonderful "wholesome feel" in my hand...great richness of flavor and a subtle chocolate-caramel overtones...Easy draw...Even burn...Lots of white billowy smoke...the white ash held like velcro almost 2 inches before it fell in my lap...the roll seemed a little loose, but it might have been a one time thing, I'll check the others...Overall a great smoke and definitly a new addition to my humidor!! Well so far from the NATURAL line the DIRT, DIRT TORPEDO, BIG JUICY & CLEAN ROBUSTO all get "2 thumbs up" Drew Estate product line tasting continues !! 8^)
Received a Drew Estate Natural 'Dirt Torpedo' in my Infused Grab Bag was an OMG moment!! From the moment it touched my lips I was in LOVE!! Didn't need my cigar cutter 'cuz I chewed that sweetened cap right off...once lit, the sweet flavor and billowy smoke let me know that my newest love affair was true love and not mere infatuation!! Drew Estate has mastered infusion flavoring and taken it to an unmatched level...It is said, "Love is a many splendid thing"...CI & Drew Estate cigars are two of mine!!! If you've not tried these wonderfully amazing cigars...toast the feet of a few, you just might fall in love yourself !!!
A delicious smoke! The "Dirt Torpedo" was like smoking a mocha, very rich chocolate flavor but not overwhelming. It made a great "desert" cigar after a steak dinner. The Kuba Kuba is my favorite cigar from Drew Estate, but this may be my new favorite or a very close second.
Changed my burial plans now, just roll me in the dirt it never tasted so good! Gonna have more of these lil tasty buggers.
For the skeptics out there of drew estate try the natural line. Ive had a few in the past but just tried the irish hops. Great cigar not too complex chocolaty taste with a sweet cap. Great burn and plenty of smoke!
"The Natural Dirt Torpedo is a smooth smoke with lots of flavor. I lit one up the other day and my wife said she liked the smell of it. So, I offered her a taste and she took it away from me for herself and I had to light another one for me. My wife liked it so much that she insisted that I order a box of them. I also enjoy the Juicy Lucy but not as much as the Dirt Torpedo."
Smooth smoke, it doesn't get any better than this. me and my golfing buddies love this cigar. boo yeah. thanks again drew estates, keep going.
The one I got in a sampler is the English, 6 by 52. Once again, Drew uses top quality tobaccos in this line up... The tip was sweetened and it does not go away, I tasted sugar (not just tobacco) throughout the smoke untill I ditched it 2/3 of the way down. For fans of sweetened cigars, I say try these, the ingredients are top-notch. If you are not a fan of said cigar, you might want to pass on these.
When I restarted my cigar smoking last summer someone recommended an Acid Blondie. It was the best cigar I had in the last year. That is until I lit up a Dirt Torpedo that I got in a 5 cigar sampler from Drew Estates. Best cigar I have smoked. It is definitely out of my usual price range, but as part of the sampler it fell into my range of $2 to $3 per stick. I am really looking forward to The Irish Hops that was also in the pack. I recommend this sampler to anyone who wants to try these high priced gems at a much lower cost.
I am not a huge fan of flavored cigars. Just not my thing. But I will tell you that the Pimp Stick is one of my favorite all time cigars. I always have them in the humidor. I just recently pulled the trigger and got a box. They were good right off the truck. Now that they have rested for a few weeks they are fantastic. Nice mellow Vanilla flavors mixed with a great tobacco blend. The smoke is nice and creamy. I smoke this consistently all the way down to the nub....wish they came in a larger ring size. My significant other likes these. She says they smell nice....not a big deal...but helps me smoke in the house when it gets cold. Great Stick. Worth taking a chance on a 5 pack if you aren't sure. Thanks CI!
The Drew Estate 'Natural' line has been a favorite of mine for quite a while. I was relaxing at my local tobacconist last weekend and the owner comped me a Natural English. Like the rest of the line it didn't disappoint! The unique flavor lasted all the way through. If you've not tried anything in this excellent line I encourage you to do so, I promise you'll not regret it. I'll be purchasing these very soon.
Dirt Torpedo = One of my favorite sticks. This is my go to every time I shop CI. Drew Estate Naturals & ACID Cold Infused are at the top of my list every time. How about a DE Natural sale CI? :-)
The Dirt Torpedo was my introduction to the magic of quality tobacco blends. Originally I would smoke machine made cigars every now and again, but cigar smoking never really kept my interest. That all changed with the first puff of the Dirt Torpedo. It was the catalyst to opening my eyes to the world of premium cigars. It really is a great smoke. One I come back to all the time.
wOw! The irish hops was great. A little sweet with billows of thick smoke, and some spice. I aiways have a few of these around!!
I tried the Dirt Torpedo.....amazing, smooth burn, no canoeing...the taste was delcious...not hot...aromatic and tempted my senses...a must have.....
The Natural Root(Natural by Drew Estate) has a chocolate-like aroma and when lit the mocha notes come through nicely with some coffee and sweetness. This is a dense but smooth and mellow cigar with flavorful clouds of smoke. If you like maduros with less spice and wood, this is one to try. One of my new favorites, this is great once in a while as a treat thrown into the rotation.
I just love the smell off an unlite hopper(Natural by Drew Estate), but i love the taste of a lite one even more.
Dear CI . today I received my order of Acid blonde with the sampler pack of select acid and natural cigars . I just tried the Dirt Torpedo .. and i have to say this is a symphony for the Pallet . I havea feeling that I will be buying nothing but Acid and Natural from this moment forword .. I also tried the Blue connecticut . for sucha tiny cigar it packs a alot of flavor. the subtle hint of Vanilla as you smoke is slight and never over powering .. Thank you for giving this humble cigar fan a chance to try thease beautiful cigars .
If you want a premium cigar, go with a Drew Estate cigar. I recently smoked the Egg. It was an experiece like no other! It had a great aroma, and one of the most flavorful cigars i ever smoked. It had a great pull for being such a weird shapped cigar. It burned for almost 3 hours. Try one if you want a different but still great cigar.
Root. Natural by Drew Estate Strange name, but not a bad cigar at all. Plenty of even burn, excellent draw. The taste is, well, different, as you might expect from an infused cigar. I enjoyed it very much and will buy a few more. It's nothing I want every time, but excellent for a change.
I bought the Natural by Drew Estate pimp sticks cuz I thought it's be fun to try mainly cuz of its name. To my suprise it was great. I know that I am already gonna buy another box of these medium bodied (in my opinion) smokes!
White Rabbit- I am in love with this cigars aroma. My absolute favorite cigar to smoke around people who are not fans of the smell of cigars as they always enjoy being around me when I am smoking this baby! Pimp Sticks- Love the size (perfecto) of this cigar great aroma and flavor. If you are looking for a great "beginner" perfecto sized cigar this is the one for you. I cant wait to try all the other Naturals as I have not been dissapointed yet :-)
I am a big fan of Drew Estate (Natural by Drew Estate). I've never had one I didn't like and I'd put them up against the best (and I started smoking cuban cigars when I was 14 and living in Sao Paulo.) I bought one of each of the Eggs. The Maduro was GREAT and it burned for almost 2 hours. The regular one was tasty, but didn't burn properly and I missed about half of it. Still, I'd definitely try this one--as long as you have the time.
I was introduced to Drew Estate's Naturals via a weekly special on CI. That which was offered was the Mixed Element. I love smooth mild cigars and this one's a keeper! I continue to order these as well as the occasional Dirt Torpedo.
Greetings. What a funny name, Dirt Torpedo (Natural by Drew Estate). What a FANTASTIC smoke.I ordered some on Wed. evening, got them UPS on Thur. afternoon!!! DAAMN.... now that's customer service. This is my everyday smoke. Thanks to everyone at C.I.
I've been searching for the perfect cigar and was about to give up until I smoked a Natural (Robusto) by Drew Estates. The perfect cigar. A mild, sweet taste with the perfect warmth, absolutely a great smoke.
An outstanding smoke (Natural from Drew Estate) from start to finish and a real conversation piece due to its unique shape. In my humble opinion as a 31 year cigar veteran this is the best of Drew Estates Natural line and can hold its own up against any top cigar.
WOW! I smoked one of these Natural Root (Natural by Drew Estate) cigars last night with an espresso.....I don't know where to begin? This cigar is absolutely wonderful just ordered a box of the Natural Root from you folks. LOVE THEM! A+ Good anytime smoke for EVERYONE! Great deal with the 24 sampler by the way THANKS!
I once scoffed at the likes of 'boutique' creations such as these (Naturals by Drew Estate). My taste was for that of the La Glorias and Fuentes; until once, on a dare, I tried a Root (and didn't even have to pay for it). The complexity and balance of this incredible smoke was unlike anything I'd experienced in my years of cigar enjoyment. It was delicious, and I enjoyed it all the way down 'til I burned my lips. I try to keep an open mind to new cigars now, and always keep an ample supply of Naturals from CI in my Humidor.
I just finished smoking (two minutes ago) my first Drew Estate's 'Natural Robusto' that came in one of my CI samplers. I'm not one to write reviews...but oh my gosh, I think I just found my favorite cigar. The draw was perfect, it was complex, taste was perfect AND, it was one of the few cigars that I peeled the label off of and smoked down to the last 3/4 inch; I just about burned my fingers before putting it out. Drew Estates rocks. They aren't kidding when they say "The Rebirth of Cigars." I love the taste of cigars, but their infusions make the whole experience of smoking Cigars so much more enjoyable. Personally, I could do without most flavored cigars, but this is on a whole different level. I'm sold! You also need to try Acid's Kuba Kuba!
I've smoked several of the cigars in the Natural line (Natural by Drew Estate) and they're all quality cigars. My two favorte are the Jucy Lucy - a perfect half hour smoke that literally is a mouth watering cigar and, in my opinion, the other being one of the best cigars on the market - the Clean Robusto. This is simply an awesome line of cigars.
I've been a big fan of DE cigars for about 8 years now. They are def. my preffered choice. The natural (Natural by Drew Estate) line took a bit of getting used to, but for the last year, thats all I've smoked. The Clean Robusto is awesome, very tasty. The limited offer running right now 10/29/05 with the free 24 ct. sampler is a steal! That's basically 2 boxes for the price of one. Try beating that!
Drew Estate hit a home run with the Natural line! The Dirt, Pimp Stick and Root brands are the most pleasant, aromatic smokes I've enjoyed in a while. I also love the excellent quality and prices your site offers, and even phone orders are easy! I find myself looking forward to your colorful monthly catalogs - the deals inside look so good I could almost roll one and smoke it :)
Well let's see, to most there would be much to say about this line, but for me, I have only a little. One after another of these aromatic cigars that I taste brings a different mood and different experience. Some a little over board with flavored oils and others just right. A great journey thus far, will keep up the exploration; happily:)
I have been searching for the ultimate cigar. I think I have found it(Natural by Drew Estate)is your super maduro sampler !

Natural Dirt Torpedo by Drew Estate

Steve R
As I write this, we do not have the Natural Dirt Torpedo in stock. However, it will be arriving shortly, and the more I think about the cigar, the more I am looking forward to its arrival. Drew Estate sent us samples a few months ago, and I burned through them quite quickly. They were good, but nothing too exciting. I thought, “It’s the same as the Dirt, why do I need a torpedo?” I’ll tell you why...

I was given the final product at this year’s RTDA in New Orleans. Sitting in the cafeteria with Marvin Samel of Drew Estate, the boys from CI burned through this stout, aromatic torpedo. It sports a dark, espresso-like maduro wrapper leaf from Nicaragua that’s rough, yet vein-free. The pre-light aroma will not go unnoticed – it’s slightly sweet and hints at a rich, chocolatey smoke waiting. Now picture this, 3 Drew Estate guys and 3 CI guys, sitting at a table, burning Natural Dirt Torpedos. The aroma was incredible, and the flavor hardly played second fiddle. The flavors are deep, rich and enjoyable. Dark hints of mocha swarm my palate with each puff, while a sweet, coffee-like flavor is left behind, lingering, but never overwhelming. From start to finish, I don’t remember sitting this cigar down, and I can honestly say I was drawing on it about 75% of the time. With any other cigar, the flavor would have gone as sour as month-old milk. Not once did the flavor turn sour or harsh, rather it remained buttery smooth. (Side note: When you smoke this cigar, I highly recommend you snip the cap on an angle. Just tilt your guillotine when cutting the cigar and then smoke it with the opening pointing down towards your tongue. This enhances the flavor to something special – you’ll thank me later.) The strength was perfect for a cigar of this nature, slightly above mild but never really hitting the medium-bodied level. As you probably know, this is not my traditional cup of tea, but it’s always nice to stir things up a bit. I’ve enjoyed the Dirt in the past, because of it’s similarity to the Root, but it just wasn’t big enough for me. The Dirt Torpedo solves this “problem”, an amped up version of the popular Dirt. And that is why you need a Dirt Torpedo. Get dirtier.

It’ll be in shortly. Until then, the original Dirt should tide you over. Or, give the Root a go. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Natural Root


Until a year or two ago, I never viewed Natural as a serious, conventional cigar. In most consumers' minds it is so closely tied to Drew Estate's insanely popular, highly-infused ACID brand that the popular misconception holds that Natural is also such an "imbued" cigar as well. To be sure, Natural is made with unconventional tobaccos from such sources as Haiti and Turkey, as well as more common Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. But just the same, the Natural line can stand on its own two feet as a legitimate traditional cigar. Unusual? Yes, but a bona fide brand that conventional smokers will come to love. I'm a believer! Can I get an amen?

With Root, the tobaccos have been heavily fermented to offer a distinctly rich, deep leathery flavor. The notes of dark coffee and ripe smokiness are undeniable. It pumps out voluminous gobs of buttery, creamy smoke. Mild to medium-bodied in strength, ample in flavor. My personal favorites in the Natural line: Root, Dirt, Pimp Stick. Buy them early and often.