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Arturo Fuente Sun Grown

Gran Reserva goes sun-grown.

Denoted by the black-trim band, the Sun Grown by Arturo Fuente combines the Gran Reserva's popular binder and filler tobaccos with a dark Ecuadorian-grown sun-grown wrapper leaf. This recipe cooks up a slight, natural sweetness complemented by a medium-bodied richness that's smooth and balanced. A consistent, well-made handmade from the Dominican Republic.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
8-5-8 (Corona) (6.0"x47) BOX OF 25 Out of Stock $149.95 $135.99    
5-PACK Out of Stock $29.00    
Chateau (Robusto) (4.5"x50) BOX OF 20 Backordered $100.00 $87.00   Notify
5-PACK In Stock $23.00
Cuban Belicoso (5.7"x50) BOX OF 24 In Stock $147.60 $128.99
5-PACK In Stock $29.00
Double Chateau (Toro) (6.7"x50) BOX OF 20 In Stock $120.00 $104.99
5-PACK In Stock $29.00
Royal Salute (Churchill) (7.5"x54) BOX OF 10 In Stock $75.50 $66.99
5-PACK In Stock $36.00
Super 60 (Gordo) (6.0"x60) BOX OF 24 In Stock $276.00 $219.99
5-PACK In Stock $54.50
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Customer Reviews of “Arturo Fuente Sun Grown”
I am a seasoned cigar smoker and have smoked many of the different brands available over the years. The Arturo Fuente Sun Grown cigars are as good as they get. I put this cigar in the same category as the Fuente, Don Carlos, just a lot cheaper. Get them when you can find them because they are not always available.
LW of Mantachie, MS
I love this cigar (Arturo Fuente Sun Grown). If you are looking for the perfect cigar at a fair price then this is the one for you. It a great smoke!!!!
SJ of Norfolk, NE
The Sun Grown (Arturo Fuente Sun Grown) line is very impressive. I aged several Chateau cigars for over a year. When I finally fired up a couple, my taste buds were rewarded for my patience. The rich blend of tobacco is superb in flavor. Each draw is flawless that produces volumes of smoke. The construction is solid. Try to age these for at least 6 months. You will be amazed by the performance of this cigar as it matures over time. Highly recommended.
KT of Torrance, CA
This cigar has been a staple in my humidor for 3 years (Arturo Fuente Sun Grown). The taste is exceptional: smooth and medium/full flavored with a moderate hint of pepper. Nice spicy smokey finish to this cigar. This goes well with some good whiskey or cognac, or a beer like Sam Adams, Yuengling, or Smithwicks. Excellent price also. This could easily sell for $6-$7 per stick. Try one if you haven't already.
MD of Akron, OH
The Arturo Fuente Sun Grown Royal Salute is THE staple of my humidor. I have been a regular cigar smoker since the mid 70's and worked and lived in South Florida for more than 30 years. I have had the pleasure of knowing many cigar manufacturers, some distributors and many, many retailers resulting in my ability to be able to sample many different cigars! The Sun Grown Royal Salute is still at the top of my list providing a consistent rich taste, thick blue smoke and a perfect long, silver ash!
BN of Ft. Lauderdale, FL
I smoke an average of one to two cigars a day. I like to try various different kinds and brands of cigars. Some are good, some bad, some horrible. One of the best I have ever had is the Sun Grown Royal Salute. If you have reservations of shelling out close to $60 for a box of ten - don't! It will be money well spent. You won't find a better cigar for the price - even if it was twice the price! My wife smokes at least one of these a day - no lie! She compares these to Opus X and Don Carlos. Other cigars will come and go but she won't give up her Royal Salutes.
BF of Los Angeles, CA
I noticed there are no recent reviews on this brand. The Arturo Fuente cunban belicoso is one of the best premium cigars around, period!! It smokes much like the Rocky Patel sun grown torpedo and toro, but I prefer the AF sungrown much more. The flavor, strong and smooth the whole way through to the finger burning nub. There is sweet spice, leather, earth, cedar, and a hint of chocolate through the middle. It is one of the best premium cigars you can buy anywhere, including smokes from Havana. It is everthing the seasoned smoker needs in a premium cigar.
KF of Greenwich, CT
Each one of these cigars (Arturo Fuente Sun Grown) is a work of art! The Chateau Sun Grown are not to long, but not to thin. For those times when you don't have a whole lot of time, but want a lot of flavor. Fuente is a class act, all around! The cigars are presented beautifully with a humidipack inside so they arrive just as they were when they left the factory. Nothing but the best; and for a price you can't beat!
ED of Woodbine, MD
There's something really special about these sun growns(Arturo Fuente Sun Grown). Tons of spice, raging with flavor, and typically outstanding construction. Just picked up my first box of the Cuban Bellicosos, and became positively turgid when they arrived.
JI of Severna Park, MD
I've been smoking cigars for many years. To put it short and sweet NOBODY beats this Fuente line to date. The Double Chateau Sun Grown has been my favorite cigar for many a year. You CANNOT beat Fuente for consistency. This line offers a sweet cinnamon/pepper spiciness that no one else comes close to. In my opinion this is the best deal around!
MB of Lynn, MA
Always an incredibly flavorful smoke, ALWAYS! Pure satisfaction every time I light one. Every perfect draw delivers exceptional taste with a host of savory flavor down to the last puff of the nub. I enjoy the entire line of Fuentes, but I simply relish this one like none other, Fuente or otherwise.
CS of Ringoes, NJ
The Arturo Fuente Sun Grown Corona is one damn fine cigar. I bought a box a little over six months ago and have started smoking them last week. They are a great smoke for just about every occasion. Very well constructed, great burn and the flavor is hard to beat. Since the Arturo Fuente Royal Salute is my go to cigar, I rate the Corona down a couple pegs. This is a fine cigar. When you can get them, a box is well worth the coin.
RW of San Antonio, TX
Have been smoking cigars for over forty-five years. For what it is worth the Royal Salute (7.5X54) is one of the finest cigars that I have ever smoked. Guess I have been smoking these as my "go to" cigar for over ten years. They never disappoint. They deserve a 95 or higher rating. I will keep on these babies until I cannot afford them any longer. Seems the price goes up a couple of bucks every year. One damn fine cigar!
RW of San Antonio, TX
This is the best cigar I ever smoked. I buy them every chance I get. A must try cigar. You will not be disappointed.
Been smoking the AF Sun Grown Double Chateau for over 10 years and after 100's of these I can definitively say you won't find a better "medium" cigar than this-period. I've smoked the entire Fuente line several times over (Opus X included) and it always comes back to this one. All of this coming from someone who hands down prefers a more "full" smoke if that tells you anything. Additionally, I have yet to find a cigar of any strength that epitomizes "leather" more than this one which in all honesty is what keeps me coming back despite it's milder flavor profile. Hats off to Fuente on this one.
This is my "go-to" cigar from the time I first tried it. If I could keep a box of these on hand in every location I travel to I'd do it in a heartbeat. The flavor and full flavor of these babies are every bit worth the Arturo Fuente label. These are a must for any seasoned cigar lover as the notes are as full and smooth as you could hope for. I highly recommend this particular cigar to be paired with a NICE brandy and please don't skimp on the good stuff as it will affect the flavor and palette. You want to treat it with all the respect of a good woman!
AJ of Albany, GA
All I can say is this: great!
JB of Collinsville, OK
Great smoke and less money than the Hemingways. RM
RM of Abilene, TX