Nicaraguan 90+ Rated 2nds

90+ rated legit and they know it.

Nicaraguan 2nds are some of the best 2nds to ever hit our dock. I admit, the name is cheap and lackluster, but the sticks are downright tasty.

Nicaraguan 2nds you see are extremely unique, even when compared to the other 2nds we carry. Allow me to explain. In many instances we cannot reveal the specific blend due to manufacturers not wanting their blends being sold for much, much less. In this rare instance.... we can't even mention the brand. I know it's a total WTF?! But trust me, these Nicaraguan 2nds are being made by one of the hottest manufactures in the industry. Without incriminating myself, these are made by one of Nicaragua's premiere factories, which has blown the industry away with a slew of 90+ ratings, and is consistently being ranked in Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 Cigars of the year. I'm willing to bet with a blindfold on you couldn't even tell the difference. Each Nicaraguan 2nd is teeming with the same long-filler tobaccos, and flavorful wrappers, producing a rich and smooth experience that will have you forgetting all about the generic name. I'll leave ya a hint as to who makes em'....I've said too much already.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
  Belicoso BDL OF 15 In Stock$108.30$29.50
  Churchill BDL OF 15 In Stock$125.70$29.50
  Corona BDL OF 15 In Stock$75.00$23.50
  Double Robusto BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $108.30$25.00    
  Perfecto BDL OF 15 In Stock$113.10$32.50
  Petite Corona BDL OF 15 In Stock$67.50$22.50
  Presidente BDL OF 15 In Stock$95.25$33.00
  Robusto BDL OF 15 In Stock$107.40$25.00
Toro BDL OF 15 In Stock$108.30$27.50
  Toro Gordo BDL OF 15 In Stock$97.50$32.50
Torpedo BDL OF 15 In Stock$125.70$29.50
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Customer Reviews of “Nicaraguan 90+ Rated 2nds”
“I bought the Toros. They are sized as advertised and appear well-constructed, no lumps or soft spots. Medium-brown wrapper, not reddish at all, with excellent 'tooth.' Cuts sharp, burns even. Nice cohesive grey ash with white specks corresponding to the wrapper tooth. The smoke is -very- medium-bodied with mid-range toasty / woody flavors, not the heavier chocolate / leather you'd expect from Nicaraguans. I don't know what brand they are, If you put a gun to my head, I'd guess My Father, but whatever they are, there's not a thing wrong with them. If you like medium cigars, you must try these. If, like me, you like strong full-flavored cigars, these are a nice change of pace. Either way, they'd also make a 'safe' gift. ”
JS of Tigard, OR
“The 90 rated 2nds are good and inexpensive. I enjoy the maduros the most. I recommend the cigar....just don't get the perfecto size. I found them to be tiny.”
ET of Yucaipa, CA
“I ordered the torpedo size. These are full flavored and spicy. The wrapper was maduro. I've smoked 3 so far and given a few away to my cigar buddies, including one who works at my local B&M. He looked at it, and without hesitation, walked into the humidor and grabbed an Oliva Series O Maduro. A dead ringer in the looks department and pre-light aroma. I suspect his assessment is accurate. At $2.00 a piece, you cannot go wrong.”
RH of Jackson, MI
“I love your hint! It is absolutely genius! It is a great play on words and a very imaginative way to let us know very cleverly who makes these wonderful cigars! Oh, oh, oh I live a wonderful life when I smoke these! Thanks CI you're the best!”
MH of Clarksville, IN
“These are the premium cigars described. My only caution is that the size can vary. I ordered the torpedo's twice. The first time they were of good length and ring size but the second order yielded a very small cigar for the same price. I went with the Churchills last time and they were 6" with a solid ring size. I'll stick with this grab bag product because it's a terrific smoke for the price.”
JJ of Combined Locks, WI
“Man, what a great smoke, thanks CI for these gems! I ordered the Toro Gordo and the size is spot on, beautiful construction with no soft spots. Ended up getting a Connecticut shade wrapper but loads of great flavor, earthy, hints of leather and coffee with a nice amount of pepper on the finish. The draw was so easy right off the truck it was like there was a straw right down the middle, lots of nice white smoke. I'm not sure these will even have a chance to age at all. I've been ordering some alternatives as my everyday cigar for a few years now but these are by far a better smoke for the price. Looks like something new has found a permanent home in my humidor! Looking forward to ordering a few more bundles of various sizes in the near future.”
“Received mine yesterday, toasted one last night off the truck. All I can say is please don't buy these cigars...just kidding...these babies earned such a spot in my humidor that I ordered 2 more packages this am. I got the perfectos and although they are a little short they pack a great punch. Anyone with a love of cigars and likes a good deal...don't let these sticks get by you.”
“I picked up some of the robusto size. I think I ended up with the serie O seconds. They have been in the humidor for over a month and I tried one last night. It had great flavor and aroma. I couldn't tell why it was a second, but then again I'm not very picky. It's a great deal for a great cigar. Thanks CI.”
“These babies are great. I love how the description says they can't mention the brand's name, but they must have missed the memo when entering the details... I was already sure I knew the brand, but now I know for sure. I hope they keep these bad boys in stock.”
“Just smoked one right out of the box last night. Other than some construction issues, its was a very good smoke. The wrapper did start coming apart towards the last third (churchill) but for the price I will continue buying these as my daily smoke.”
JC of Belleville, NJ
“I got the robostos and am well pleased. These are far better than many of the more expensive brands that I have tried.”
“I bought 3 bundles of the Toros and they're not a bad smoke they burned pretty good but the cap on everyone has not come out right I've cut a little bit of it and it unravels. I'll try a punch on the next one!”
EG of Bradenton, FL
“I took a chance and ordered two bundles.... I just ordered another...should I say more!”
“Loved them. Second schmecond. Bought the robusto and I'm coming back for "seconds".”
JW of Winston Salem, NC
“I just received the robustos. Absolutely scrumptious. I smoked one right out the box. Very smooth. The price is worth it. I just bought two more bundles. I highly recommend.”
“I just received the Robusto today and I had to smoke one. The ring size was on the small side with some imperfections in the wrapper but nothing that affected the smoke. The draw and burn was spot on, it’s the best damn cigar for 2 bucks. Just what the doctor ordered when hitting the lake with the boys, God knows I wouldn't hand out my Alex Bradleys.”
“Absolutely awesome smoke! It had a smooth, yet spicy taste and was consistent until the end. Fantastic smoke for the buck!”
DS of Eldridge, IA
“Just smoked one of these Nicaraguan 2nds and they are truly amazing! This was given to me by a buddy and was my first experience smoking a 2nd. Smooth exquisite smokes that left me wanting to have another. I am a total convert to the 2nds, I will be buying these in the future.”
“What this world needs is a good buck fifty cigar. I have smoked 2nds for years, but usually stay with the super premium that smoke like a Punch. I am always scared I will get a mazo of cigars I don't like, but when the price is a buck fifty, you have to take a chance once in a while. So I ordered the Nicaraguan 90+ rated 2nds corona. Well, there is nothing 2nd about them. They smoke like a dream, taste absolutely delicious & have flawless construction. They have a spicy medium body, with notes of pepper & burn straight. I love them! So I am ready to order a bundle of the robustos, before they are all gone. Thanks, CI, for another great vitola I can afford to smoke every day.”
“Tired one the Perfectos tonight. I originally thought it would be an Oliva G or O, but after tasting it, it doesn't seem to match either. Medium-bodied, creamy, surprisingly flavorful. The only real defects were a few blemishes on the wrapper and it seemed to be rolled a little loose. The draw was a little too easy. Not a deal breaker though, just a little loose which is always better in my opinion than too tight...well, at least when it comes to cigars! For the price you can't beat this. Next time I will order some larger sizes too. (Additional note: The perfectos are identical to typical robusto size, 5 x 50)”
CG of St. Petersburg, FL
“Bought my first bundle and am very satisfied with the smoke. My buddies who smoke the real thing can't tell the difference. Hell, remove the band and light one up and I dare you to tell me the taste difference. When they turn to ash, they all look the same so who cares.”
“These are great! I bought some robustos and some perfectos, the robustos are 4.5" x 50 and the perfectos are 3.75" x 49. Haven't had a robusto yet but this review is for the two perfectos I've had. These perfectos look exactly like the Oliva Special G Naturals that I have, same color, same shape. I love the little Olivas and the CI Nicaraguans are great. Nice, even burn and lots of white smoke. I'd day they're medium flavored. It took me about 45 minutes to get down to the nub. For a small stick you can't beat this one for the money.”
MV of Allston, MA
“Not sold on these yet. Had my first one a day after they came, 24 hrs in the humidor. To me, these really didn't have the great flavor as other Oliva's I've had (Had a serie V a few days back). It was strong, however, so that's good. I'm hoping with some extra time in the box, it will help pull out their full potential and flavor. With all the other positive reviews on this site, I'm hopeful that with time they will be as good as everyone says. I'll follow up in a few weeks after they have had a fair chance to marinate.”
EW of Pittsburgh, PA
“The cameroon wrapper gloriously draped around the petite corona bundle I recently received, suggests that I may have gotten my hands on 15 Serie "G" cigars. The sure are tasty & they won't break the bank. I found one small bump on the 1st one I sparked up, but otherwise the construction was flawless. Some minor burn issues that a few weeks in the humi should correct. Otherwise, I am very pleased with the flavor. I can easily see where they might be mistaken for a company's 1st line cigar. I am already eyeing the robusto stock & plan on ordering a bundle soon. Hopefully I will receive the cameroon or habano wrapper, as the maduro are my least favorite among the "O" line of blends.”
“Great buy! This will be a definite stock, a bit small but perfect for everyday smoke.”
JA of Fort Belvoir, VA
“Dude! Finally found that good cheap daily smoke. I've been on a mission trying to find the best "cheap" daily smoke and I think I just found 'em. Some of these might look a lil rough but really who cares. I was hesitant to try these at first due to the lame ass name. Thought they would be garbage but was I really surprised. Please keep these in stock!!”
TR of Shady Side, MD
“Robusto: You simply can't go wrong with this value cigar. You get more than you pay for. These are not low budget cigars like the Cuban Delights I enjoy gnawing on without lighting - these are worth smoking casually. I will keep them on hand if they are available when I order.”
MA of Olathe, KS
“This is a review of the second purchase of these cigars. Some of the cigars in the most recent bundle were not as nicely shaped as the first purchase. I am tempted to say this reversed my opinion of the purchase - but only to lure you away from running CI out of stock! I returned to add another bundle to my next purchase, but every profile is sold out! These smoke wonderfully and are my favorite value cigars so far. I will continue to review my purchases, but feel I am doing myself a disservice if everyone keeps running CI out of my faves!”
MA of Olathe, KS
“I purchased three bundles of the Robustos. The first bundle was not the same as the latter two, as the first batch had habano wrappers while the second batch had maduro wrappers. These were all great cigars, but I was surprised to see the unadvertised difference. Not surprising that these are wiped out - these are top quality smokes for a very low price. Just be aware of the potential inconsistency of what you might receive.”
“The description under the picture says, Brand: Oliva. I don't know what the mystery is. Good guess on the My Fathers JS from Oregon.”
JC of Lakewood, NY
“You guys are killing me. Deal after deal, I am running out of room in my humidors. I find myself sitting in temperatures that are not ideal when trying to enjoy one of that many "cigars" that I have had rested over the months. Thank you, but next time can you put these kinds of deals during better weather... lol, im kidding. Keep up that service... and I wish you "Cigar's International" happy holidays and prosperous New Year!”
EG of West Chester, PA
“I ordered the Dbl robustos while on special last week. This is a size not normally available so I jumped on them. So glad I did!! These are seconds of the Serie V line!!! Great looking reddish hued wrapper, burns fantastic and wonderful medium turning to full flavor half way through. Some slight blemishes i.e. sun spots and a vein or two which explains why they got bounced from production. But, a truly top notch luxury smoke from Oliva!”
“I just got a mazo of fifteen toros. I looked for blemishes or rough spots. None. Tightly packed, absolutely perfect cigars. So much for the "seconds" consideration. Now for the taste test. 90+ is no exaggeration. I know there is a lot of hyperbole in the cigar descriptions here. But this is not a misprint, This cigar (and I assume the rest are like this one) is one of the best cigars I have smoked -- and I smoke top of the line cigars. The only drawback -- no labels. But if you put an expensive label on it you got a fifteen dollar stick!!!”
AL of Woodland Hills, CA
“I ordered 15 on special just expecting something to smoke while around the garage but not while relaxing but these are great smokes. Really soft ash but I wish I had ordered 4 packs. My humidor is getting stuffed with these deals. I really enjoy CI!”
RB of Sevierville, TN
“Ordered a bundle of the Toro Gordos, and my only nit with them is that the ash constantly falls off on its own at a half-inch or less..... leads me to believe these are made with short filler left-overs. Other than that, they draw well, burn good, and taste great. At two bucks apiece, they're great work cigars..... just be very mindful of your ash if you're indoors.”
FW of Miamisburg, OH
“Please let them sit in your humidor for awhile. I smoked one of these right off the truck and it was terrible. I smoked the next one about a week later and it was better. Then another a week after that and it was even better. Let these sit for a few months and you have a great short smoke on your hands. In my experience the longer these sit the better they are. Aging makes a huge difference with these ones. So if you've smoked one right off the truck like I did and didn't enjoy it then don't feel like it was a waste. Let them ripen and they'll be a fine smoke that's well worth the money.”
RF of Jeffersonville, GA
“Tried the Robusto and had issues with few of the wrappers. After a week in the humidor tried them, decent taste he price. Hope with some more time they will improve.”
JB of San Diego, CA
“WOW! not what i expected. I figured id get these for my motorcycle runs, you know something cheap that you can share and dump in a hurry and not feel like you just lost a 10$ stick. What i did find out is that these cigars are delicious, they smoke great, are on the spicy side, but have all the qualities of its bigger brother who stills remains nameless. BUY IT! YOU WONT BE DISSAPOINTED!!!”
JD of Honolulu, HI
“I got these as knock-arounds and was blown away at how good they really are. Nice, full bodied smoke with an even burn all the way to the end, and good long-lasting smoke that I enjoyed very, very much. Ordering more now!!!”
“Lit one of these out of the box, and it had some bite to it....just 2 days in the humi smoothed them out. 2nds? Who need 1sts? These cigars are a quality smoke that I will enjoy at days end, with a glass of wine (or 2) for many nights....mmmm good. I'll be ordering again...and again...and again.”
“Wonderful cigars! Smoke like a $5 stogie, easy. I will enjoy these all spring and summer!”
“Wonderful Smoke, Worth the Price, Buy Em!!!!!!!”
JK of philadelphia, PA
“Great cigars for the money...and then some. The profile: Sweet Pepper with nuances of cedar; reminiscent of some of the premium Nicaraguans. You can't go wrong with these! ”
“Taste is superb, burn was great. Only downfall was the wrap was a little dry, but a little time in the humidor will cure that”
“Churchill. Solid smoke right out of the box. Not the firmest cigar but an Easy draw with a perfect burn. Zero construction issues that would cause me to call it a second. More Medium body than full in my opinion. Started off with more of a cedar taste in first 1/3 but developed into a creamy sweetness in second 2/3.”
FE of ladue, MO
“Just received my Nicaraguan 90+ rated 2nds...loved it. I will be a return buyer...does it come in Habano as well?”
“This is my go to daily now. Can not go wrong if you like oliva brand youll love these.”
DW of Mulvane, KS
“EXCELLENT SMOKES! Me and my usual crew are quite discerning smokers and we all agree these are easily an 8/10...I don't think I'm going back to name brands again.”
AB of Richmond Heights, MO
“These seconds were great and all burned well with great flavor.”
BG of Valdosta, GA
“These are the best 2nds I've purchased yet at a phenomenal cost to value. I enjoyed these seconds more then the Alec Bradlies which I loved! Defiantly going to purchase these again. You should treat yourself to some of these but be warned your gonna be hooked. I gave one to my neighbor and he loved them as well. Dynamite!!!”
SG of Citrus Heights, CA
“SMOOOTH! That says it all!”
CB of Willoughby, OH
“Pretty decent everyday smoke. Not overly complex, but good value for the money. Again, let these guys rest for a few months and you'll enjoy them even more.”
“I ordered the robustos, and they are well worth the price! Can barely tell why most of them were considered 2nds. ”
JO of Lebanon, MO
“These smokes are great! My all time favorite is Padron robustos; these are closing in on being my new favorite smoke. There is a lot of smoke & very easy draw.”
CC of Anna, TX
“Easy draw, great value, best cigar to have in stock for everyday and when you need to give one up because your golfing buddy never remembers to bring his!”
GP of Marlton, NJ
“Very nice for the money”
PH of Salome, AZ
“amazing price for amazing cigar....5 star”
FF of Hazard, KY
“Not what I had expected. Good smoke but having more wrapper issues than I had expected. Great price but will not buy again.”
“I don't know what brand these were or who the maker is but I know one thing; I am a fan! I wish I could thank whoever is responsible! If you are reading this, order these cigars. They quickly became my go to for any occasion. Gave a few away but smoked the rest. My buddies kept asking what kind of smoke it was. All I could tell them was here's the link man. They are a legit smoke regardless of your preference!”
“Just got a pack of the robustos in today. I lit one right off the truck and it was really great, a little harsh at first, but quickly mellowed out, overall a very high quality smoke. The construction, burn, draw, and smoke output were all quite impressive. The cigar lasted about 1 hour and 30 minutes, a little longer than most robustos I've had. I'd rate them an solid 9/10 and, after a little time in the humidor, possibly a 9.5. Honestly, I have no clue why Oliva considers these seconds but I'm certainly not complaining about the savings. I will definitely be buying these in future.”
SO of Belton, TX
“Good, rich cigar...Seconds are usually under rated but over-charged. Not so here......”
RH of Chicago, IL
“Very nice smoke for the price. Good full flavor, for sure a must try!”
CM of Winterville, NC
“False advertising is not an issue. These qualifify to be in any conversation in which discussions of 90+ rated cigars are conducted. Exceptional value.”
LH of Rockford, IL
“very good also but let them sit a while in the humi”
“Good smoke, poor construction, easy draw, wrapper imperfections, overall, good everyday smokes.”
MR of Joliet, IL