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Torano Casa Torano Maduro

The darker variety of Torano's mellow giant.

Casa Torano is a nice little story. What was once used as the family's house blend, and a cigar only handed out at Torano rolling events, has now become one of Carlos Torano's top-selling brands. So much so, it was only necessary to give it a maduro-wrapped counterpart. And so, Casa Torano Maduro was born, a mellow blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers wrapped in a dark and toothy maduro leaf. Complex, yet balanced, this mild to medium-bodied mixture results in a creamy, spicy, earthy smoke with a rich, naturally sweet aftertaste. It's mild enough to pair with your morning cup of coffee and flavorful enough to top off a hearty steak dinner.

Good news! In addition to 'Humidor Selection' honors, the Casa Torano Maduro was named one of the Top 25 Cigars of the Year. Here's what the 91-point rating said:
A dark and oily cigar that burns well, producing a flaky ash. The smoke is nutty and delicious, with notes of sweet wood, caramel, and cherry.
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Customer Reviews of “Torano Casa Torano Maduro”

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Rich maduro flavor, without the gut punch. When I want a nice mild/medium cigar in the early day, these are just the ticket. I generally only smoke full bodied, as I find many (most) mild cigars lacking in flavor. These are an exception. Lovely rich flavor and creamy smoothness. I will never understand why Torano's don't get more appreciation.
Wonderful cigar with a beautiful presentation. Taste smooth and burns evenly.
Carlos Torano makes some of the tastiest cigars in recent memory. Casa Torano Maduro is definitely one of them. If this is actually a mild cigar, as the write-up & most of the reviewers claim, then it is my favorite mild blend. A dark chocolate wrapper is draped over some mighty fine tasting long fillers. Smooth, yet complex. Mild, but quite satisfying. Notes of rawhide, bitter lemon & anise caress the tastebuds. There is an earthy aftertaste, with a touch of sweetness. I feel it in my stomach, which never happens with any other mild cigar. I'm hooked & will be on the lookout for any deal that includes this wonderful blend.
Decent cigar. Not overly complex just a good solid cigar. Not one of my favorites.
This is a good, well-made utility cigar. Don't expect a lot of flavor complexity. It isn't there. It does, however, burn smoothly and evenly with a lovely almost concrete-like white ash. No touch-ups were required. It struck me as being quite mild for a Torano product.
I'm a Rocky Patel edge maduro guy but this cigar is awesome. A must try if you love maduro cigars. Nice & smooth to the last puff.
I'm normally not a big maduro fan, but this cigar is absolutely wonderful. One of the most delicious cigars I've ever tasted. Do yourself a favor and try one -- or a box!
Easily one of my favorite smokes. It is hard, when opening the humidor, to select something else over these Maduro Robustos.
I just keep coming back to this one (Carlos Torano Casa Torano Maduro). I have tried others. This is my daily smoke as all others dont stack up. I Love this Cigar.
I was really impressed by this cigar (Carlos Torano Casa Torano Maduro). Unlit it has a light scent of chocolate covered cherries (which I worried that the cigar would have an undesired sweetness to it, which was not the case) among some earthiness. The draw was very smooth (a punch cut worked great) and produced a good amount of smoke as well - two qualities very similar to the Cusano 18 Paired Maduro I tried recently, but I'd be hard pressed to say which I enjoyed more. In addition, a nice even burn. Great tasting cigar, for sure. This one is definitely worth a try.