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Alec Bradley MAXX Brazil

To the MAXX....welcome Alec Bradley MAXX Brazil.

Here's a new....errr kind of new....release from Alec Bradley: MAXX Brazil. There's a somewhat interesting backstory here too. A couple of years ago, we thought it would be fun and exciting to create an Alec Bradley 5-Star sampler that included a special cigar exclusive to only that sampler. That cigar was Alec Bradley MAXX Brazil. People loved the cigar, which is good. But once the sampler sold out, we had a problem. People were angry. I mean, legitimately pissed. So after 6 months of hate-filled 'how could you' and 'I need my MAXX Brazil back' emails, we're bringing it back....for good. This time as a regular production item in boxes....and naturally it's discounted in true CI form. Welcome back Alec Bradley MAXX Brazil, you shall never be missed again. 

Alec Bradley MAXX Brazil employs the same complex long-filler blend as the standard MAXX - Colombian, Nicaraguan, Mexican, and Honduran. But adds in a Brazilian Mata Fina binder and a dark, oily Brazilian Habano wrapper. This combination delivers a rich, robust smoke that's brimming with notes of earth, leather, sweet cedar, cream, and spices. Deliciously complex, excellently blended, this is one tasty cigar.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill (7.0"x48) Sale BOX OF 20 Sale Out of Stock $151.52 $58.21    
Corona (5.5"x42) Sale BOX OF 20 Sale Out of Stock $122.70 $46.42    
Double Toro (Gordo) (6.0"x60) Sale BOX OF 10 Sale Out of Stock $90.38 $39.99    
Robusto (5.0"x50) Sale BOX OF 20 Sale Out of Stock $132.61 $49.57    
Toro (6.0"x54) Sale BOX OF 20 Sale Out of Stock $145.36 $54.31    
Torpedo (6.1"x52) Sale BOX OF 20 Sale Out of Stock $151.52 $58.21    
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Customer Reviews of “Alec Bradley MAXX Brazil”
I ordered a pack of 10 of these and they were wonderful, I can't wait to get some more. The burn was consistent, taste was very pleasing and it lasted about an hour or more when puffing at a leisurely pace. One of the best cigars I have had in a long time.
CB of Charleston, WV
Glad to see this back for good. This is one tasty stick and one you need to have in your humi. Live True!
CE of Ephrata, PA
I received two of these in one of the best samplers CI has to offer; The Legal Limit. If you like a strong black pepper taste on the finish that leaves your tongue & throat stinging. Then this cigar is just what your looking for. The 6 X 54 smoked faster than I thought it should, but more time in the humidor would probably take care of this problem. It has a great draw, billows of smoke, and pretty much an even burn. Any other flavors that may have been there were over taken by the pepper. Even so, I'm going to leave the other one I have in the humidor for awhile to see if it mellows out.
DM of Taylor, MI
Just like any other order you get, let them ALL rest a little while even though it's very tempting to burn one right when they get there. Just like the original Maxx, this Brazil blend is incredible! It adds just enough to the original blend to make a name for itself as a "different" cigar. Each one tastes and smokes better than the last and if you want a darn near perfect burn, take your time. Any cigar from Alec Bradley deserves your attention!
JM of Hickory, NC
Yep one great smoke, thats all I have to say...........
AP of Fairfield, NJ
It's 6AM. One pot of strong black coffee + one Maxx Brazil = :-)
Another winner from Alec Bradley. At this point, can we expect anything less? I recently purchased a box of the Maxx Brazil robustos and have smoked 3 so far. They are wonderfully full bodied, without being overpowering. I love the regular Maxx product, but am quickly finding out the Brazil can hold its own too. Outside of some minor problems with the wrapper coming undone near the end of the smoke, I have no complaints with this cigar. If you are familiar with ABs line of fine vitolas, then Maxx Brazil should be to your liking. Highly recommended.
Two dollar fifty cent Alec Bradley sticks? Three dollar gordo Toros, even? Remember, this is the same dynamic long filler that is used in AB's 90+ rated Maxx. Brazil sports a spicy wrapper that makes it different than it's delicious big brother, but Brazil is every bit as satisfying, for much less. I usually only have a few vitolas of about 10 different Alec Bradley blends on hand, but I never get below 20 Maxx Brazil. At $2.75 per Robusto, I can smoke them daily at these tremendously discounted CI prices. A three bone masterpiece is hard to find, but Maxx Brazil can take a spot alongside three clam classics like Sancho Panza, 1844 & Nica Libre.
This is the closest if not the best cigar ever. I got it in a AB sampler of 10 and picked the least likely to satify before resting in the humi. Soo smooth! And what a price. Thank you CI!
JC of Vero Beach, FL
The AB Maxx Brazil is a very well constructed cigar with a wonderful full bodied flavour profile. It is similar to the Tempus, without quite the same depth or complexity, but still a fine cigar and a wonderful value. I expect that they may even get better with a little time. Now that the Brazil is in the clearance bin, I've stocked up and can offer this recommendation.
TO of Thompson, OH
Excellent cigar, burn even and not too hot, medium strength cigar with excellent taste. Will buy again.
JB of Locust Grove, VA
How can you NOT like this cigar, buy em!
JK of philadelphia, PA
5 star smoke good med to full with a little spice flavor. I enjoyed very much!
RD of Madisonville, KY
Really surprised at how great this cigar was. I ordered an AB sampler pack mostly for the Tempus and Presado blends it came with and kinda wrote this one (MAXX Brazil) as a "filler" of the bunch. I was way wrong! Not as deep and complex as the other two mentioned, but very flavorful and satisfying none the less! And being a tad on the milder side, you can really dig into this stick. I like that! Decided on a box purchase of these if they ever get the robusto size back in stock.
CD of Memphis, TN
A hearty maduro Brazilian from AB! Smokes flawlessly and gives off tons of smoke! Not as full flavored as it looks like it's going to be, but, definitely not a medium smoke. Well done.
Love it, send more!!!
Excellent burn, I let them sit in my humidifier just over a week after receiving them. I then couldn't wait any longer and had to have one. The burn was even and the time I took to enjoy this great cigar was well worth the wait. I still have 9 left and will take my time going through them. Well worth the price. Thank you Alec Bradley and CI.