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5 Vegas Classic

A top-seller for nearly two decades!

There is almost universal praise for 5 Vegas. When it comes to return on the dollar, my customers can’t say enough good things about it. 5 Vegas is quietly one of the most consistently delicious and reasonably-priced cigars on the market. A robust and creamy medium to full-bodied taste, extensive aging, and a nice blend of Cuban seed Nicaraguan and Dominican long leaves, all wrapped in a dark and rich Sumatra wrapper leaf. A unique cigar at a reasonable everyday price - what can I say, I love this one! Cigar Aficionado has praised 5 Vegas repeatedly, and among the consistently strong ratings are a 90, 88, and 87.

You’ll love it - a premium smoke priced so you can enjoy every day.

5 Vegas Classic received a healthy '90' rating. Here's what the connoisseurs had to say:

"A solid medium bodied cigar. It is filled with complex earth flavors, and a pleasant coffee ground taste. It is also very smooth."

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill (7.0"x52) BOX OF 25 In Stock $112.50 $79.00
5-PACK In Stock $22.50 $19.00
Corona (5.5"x44) BOX OF 25 In Stock $85.00 $62.00
5-PACK In Stock $17.00 $15.00
Double Corona (6.0"x48) BOX OF 25 In Stock $95.00 $70.00
5-PACK In Stock $19.00 $16.00
Fifty Five (box-press) (Gordo) (5.5"x55) BOX OF 20 In Stock $95.00 $69.00
5-PACK In Stock $23.75 $20.00
Panatela (Lancero/Panatela) (6.0"x38) BOX OF 25 In Stock $80.00 $59.00
5-PACK In Stock $16.00 $14.00
Robusto (5.0"x50) BOX OF 25 In Stock $95.00 $69.00
5-PACK In Stock $19.00 $16.00
The Judge (Gordo) (6.0"x60) BOX OF 20 In Stock $110.00 $79.00
5-PACK In Stock $27.50 $23.00
Torpedo (6.0"x54) BOX OF 20 In Stock $95.00 $69.00
5-PACK In Stock $23.75 $20.00
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Customer Reviews of “5 Vegas Classic”
"Hey, MB of Milford - you already reviewed this one. Isn't that enough?" No. I find sometimes you'll have a new cigar, get excited about it, then try it again, and find disappointment. Not with this cigar... still love it. My first one was a torpedo; this time it was one of the big 60 ring box pressed beauts, and it was awesome. Smoke so thick it cast a shadow. Flavors so good, you wish it was edible. Stressful day? Takes care of that. I think it's even doing my laundry right now...
MB of Milford, MA
("5 VEGAS CLASSIC"). This cigar can hold it's own with any 5 Vegas just by being what it is.... A HELL OF A SMOKE. Gonz had it right. A hint of the peanut and a fair amount of sweetness. Some vanilla? Excellent draw, superbly well put together, and very relaxing. It's delicious without being overdone. It's a great way to enjoy an hour. You can't miss with this. about an hour.}
VB of San Francisco, CA
After reading your write-up for the 5 Vegas line, I decided to givem' a shot. I purchased the 5 pack of the Double Coronas (perfect all around size). This was a very good $3.00 stick. I, by nature tilt toward the Fuente, CAO and similar sticks as my "go to gars". The 5 Vegas just moved up the ranks. Thanks for the tip. I have another box on order (back order) as we speak.
JJ of Lindenwod, IL
Can I add anything to 93 unanimous positive reviews? Yes! Three 5 Vegas Classic torpedoes were forgotten in my humidor for the last eight months. The extra time has given them even more complexity and flavor. Next time you buy a box of these, put a few away and forget about them. You will be amazed.
JL of St. Louis, MO
I agree with the previous smoker who suggests putting your 5 Vegas for awhile but I've found that only a month in the humidor is necessary for my own taste preference. Very delicious cigar at a great price - no wonder they are so popular here at CI.
B of VColumbia, TN
I had these cigars while I was in Honduras with the USMC back in 98-99. I just got some of these in a sampler and I am glad to have rediscovered them. The 5 Vegas Classic Robusto is not too mellow, not too strong, superb taste, great aroma and flawless construction. A great 1/2 hour smoke for the commute to work, the burn is even and cool. I highly urge you to get some into your humidor.
ST of brandon, FL
I just ordered my fifth box. I can't get enought of this "Great Cigar" (5 Vegas). Very consistent! Well made and a very enjoyable smoke.
EL of San Antonio, TX
I just received my order of 5 Vegas. I jumped on the "CI's 1 day deal." It's seems like just yesterday when I ordered them too. I love the 5 Vegas! I love CI's speedy service! I love CI's website! Where else can you get such excellent descriptions of probably every cigar ever known to man? I guess I just love CI! Keep it up guys.
RB of Mechanicsburg, PA
I just recieved my 5 Vegas mega sampler order, and it was a beautiful day outside, so I figured i would share one with a good friend. We were both at a loss for words at the great blend of this cigar! It remains rediculously smooth all the way through, to the very end. The blend is mild and deliscious! I highly recommend 5 Vegas, they are simply fantastic in every way!
BD of Allendale, MI
5 Vegas 'A' quite possibly the best tasting cigar this side of the Mississippi, well maybe the other side too. I love them they are very smooth and have a chocolaty mellow flavor. I'm in love!!!!!
MA of Wichita, KS
5 Vegas Classic A very good cigar at a very good price, there really isn't anything negative about this cigar except maybe letting them rest a few weeks before smoking them (if you can).
BF of DaWalpole, MA
A beatiful cigar (5 Vegas) and great flavor, I am very impressed with this cigar. It is bound to be a classic and now fills my humidor to capacity. The packaging is superb and the uniformity is terrific.
JS of Vandalia, MO
A Must Read! First Off I am a BIG fan of GONZ and him and I have a same liking for smokes. The 5 Vegas is a GREAT cigar over all and there is no reason anyone would not like these. The only thing I could find wrong is that if you are a perfectionest the bands come off taking them out of the wrappers (mostly Torpedo) but really who the "F" cares! The taste I must say is like they took everything good in all the samatra's around the world and found the goods in them and rolled them into a Vegas Classic. When I first smoked one after letting it come back to life( week in the humidior) you'll find yourself telling your smoke buddies "They taste like umm, Well they taste like a, You know what there just AWSOME!" I take everything in to condieration with a good smoke, body,flavor,price the whole 9 years! I must say this is a GREAT smoke all the way around!
AN of New Smyrna Beach, FL
A wonderful cigar (5 Vegas), my favorite. I enjoy the club also. Thanks for the excellent service and prices.
HP of Keller, TX
Bought a box of Vegas A's and received 6 vegas and vegas golds for free. Anyway, just lit up one of the 5 vegas originals and wow what a smoke. I was becoming impartials to maduros until I tried this gem. Definitly becoming part of my cigar rotation!
JP of East Rutherford, NJ
Had this in the brown bag sampler and am glad that I was able to try it. Decent full bodied cigar. Spicy and peppery with a nice strong tobacco core. Burns well and is satisfying.
GB of San Diego, CA
Solid construction with a perfect burn and draw, it's a solid medium for me with a nice toasty tobacco core and a touch of nut on the finish, get you some.
JB of Marrero, LA
I haven't written a review in a while but you know when it's time. The 5 Vegas line is my second favorite brand right behind CAO but while burning the latest of many 5 Vegas Classics I couldn't help but notice how similar it is to my favorite, CAO Black. It's a bit less per stick as well, but it has the same consistent burn, flavor and pure satisfaction. I hesitate to get wrapped up in the poetic descriptions of woody, nutty, with hints of nutmeg ad nauseum. It's just a damn fine stick that can always be relied upon to deliver the goods. It has the consistently good burn, draw and all-around reliability as the CAO Black and is rapidly becoming one of my "go to" sticks for a no surprise enjoyable cigar. And CIs prices and service are just the icing on the cake.
TP of Hereford, AZ
I just got my box of 5 Vegas Double Coronas. this cigar is a steal for the price! you have a customer for life!
LK of Findlay, OH
I picked up my personalized license plate for my Harley today. "5VEGAS". Does that tell you how I feel about this magnificent cigar?
BD of Red Lodge, MT
I read somewhere that this brand was resurected from the ashes of the cigar bust of the 90's. Well, thanks to C.I. for sticking with this fantastic cigar! Smooth, creamy, earthy, and you just can't beat the price. A few weeks ago I was sitting in the park smoking the double corona of the Vegas classic and met a guy smoking a $10.00 cigar. I gave him one of mine to smoke and he was not just blown away by the cigar, he was very impressed by the price. When he asked where I bought them I gave him your website, the next time I saw him he was happily puffing on a 5-Vegas Classic.
PN of Yelm, WA
Just an note to let you know that I am very happy with my first order. The 5 Vegas bundle was a great deal and fast delivery. Smoked the first one tonight and it was just as you said.
BY of Levittown, PA
Just got my 5 Vegas Cigars (Classic)...put them in the humi for a couple of hours to get them back to room temp. The anticipation got to be to much and decided to pull one out for an afternoon smike... The only problem I encountered was the wait...A great smoke at a good price...5 Vegas will make it the fovorites list quickly..THANKS CI
JK of Amityville, NY
Love it. Couldn't even wait til I was done to write a review. This is what I will be keeping in constant supply in my humidor. The wood and leather flavors are dialed in perfectly. A quicker burn than many top shelfers but sometimes thats just right. Paired with a Sam Alpine Spring .. Ok, enough review - back to the cigar.
MB of Milford, MA
Ok boys here is the deal.5 Vegas Classic I don't have the sophisticated palate of a "professional" cigar reviewer. I can't tell hints of white pepper, roasted cocoa or leather. I don't even know what leather tastes like, I've never eaten it. I am compelled to write about my love affair with the 5 Vegas line up. My wife doesn't know it but I have fallen in love, with a cigar. I have been smoking premium cigars for about 8 years and this is one of the best I've had. In fact, I would put 5 Vegas up against any cigar CI has in their inventory. I've had all the 5 Vegas cigars and they are absoultely fantastic! I would put them up there with any 94 plus rates cigar. I can't think of one negative thing to say about them. They simply smoke great!!! I just finished off a classic about 10 minutes ago and watched it burn down to my fingers and it was as good then as when I initally lit it off. I paired it with a find Tuscan Red Wine and damn it was as good as sex. I usually don't write reviews but had to rattle off about my new love. These cigars ARE the REAL DEAL, where have they been all of my life? I can't say enough about the perfectly even burn that offers a 2 inch plus head, the smooth easy draw, the abudance of smoke and flavor, I could go on. I have been disappointed with much more expensive cigars! You cannot go wrong with these boys! They are absolute extasy! No, this isn't the wine talking. I will be filling up my humidor with 5 Vegas and smoking them every chance I get!!! Get some today, you won't be disappointed!
MK of Naples, AE
Recently bought my first box of 5 Vegas. Can'r say enough good things about this smoke and CI in general. Not to mention the "Freebie" CI has always done an excellent job of describing the attributes of all of their brands. This one was right on as well... right on down to the slight hint of lilac. Great job boys . . . The 5 Vegas has become an everyday smoke and CI has a customer for life !!!!
SR of Nashua, NH
Smoked one last night. EXCELLENT CIGAR !!! It's nothing like the other lines. It tastes like a cross between a La Aurora Preferido and a La Perla Habana Prefecto Maduro. Quite an incredible smoke ... not at all what I was expecting. Just the right amount of everything that's good ... and I swear to it ... it even has 'floral' overtones. I kept thinking it tasted 'very faintly' of lilacs ... don't ask me why. Very pleasant, actually. Very earthy ... Perfect construction, perfectly effortless draw yet firm) ... and beautiful white ash. I wish I could make this my everyday cigar ... it's a real 'go-to' type smoke.
KP of Brentwood, CA
The 5 Vegas Classic is, in my view, a very nice middle-of-the-road cigar; not as strong as the Cask Strength and without the abundance of flavour of the 'A'. I'll never turn down a Classic, but I'll spend my money on the 'A'.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
The 5-Vegas Classic has truly become one of my favorite cigars. I really enjoy the torpedos. Every cigar has an even burn, a smooth draw and a crisp ash. There's plenty of satisfying flavor and this smoke is unique with it's Sumatra wrapper and fine blend of tobacco. You just can't find a cigar this good for the price anywhere! I suggest that you pick some up if you haven't already. This one's a winner by all standards.
TV of State College, PA
The classic (5 Vegas)is a great smoke at a great price. You can't beat it. One of my favorites.
GH of Bordentown, NJ
I ordered a box of 5 Vegas Double Coronas after reading CI's recommendation. I have not been disappointed. This cigar is very likely going to be my DAILY cigar. It's just got everything going for it. The draw is perfect; the strength is perfect; the flavor moves around interestingly; and the price is fantastic! I keep smoking these sticks to the nub and I swear I'm going to burn my fingers one of these days.
RS of Huntingtown, MD
I'm just finishing my first 5 Vegas Classic and I'm truly impressed. The construction was great. Upon lighting, the draw was wonderful and the clouds of smoke were impressive. The first 2/3 had a taste I could only describe as champagne like and very smooth. The last 1/3 then turned to a chocolatey, coffee mix of flavor still maintaining the smoothness. I've found another puro to add to my humidor. Thanks CI for the great cigars, service and best of all your fantastic prices.
DQ of Ravena, NY
Just received my first 5 Vegas box and had to try one right away. Started a tad spicy with some bite then shortly mellowed into a creamy treat with a great aroma. This is a fine cigar and a great value.
SL of Monte Vista, CO
Just tried my first 5 Vegas.What a fine smoke!
CD of Bristol, CT
These cigars (5 Vegas) must be lit with a match and wow what a creamy cigar. It reminds me so much of the CAO Black another favorite. I have smoked 20+ of these and they rarely disappoint unless I'm in the wind. This and the Partagas Black/5 Vegas "A" are my favorite cigars to date.
GJ of Metairie, LA
You guys are insane! How do you do it? I've checked out a lot of cigar shops on the Internet and nobody has the inventory or prices like you guys. I can't stop myself from buying them because of your specials and insanely low prices. So stop it, enough, quit tempting me, I'm weak! I love 5 Vegas and you guys got me hooked. Well all this cigar talk got me "hungry", gotta go and burn one. See what you guys did to me! Thanks and keep up the good work and specials.
BK of West Middlesex, PA
You guys have really done it with this brand. Look up the word "value" in Webster's and your bound to see these cigars(5 Vegas). The red label is a SOLID everyday smoke (and at these prices you can afford to smoke them everyday). The Series A is a great beefy cigar for the maduro lover in all of us and the Limitadas are the finest of the bunch. I've smoked every cigar in the 5 Vegas line and i can tell you that they hold their own against ANY super-premium cigar out there. Many thanks to CI for turning me on to them . . . and bringing them to us for such a fair price.
BO of Greenville, SC
You just can't go wrong with a "5 Vegas Classic". Coffee, earth, pepper and a subtle creaminess, everything about this stick is right on the money. Speaking of money, can you find a better deal? A quality cigar for the price of a cheapie. I don't know how you do it.......nor' do i care. Best deal on the market today. Yeah, my box order plus, is in. I'll be puffing real good this weekend. Is there anything better than a good cigar?
I finally got around to trying 5 Vegas. I got some for the SuperBowl. Quite a stogie! If you haven't tried them you should. I had Cohiba's and 5 Vegas as a choice for my guests. The Cohiba's were some Cubans I had snuck in from, well they were Cubans let's leave it at that. Anyway the comments from the crowd were they liked both equally. Now that is a mouthful. To like a 5 Vegas equally as much as a Cuban Cohiba. They don't taste alike mind you but in their own ways they were judged as equals by several seasoned cigar smokers. I will let it rest there.
DO of Soldotna, AK
What can I say about the classic 5 vegas cigar except that it is an all around 10! Geat taste, construction and burn. It is without a doubt one of the best cigars for the money out there. Thank God C. I. has them priced lower than anyone else in the business and when they have these fanatstic cigars as their daily deal, I jump on those deals the second they are listed! If you don't enjoy the 5 vegas cigar, then you are not a cigar lover at all. Thank you C. I. once again.
J of H V3Long Island, NY
After reading all the reviews, and seeing them front & center in the CI Catalog every single month, I finally had the chance to sample 5 Vegas Classic. I won't go into a bunch of cigar-speak. What I will say is that when someone asks me what a great hand-rolled cigar should look like, feel like, smoke like, and taste like, I will hand them a 5 Vegas Classic torpedo. It was everything I was looking for. I can't give it any higher praise than that. I will be back again and again for this cigar.
JD of Seward, NE
Five vegas cigars weather classic,gold,series-a ,they always have a place in my humidor,top quality construction,great burn,and copieus amounts of flavor,and the price is unbelevible,i feel they can't be beat.
Very nice cigar at a great price. Easy cut, easy light, and a flawless draw. I can't taste cedar, nuts, spice, wood, or leather, so I can't help you there. But it did have a little sweetness, a little bit of burn in the nose (I think that is spice?) but not much. Great burn, no touch ups. And most important to me - generous smoke! Highly recommend. This was the long torpedo, from what I can tell - don't have my ruler but guessing its 6"
TS of Rowlett, TX
This classic (5 Vegas) is indeed a classic smoke. I love the "A" series and found myself wanting to try the classic. I'm glad I did. It is very smooth, creamy and for the price, it's just a steal. I dare to say I like this blend even better than the Limitada. Worth every penny & probably more.
DD of Jr., NJ
This fire stick is smooth, mellow, and well constructed. It's a cigar you can smoke while walking the dog, playing scrabble or watching the football game. The price is too good to be true. I pass these cigars out to both men and women on my construction sites and have received numerous requests for more 5 Vegas. I referred them all to you at CI. I am a loyal customer and intend on being one until I stop breathing. Please keep loads of 5 Vegas handy!
CP of Dorchester, MA
This is the second time I've written you a review on the "5 Vegas Classic". This cigar just gets better in the torpedo size. Slightly bolder, which enhances the flavor, it's not a complex stick but one that definitely grabs and holds your attention. The consistency is remarkable. A sweet peanut flavor that does not quit. Construction and burn are first class. One of the most relaxing cigars that i have ever smoked. I can see why it's your #1 seller. It is now one of my favorite go to cigars. Get ready for my next order guys. This might be my first auto-ship. I hope everyone enjoys the holiday season as much as i enjoy this wonderful cigar. Take care.....its time to light up, ahhhh, later guys.
VB of San Francisco, CA
It seems like everytime I order cigars anymore, a box of 5 Vegas or two ends up on my order. My humidor now has all 5 styles and is approaching the fifty percent level of my stash. Age 'em for a month and they are ready to go. I like the Gold the best with Classic not far behind. The Cask Strength is very nice with a single malt, both being very toothy. My wife likes the Cask cigar box and wants another. The Limitada can be the best but sometimes is not as consistant as the others. I can see now why 5 Vegas is the best selling cigar at CI. All styles will probably make it into your humidor soon.
DS of Moreno Valley, CA
SC of Shreveport, LA
Dear CI Guys— Wow! I just cannot say enough good things about 5 Vegas Classic cigars!! Booming clouds of smoke, overall very good construction and burn, but above all, the flavor and aroma is just delicious!! I normally buy samplers and assorted 5-packs, because I like to try different things, but I recently sprang for a box of Double Coronas (Toro is my favorite size), and I am glad I did…This is now THE staple in my humidor!! I also like the 5 Vegas Gold as a milder cigar, and the 5 Vegas “Series A” is my favorite “Après-Dinner Special Cigar.” I can hardly wait to try the 5 Vegas Limitado 2006, which will be on my next order. Keep up the good work, and I hope I can make it to your “Cigar Fest” next summer!! Sincerely, E Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
EG of Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Leader of the Band: Am I a 5 Vegas Classic fanatic?? Maybe. Let me put it this way. If I knew I was going to the firing squad in the morning, my last smoke would be, without hesitation, a 5 Vegas Classic. That being said, I'm not going to waste any more time beating to death the principle virtues of this cigar that we all love-the construction, the aroma, the flavor, the price, etc. Instead, I'd like to talk about a lesser discussed attribute of this cigar, which, as far as I'm concerned, is the final icing on the cake-THE CIGAR BAND!! Now, when I first light up a nice cigar, I like to leave the band on. It looks cool, gives me something to fondle, and can significantly impress the neighbors. However, being a somewhat frugal smoker (Gonz, you can probably relate to this), at some point, I'm going to want to remove that band and get down to the nub. Not that I'm against those super wide bands which are going around these days, but nothing is more irritating than trying to remove a band, and in the process mutilating that delicious, exotic, and expensive wrapper. Enter 5 Vegas Classic: Check it out-the band reeks of understated quality and tasteful elegance, sporting red, white, and gold with crisp printing and a nice embossed feel. It's a truly class act, and best of all, there's that little raised tab thingy on the back of the cigar. You just slip your thumb under it; give a gentle tug, and Voila!!-let the finger burning begin!!! Kudos to the guys at 5 Vegas Classic for figuring this one out, and another reason why this stick will always be #1 in my Humi, which by the way, is pretty well stocked against the slings and arrows of outrageous SCHIPP. CI Nation, you are THE BEST, and I remain a "Customer for Life"!!
EG of Fort Lauderdale, FL
I recently finished my first box (5 Vegas). It was 6x48. I really enjoyed the Vegas 5. For the money and quality, I would recommend the Vegas. Great cigar.
RO of Fort Atkinson, WI
I've tried all the 5 Vegas cigars and this one (5 Vegas Classic) is the BEST. Every review that follows is right on. For the money, 5 Vegas Classic easily is my go to cigar. This is how I best describe 5 Vegas Classic.... Creamy, nutmeg, peanuts, coffee, spice, burnt fingers and lips... Every time. Thanks CI PS Hope you guys noticed the 20+ guys I've referred to your site.
GL of Metairie, LA
I have been a big fan of the "55" since it came out. It is a great tasting, medium cigar. Keep up the great deals CI!!! Your service is the best.
CH of Sault Ste Marie, MI
this cigar is awesome
I always find it interesting when a cigar dealer claims they have the "best cigar for the price". Some are good and some are not as advertised. I just purchased a box of 5 Vegas Classic Fifty Five's and can honestly say that, in my opinion, they are the "best cigar for the price". They are priced low enough for an every day cigar but also go well with that great single malt. Thank you C/I for your outstanding service and for introducing me to 5 Vegas.
MK of Elkhart, IN
This is a pretty decent cigar (5 Vegas), a lot of bang for the buck. I enjoy its bold flavor despite my taste for milder cigars. My first one was a little bitter, but the second one was good. I have a few sticks left from my recent freebie deal with the 5 Vegas Golds, and I'll be sure to follow the previous advice of letting them age a bit in the 'dor.
KH of Baltimore, MD
Oh yeah! One of these 5 Vegas Classic sticks in the torpedo size and a glass of good cognac (or whatever your liquor of choice, mine being Hennessy) make for the perfect "after work/time to relax" combo. Perfect draw, even burn, great taste. Gotta love em!
ER of Bismarck, ND
The 5 Vegas Classic is a great bang for the buck. It is smooth and consistent, with a great flavor of creamy nuts and spice. One of my favorites for the price. If you haven't had one yet, buy a box or a five pack. You can't go wrong for 3 dollars a stick.
KF of Greenwich, CT
Great, moderate flavor, and smooth as silk (5 Vegas). The greatest cigar I've smoked to date. Perfect for any time of the day. Don't miss out on this one!
JP of Fountain Valley, CA
This was my first 5 Vegas and all I can say is WOW (5 Vegas Classic)! It was a little stronger than expected but all the more to enjoy. I smoked it for 2 full inches before I knocked off the ash just to be sure I didn't have a mess. And as for taste - I've never had a creamier, butterier (is that a word?) ciger. I will definately add these to my humi.
LF of Byron, IL
I just had my first 5 Vegas, which I bought for the birth of my son. It's a great cigar. The construction and appearance are great. It has a creamy taste with a hint of spice. I would put it in my top ten favorite medium bodied cigars. For the price you can hardly beat it.
MK of OFallon, IL
This 5 Vegas Classic is a very, very nice cigar. Firmly packed and burns perfectly. I found it to be medium bodied and smooth. So smooth it can be smoked anytime of the day. Has a distinctive sweet-nutty flavor with just a hint of cinnamon and spice overtones on the finish. A great smoking experience!! My normal go-to cigar is Punch ( a fuller bodied cigar), but this may just repalce it in my humidor. Need I mention a very affordable cigar also? Try 5 Vegas Classic; you'll like it.
RF of Richfield, WI
This is my first 5Vegas but it will not be my last! I love the NUBs but I will add the 5Vegas Classic to my regular rotation. A smooth medium strength smoke that provides high quality for a low price.
J of BLubbock, TX
Picked these up in a flight sampler(5 Vegas Classic Torpedo).The Classic is a very good smoke. Smooth and flavorful from start to finish.I handed a few out to friends for the initial smoke with me and the praise for this inexpensive smoke was universal.Not bad from three guys sitting around with humidors full of Havanas at arms reach.Across the board and range of prefered tastes(die hard fans of vitolas from Ramon Allones,H.Upmann,and Cohiba)all agree that bang for the buck in an anytime smoke,you won't find many better than the 5 Vegas Classic.
RC of greenville, SC
i defy anyone to tell me that 5 vegas classic isnt the best pound for pound cigar on the market, perfect construction 99 percent even burn, loads of earth and coffee hints, and plenty of spice ,the box press, the torpedo ,the churchill and the robusto, there all great,the 55 seems to be full bodied while the rest are medium to full. this is a high quality cigar,ive smoked hundreds of brands, padron, h uppmann ,pepin garcia,perdomo sun grown, el rico habano and camacho 1962 are some of my favorites , the 5 vegas classic torpedo holds it own , and at a third the cost sometimes cheaper, it cant be beat, i know this is technically a ci "housebrand" and i was skeptical , but believe me this is not one of those stale ,harsh terds that ci competitors are passing off as a great value, this would be a great deal at 4 dollars a stick instead of under 3 dollars, hell even the band is top shelf. if you like an earthy spicey cigar with just enough coffee and hints of chocolate. dont be afraid, this is ci, they wont do you wrong, i am a satisfied customer.long live 5 vegas and cigars international, i dare you to try and find a better seller, ive searched far and wide ,ci gets 99 percent of my business ,and the 2 times ive ordered some where else. it took 2 weeks to ship an instock item. ci is simply unsurpassed.
JS of hamilton, OH
5 Vegas Classic in a nutshell; Just like your favorite single malt, at the beginning it gives a nice little bite to let you know it means business, half way through it mellows out but continues to taste great, when your finished all you can think about is having another!!
M of RLas Vegas, NV
i smoked 5 Vegas Classic when i was first really getting into cigars, but didnt pay it much attention since i was on a full bodied binge. after seeing how much fan mail there was i picked some up with the free shipping dealio and damn am i glad i re-visited this cigar. this will probably always be in my humi
QL of beaver dam, WI
I bought a box of these about 6 months ago (5 vegas classic torpedo) after reading all the great reviews. I smoked 4 of them the first week i had them and they all burned the same. The first inch was just rough, on everyone, i remember i was ready to put them out and my brother was looking at me and saying i got ripped off. However after the first inch the cigar was just plain delicious but I ignored them for about 5 months. Picked one out couple weeks ago and was great from start to finish. Now I cant keep my hands off em. They have a flavor all their own. Maybe they are sellin to quick and must sit for a couple months. Now I understand all the hype as they are a great blend of cigar, as good and better than most that cost twice as much. You just may have to exercise a little patience with these
MC of franklin, WI
Simply spectacular go-to cigar (5 Vegas Classic) if you like medium-to-full flavor. Like the Starbucks of cigars (and I mean that in a good way)--Very consistent and satisfying, from box to box and order to order. Better than Starbucks from a value standpoint. I will always have a few of these in my humi...
PD of Denver, CO
5 Vegas (Double Nickel) Classic or Gold is an excellent stick for the money. There is something about the 5x5.5 that is near perfect. I've gone through about two boxes and each stick has been consistent and tasty just like the one before it. The only problem smoking it is that I can't fully enjoy it because I'm afraid of CI jacking the prices on me. But other than that worry, it's a fantastic smoke for the PRICE!
DG of Irvine, CA
I'm Smoking the (5 Vegas Classic) and i really like the flavor and consistency these beauties have. Nice draw very aromatic with nice white, thick tasty plums of smoke. I cannot seem to get enough of them. There always is a place in my humidor for these wonderful cigars. In closing this cigar out performs any big brand or big named cigar in the same blend and line of cigar period. You will not be disapointed. Be sure to allow them to rest in a well maintained humidor for about 4 days or longer if you can. Min of 2. Thank you for a wonderful and affordable cigar. KD
KD of Broken Arrow, OK
This is my go-to smoke (5 Vegas Classic). It has everything that I want in a smoke. It always holds a place in my humidor.
DM of Westminster, VT
I recently recieved a (Vegas 5 ) Classic in a sample pack. I had often wondered what the hype was all I know. I've been smoking cigars for about 3 years, for the price this is probably the best cigar I've smoked.
SH of Greenville, SC
The (5 Vegas Classic) torpedo is one of the best cigars that I have ever smoked and I have had some great smokes ( cuban motecristos and cohibas). This one is up there with them and then some. It has great flavor and finish with volumes of smoke. The construction is grade A+ and the burn was perfect. Anyone looking for a great smoke for a very good price should forget about all those trendy snob brands and go for this baby! You will truly be satisfied!
DM of Clayton, CA
I recently tried a box of the (5 Vegas Classics), with all the hype, I wanted to try them for myself. Let me tell you friends, this one is great!! The flavor is satisfying from start to finish, and it's no HYPE....these babies are really all they are cracked up to be. If you don't give them a try, you don't know what you are missing. A rich tasting treat from start to finish... not a bad one in the box. The burn is even, with lots of smoke. This 5 Vegas and the La Gloria Cubana are among my favorites, and with CI's prices, what's not to like.
PG of ellicott city, MD
Just tried the 5 Vegas Classic, my first and definitely not my last. Not the best in my box, but for the price it should be a good solid everyday smoke.
SB of E. Taunton, MA
Get the branding iron out! I'm a 5 vegas fan-boy! I'm scared to type too much of a review for fear I'll sound like a stalker. Just plunk down the money and be prepared for some 5 vegas goodness! It's a great any time cigar!
BL of Hesperia, CA
Whoa? Really? This is my first review so bear with me. I have my favorites and maybe I should have written a review on one of those. This one led me here. I was surprised. I was all ready for a mediocre smoke, looking for nothing fancy. I can't put it down. Great burn, great taste, very smooth and hits just right. It's on my ever growing list, definitely give it a shot!
JH of Mesa, AZ
I got my first (5 Vegas Classic) on a Torpedo sampler really wanting to get the more highly touted in the bunch. But IMHO.... this gem can butt heads with the "biggies" of the bunch. The Classic is from this point forward is always welcome in my humidor, it will be back!
CC of Sharps Chapel, TN
For me, this is the benchmark of what a quality cigar should be. Not too spendy, worth every penny. I've gone through several of these and have never been anything but satisfied. This is the go-to cigar if I don't have any specific cravings in mind. Dare I say....perfection
MR of Dell Rapids, SD
Very pleased with these fine cigars.Well constructed,burn nearly perect.They taste great,and for the money I dont think there is a better value out there.
WS of indianapolis, IN
There are sumatra wrappers and then there is the 5 vegas classic, the latter is a divine manifestation from the PQR god. I've had the fifty-five and the torpedo so far, I can now add the double corona to the list. I have to say there's nothing more classic or traditional than red labeled toro, a fine vitola overall.
RA of Glendale, CA
I got into cigars about three years ago. My close friend got me into them, and I've smoked a bunch of good cigars from Rocky Patel to Romeo Y Julieta but this cigar in my opinion is the best of them yet. It is the bomb! Now I know why one of your staff members raves about this cigar -Gonz you are the man!
JB of Rocky Mount, MO
These are my favorite cigars of all time. Very smooth to smoke, goes great while sipping on some Frangelica on the rocks! I love the whole 5 Vegas line of smokage.
BK of Orange Park, FL
It's all true. These are REALLY fantastic cigars by any standards. They have quickly become my favorite.
KD of allen park, MI
An amazing smoke. That really sums it up. My favorite is the Corona...
MM of Cranbury, NJ
A great Smoke at a very reasonable price. You can smoke these everyday or pull out at special occasions. Great taste and a long, even burn. No problems ever. I have not had a bad 5 Vegas yet, although I only have smoked Gold and Classic. They stand up to and actually beat many top shelf smokes, in my humble opinion. I find myself re-ordering these on a regular basis. I LOVE them!
DB of Cumming, GA
Obviously, the quality of 5 Vegas is not a secret. I wholeheartedly agree that the Classsic is the best everyday smoke around. I also wanted to express my satisfaction with CI, which I find always has the best selection and prices. I recently ordered approximately 80 cigars and I smoked a number of them within the first two days of arrival. They are always fresh. I have found often I need to let new cigars sit in my humidor for some time before I want to smoke them, this is never the case with cigars from CI.
Z of J, CO
I have been waiting to buy a box of these 5 Vegas classics, but of course wanted to just try it first. Received 6 of 'em in a recent sampler, and of course, had to light one of the 5 Vegas classics up the minute I tucked the others away in my humidor. Very very nice! Nice earthy undertones (a bit like a Puros Indios, but not exactly - it is hard to describe) with some complexity half way through. Highly suggest anyone try a 5 Vegas classic! Should have bought a box a long time ago! If you are a first time buyer or a long time smoker - both will most certainly enjoy this smoke.
GR of Sterling, VA
Had one this morning before I went too class. I'm not a big Vegas classic fan but I'm going to the truth. They get the job done. Burns very well- the aroma smells fantastic. Toast the foot and enjoy the spices for that moment. Mellow out after an inch then becomes smooth as you reach about three inches left now here comes creamy sweet flavors with added spices down to the nub. If you have money buy a box or two and if not purchase a five pack. Then sit down an enjoy the moment.
FD of Gardena, CA
I just received my buddies from the Ups truck. That's one nice box so nice I really might just leave them alone. So I decided to smoke a sampler, a very tasty Cigar -5 Vegas classic box press. I wonder which worth more the cigars or box. Thanks CI
FD of Gardena, CA
This isn't just a cigar, it is an experience!!! A must in every humidor!
JB of Ravenna, OH
I'm new to smoking cigars. I ordered garcia vegas and a single 5 Vegas Churchill ... I had a garcia vega and was please then after I tried my 5 Vegas Churchill I was amazed. I refuse to smoke those cheap machine made cigars now. I plan on ordering some more 5 Vegas churchills.
JA of Connellsville, PA
Good cigar. Tasty all the way through. Beyond what I expected. Personal rating: 89.
FF of Tazewell, TN
Absolutely my favorite favorite cigar in my humidor. For the price it's the best. Draw is smooth, and the smoke is med/full but not overpowering. Hard pressed to find better..Thanks CI !
JL of Burke, VA
I had high expectations which were surpassed after the first few puffs. A quality smoke all the way, praised universally for good reason.
RL of Jacobsburg, OH
If someone were to say "if you were deserted on an island and you had to choose one cigar, what would it be?" That would be a very silly question, not because I would of course choose water, food, and some island beauties (don't tell my wife) - but I would most certainly say give me all the 5 Vegas Classics you have. The 5 Vegas Classic is one of those cigars that can be enjoyed for any occasion, and probably one of the best tasting and best constructed out there.
GR of Sterling, VA
The 5 Vegas "55" (5 Vegas Classic) is a nice chunky smoke. I've had 2-3 of the other sizes, and it's a bit more rich and flavorful than the other ring gauges. The box press is a nice touch, it holds that burn just a little longer for some reason. As always, the 5 Vegas line never disappoints me!
GR of Sterling, VA
The smoke was consistent throughout, offering a nice, slow burn, plenty of thick white smoke and a unique flavor. I found myself satisfied from light to finish. Just as Coca-Cola hit it on the head with their signature brand, the 5-Vegas Classic will not disappoint.
FS of Orlando, FL
WOW...Now you would think if your reading this and have seen how many wow's people have givin this cigar you would be done looking at the comments you cant say anything more just wow its great spicy, but not to spicy....smooth as butter, a real winner order you some!!!!!
JP of Albany, GA
I normally don't review any cigars I smoke, but Im midway through a 5 Vegas Classic Churchill right now and I HAD to come on here to write this! I got this cigar in a sampler, and wasn't expecting much. But WOW WOW WOW, this is my favorite cigar yet! The flavor is unbelievable, its soooo creamy smooth, it leaves an AMAZING taste on your palate. Packed to the gills with tobacco and feels heavy in the hand. Burn is amazingly dead straight and it has a nice strong white ash. This may be the only cigar I smoke for a LONG time! CI, youve done it this time!! I burned a Montecristo Vintage 1999 earlier today, and this 5 Vegas Classic BLOWS it away for 1/4 of the price! Thanks for an amazing smoke! Grab yourself a bourbon and a 5 Vegas Classic and enjoy the night! Thats what Im doing!
JK of Tampa, FL
I had the 5.5 x 55 and really enjoyed it. It started out very mild with an old tobacco flavor, then at 1/3 in there was a strong pepper zip that lasted for about half an inch. After that it settled into a nice creamy smooth medium bodied smoke with a light pepper on the finish. Toasty, cashews, creamy, flavors but what really got me was the "tangy"ness that I realized I was getting. Mmmm.
RO of Deer River, MN
These cigars are making it hard for me to try/purchase other cigars. As a smoker on a budget I can't always afford to spend $150 to $200 on a box of cigars as I tend to have exspensive taste. With the 5 Vegas Classic it's like getting premium smokes for half the price. Absolutely love'em!!!
MH of Louisville, KY
I'm new to cigars.5 vegas classic is the best I've smoked so far. CI,great company and outstanding service. Will be buying more..
AD of Birmingham, AL
I spend hundreds of dollars on cigars from CI, since you can't beat their price. I've tried both higher and lower end cigars, and found some wonderful flavors. However, this is one time I am going to be in the minority all the way around. I've smoked the Cu-Avana punisher, which is probably the strongest smoke I've now only tried but enjoyed. The same is said about the Diesel, Reunination, Virtue, 5 Vegas Cask, and others in this area. It and also be said that I am a fan of the 5 Vegas cigars, with the exception of this one. Mayber I didn't receive ones that were up to par, but this isn't like CI to do this. The flavor of this cigar reminded me of a cigar that had been put out, left for a few days in the ash tray, then relit. It burned my mouth, and I couldn't keep it even no matter what I did. The cigar came out of the same humidor that other ones are kept that smoked just fine. Based on this first experience of this cigar, I don't care for it at all. Again, maybe I receive a bad batch since there are so many others who give this high praise. I love the 5 Vegas Gold, and all of their other brands. This one just didn't do the trick, and I may make a second order just to find out if it was the cigar. It came with a sampler pack, but this shouldn't make a difference. This is my review, and doesn't mean it is a bad cigar to others.
DM of Taylor, MI
A 5 vegas classic was the first cigar i ever smoked, and its still my favorite. I love anything they produce but there will allways be a special place in my heart for my first.
BB of Longview, TX
NUB Connecticut used to be my fav stogie, No Mas! Had my first Vegas-5 classic last night. Smoooooooth, great flavor and even burn. My wife even said "excellent". Don't know what more I would want in a cigar. Just ordered more!. Keep up the good work CI!
JM of Loves Park, IL
Just had my first 5 Vegas Classic! Good cigar, great flavor, even burn, nice leather wrapper. Just finished gutting my bathroom/remodel sat on my deck with a cold coffee and was in heaven with this cigar! I have been smoking a lot of Drew Estates infused and nice to go back to a regular smoke. Fall colors to make it more spectacular.
RB of Rochester, MN
I purchased the 5 Vegas Classic Judge in the signles section. Excellent contruction, good flavor, good burn. An excellent cigar at a good price. I will be purchasing more of these.
JH of Bolingbrook, IL
"What makes an incredible cigar? Consistency and flavor! The 5 Vegas Clasic is a stellar example of a premium cigar that calls out your name every time you visit the humidor! Once the cigar is lit, you know your going to experience smoking bliss until you nub that sucker down to the last inch!"
TC of Temecula, CA
Another fantastic cigar from CI! I love a cigar that has a great draw and burns well and this rocket delivers! Great taste and a joy to smoke! I love a cigar that at basic levels delivers and then surprises you with something a little extra! Tons of smoke output and flavor that keeps you more than interested! This cigar is a must try for sure!
TC of Temecula, CA
Great. This cigar was very well made and offered lots of wood and leather flavored smoke. I tried the torpedo from a sampler pack and it beats the gold by a lot in my book. Great cigar will be buying a box once my new humidor is ready.
KS of Riverside, CA
Tony the Tiger Great. Just burned a torpedo with my step dad and we both loved it. Great burn Great Draw, Consistent wood and leather flavor that was not to strong. Only the Olivia G rates higher then this stick in my book
KS of Riverside, CA
I must say that after reading all the reviews of this cigar I couldn't wait to try it. Well I guess this cigar is just not for me. I had two of them sit in the humidor for a couple of months and smoked them months apart. To me the cigar seemed harsh and didn't have much flavor to it. I will say this though, the draw was nice and the burn was good but that was about it.
JS of Staten Island, NY
Well I finally found it. I found my everday cigar, and let me say this has been painstaking to achieve. I have only been smoking cigars for about 6 months now, and during this time I have wanted a cigar that I could afford to smoke everyday, maybe even 2. I tried many of the cheaper sticks on this site, most of which I deemed unsmokeable and threw the damn things away. Only recently did I hear about the 5 vegas classic and been waiting impatiently for them to arrive. As I write I am smoking one of them, and I am blown away! The construction, burn, draw, wrapper, flavor and smoke are fantastic, just like all the previous reviews mentioned. If you're like me, and need some affordable sticks to have daily then these are the answer. Get some and I assure you, you will be happy. Good day!
JS of Glendale, AZ
Very happy with this cigar. Maybe the best value I've found. Great flavor is my main concern when smoking and this stick has it! I have 2 humidor's and one will have mostly 5 V classics. You'll be burning your fingers and lips for these. Better have a roach clip handy. Smoke it slow to maintain a consistent flavor.
WP of Cass City, MI
I only had one torpedo in the samplers I ordered so this cigar made me mad, beyond mad, almost completely furious! I had my fun and enjoyment with this single beauty, but now I gotta wait until next payday to get some more! At least I still got some cohibas left to get me by :(
MD of Wichita, KS
I just tried this cigar and I didn't care for it at all. Throughout the smoke there was a horrible chemical- like taste. It was all I could do to get through it. I hung in hoping the flavor would settle-in but it was horrible right down to the nub. Regularly smoke all brands and types of premium cigars and I can't think of one I disliked more than this one. It retrospect I wish I had given up on it sooner and sparked up something more enjoyable. I savor my time enjoying my smokes and this experience quite literally left a bad taste in my mouth.
Got a 5 Vegas Classic robusto in a sampler, and I was just amazed. I personally like a mild-medium or a medium, and this hit the spot! I had been running off of recommendations in my local cigar shop, and was about to give up on cigars since the last one I liked was over $10 a stick. Gave this a try, and wow! It got a bit stronger about halfway through, but was barely noticed because it slowly changed. When it got to the end of the stick, I rushed over to the computer and saw the amazing price tag of just $69 for a box! Looks like I found my go to cigar! Highly recommended!
CM of Woodstock, MD
Had a 5 Vegas A box press shorty and the Classic 55 back to back. The A was much more complex with aged flavor. The classic was spot on all the way through with an earthy flavor and slight pepper. CLASSIC Nicaraguan profile. Both had perfect draw and only slightly uneven burn. Pretty darn good! These are the poster child of Nicaragua. For the guy with the bad smoke of chemicals, he landed a "sick" cigar needing a long rest to clear the Ammonia. It is unfortunate but expected with such a high volume selling smoke to get some needing rest. Patience.
C of Antioch, IL
One of the first cigars I've ever tried. I've tried many, many since then. I always come back to the 5 Vegas!
Reading the reviews, I realized I never did a review. Well, all I can say is the cigar is great... construction... flavor... burn... all top rate. A really fine cigar.
ND of Nooksack, WA
I am not sure I should have purchased these. I think these have ruined me from being able to seek out and enjoy lower priced comparable cigar varieties. I am not sure how 5 Vegas Classics are not 100 rated cigars- these are that good. These cigars are pretty, they feel great in the hand, are consistent, and to smoke, are better than anything comparable I have experienced. I can see why CI lists these gems as the #1 rated medium bodied cigar. If you like cigars, at any price point, I think you must experience these at least once.... WOW!!!!!!!
The most consistent affordable cigar you can find!
Only had one that wasn't great and that very well could have been user error. A SOLID stick; buy em on sale and stock up! You can thank me later.
I think this is a fairly safe cigar. I have absolutely no complaints about it, but I have a hard time raving about it as well. This is a well-made cigar that is not too complex in its tastes. It's mellow, medium bodied. The draw was easy and the burn was good until the end. I recommend enjoying this cigar when you're doing something else while craving a cigar (driving, yard, etc.) because there's not a lot of complexity. Just a nice, safe cigar that's a great value.
JL of Temple City, CA
Okay, I've tried many cigars at this point. I must say 5 Vegas Classic is the best overall cigar you can find. Hit up that MMAO and get a box for a steal and enjoy! You really can't go wrong here. Mild in flavor, hour burn, perfect draw. Stop thinking, just buy!
For me this is the quintessential "BBQ/lawn mowing/day at the lake" stick. I'm in Texas, so if I'm outside on a hot and sunny day I'm holding a cold one in my right hand and a Classic in my left hand, and we have a lot of those days down here. I always have these in my humidor. Great construction, burn and flavor. And don't forget the value price.
The 60 ring 5 Vegas Classic is the best deal in the cigar market. I also ordered Ashton Maduros and Romeo y Juliet 1875. The 5 Vegas were equal in quality. Different, but equal. SERIOUSLY. I took pictures of it and sent it to friends. It really looked delish!!!
Not sure what to make of the 5 Vegas Classic. Just smoked my first one after it's been sitting in my humi for a month; I figured it was time. Great draw and love the smell and even the initial taste, but after a few pulls it became kind of hard for me to handle, felt like it's more full body than medium to me. I'll have to hit up another soon, maybe it just takes some getting used to. Overall I'd rate it a 6 out of 10 though, but that's just me. To each his own.
JV of Beachwood, NJ
I read all the hype about this cigar and thought I would kick myself if I didn't give it a shot. Well, I placed my order of torpedos and the cigars made it to Afghanistan in 7 days. Well, done CI. I smoked one right when they got here and they are amazing. Truly the first cigar that I enjoyed every minute of smoking. This cigar is the benchmark by which I will measure all other cigars. This cigar is smooth with a peppery start and a nice sweet, creaminess about half way through. After my deployment, I am ordering a box for the humidor. I am glad I validated all the hype around this cigar. Buy some and prove it to yourself like I did. I am a 5 Vegas fan now.
love the cigar, thick heavy smoke. had a hot cup of coffee took all the stress from my day away.good burn ,easy draw. Got these on MMAO...super deal. Thank you CI.
LS of Naugatuck, CT
Very good cigar, great value. Not perfect, but excellent value for the money. Solid mid-strength and flavorful enough to keep you interested the entire way through. Also, very consistently satisfying. When I can't decide what to have from my humidor I usually reach for a 5 Vegas Classic, Cask Strength or Relic. Can't go wrong.
CG of Audubon, PA
What a tasty cigar! Smoked my first one tonight and I.think.I have found "the one" for my humidor. Perfect draw, delicious from start to finish and loads of thick smoke.. Will definitely be ordering some Classic box press in the future.
KM of Gardner, KS
Bought the Classics for those times you are puttering around in the yard for 15-30 minutes, want a cigar, but don't want to break out a 5 dollar plus stick. The Corona stick is decently made with only a moderate amount of veins and blemishes. The three I've smoked burned and drew well, giving out nice volumes of smoke. Now, about that smoke....First light give a slightly bitter tobacco taste and some woodsy notes. Body is mild/medium. That's pretty much it to the midpoint, where the body and strength picks up to a solid medium and the core tobacco taste is dominant, with the bitterness fading a bit. That about summed it up. I wanted to enjoy this cigar as the price and burn performance were beyond reproach at this price, but the taste let me down. Will try letting them sit in the humidor a few months. Its been awhile, but I seem to remember enjoying the La Aurora Principes (natural of course) much better than this even though they are machine-made mixed/short filler sticks. For reference- I enjoy mostly medium to full cigars. Currently, the San Cristobal Revelation is the best tasting cigar I've had recently.
SM of Coppell, TX
Amazing cigar. Great taste, great construction. I bought 5 and they were all perfect. 5x50 robusto.
HK of Watertown, MA
Got the Churchill sampler... after reading all the rave reviews, I couldn't wait to burn one... Well, it could've used a little time in the sweat box.. wrapper wanted to separate, but I was able to keep it pretty well in tact. Tasted a little stronger than it's rating... Mellowed after time in the humi... Should be a real winner after another week in the cedar box..
VV of St. Louis, MO
Very good smoke at an even better price!
VV of St. Louis, MO
This was my first from 5 Vegas brand. It smoked good. Only complaint was that it wasn't burning evenly. I had to even it out 3 times. Other than that it was.a good hour and a half. Thanks CI for putting it in my brown bag sampler.
FS of Denair, CA
While I sit here enjoying my 5 Vegas Classic, I think to myself it has been many years since I took the time to write a review. Short and sweet, once you try this blend of 5 Vegas Classic, and the fine line of 5 Vegas cigars you will find yourself smoking them more than any other brand. You cannot beat the price, quality and value. Great overall taste and enjoyment in this fine cigar. Order you some as soon as you can you wont regret this smoke folks. Love it!
Man I love these babies. They are fantastic cigars for the money. Flawless construction and have everything I crave from a cigar.
GP of Lake George, NY
I can't even guess about how many of these I've torched. What I can say is that I don't think I've ever had to pitch one for being "off". For me, an assured consistency is paramount to all else when settling in for a smoke. These sticks deliver in spades. Construction & burn is always perfect. The Sumatra wrapper coupled with the Nicaraguan & Dominican blend produces an ultra-smooth creamy, earthy, nutty profile that is always like the one prior. Medium bodied, you can enjoy this stick any time of the day depending on the pairing - water, coffee, beer, or bourbon. For the money, you cannot beat this cigar.
Just received 20 of these in the 6x60 "The Judge" format. Consistently great, value-priced smoke. At the Joe Cigar price of $39.95 (+ free shipping), an insane value for a cigar of this size and quality. Nice draw, tons of mouth smoke, great construction; full of rich coffee-like flavors. Do yourself a favor and try this cigar: you'll be glad you did.
SC of Saint Albans, WV
I had a 5 Vegas classic for the first time about a week ago that I picked up at the Hamburg store. Wow is all I can say it is a great stick and with an awesome price. I recently picked up the 5 Vegas sampler and I can't be happier. Everything I have tried by them has been great. The classic is still my favorite from them. I think I found my new go to stick.
GD of Washington, NJ
What a wonderful mild-medium bodied cigar it is. :)
Boy O Boy is this Cigar Good. I Love it. Smokes like a dream. Rich and tasty!
GP of Lake George, NY
Just got these guys in the mail. Great burn, tasty smoke for a medium. I can't wait to see how they are after a month or two in my humidor. Highly recommend.
MM of Rocky Point, NY
Just finished off my 1st 5 Vegas Classic. It damn sure won't be my last! I'd like to express my gratitude, not only to CI for the great deals they offer but equally to my fellow CI customers for all the reviews. You guys have helped me make some smart choices, even in my infancy as a newbie to the art of enjoyment. 5 Vegas was one of those smart buys, thanks!
PS of Decatur, GA
Good value stick. Not gonna blow your mind but definitely above par! Just wish I had a few more to store in the humi a few months to see if they get even better. Beyond a doubt, worth the price!
TR of Garden City, MI
Bought the 5 Vegas, 6 x 60, "The Judge". All I can say is this is a great cigar. Great draw, plenty of smoke and an even burn. Starts out with a slight taste of cedar and progresses through a full pallet of mellow enjoyable flavors. This has become my "go to" cigar - dependable and always enjoyable. I will be buying more of these in the future. Thanks CI for the great price.
RS of Kitty Hawk, NC
Love the good hour of smoke. Keep them in my humi. Leaning towards med-full though. Burn great. I hold them even with my RYJ Bully's. Look forward to more CI deals.
JK of Gretna, NE
I had the opportunity to light up a 5 Vegas Classic today on the golf course. It was a really nice cigar. It wasn't too heavy and produced a nice thick smoke with a pleasant aroma. The cigar burned evenly and never got harsh even at the end. I will definately buy these again!
RG of chatsworth, CA
Just love these!
MH of Lewisburg, PA
What a great, surprising smoke. The 5 Vegas Classic is just what it says it is. Classic. A nice mid to full-bodied smoke with a wonderful blend of spice, bite, and flavor changes throughout the Churchill length. Great volume, smoke density, even burn, and flavor. I had some slight issues with the wrapping on some, but nothing that overly altered the burn or smoke density. These are a great go to cigar that builds in complexity throughout the entire cigar. One to check out if you haven't yet.
AB of Columbus, GA
Good smoke! Somewhat light on the draw for me, but the plumes of smoke make up for it. Cheap enough to take a few fishing, but nice enough to hoard from your friends. Great mild to medium flavor, perfect for a dog walk and cup of coffee.
RP of Hoyleton, IL
I am fairly new to cigar smoking, but so far this is easily my favorite smoke. Very flavorful, with a nice creamy finish. It burns absolutely perfectly, and has a nice smooth draw with tons of smoke. Flavor is very consistent all the way through, and stays nice and smooth all the way to the nub.
RS of Rochester, NY
Very nice draw with a smooth and creamy finish. Pleasant aroma as well. Not bad after taste after smoking. All around a very good stick for the price!
AB of Battle Creek, MI
Got a single Vegas classic and loved it. It's a very smooth smoke. This would be perfect for a beginner.
EW of Westminster, SC
For the price I would definitely recommend trying. Surprisingly good smoke.
AB of Charlotte, NC
Very dry had put in humidor to bring back. first for me other sticks were very good shape when received. I will re order. like Vagas hope better next time.
SL of Scottsburg, NY
After reading the reviews I decided to pick up some Double Coronas...WOW, very smooth, great construction, a quality cigar at a great price. I'll make them a habit!!
LH of Santee, CA
I have always been a big fan of 5 Vegas cigars and these beauties were no exception. Got 2 day priority shipping so they were fresh upon arrival and needed no time in the humidor to be a very pleasant smoke. Way to go CI
PR of Los Angeles, CA
It is what it says it is. A nice classic flavor, nice oily Sumatra wrapper, just a beautiful everyday, anytime stick at an awesome price. A must have in any humidor owned by people who smoke and enjoy cigars, and not for "band" freaks!
I was in the Navy, stationed in Guantanamo, Cuba before the Missal crisis and we had all the top brands to buy at great prices, Cohiba, Fonseca, Sosa, torano, Padron, etc. I always smoked Coronas or Londales., All the rest over 6" and 50 ring was too much for me. And I"m buzzed enough that I do not need full flavor sticks!!!!! That's why I will smoke 5Vegas Classic Coronas 80 per cent of the time, good anytime of the day great prices, thru CI, smooth never soft, easy draw. My humidor is almost full of them with a bit of Moon trance by CAOand Isla del Sol by drew Estate and I'm a happy man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John P Neptune, NJ
For a good every day smoke, it can't be beat! Smooth and consistent all the time!
JP of Kapolei, HI

5 Vegas Classic

Posted by Steve R

Unless you’ve been asleep at the wheel the past few months, you know that SCHIP has hit home. This bill places a heavy tax on all cigars, and has resulted in higher prices starting 4/1. Some manufacturers are using this tax as a vehicle to introduce price increases that, in some cases, go above and beyond the level of the tax. In several cases, manufacturers have instituted multiple price increases on the same cigar, capitalizing even further. On top of this, some cigars are already quite expensive, and any new increases (whether it be additional costs or taxes) could possibly put them out of reach for the working man. In an effort to provide you with optimum value, I will be matching up two cigars each week. One expensive cigar and one lesser-expensive option, comparing them based on flavor, satisfaction, construction, and price.

– Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva and 5 Vegas Classic

Like previous SCHIP Buster reviews, this write-up will be difficult for many to stomach. Arturo Fuente has a diehard customer base, one that’s loyal to the core and swears by every cigar under the Fuente label. On the other hand, 5 Vegas Classic has quite the following as well, and it seems to be getting stronger by the second. The blends are very different, but both offer a solid, medium-bodied smoke that’s hella-consistent and of the highest quality.

Yes, I just said hella-consistent. Gonz, add that to your Gonzism list, I think it’s a winner. Anyway, let’s get into the cigars.

Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva – Everybody knows this name. And, like I said, many swear by it. In fact, folks walk into our shop asking for a particular vitola in a specific Fuente line. If we don’t have it, they simply walk away, despite having immediate access to every blend under the sun at comparable - if not better - prices. This Dominican brand as a whole is rated very highly....very often. The standard Gran Reserva line combines a toothy Cameroon wrapper with Dominican long-fillers to produce a consistent, well-made stick. I will be burning the 8-5-8, a popular, 6”x47 vitola.

5 Vegas Classic – This brand has become a monster. Hand-made in Nicaragua, the red label 5 Vegas is a 91-rated blend of dark Sumatra wrappers and Cuban-seed long-fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican. In fact, premium tobaccos from five different farms are utilized throughout this cigar, producing what is considered to be a complex and balanced, medium-bodied bang for the buck. To keep things as comparable as possible, I’ve chosen the Double Corona, an impressive 6”x48 parejo.

I’ve reviewed both of these blends several times in the past and am quite familiar with each, so a side-by-side comparison should be interesting. Without further ado, let’s dig deeper into the flavor and quality of these two popular cigars....

Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva – This cigar is already clipped and ready for my torch lighter. The pre-light aroma is that of cedar, with no hints of spice or pepper. The 8-9-8 is lit and away we go. The cigar begins with a heavy dose of cream which seems to magically disappear after each puff. A short finish. I am picking up notes of toast and cedar, with a crisp tobacco influence. Midway through, a new flavor enters the mix - a somewhat grassy note lingers on the aftertaste. This is pretty much how the story unfolds. Despite being delivered in a nice, toasty fashion, the tobacco and cedar flavors are crisp and sharp, only to be finished by a misplaced touch of grass. Definitely medium in body....but only by a hair. The all Dominican core resulted in a relatively straight-forwarded experience.

5 Vegas Classic – After cleansing my palate, it’s time for the 5 Vegas. The cigar is clipped and the pre-light aroma is that of baked bread. A slight tingling sensation hits my nostrils, hinting at a faint spice to come. Upon lighting, my palate is coated with a core of rich, creamy flavors. Early on, it’s difficult to pick out any one flavor, but the sensation is enjoyable. Shortly after, a strong backbone of coffee is clearly noticed, with softer notes of earth. The aroma is toasty with a little bit of zest. Midway through, I begin to pick up a little bit of peanut – it almost tastes like the toasty skin of a peanut. I also note a touch of pepper....a very faint touch. The cigar has been burning slow and smooth, and comes to a complex finish during the final inch without losing any balance along the way. The medium-bodied strength was apparent from the start and lasted through the burn. I think the Nicaraguan tobaccos helped add a pleasant level of complexity to this cigar.

Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva and 5 Vegas Classic. Different cigars from different countries. A true underdog, David and Goliath would think. Both burned perfectly, with an effortless draw and razor sharp burn. Both seemed to be well filled from head to toe, and made with top-notch wrappers. However, one appealed to my finicky palate more than the other. Arturo Fuente, 86.

5 Vegas, 89.

Now let’s add price to the mix. Both of these cigars can be considered a good value. The Fuente 8-5-8 carries an MSRP of under $5 apiece, while the 5 Vegas Double Corona chimes in at under $3.50 apiece. What’s a buck and a half between friends, eh? However, the price for Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva has gone up due to SCHIP. 5 Vegas Classic is not. I think you know where this is going.

Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva: 86

5 Vegas Classic: 90

5 Vegas

Posted by Gonz
Yup, it's been a full month since my last pick and I can't possibly describe the details of the past 30 days. Here's the short of it: on Nov. 25 I became a Dad for the first time and on Nov. 25 my amount of sleep went from little to none. I have more respect than ever for the other Dads out there. I've heard you guys complaining for years now and I just figured you guys were soft, but now I know. I'm not sure why, but it causes me to reminisce a bit more about times of old - the good times, the memories. And those memories always seem to take me back to my favorite brand of all time - 5 Vegas. Yup, you read that right, my favorite brand!

5 Vegas, or "cinco vegas" as you spanish-speaking folks will quickly correct me, has been around for what seems like a cigar lifetime. Yup, circa 1992. That's about when my cigar life began, so it seems like forever to me. I ponied up 8 bucks at my little corner cigar shop in Summit, New Jersey in 1996 for my first. I had been smoking for about 2 years, and it was about this time that I began moving from milder Dominicans to venture into the vast wide world of Nicaraguans. Oooh! We all heard about those scary Nicaraguans that knocked the laces out of your shoes, and I just started scratching the surface.

Rolled in Nicaragua, I soon learned that 5 Vegas was different. But, it was one of those brands that was hyped so much that you had to try it. There were advertisements, bulletin boards, writeups in Cigar Aficionado and a 90 rating for the Torpedo, banners and reviews on every internet bulletin board, and even cigar dinners featuring this cigar. Unfortunately, those 8 bucks were the best spent 8 bucks I ever spent on cigars. I say "unfortunately" b/c my wallet emptied every time I had an opportunity to buy a few. It was the best friggin' cigar I'd ever smoked. Since I didn't know a whole helluva lot about cigars, I really didn't know what just happened. In hindsight, I now know - this was the epiphany that happens to the best of us in our elite little group. I found my favorite, my go-to cigar, that one cigar that I can turn to time and time again and get that "oh, it's good to be home" feeling. Like riding that banana-seat Schwinn with your friends, or driving Mom's paneled Buick station wagon by yourself for the first time after passing your driver's test, or cozying up in that recliner with a cold brew and your crusty toes twinkling happily in the air while watching the Dallas Cowboys rout the Pittsburgh Steelers. It's a great feeling and many of you have had it. I found mine on that memorable day in 1996.

And to this day, every major event I've ever had is not complete until I smoke that 5 Vegas. My wedding, landing this job, the birth of my child - man, I'm getting a little teary now, what is wrong with me?

Just the other day, our inventory manager Carmen came by my office with some Costa Rican unbanded samples to try. I politely declined as I held up the 5 Vegas I reserved for my ride home that night. Why is it so special? Well, let's talk about that. My favorite size is the Torpedo, it seems a little more robust and complex, but that's me and I'm pretty intimate with my 5 Vegas. It's fairly simple looking, but the blend is nothing short of genius. Tobaccos from 5 different plantations (or vegas, get it?) are used for the blend. It's a mix of Nicaraguan and Dominican long leaves with a Sumatra wrapper. This cigar is blended one at a time with incredible precision and care that you'll find very little variation from cigar to cigar, even with the complexity of the blend.

Light one up and you'll immediately recognize an easy but firm draw. The wrapper is slightly veiny, but the cigar is stiff and evenly filled with no loose spots anywhere. It will light up with ease and you'll quickly be encassed with a volumous smoke that has an outdoorsy smell of cedar. The flavor is medium-bodied, smooth, and non-intrusive with a soft hint of peanuts. Yet, there is a nice bold body that holds your attention and seems to rattle my middle tongue just enough. It's not an overly complex flavor, but always seems to hit my sweet spot. It relaxes me much like I imagine a tree-hugger meditating in an empty room with nothing but 15 vanilla-flavored candles burning around the room. This cigar is constructed so solidly that you'll get 2 inches and longer before the chalky white ash falls off. And please don't knock it off prematurely, at least not when you're around me. Start to finish, the flavor holds solid and barely changes, right down to the last inch.

Pound for pound, in my opinion, this is the best cigar out there right now! At just under $3 per stick, it's a far cry from the $8 I paid years ago. And, if anything, the quality has improved. Go get one, and let me know if it becomes your day-in day-out favorite.

5 Vegas Classic Vertical Tasting

Posted by Steve R

Ever since I did the Nub vertical tasting, I have been receiving a relatively steady stream of emails requesting similar reviews on other brands. Of these emails, one of the most requested brands was 5 Vegas Classic, a brand that we showcase often and sell a ton of. Some made this request because they have yet to try it. Others have tried it, but have yet to try all the sizes. And, since I am always open to burning as many cigars as possible while I work, I’ll be more than happy to meet these requests. Let’s get right to it, I’ve got a lot of tasting to’s some info on 5 Vegas.

5 Vegas is an old brand that has been around for decades. The Classic represents the original, otherwise known as the ‘red label,’ and is the recipient of a 90-point rating from Cigar Aficionado. 5 Vegas Classic is handmade in Nicaragua using a dark Sumatra wrapper and a long-leaf mixture of Cuban-seed tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican. The brand is known for both consistency and value, and has become an everyday favorite among our customers.


5 Vegas Classic Vertical


5 Vegas Classic Robusto: Dark, oily cigar with a solid feel. The initial few puffs are loaded with spice and cedar. Smoke soon mellows a tad to release a rich core of coffee complemented by a long, creamy aftertaste. The aroma is toasty and pleasant. Midway through, the strength begins to build a bit, flirting with the lower-end of full-bodied, but never quite making the hurdle. No worries, the Robusto is complex and satisfying nonetheless.

Rating: 90

5 Vegas Classic Corona: A classic Corona shape. This cigar looks tasty with a great pre-light aroma. The burn is cool and surprisingly slow, while the flavors seem to be a great display of properly proportioned fillers to wrapper. No one flavor dominates. Notes of wood, nuts, earth, white pepper, and coffee bean are present. Surprisingly strong compared to the other sizes.

Rating: 89

5 Vegas Classic Fifty Five: A dense, 5.5”x55 box-pressed vitola that feels heavy in the hand and solid from head to toe. Lots of pepper up front, which is quickly mellowed by a rich and creamy series of black coffee and cashew. The pepper becomes an afterthought, only hitting the palate on the tailend of each puff in a very gentle way. Size seems significantly stronger than the rest. I’d call it medium to full, but sometimes full from start to finish. My second favorite in the line.

Rating: 91

5 Vegas Classic Panatela: A skinny Corona with a nice, oily sheen. The Sumatra wrapper really shines through with this one. Subtle spices and nutty undertones. Not nearly as rich or creamy as the rest, but a smooth, straightforward smoke nonetheless. Not a preferred size, but good for the car or a short walk.

Rating: 88

5 Vegas Classic Double Corona: Nice looking Toro. Lots of rich coffee flavors throughout this medium-bodied smoke. Flavors are delivered in a very smooth fashion. They’re mellow, but pleasant. The smoke promoted by this vitola seems to be the creamiest and richest, however the flavors come into play gradually, making it a slow-burning, relaxing cigar with little twists and turns. Some coffee, some earth, and a light, toasty element on the finish and aroma.

Rating: 90

5 Vegas Classic Torpedo: Love the look of this sharply tapering Torpedo. Be careful not to lose an eye. The smoke starts out mellow and rich, then gradually builds into a medium-bodied experience that gains complexity during the burn. I pick up coffee bean, cream, nuts, and toasted cedar. Every now and then subtle spices break through, completing a flavorful bouquet with a warm, toasty aroma. Preferred size.

Rating: 92

5 Vegas Classic Churchill: A bit long for my tastes, but a good substitute for the Double Corona. Flavors are quite comparable: medium in body with a tame, balanced bouquet noting coffee, earth, and toast. Best of all, the price doesn’t make you cringe (too hard) if you have to end the experience 10-15 minutes early - bonus points - even though you probably won’t want to.

Rating: 89

Overall, 5 Vegas Classic offers a wide variety of sizes that vary ever-so-slightly in flavor and strength, but maintain a common theme: flavorful, balanced, and consistent. Quality is a non-issue. Each one burned perfect, creating a nice, white ash and offering a cool, easy draw. For the money, it’s hard to beat a cigar like this.

5 Vegas Classic Fifty Five

Posted by Steve R

Over the past few months I’ve been receiving emails asking me if I had something magical up my sleeve for my 100th review. Even customers of our Super-Store are expecting something big. Truth is, this is actually my 110th review, but 10 older reviews have been removed, as the brands have since been discontinued by its maker. So, I guess you can say this is, unofficially, my 100th review. And, since I am hitting the century mark (again), why not review a brand with a century’s worth of tradition, and then some.

That brand is 5 Vegas. Fittingly enough, a new size has joined the ranks of the Classic line. It’s a 5.5” x 55 box-pressed beauty called the ‘Fifty Five.’ This size has become increasingly popular over the past year, as evidenced by the CAO ‘VR’ Full-Fathom-Five, CAO Brazilia Box-Press, Cuba Libre Magnum, and Felipe Power Triple R (not box-pressed) name a few. Today’s enthusiasts are not only leaning towards more sophisticated and complex blends, but also larger ring gauges and slightly box-pressed formats.

The Fifty Five is pretty. It’s heavy in the hand with a nice, chunk-a-fied appearance. Looking at the foot, the barrel appears to be a perfect square with slightly pressed, slightly rounded corners. Pleasing. The pre-light aroma is that of freshly baked bread with a faint spice that tickles the nostrils, while the smooth Sumatra wrapper lends a milk chocolate hue with minimal veins.

The smoothness of this cigar is impressive right from the start. Buttery. There’s a rich tobacco flavor that dominates the center of the palate, coupled with touch of toast and nuts. Through the nose, there’s a unique dry and smokey component that reminds me of a not-so-peaty single malt. The aroma is that of toast and cedar. The burn is slow and even, producing thick clouds of white smoke and a strong white ash with black striations. A result of the Nicaraguan tobaccos (white ash) burning with Dominican leaves (black ash). After the initial third, the cigar becomes notably stronger, going slightly above medium, and develops a peppery element that lingers on the sides of the tongue and back of the palate. The rich tobacco flavor mellows a tad, further accentuating the smoothness of the cigar. It actually becomes creamy. Midway through, my head is swimming a bit. There’s no doubt the Fifty Five is stronger than the typical 5 Vegas Classic. By now, this cigar is flirting with the full-bodied realm. Probably due to the additional tobaccos required to craft this chunky vitola. The final third is a bit more peppery than the rest of the smoke, and the aroma is intensified. However, the smoothness remains well past the band.

I’ve long been a fan of 5 Vegas Classic. Especially over the past few years, as I firmly believe this old brand has only gotten better. The Fifty Five is a welcome addition, being a fuller-bodied variety of the same recipe of tobaccos. The mouth feel is fantastic, and the shape seems to be molded specifically for my hand.

5 Vegas Classic

Posted by Keith

I noticed Rocky Patel received a 95 rating the other day from a cigar magazine. That got me to thinking. There's a positively resplendent blend called 5 Vegas Classic that sells like mad and many folks are enamored that costs, oh, around 3 or 4 bucks and less....and it was only rated 90. Based on the aforementioned 95 rating, 5 Vegas Classic should be rated 115 for crying out loud. You betcha. In fact if you haven't tried the original 5 Vegas Classic blend recently, the flavor will arrest a perp on Cops, shirtless and screaming. Currently my favorite sizes are the Torpedo and the new 'Fifty Five'. The Fifty Five size is new and I've been smoking them like an automoton, you will too. It's a box-pressed 5.5"x55 beauty of a size that's medium-bodied, bordering on medium-full, and boasting a supremely creamy flavor. In fact this is the epitome of creaminess. But this is no one-trick pony: it's complex, evolving as it burns. After the smooth and creamy opening it develops a spiciness after the first inch, then issues a robust and heavier-bodied headiness into the midpoint of the cigar that's more pronounced than most other 5 Vegas sizes. Into the home stretch the flavor profile mellows a bit offering a touch of nuttiness (nuttiness!!!), yet retains a core of crisp tobacco flavor and that bedrock of smooth creaminess. Man, I tell you - this cigar is shaq diesel. Run, don't walk and add a box of Fifty Five to your cart stat lest I outfit you with dunce cap later.