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Petrus Etiquette Rouge Sale

A flavorful fruit from Felipe Gregorio.

Once Felipe Gregorio's hottest blend, Petrus Etiquette Rouge is truly something special. This higher-end, special blend features a milky-smooth flavor and mild, creamy body. Much of this has to do with the wrapper. Grown in Ecuador from Connecticut seed, this shade-grown leaf is quite flavorful. Combined with a refined blend of some heady tobaccos, the flavor is bold and satisfying but light in character. Notes of cream, oak, pepper, and coffee grab your attention. Save big at CI, while these beauties last!

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Corona (5.5"x43)
BDL OF 20 In Stock $200.00 $17.11

Customer Reviews of “Petrus Etiquette Rouge”

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This cigar is one of my regular renew orders. (Petrus Etiquette Rouge) Now I don't say that often, because I like to try a lot of different "steals and deals". But for the recently reduced price, you can't go wrong, a terrific smoke. That's why I keep ordering this brand over and over.
DON'T BUY PETRUS ETIQUETTE ROUGE -- They're all mine, I tell ya! Excellent construction with a perfect light brown Connecticut wrapper. Mild, smooth, and creamy throughout. I usually get two inches of ash before breaking it off, then smoke it down to a half inch. This is as consistently reliable and enjoyable as it gets. So STAY AWAY!
Best value around. (Petrus Etiquette Rouge) This puro is very flavorful and mild. Perfect anytime. Really a steal at this price.
Was with some friends to discuss a literary classic, enjoying a fine local microbrew and I brought some Petrus Etiquette Rouge Torpedos. One of the guys couldn't wait (it was after work) and grabbed one out of my shirt pocket and fired it up. I had previously enjoyed them but wasn't really wild about them. But when I'm smoking them I can't usually smell them very well. THIS TIME I could really take in the aroma and IT WAS OUTSTANDING. In fact both of us smokers who hadn't lit up yet kind of went crazy smelling this to where we could barely handle it and had to have ours, too. Here was a case right in front of us where "it is more blessed to give than receive, for it is in giving that we receive" was shown to be true! Since then, they've been looking forward to what I bring to the meeting each time.
These sticks are highly underrated. (Petrus Etiquette Rouge) All I can say is that they were a great smoke.
After I tried a few I only got 60 of these in Robusto. (Petrus Etiquette Rouge) I'm saving room for when you get some more of those Corona's. I want a shot at those too. This is my new "daily", least until they sell out.
If it looks too good to be true, the saying goes. But every now and then you trust and you get lucky. This is one of those times. For those that like a smooth and very light smoke that doesn't bite, try these. (Petrus Etiquette Rouge) A nice even burn. No hotspots and no need for touching up. I'd bet a month or so in the humidor and this will be a personal and private joy 'cause I'm not sharing.
I bought 2 bundles based on the reviews. They are right, it tastes great for a mild cigar, but I found the construction poor. It was soft and the wrapper starts unraveling. This is a cigar you have to sit down and relax with, because it will not take any kind of activity going on or it falls apart.
Will definitely be a staple in my humidor! Well worth the money!
I just ordered my first box of these a few days ago and they came in earlier this afternoon and all I have to say is WOW these are fantastic! I'll definitely be buying another box. Thanks for the awesome cigars.
These remind me of the obnoxious putrid overbearing cigars my father smoked when I was just a kid. I love them. Brings back lots of fond memories. I will be buying again.
At the price, I dont think you can go wrong. Good flavor of sweetness, oak, peppery flavor. As others said, "DON'T ORDER THESE". Save them for me! Worth the price to give these a try.
Good mild cigar; perfect for morning coffee. You will not be disappointed. Get it while the getting is good.
I guess I am the only one that did not enjoy this cigar. They are now in the bottom of my humidor, in the hopes they might get better with age. I tried two, several days apart and my impression is still the same. They have an aftertaste I did not enjoy. I tried them with a red wine and also with coffee. There was a slight burn to my lips.
I finally pulled the trigger on these. The price urged me on, and my good sense about price says stay away. I am glad I tried them. Very mild, perfect burn, and a sweet taste. I suspected it was a 'flavored' cigar at first. Anyway, a great bargain and a worthy smoke. The price is just the kicker.
The Petrus Etiquette Rouge corona is quite a treat. The wrapper has a sweet chocolate aroma that translates into an enchanting mild flavor. It has just enough umps to keep you engaged. I really like it!
Nice, smooth smoke. Burns well. Thanks.
These were a pleasant surprise. A bit soft to the touch. A "V" cut gave a smooth draw, good smoke, long ash. Stays lit while watching the wife do yard work. Creamy and tasty. I will buy more.
Perfect daily smoke. Loose draw, nice mild flavor, good construction, not too long of a smoke, but not too short either, and above all cheap!