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Cusano 18 Corojo Dominicano

For a limited time, enjoy massive savings as low as $45.41 on Cusano 18 Corojo Dominicano boxes!

4 long years in the making....

Fans of the original 91-rated Cusano 18 will be happy to fill you in on just how damn good it is. Featuring 18-year-old fillers, flawless wrappers, and top-notch consistency, it's no surprise that such a loyal following exists. But now the highly celebrated blend gets a makeover in the form of the Cusano 18 Corojo Dominicano. This go round, a specially grown Dominican Corojo wrapper (developed over the course of 4 years) comes draped around the same savory core of 18-year-old Dominican Olor long-fillers, and hearty Cuban-seed Dominican tobaccos. Thanks to the thick, oily wrapper, a fuller, richer blend is yielded containing pepper, spices, leather and cedar. Medium to full-bodied and not a tick more, expect that renowned Cusano 18 smoothness to shine through, as an increased fusion of strength and flavor steal the show.

Cusano 18 Corojo Dominicano Received a well-deserved 90-rating noting: "The initial acidic notes of this dark, reddish-brown robusto dissipates, segueing into a hearty balance of coffee bean flavor, crushed black pepper notes and a pervasive earthiness."

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Churchill (7.2"x50) Sale
BOX OF 18 In Stock $127.00 $50.02
Churchill (7.2"x50)
5-PACK In Stock $33.50
Gordo (6.2"x54) Sale
BOX OF 18 In Stock $124.00 $49.01
Gordo (6.2"x54)
5-PACK In Stock $33.00
Magnum 4 (Gordo) (4.5"x60) Sale
BOX OF 18 In Stock $116.82 $45.41
Magnum 6 (Gordo) (6.0"x60) Sale
BOX OF 18 Out of Stock $125.82 $49.81    
Robusto (5.0"x50) Sale
BOX OF 18 Out of Stock $107.80 $49.93    
Robusto (5.0"x50)
5-PACK Out of Stock $28.50    
Toro (6.5"x46) Sale
BOX OF 18 In Stock $112.30 $47.31
Toro (6.5"x46)
5-PACK In Stock $30.00
Overall Rating 4.28 out of 5 Based on 25 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Cusano 18 Corojo Dominicano”

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5 out of 5
Cusano Corojo Magnum
Excellent smoke for the price. Sweet finish, cream and light earth and pencil lead throughout. Easy draw and clean burn.
5 out of 5
budget minded smoker you can't go wrong with this smoke. I never had a bad one, and you can't beat the value..
4 out of 5
A bargain at 3x the price!
Brilliant smoke from the first draw. The Toro is terrific and IMHO far better than its little brother "Robusto". I have both in my humidor and this Toro is really smooth with a long draw and flavors of leather and vanilla. Spicey at the back half but not a tar-bomb. Well made cigar. I gave one to a long-time Cigar guy and he sought me out two days later to thank me for it and ask where I got it. 'Nuf said. Long Ashes my friends.
5 out of 5
Wonderful Smoke
It you are looking for a relaxing smoke, with a medium body, excellent draw, and loads of flavor during the full extent of the time this is your cigar. You can't go wrong, particularly at this low price point. My go to cigar for a long pleasurable experience.
3 out of 5
not GREAT but not BAD
Everyone says for the money we'll life's too short to smoke a Ok Cigar
5 out of 5
Cusano 18 Corojo Dominicano Toro
Excellent cigar. Very flavorful.
5 out of 5
Cusano 18
Awesome everyday stick... Great price ... Great smoke... A no BRAINER
3 out of 5
The cigar had good taste, the wrapper unraveled ob several of the cigars and thet all burned uneven
5 out of 5
Great Buy!
Great buy on a good cigar. So good, that I already re-ordered....
4 out of 5
more mild than full bodied but still tasty
i was expecting a more full bodied flavor from a corojo but the Cusano 18 is still a very nice medium body smoke
5 out of 5
Excellent cigar
One of the hidden gem out there
5 out of 5
Great, mild cigar.
Great, mild cigar.
2 out of 5
The draw is very bad. You almost can't smoke them.
3 out of 5
Not prefect...But, what is?
Crown often conceals a stem. Cigar band always tears wrapper. Medium bodied and better behaved once allowed to rest in your 70% humidor for the first two weeks. A good value at this price point.
5 out of 5
very good taste
Keep the price down
5 out of 5
18 year old olor tobacco
18 year old olor tobacco is smooth and flavorful. Put that together in a proper shape and size- glorious!
5 out of 5
very good cigar as affordable price
After finished my first box, i'd just reorder 2 more. Before you smoke, let its rest in the humidor for at least a month or 2. To my opinion, this cigar can be up against any mid-price to hi-end cigars out there included Cuban one.
5 out of 5
Love these.
I like the flavor. tasty enough for someone who likes full flavored, yet everyone who I ever gave one to raves about them even if they are not regular smokers
5 out of 5
Awesome smoke
sooo smooth! Even people who don't smoke regularly know they're special
2 out of 5
One out of six
This cigar is so over rated, inconsistent on flavor, burn and power they are all over the place. Do your self a favor find something different for a lot less money. Would not buy again or recommend to anyone period.
3 out of 5
Cusano 18 Corojo Dominicano Magnum 6
I have enjoyed the Cusano flavor in the past. I smoke a long cigar while working on research for my hobby (genealogy). I purposely look for cigars that will last at least 90 minutes. I thought this would definitely be one. Unfortunately, as thick as the gauge is, it barely lasts an hour. The burn is inconsistent; some good, while others you can wear out a lighter keeping the burn even. I will buy Cusano in the future, but will go back to my earlier preference.
5 out of 5
Great price on cusano's
Great price on cusano's
5 out of 5
Cusano 18 Magnum 6
Very enjoyable. The have a good flavor, burn evenly with a big finish. Definitely a keeper in the lineup.
4 out of 5
great but inconsistant
inconsistent wrap, some are excellent, some are too tight hard to draw. Overall a great cigar for the ones that are constructed properly
4 out of 5
a Fine Addition to the Corojo Playing Field
Not a smooth burn and a bit on the harsh side right out of the mail. let it sit in your Humidor for a few months, though, and the flavors mellow into a medium body with a spicy taste on your lips (The Corjo wrapper shines here). The burn is still not perfect after sitting and it got a little plugged up halfway through, though I was able to loosen it up rolling it between my fingers. I'll probably stick to my Punch Rare Corojo, but this was a nice experience.
Customer Testimonials
6/19/15 Been resting these for a few months and thought to give them another try. Truth is, I have to agree with others who say that there's just not much there, except for an undercurrent of something faintly musty. I hate to toss a cigar, but I've got 4 more just taking up space in the humi. That said, I LOVE the Double Connecticut. So here's my 2 cents....
I have been sampling several Cusano blends & decided to report on 5 (5" X 50) robustos under the umbrella of a "18" Corojo Dominicano review. 2 "18" blends, LXI Sungrown & "59" Rare Cameroon will be scrutinized also. All have similar characteristics, in that they all are Olor & Cuban seed grown Dominican long fillers. Well constructed, the wrapper leaves are veinless & featured in each instance. The flagship blends are the "18" Double Connecticut & Paired Maduro. 4 to 5 buck offerings that are medium, tasty, unusually complex, mostly due to the 18 years of aging some of these tobaccos boast. Smooth & creamy Connecticut or medium bold maduro, you can't dislike Dominicans manufactured with this level of care & expertise. "18" Double Connecticut robusto 89/100. "18" Paired Maduro robusto 90/100. The "18" Corojo Dominicano has a red wrapper & ups the ante a bit on flavor & strength. Red grapes & medium bodied spice, with a toasty finish. 90/100. The "59" Rare Cameroon repeats the scenario adding a caramel & leather finish to this medium bodied lineup. This wrapper had a few issues for the 1st 1/2 of the burn, but finished intact. 89/100. My personal favorite is the LXI Sun Grown that brings some real muscle to the party. It has a dark brown & leathery wrapper leaf that is a tough son-of-a-gun! Delicious too. This 1 has more flavor & strength than any Dominican I have smoked in some time. Solid & heavy in the hand, it emits clouds of milky white smoke filled with full bodied spice. 91/100. I admit my favorite blends are coming out of Nicaragua, but I do like Cusano's attention to detail, if not the price of these very good cigars.
A bit disappointing. I ordered 2-10 packs on special with high expectations. I am a big fan of the same cigar with the maduro wrapper. After 2 weeks in the humi, wrappers are still dry & loosen up once lit. The flavor is a solid medium but very "one dimensional". My palate just does not seem to find anything special or savory about this blend so I will not be reordering. 2.5 stars vs. 5 stars for it's big bro, the double maduro 18.
Was an ok cigar, I would smoke again but only on a rare occasion. It didn't burn even, seemed to be a hole down the middle. The flavor did make up for the burn, was a mild yet smooth taste. A couple bucks cheaper per stick and I would maybe consider keeping a couple in my humidor.