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Cusano 18

For a limited time, enjoy savings as low as $44.99 per box on select Cusano 18 sizes!

Aged to perfection, this well-rounded blend is a must try.

Cusano 18 is made with 18-year aged Dominican Olor filler tobaccos (yes indeed: 18 years). These fillers are combined with a rotund helping of Cuban-seed Dominican fillers for oomph and bound by a super-smooth Connecticut shade binder (a wrapper-quality binder), and the whole thing is then dressed with an even smoother, silkier Connecticut shade outer wrapper. The end result is a cigar bursting with rich n’ creamy goodness, followed by a complex, full-flavored finish. Complex yet smooth....if you like cigars like that, give Cusano 18 the hairy eyeball.

Cusano 18 received a well-deserved 91-rating, noting: "This stout cigar has a shiny golden wrapper. It's full in body and has a rich, heavy smoke. Flavors are leathery and smoky with a note of creamy vanilla. It's well balanced, leading to a long, woody finish..."

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Magnum 4 - Double Connecticut (Gordo) (4.5"x60) Sale
BOX OF 18 Out of Stock $116.82 $59.99    
Magnum 4 - Paired Maduro (Gordo) (4.5"x60) Sale
BOX OF 18 In Stock $116.82 $49.98
Petite - Double Connecticut (Corona) (4.2"x41)
5-PACK Out of Stock $23.50    
Petite - Paired Maduro (Corona) (4.2"x41)
5-PACK Out of Stock $23.50    
Robusto - Double Connecticut (5.0"x50)
BOX OF 18 Out of Stock $107.80 $80.85    
Overall Rating 4.86 out of 5 Based on 14 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Cusano 18”

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5 out of 5
liked the Maduro a lot
Would recommend
5 out of 5
This is a good smoke, all the way down to the nub.
The Cusano 18 Double Connecticut is a fantastic smoke. It is everything it should be: Rich billowy smoke, easy draw, even burn all the way through, and flavors exactly as touted. Further, it has been a very damp summer here in Kansas and I have had a tough time keeping my humidor below 76%. Even with too much humidity, I did not have to relight this stick one time, all the way down to the nub.
5 out of 5
Cusano 18 Maduro's
Great cigar. I wish you would email every time any of the cusano 18 maduro's are on sale.
5 out of 5
Super and Mellow, with lots of character
It you're in to mild smokes, this is a winner. The construction meets or beats most higher priced sticks. The draw was great. This cigar is proof that you don't have to spend $15 to get a decent cigar.
5 out of 5
cusano 18 mag feed back
I rate them 8 of 10
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Cusano's have become one of my favorite cigars. Love the olor tobacco with the taste of Connecticut wrapper and binder.
4 out of 5
Good smoke, GREAT value
I was surprised at the quality of the smoke given the low price. I'll be ordering them again.
5 out of 5
The Cusano 18 I order
The Cusano 18 I order were good, but they all came apart towards the end of the cigar
5 out of 5
My go to cigar
I have been smoking Cusano 18's for about a decade now. Love them. Always the same. Never get an odd flavor or a defective wrapper. Smooth and creamy every time. Got my buddy to try one. He only smokes the strongest cigars on the market. He smoked one of mine then ordered a box that day.
5 out of 5
Pleasent surprise!
Burns great, nice fresh taste, good value!
4 out of 5
Like it but don't love the recent box
I am all in on the magnum size after I purchased my first box of Cusano18 Madura. This box did not have medium smoke of my first box but I am all in on the magnum size. I am also becoming a big fan of CI. After this post, I will look for some new cigars.
5 out of 5
Great Stogie!
OMG...I am loving these ! Great draw, burn and smooth as silk. My favorite cigar right now, I could smoke 4 of these a day no problem! But,my budget says no. Don't buy them, I don't want CI to run out ! Me Greedy...yes! I need a birthday every month! :)
5 out of 5
Great Cigar at Great Price
Love the size and the flavor. And at the sales price from Cigars International you can't beat that deal. I bought two boxes!
5 out of 5
m quinn
great mild cigar one of the best I’ve smoked
Customer Testimonials
Great, great smoke. I've paid 3x the price for cigars this good.
Cusano 18 Double Connecticut is hands down my favorite mild, Dominican, (it's 100%) Connecticut wrapped, over 4 bone cigar! All things I routinely avoid in my search for, well, a Diesel or Man-O-War. But I have to say that Cusano does this 5" X 50 robusto very good. Spot-on construction, well packed with 18 year old Olor tobacco & as complex & satisfying as many much more full bodied vitolas. Notes of oak, vanilla & light spice, it never loses my interest, while never venturing much past mildly medium. Consistent with its effortless draw that produces clouds of non-intrusive smoke, expect a 40 minute experience. Both the Maduro & Corojo versions of Cusano 18 are delicious alternatives that bring even more oomph to the party. All earn solid 90+ ratings, in my humble opinion.
I tried the double robusto Connecticut 18 Cusano. The look and construction of the cigar is excellent. It lit perfectly with tons of smoke. I like an easy draw -Padron 3000 and 5000 are my favorites. This draw was effortless. It burned evenly all the way to my fingers - no relight was necessary. I like to lay my cigar in the ashtray and only puff every minute or so. This technigue works great with this cigar. It never showed a hint of not drawing well or needing a relight. I don't know if it's the double Connecticut or the 18 year Dominican filler but this is a must try cigar. The price is about half my Padrons but I'm adding it to my regular rotation.
I received one of these cigars in one of CI super cheap sampler packs - 10 cigars for $15 or something like that. I would pay that alone for this cigar. I smoked the Maduro and it is excellent. A nice spicy flavor to it with a great draw. This may become my low price go to cigar.
Best cigars ever. Cuban's included. Thanks CI!
The Maduro Churchill is my all time favorite cigar. It's actually somewhat similar to the Cohiba red dot churchill with a slightly different flavor profile. Construction is perfect and I rarely have burn problems with this cigar. The maduro wrapper adds a wonderful flavor. It is extremely smooth and creamy with a hint of expresso and spice on the finish. At just under 5 bucks a stick, this is by far the best bang for your buck when it comes to cigars in my opinion. You have to at least try the Cusano 18 Maduro in your cigar smoking experiences.
I'm not sure why all the hoopla over this cigar. I found it to be a bit mild for my taste. It had an extremely difficult draw. Not something I would buy again.
The Double Connecticut is the cigar that kicked it off for me. I went to a small cigar shop and told the owner to sell me a cigar that's make me want to buy another cigar. He did well. Since then I have smoked several different cigars from several different makers but the cusano 18 double conn. will always be a favorite. It's truly a fabulous cigar.
BEST cigar!! I first tried the Cusano cigars about 7 years ago as part of an inherited humidor package from a good friend. He had accumulated quite an extensive variety of cigars. Needless to say, of the 100+ varieties, the Cusano 18 Double Connecticut is by far my favorite. Smooth, flavorful, and burns even from start to finish.
Cusano 18 Paired Maduro robusto boasts of the 18 years aged Olor tobaccos that bring such a refined & smooth characteristic to this blend. And well they should. It is absolutely delicious. Not a particularly dark wrapper graces the solidly constructed 5" X 50 frame, but I am convinced it does add a dimension of earthiness quite complementary to the overall experience. Medium bodied, completely inhalable & loaded with spices, Cusano 18 Paired Maduro is a winner. A solid 92/100 in my book. Probably well worth the 5 bone asking price, I often find them in specials or in samplers & jump on the chance to save a few coppers & still get to enjoy a top flight Maduro offering.
After reading so many glowing reviews about the Cusano 18 Double Connecticut, I had to try the one stick I had stowed away in my seasoning humidor. It was part of a sampler I bought just after X-mas. Well, I must say that the fan mail this unusual Connecticut receives is more than just lip service. I am extremely impressed with the flavor profile. Mild/Medium bodied with light spice & more than the usual complexity associated with most Connecticut wrapped vitolas. I can see this becoming a staple in my rotation, which would make it one of the few mild cigars afforded that position. Definitely recommended to mild or medium bodied smokers or any hardcore full bodied lovers who might desire a more mellow experience without sacrificing taste. 90/100
I received a Cusano 18 Robusto from a family member as a stocking stuffer this past Christmas. It rested in my humidor till today when I thought it would be nice while I cleared the latest snow from our vehicles. Wow,what a great smoke! I will have to get more to enjoy on the patio this summer.
I always keep a few of the Maduro Churchills in the humidor. An absolutely wonderful smoke. Very pleasant and easy draw. I get a slight cream, earthy and even a nutty flavor. It's a good 1h30m smoke and is very smooth the whole way through. I'd definitely recommend it because I really feel like Cusano 18 is one of the cigars worlds best secrets right now.
Usually a fan of Connecticut Maduro I decided to try the Double Connecticut. This opened a whole new world of non-maduro cigars for this newbie. I followed by ordering the Paired Maduro. WOW! completely different cigar but equally great. Both are rich flavors but the Double Connecticut was the perfect blend of not overpowering with plenty of full flavor. Ordering the Corojo next.
Just received my shipment of Cusano 18, Paired Maduro Robusto's. Oh, happy day. I haven't had one of these in quite some time and my mouth was just watering. Of course, smoked one as soon as I had a chance, and was not disappointed. This cigar is rich, with a heavy earthy, chewy, leathery taste. Just the fragrance of the tobacco, pre-light is phenomenal. I think I could have one of these stuck in my face 24/7 and never get tired of it. It doesn't have to be a $20 stick to be a great smoke, price is not always indicative of the quality of the cigar. At about $5 a shot, these are one of my all time favorites.When I get rich, I will have a huge humidor full of these and one full of the Double Connecticut at all times. Until then, I'll just smoke them as often as I can afford it, and smile all the while. If you haven't tried these cigars and you are a fan of maduro tobacco, what are you waiting for? You will be happy you did.
A Mild-Bodied Creamy Very Good Cigar.
The Cusano 18 (Connecticut) is one of the first cigars I ever smoked, and it holds a special place in my heart. I was looking for a cigar that would offer me a full-bodied flavor with smooth, elegant delivery, and this baby hit the spot. It is earthy, spicy, and incredibly rich! You wouldn't guess by looking at it, but this cigar is one of the best.
The Cusano 18 double Connecticut is one of my favorites. Wish I could afford to buy a box of them but as it stands I have to buy them when I see a decent sampler deal where it is included. I love it as a wake up cigar with coffee. It is creamy with a lot of character and I nub it as far as I can go.
I purchaed these cigars on a special as I was checking out on an order I made. I smoked one when the truck arrived, and saw how fast the small 5 X 50 i received. After leaving the cigar in the humi for a few weeks, it made a world of difference. I would like to make a larger order, but the 6 X 52 Gordo I would want, has a tag price of $108.00 dollars for 18. Have to wait and see if a special is offered again.
This stout cigar has a shiny golden wrapper. It’s full in body and has a rich, heavy smoke. Flavors are leathery and smoky with a note of creamy vanilla. It’s well balanced, leading to a long, woody finish..." The above quote came from the description of this cigar, yet just about every person who wrote a review called in mild. This is why I have purchased many cigars only to find that they were nothing like the description others wrote. Being a medical professional, each person has different taste buds, which makes things taste different to each person. However, more than really describing how they liked the cigar, they don't won't to break the status quo and write how they really felt about the cigar. This is why it pure crap that a select group of people can set the standard on how high a cigar should be rated. The Cusano 18 is not for the new cigar smoker, and I would bet 10 to 1 that this cigar would upset their stomach if they were introduced to this cigar having only smoked a short while. Don't misunderstand a smooth smoke from a cigar as being mild. The cigar is made so well that it creates a smoke that feels less than strong until it hits your stomach. At the present I have around 300 cigars, a great deal of them will probably be tossed because I purchased them based on reviews. I'm a person who loves the diesel, Vegas A and Triple A, and a huge fan of the stronger Gurkhas. Because of that, I can say that this is a great robust cigar that delievers a powerful smooth smoke that is very robust. I smoke one off the truck, and made a small blemish when I took the ban off. Because of this, I will leave them in the humidor for a few weeks which will make the outher leaf stronger. I've made 26 orders from CI since the first of the year, and have found cigars selling for a buck a piece better than the 94 rated. There is a cigar on CI called the Churchill Deluxe, 50 for 59 dollars 7 X 50. This is a very good MILD cigar, and may not look like the high social class cigars, but the flavor is great. To proof a point of certain brands being allowed to charge what they want rather than how good the cigar is. Look at the Davidoff cigars, and notice that one of their cigars is $666.00 dollars a box. Have you ever smoked one, do you know any one who has? I tried to purchase just one to see where the value is, but CI doesn't offer them as singles. When you check the fan male, you will find just about all of them blank. Be real, and true to yourself at the same time. Do you think any cigar is worth over $600.00 dollars a box? The real Cuban Cohiba Siglo VI is considered to be one of the best cigars made, and ones that Castro smoked. Having smoke them, they are the best I have ever found and they are only $450.00 a box. I know their illegal, I'm only showing you that a real cuban is less that the Davidoff. I think CI realizes this, and does everthing in their power to lower the cost of cigars. Think about your reviews when you write, keep writing them, but don't mistake harsh for being strong since there are mile cigars that leave you throat sore because of the harsh smoke. For those who like full flavored robust cigars with smoke like silk, the Cusano 18 is for you. If your new to smoking cigars, smoke a few Gurghka Empires first or a Nica Libre before trying this one. Dr. Bill
This is the first cigar that I can actally say I enjoyed. The first half-inch came through as smooth, semi-sweet with an almost tarty butterscotch finish. In the middle there was more woody taste but, still smooth and sweet and two-thirds in, on a long draw I got a burst of pepper. Nice, creamy smoke. The ash was EXCELLENT staying in place a good 1.5" before falling off. The aftertaste last only for a few hours before disappearing altogether. The wrapper did start to come loose about half-way through but, all-in-all a good experience right down until it became too hot to enjoy. (I used a punch cutter on this cigar).
This is a heck of mild cigar. It's super smooth with a creamy texture overlaying a mild toasted cedar flavor. It's very good. Good volume of smoke as well. Price point is good as well for the quality, right around the $6. It's a more mild version of Perdomo's Champagne, and that's saying a lot. Another good piece that will find a home in my humidor in the future.
This here is among the best "mild" cigars I've had in a long while. When I first lit up, I got butter. Not just "I can't believe it's not butter!" but actually sweet creamy butter, a really smooth smoke, and the smoke was billowing into the air and smelled as good as it tasted. Not much complexity, but this is to be expected with a mild cigar, would I recommend it, absolutely. If you're looking to get into the cigar world, this is the cigar to take your virginity.
I have to say in my opinion without a doubt in my mind or anyone else this has got to be one of the best deals in any cigar category . it must be the creamiest Connecticut shade wrapped cigar known to man kind. i only hope that Mr. Mike C. keeps making these beauties .
I agree with what others have written, this cigar is one of the best and a great choice to help convert someone to cigar smokeing. I love the Cusano 18 maduro best, esp. the churchill size !! Its bold with TONs on flavor but very very smooth! The maduro robusto is a tasty treat but the churchill mad. just stands out in this line. I was told by one of the customer support gals that this cigar wont be stocked by CI any longer, which is a shame!If you like a cigar with full but smooth flavor try the Cusano 18!! I rate the Cusano 18 maduro churchill 96. Its really that good , try one and see.
This cigar will always hold a special place in my heart. I have always liked cigars, not sure why i have always just been drawn(little cigar joke, sorry!) to them, but this is the one that got me hooked! I cant say enough about them they are beautiful cigars! Smooth creamy flavor mild and consistent, perfect draw and construction. I have never enjoyed a cigar as much as the first time I smoked one of these. If you have a friend that you are trying to convert and they agree to smoke a stick choose this one!
The Cusano 18 ranks right up there with the RP Connecticut in every aspect of the cigar - burn, flavor, draw, zero harshness. Like every other Cusano I've had, this cigar is SMOOOOOTH... Highly recommeded!!
This is one great smoke (Cusano 18). Hits it's stride after only about an inch in. Has a perfect draw. Smooth with just the right amount of bite. The double Connecticut wrapper feel great in the hand and on the lips. Holds a hefty ash, too. This is one of my top choices. I always light with a stick match.
Nice mild smooth stick Tatiana Flavored with an easy draw and beautifull full roll of blue smoke. Draws nice and leasy. Lights fast with a long even ash that stays lite when you set it down. Good daily smoke, creamy easy morning smoke with a hint of pepper.
This is one of the most enjoyable cigars I've smoked to date and a total surprise. (Cusano 18) Incredibly smooth, creamy, delicious and full of flavor. One of the most picture-perfect burns I've seen as well. It came as part of a sampler I ordered and I can say that this puppy is going to become one of my regulars. I can't wait to order more! Hell, I'm gonna go do that right now...
Cusano 18 - Toro Dbl. Connecticut is a wonderful smoking experience. Wonderful aroma with a perfect very long ash burn resulting from the firm beautiful roll of the aged fillers. I would recommend a full cut vs. a bullet cut to get more smoke from the draw. This has a medium body, and rich flavor that builds toward the end. Smooth and creamy with a very slight mild peppery taste that compliments it's very own unique total flavor experience. A beautiful stick and a great anytime cigar that deserves a slot in the humidor.
when i first tried the Cusano 18 maduro, i have to say it was with a sigh and eyes rolling cause it is labeled "mild"- yeah i'll get to that in a minute. this was only my second Cusano but i was curious since i tried the Cusano Legends (highly recommended) and was quite surprised. so standing in the cigar shop i thought "what the hell?" well, once lit i found that the so-called "mild" cigar (see? i came back to my point) was more along the lines of medium bodied and at first buttery smooth. then, like magic, it immediately turned spicy and stayed that way for about a 1/4". after that, it was all out war between the buttery and spicy flavors leaving complete pleasure in its wake. let me say, when two flavors like that duke it out, you are going to be the real winner. always dependable and ever-so tasty, pick up a Cusano and pull up a chair and let the flavor begin.
Wooowwweeeee...!!! Let me just start by saying this cigar (Cusano 18) is number one in my book. The double connecticut gives a smooth creamy draw and who would have guessed 18 year old tobacco would be so amazing. The smell from the cigar is not overpowering by any means but also not too mild for a smoker who likes a fuller body cigar. Take my advice buy a lot of these...I have been smoking for a min so I know what I am talking about. 90 rating from me, plus they don't put a huge dent in your wallet. Let me also add how great the service is from cigar international is. Keep up the good work.
I exchange cigars with a a co-worker on a weekly basis. I normally give him something decent, and in return, normally get some "house-brand 2nd" from one of CI's girly-pants competition. Last week was different - He got an Indian Tabac SF double-corona, I got a Cusano 18 double Connecticut Churchill. This was a fair trade. The Cusano is a fine smoke; well-built, tasty, and satisfying. It is a smooth, medium-bodied, complex cigar. A wonderful aroma with a creamy, complex, and subtle spicy (maybe ginger?) flavor. This is a winner, directly on-course. Very highly recommended.
Just started smoking a few months back when i came across these beuties (Cusano 18). If your looking for a mild to medium cigar thats creamy and smooth to the bitter end,than this is the cigar for you. Great in the morning with a cup of joe and better in the evening after a hard days work. It's become a mainstay in my humidor.
I just smoked a Cusano "18". I was totally impressed with the quality of that smoke. The wrapper was beautiful, the draw was clean and steady, and the burn was slow and even. The taste was creamy with subtle spicy nuances. How about a Cusano "Special"? This is a cigar that could garner a huge fan club!
Just smoked my first Cusano 18 double C .Great aroma,and lots of puffy white smoke.A cool burn all the way to the nub.I was told this was a mild smoke ,but I feel it was closer to a medium . I found it a little stout through the nose compared to say, a Pimp Stick.Overall a very fine smoke.
A CigarFest '07 cigar (Cusano 18 Maduro). I smoked the Paired Maduro Robusto and enjoyed it very much. The pre-light aroma is particularly pleasing. In my opinion, it's slightly stronger than mild and very flavourful. What does it taste like? A good cigar! Well-made, even burning and not at all expensive, even at full retail price. I'll smoke more of these.
This is one of the finest smooth cigars (Cusano 18) I have ever smoked. It has depth to it for being a mild cigar and this wrapper is absolutely gorgeous. This is my new "go to" cigar when I get home from work. Thanks CI!
It is what it is... plus some (Cusano 18). Mild smoke great with Glenlivet (scotch/whiskey). Smooth as expected, and surprising enough, a subtle hint of spice. Not big on the thought of sipping wine while smoking cigars, but the 18 double may be complemented well by a Zinfandel. Ideal everyday stick.
Just smoked the Cusano 18 robusto last night. Great cigar! Smooth and just a little spicy, a great combination. Awesome smoke producer. The churchill should be perfect for the golf course.
rarely do I pick up one cigar and by the end of the smoke know it will be something to be dealt with (Cusano 18). GREAT FLAVOR for the double-conn. wrapper. Very mild but so much flavor in the robusto. My only problem is the wrapper started falling apart on me...but this was just my first one. The next few I'm sure will hold up. Perfect for a cigar that won't make your head spin in the middle of the day, yet FULL OF FLAVOR
Bought a box of 18 robustos (Cusano 18) a few weeks back & they're almost gone. I gave a few to people I like and know will appreciate a smooth but powerful Dominican with a bit more shwoop than usual for a cigar like this. This is an alluring cigar with faultless construction, feel & wrapper. I always look forward to firing one up. Take an hour for a robusto and enjoy. This is NOT an outdoor smoke but a real contender for those who like very good quality, smooth & creamy dominican smokes with a bit more 'ass' to them. This cigar is TOO GOOD to hand out to those who do not respect the leaf. Buy a box and smoke 'em yourself or with afficianados who appreciate the finer things.. Highly recommended!
I just smoked one of the Cusano 18's that my wife received in her "mild and mellow" sampler. This is NOT a mild and mellow cigar. No way, no how. It is a firm, densly packed cigar that just begs to be smoked. Spicy and peppery at first with touches of vanilla. It gets stronger and more complex as you go along. Caramel, cocoa, and maybe a hint of coffee. Definitely in the medium-full category. Long a creamy finish, right down to your singed fingertips. Great cigar, but not "mild and mellow". This one might have made my wife puke. I loved it! Thanks CI!
I love the Cusano cigars and the Cusano 18 Double Connecticut is very nearly the "perfect" cigar! A wrapper so pretty you just wanna stare at it but NO WAY I'm only gonna stare! SMOOTH but with power and richness, 'delicious' complexity that lingers (favorably) on the palate! MAGNIFICENT!
YOU MUST BUY THIS CIGAR (Cusano 18). I'd smoke this before an Ashton any time.
From the start of this cigar (Cusano 18), all the way to to end, to the point of burning your fingers, this cigar was outstanding. There is nothing I can say bad about this cigar. This is a MUST in your cyle of cigars!!! Can I trade my wife in for a box???????
By far the best cigar (Cusano 18) I've smoked. I am a big fan of a good cuban Monte Cristo #4, but this is now my new #1 cigar. They are very reasonably priced and I can buy them in the states!!! I can't get enough of these.........smooth.....creamy.....billowing smoke pours with each pull. THANK YOU CUSANO!!!
Excellent, smooth and interesting taste. Beautiful to the eye and lovely to hold. Possibly the best Conn Shade wrapped cigar (Cusano 18) I have ever had. Wrappers are the finest of CT shade-and I know of what I speak because I grow CT Shade. Using it for a binder as well as for the wrapper gives surprisingly excellent results.
The Cusano 18 absolutely the finest cigar I have smoked at any price. The only thing that comes close is the Romeo y Julieta Vintage line at over twice the price. This cigar has been described as smooth, mild-bodied, full-bodied, very flavorful, complex, etc., and it is all of those and more.Absolutely delightful and a true treasure.

Cusano 18

Steve R

In case you haven’t heard, we recently wrapped up our third annual CigarFest. In the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, 1,500 cigar lunatics were let loose on an event floor with dozens of cigar, beer and spirit samples within a stone’s throw in every direction. Throughout the event, I spent a good deal of time with Michael Chiusano, owner of Cusano cigars. Aside from trying to explain the concept of snow and ice scrapers to JT, one of his employees working in his Florida-based office, we found the time to talk cigars.

First, a history lesson (study up, there might be a quiz later): Cusano Cigars has been in business for just over 10 years, steadily climbing the ranks to become one of the finer boutique brands available today. Working alongside Hendrik Kelner in the infamous Tabadom factory, Chiusano has created a handful of top-notch super-premiums that focus on unique complexity, dependability and consistency. To maintain this level of total satisfaction, production is kept to absolute minimum, with every minute detail being considered at all times. Here’s a Snapple Fact for ya: Cusano Cigars is the only manufacturer using more than one wrapper in each of its premium blends.

During the show, Mike and I discussed the Cusano 18. Ever since, I’ve been burning through both the natural and maduro like they’re going out of style. Let me tell ya, even without mentioning the 18 year old Dominican-grown tobaccos, this brand deserves a wealth of praise. Rarely does a mild-bodied, top-shelf smoke come along that’s value-driven, but the 18 is it. Looking for an ultra-smooth natural that’s rich, creamy and layered with leathery, woody goodness? The Double Connecticut is your answer. It combines 18 year old tobaccos with two golden-brown Connecticut shade leaves, one serving as the binder, the second acting as the wrapper. Looking for a step up? Try the Paired Maduro. Covering this dark cigar is an oily broadleaf maduro, with an additional Brazilian maduro wrapper running through the 18 year old Dominican fillers, resulting in a chewy, medium-bodied smoke that’s rich, spicy and eventful. Lately, I’ve been burning a Cusano 18 Double Connecitcut with my morning double-shot of espresso, with several Paired Maduros throughout the remainder of the day. Lately, I’ve been sitting fat and happy, my friend.

Bottom line, if you haven’t tried Cusano, do it.