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Perdomo Fresco

I’ll take my Perdomo cigar....Fresco style.

Hold the elaborate packaging and expensive marketing ploys, and pile on some handmade goodness from Perdomo. The Perdomo Fresco is a handsome no-nonsense handmade from Nicaragua teeming with top-notch tobaccos. Fresco comes chock full of aged Nicaraguan long-fillers from the fertile valley of Esteli secured by a Jalapa binder, and nestled beneath hand-selected natural or maduro wrappers. A smooth and well-balanced blend, Fresco cigars deliver renowned Perdomo quality at everyday prices.

Thanks to a silky smooth Connecticut wrapper, the natural delivers a mild to medium-bodied experience boasting smooth and creamy nuances backed by an undeniable note of cedar. While the Maduro, equipped with an oily and dark Connecticut broadleaf, exudes a medium to full-bodied burn highlighted by deep notes of espresso, spice, and leather. The addition of the Sun Grown wrapper really completes the brand. With it comes an ample amount of spice and pepper, and finishes with a sweet earthiness.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill (7.0"x50)
BDL OF 25 In Stock $95.00 $79.99
Churchill Maduro (7.0"x50)
BDL OF 25 In Stock $95.00 $79.99
Churchill Sun Grown (7.0"x50)
BDL OF 25 Backordered $95.00 $79.99
Robusto (5.0"x50)
BDL OF 25 In Stock $90.00 $75.99
Robusto Maduro (5.0"x50)
BDL OF 25 In Stock $90.00 $75.99
Robusto Sun Grown (5.0"x50)
BDL OF 25 In Stock $90.00 $75.99
Toro (6.0"x50)
BDL OF 25 In Stock $92.50 $77.99
Toro Maduro (6.0"x50)
BDL OF 25 In Stock $92.50 $77.99
Toro Sun Grown (6.0"x50)
BDL OF 25 In Stock $92.50 $77.99
Torpedo (6.2"x54)
BDL OF 25 In Stock $97.50 $81.99
Torpedo Maduro (6.2"x54)
BDL OF 25 In Stock $97.50 $81.99
Torpedo Sun Grown (6.2"x54)
BDL OF 25 In Stock $97.50 $81.99
Overall Rating 4.83 out of 5 Based on 6 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Perdomo Fresco”

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4 out of 5
I first experienced the perdomo
I first experienced the perdomo fresco at a friend's dinner party. It is now my everyday
5 out of 5
Smooth Smoking Cigar
I was introduced to this cigar last month while on my annual Canadian fishing trip. I was surprised by the flavor of the cigar, the even burn that it maintains. Never been a big fan of torpedo cigars in the past, but got my first bundle and am enjoying each one immensely as I smoke through them. I like the light wrapper since it seems smoother than a Maduro. Give it try and see if you agree.
5 out of 5
A great golf or do something cigar
This is my fourth bundle of these. For the price you can't go wrong. I am always looking for a good second cigar, one that if you don't finish you wont be mad for throwing away and this is it. These smoke even Burn great and are pretty decent smokes.
5 out of 5
Faithful friend
One of my favorite smokes . If your new to Majuro or looking for a old faithful the Frisco is the way to go.
5 out of 5
Wonderful Cigar For the Price Point. Ive had both the Sun Grown and the Maduro, I didn't want either one to end. Also, I gave one to a friend without the band on it. Said he enjoyed it quite a bit and guessed it would retail $7-$8. This is my Go-To... I just wish CI sold em in 5 packs... I dont have room in my Humi For 20
5 out of 5
Great cigars
great cigars for a great price.
Customer Testimonials
Connecticut wrapper is my favorite. The absolute best mild-medium stick for the money.
I just smoked my first Perdomo Fresco, Churchill size with a Connecticut wrapper. This, in my opinion, is a terrific every day smoke. It burns great with a consistently great taste with just the amount of bite that I like. I have definitely become an avid smoker of this cigar. It not only is priced right , but also tastes great. I will be ordering a bundle.
I have been a fan of Perdomo cigars since I first started smoking cigars over 10 years ago. I first tasted a Fresco at a local brew house that had a "Cigar Night" special - a pint of craft brewed beer and a cigar for $6. This was back in the day in Maryland when you could actually smoke IN a bar! Anyway, they offered Perdomo Fresco as part of the special and I was convinced that this could be an every day smoke, as others has said. The bundles are afordable - I prefer the maduro.
I got a great deal on a bundle of the Fresco torpedos, and I was surprised at how good they were. I grabbed them from the UPS driver and lit one up: great burn throughout, creamy smoke, and a smooth leathery flavor with a bit of spice. After a few weeks in the humidor they are even better.
This has been my daily smoke here lately. For the price they're pretty darn good. Nothing mind blowing about it. Just a good consistant stick. I do get one every now and again with construction flaws but for the price it's a good deal.
These cigars are top notch. Don't let the price fool you, this is a very flavorful cigar. My favorite is the maduro torpedo. Do yourself a massive favor and try it out.
I got a Pedromo Fresco Torpedo (Maduro), off of a friend the other day and I was pleasantly surprised. It lit well, had a smooth draw, and was flavorful. For a medium bodied it is pretty good. At $3 a stick, (at my local shop), it is a real bargain for the quality you get. I use this as a daily smoke which won't break the bank anytime soon.
Always thought these were a Perdomo knockoff. I've bought a few here and there at my local shop for a cheap everyday type smoke. Anyways, both the natural and the maduro are good, never had any sort of lighting or draw issues, always has clouds of thick smoke and the flavor stays consistent until about an inch or so out then it gets bitter. But I never feel guilty chucking it because of the price.