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Cu-Avana Intensus

Cu-Avana Intensus. This richly rendered flavor bomb puts that name to the test!

The original Cu-Avana blends (both the exceedingly mild natural and mild-medium maduro) have been lining the humidors of fellas across the land who enjoy mild cigars that are consistently on point. All was well and good until full-bodied fans began grumbling for a full-tilt Cu-Avana blend, one made with the same relentless consistency but with more junk in the trunk - more richness, more body, more complexity.

Wait no more because the Cu-Avana Intensus is here. This is a powerfully full-bodied and extraordinarily flavorful beaut rising from the cigar capital of Nicaragua: Esteli, specifically Nestor Plasencia. The blend begins with a dark and redolent Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper grown from Habano-seed. Thick and oily, this leaf is a marvel to look at and bubbles over with flavor. The true power of this cigar is derived from its long-leaf combination: an extensively aged, all-ligero mixture of tobaccos from Peru and Nicaragua. Cu-Avana Intensus erupts on the palate leaving a hearty, spicy core with an underpinning of dense, oaky, earthy notes and a long, satisfying finish. Full-bodied from start to finish, the flavors evolve throughout the slow burn, becoming increasingly intense right down to the nub.
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Gordo (4.5"x54) BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $100.00 $59.99    
Robusto (5.0"x50) Sale BOX OF 20 Sale Out of Stock $100.00 $49.33    
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Customer Reviews of “Cu-Avana Intensus”
I ordered my usual bundle of La Estrella Cubana and for an extra buck got a four robusto sampler. One of these was a Cu-Avana Intensus. Let me say from the get-go, this is a very nice cigar. From begining to end it is a very pleasant spice filled smoke with a enjoyable sweet finish to it. The spice lasts throughout and has a bit of a cocoa flavor to it. While it is filled with Ligero leaf and is called Intenso, it is very smooth and never harsh. This is a very very fine Corojo wrapped cigar. It is solidly rolled, yet the draw was flawless as was the slow burn. Hard to find any fault with this stick. One of the best Corojos I have smoked.
RF of Eau Claire, WI
Where do I start with this cigar? Excellent construction, good draw and pretty even burn with little correction necessary. Definately try this one, you will be awarded with a complex flavor of coffee, chocolate and nuts. WOW, you will feel the strength of this one, just short of full. Smokes like a more expensive cigar. Probably my favorite cigar to date, don't wait to buy this one!!! Enjoy!
PK of Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Wow! The Churchill is the real deal. I smoked one fresh off the truck and was blown away. Where do I begin? The cigar sports a gorgeous medium to dark brown slightly mottled wrapper that has a nice oily sheen. The cigar is ROCK solid and uniform in construction. It had a perfect draw and razor sharp burn. It starts off with a nice dose of spice which continued to build right down to the nub. At some point, I started to get some nice cedary overtones, with hints of chocolate, pepper, and some earthiness. This baby is full throttle, pedal to the metal goodness. I am talking strong kids. I smoked it after a pretty substantial dinner and it still got my full attention. The fullest bodied cigar I have ever tasted from Nestor P, and one of the best. I was totally blown away. While these are extremely enjoyable now, I suspect 3-6 months of down time will make them even better. This is a true new high water mark for full bodied, yet still very tasty and well balanced cigars. I am way impressed. Again, gorgeous cigar all around. NOT, I repeat NOT for the guys who like mild cigars. This is truly for the well seasoned cigar smoker. CI, you guys got in going on. Review was spot on!!!Thanks and of course, WOW!!!!! Cheers! :<)
JW of Chicago, IL
I guess these are called Intensus now. I have been smoking them for about 2 years as "Intenso" Just finished a Torpedeo, real tasty, been in Humidor about 1 yr 2 months.
DM of Winchester, CA
This cigar is one of the finest ive ever had. My fovorite go-to cigar was Edge but, sorry Rock, Cu-Avana Intensus has replaced it. Great construction, great draw and tons of flavor. It starts off strong and keeps getting more intenso as you go. At CI's price its a MUST try.
EF of clinton, CT
Very nice cigar. From the wonderful pre-light aroma until the nub was laid away, this one pleased me. Firmish grey ash, absolutely even burn and a lot of powerful flavour. The appearance of the thing is a delight; very dark and beautifully constructed. A keeper.
MC of M Leesburg, VA
I'm sure you guys have heard of it. Its Cu-Avana's venture into the med-full range cigars. I have heard the hype and was really excited to try one. Not a bad smoke, great construction, good look, good draw, good burn. The flavor though was....peppery and some cedar, but not very intense or complex. Definitely a med not full, at least in my book. Not a bad cigar by any means, but I was expecting more. Happy Smoking
SV of Templeton, CA
The Cuavana Intensus rocks!! I waited several weeks for a backorder and was it worth a wait!! The cigar is impressive looking, has a heavy in the hand feel and smokes like a dream. This 4.5 x 54 lasts a good 45 minutes and my dog is getting longer walks than he ever expected. I've got to order some more before the SCHIP kicks in!!
IW of Hoboken, NJ
Hey guys, 15 year cigar smoker. This cigar has a number of pluses. It is packed with smooth burning, tasty tabacco. It's heavy in the hand. The outer leaf is thick, slightly rough and chewy, yet burns very well and very evenly. It's draw is easy and smooth and holds a long salt and pepper ash. I would tell you that it is one of the most evenly burning cigar I have ever smoked. However, here is the does not have the intense strength or flavor it claims to. It is very medium in flavor and mild to medium in strength. It is more for the medium cigar smoker. A good smoke for anyone to try, but not really for those looking for a stronger, peppery, more flavorful cigar. So if you're looking for a great burning, tasty but not strong or peppery cigar that burns great and is nice and chewy, this is it.
JL of Buford, GA
I'm sure I would agree with most of the positive comments here, so I would just like to add my experience. I had a couple cigars yesterday that I was kind of disappointed in (won't mention any brands - people have different tastes). So today, it was a pleasant, sunny day - nice enough to sit outside in the sun (before a predicted deep freeze arrives). Went outside with coffee and a newspaper and a Cu-Avana Intensus robusto (this was about my third CUI) ... it hadn't even been in a real cedar lined humidor ... and this thing was just great ... in burn, draw, construction and best of all flavor ... smooth & medium to full in strength, but not too strong ... one of the best cigars I've had so far with coffee (almost up to the Joya de Nicaragua 1970 Antano Consul) ... it lasted much longer than I expected a robusto to ... good to the last puff. Thanks ... Nestor Plasencia and CI ... looking forward to the torpedo.
S. of P.Northern, VA
Smoke this cigar! It will make you happy. You can trust me later on this one... Delicious, ultra-nutty notes complemented by so many other tantalizing nuances; it's like your palate is reading a menu of everything great this cigar has to offer. And with CI's prices, you can trust them NOW!
EJ of Pittsburgh, PA
this is a fantastic cigar, however the hype about this being full body is overblown. i smoke pepins, camacho, and patel edge. this does not aproach the camacho corojo in stregth. but its complexity and richness in flavor is way above average . sweet coffee and light pepper with a earthy core that never gets harsh,even noted orange peel and anise a few times, very complex. many times i was smacking my lips saying damn this tastes good. reminded me a little of the patel vintage 1990 in that regaurd. this is a medium "slightly full" body champion. if your a mild smoker and want to bridge the gap to the full body monsters like pepins, camacho, padilla and patel edge. start here, if you cant stomach this ,theres no chance with those.i would rate this a solid 92, to be honest this was one of the best i have had this year. including the Patel Decade. this price point is insane as well.
JS of Miamisburg, OH
I had to drive from Des Moines to Minneapolis so I decided to light up the churchill that I got in a sampler; it was possibly the best smoking experience I've ever had. Five puffs in I already knew this was a real winner, ten puffs in I thought it was somehow reading my mind, and twenty puffs in I knew I was in Cigar Heaven. The description is accurate as far as it being increasingly intense, but I think any fan of full or medium-full would find this to be an amazing buy.
RB of Marshall, MN
I have been making the transition to a more medium flavored smoke and tried the Cu-Avana Intensus as a 2-fer deal. This cigar is a solid medium+ cigar and is aptly named "intensus" because it is intense. A first rate smoke that should not be missed
AB of Jacksonville, FL
Cu-Avana Intensus is the bomb! A strong well balanced full powered flavorful bomb. I bought a 5 pack of these to round out an order for a freebie deal CI was running. I didn't expect much-maybe good marketing on another blah blah "full bodied" stick. But this was Nestor P. What was I thinking. I was happily wrong. I decided to smoke one "chain style" after a great RP Edge Counterfeit. I wasn't expecting the Intenso to keep up. Was I wrong. Excellent smoke. Well balanced. Strong and full but with the proper sweet counterbalance-especially the 1st 3rd. When I make more room in my humi or buy a bigger box I'm ordering a box.
RT of Sugar Hill, GA
Great cigar. 90 minutes into a robusto and still had a couple inches to go. Great flavor, spice, and just keeps getting stronger. A very affordable stick with a great taste. I will be getting more of these to keep on hand. No way do I want to be without one of these to smoke.
DR of Casper, WY
an EXCELLENT cigar. I was just blown away by the taste and smokability of this cigar. It has a nice, firm roll with ash that hangs on the end of a cigar like a champ. Flavor is medium - medium full with a little spice. Excellent deal for an excellent cigar. I gotta get myself s'more of these soon.
GR of Sterling, VA
Great smoke but more a light heavyweight than a heavyweight, great aroma's and ton's of flavor and the hint of black pepper tickles my nose beautiful draw and for the price well done!!!!!
AP of New Carrollton, MD
Got a churchill size in the brown bag sampler and wow, a great stick! This baby tastes just like a Montecriso Peruvian, with a strong peppery flavor and hints of cocoa. The construction was decent, it burned a little unevenly, requiring a few touch ups on the slow burning side. Be careful though, it packs a punch, and if you are more of a cigar hobbyist rather than a cigar smoker, the churchill may be just a bit too much. I got close, but couldn't quite finish mine. I will cry a single tear of disappointment later, but definately a worthwhile buy, although I will probably stick with the robusto next time.
DG of Lafayette, CA
I like the Churchills. Draw is little more firm then I like but made up for it on the amount of smoke you get from it. Good looking cigar, burns well, no bitterness toward the end, good construction. Love them.
FS of Gaithersburg, MD
This is an aptly named cigar! 'Intense' from start to finish in all the right ways. Great construction with a nice slow burn; lightly flavorful with soft spices throughout. I got this in a sampler (Brown Bag Sampler) and believe I may have found my new favorite smoke!
FS of Orlando, FL
I have tried bout 5 or 6 of these, they seem to be a staple in the grab bag...I have to say, I always avoided smoking them until the very end, mainly because of what I considered to be a silly name, and I therefore dismissed it an a joke...What a surprise I got with todays smoke...I knew I was in for a treat when I saw how yellow the cellophane had become...and a treat it was too...Wow...this burned razor sharp, had a beautiful wrapper and perfect construction...The flavor was out of this world good...I burned my fingers getting the last drop of goodness from it...Is this 'Intensus' even the same cigar as the 'Intenso' ???
DC of Beverly, MA
I'm with EB on this one. It is a good cigar but I didn't see anything special in it. It burns well and is moderately tasty but to me it is just okay. I didn't find anything "intense" about it. Everybody is different so please try it for yourself!
CS of Rock Springs, WY
Cigar love from start to finish, tried one from the brown bag sampler. Best cigar I smoked my whole holiday. Go buy a box of the!
EL of Redwood City, CA
What can ya say but Wow! This cigar kicked me right in the gullet! Full flavor with pepper and earthiness to boot. Also detected some sweetness that was on the mild side. This is an awesome smoke for the price point and will be a staple in my humi. Try this stick you won't be let down!
CH of Ludington, MI
This is one cigar that I would have to say that "size matters". I have only had the robusto and the torpedo, and they really are quite different. The torp is okay, but the robusto is fantastic! I can't speak to the other sizes, but I suspect the churchill is more like the robusto because of shape? I dunno, but the robusto was much better flavor than the torp.
JE of Universal City, TX
I purchased a box of the Cu-Avana regular Churchills because I enjoyed the one I received in a sampler pack. This Intensus is way different than the ones I have in my humidor, and smoke on a regular basis. I'm in the same category with those that were not impressed, nor seen anything special about this cigar other than is has plenty of smoke. The outer leaf has a rough texture that I didn't care for, and I would purchase a Diesel if wanting a stick in this category. However, many others seemed to be real happy with them, so you will have to try one for yourself.
DM of Taylor, MI
Got this in the Black Friday sampler and to be honest I'm having trouble figuring out why everyone seems to love this cigar. I mean it was ok, but it definately was not intese and left hardly any after taste. But hey, to each his own.
EB of Roanoke, VA
A very enjoyable, full-flavored stick. Loved every minute of it. This little beauty will always have a spot in my humi!
SP of El Cajon, CA
A fantastic cigar, without a doubt. But I must say that I find the name "Intensus" to be a little misleading. One would expect the these to knock you off your feet or cause your head to spin. I personally found them to be deliciously flavorful, and bit spicy, but by no means "intense" as far as strength goes. Beautifully constructed. Easy draw and good burn. Rich, but not over-powering. And for the price, these are an exceptionally good buy for full-flavored fans. They will always be welcome in my humidors.
CY of Lawndale, CA
If you believe in Jesus Christ, as i do - this is four of the seven sins!
MM of Scottsdale, AZ
As my interest of cigars have been growing I have decided to help others pick the right cigar for them by rating every one in my collection. These are my opinions and are not meant to be taken too critically. Scale 1-5 Wrapper: (4) Just a godly sight to behold Taste: (4) Full-Bodied yet sweet! Pair with a cup of Coffe and you're in heaven Burn: (2) Burns fine when light but... I have never had to take so much time to light just one cigar Feeling: (5) Where did the floor go? I feel like I'm walking on air... Or a puff of smoke Compareable to cigars waaaayyyy more expensive. Stock up on these beauts!
RM of Norristown, PA
Tight wrap and a hard draw. Decent smoke.
JT of Benton, AR
I recently bought 5 of these on the cheap thinking they would be good stocking stuffers. I am a die hard full-bodies maduro fan, so I did NOT think these would be my cup of tea. I decided to give one a fair shake and I was thoroughly impressed. I was very pleased with the strength, albeit not what I would call full-bodied, it was still very satisfying. It came across quite oaky to me with medium spiciness. Great winter cigar. Very good value. I have only had one so far, so I cannot speak of its consistency.
ME of Greenville, SC
I have smoked many different top cigar brands in the past. This cigar by all means is the best to date. Great full rich flavored smoke throughout with no bitter taste at all. Well constructed with a smooth even draw from end to end. Cu-avana Intensus' low price is well worth the try. I would proudly recommend and offer this cigar to my friends and colleagues. Truly impressive stogie.
JM of Fairview, TN
This is a full body smoke with great flavor through-out. Burns evenly and has a good ash. This cigar isn't as peppery as the PUNISHER but still worth a try if you like a full body smoke.

Cu-Avana Intensus

Posted by Steve R

Wow. I cannot believe it’s been almost two months since my last staff review. Man, it feels like forever. For some of the other reviewers, that might be acceptable, but not for me. I’m used to cranking out 2-3 a month. Fortunately, timing for a new review couldn’t be more perfect. A brand new cigar hit our docks just before I left for the Eagles game this past Monday. And considering what it is, a full-bodied Cu-Avana, I had to bring some to our pre-game festivities at the Linc.

This new variety, dubbed Cu-Avana Intensus, is intriguing for many reasons. Cu-Avana is a mild-bodied cigar, and has built a solid reputation among those seeking a mellow, but dependable smoke that’s priced for daily enjoyment. The natural is mild, smooth, and straightforward....offering crisp, subtle nuances that have captured the hearts of Macanudo fans. The maduro is just as mellow, with a rich, toasty, and creamy twist....let alone excellent aging potential. Cu-Avana Intensus was crafted with the more achieved palate in mind. It’s made in boutique fashion with a variety of aged ligeros and promises an eventful and satisfying experience.

Cu-Avana Intensus is made in Esteli, Nicaragua by Nestor Plasencia. The cigar is a treat to look at....especially when you crack open the box. The inlay is black as night with attractive gold accents, and flows beautifully into the dark, oily cigars donning just a simple foot band. The wrapper is thick and dark. A Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper grown from Cuban seeds, boasting a deep, reddish hue and ample tooth. Inside, a powerful blend of long-leaf ligeros unites: some from Nicaragua, some from the Panama. In case you didn’t know, Panamanian ligero is some of the strongest and most flavorful out there. The cigar is heavy in my hand, takes to my Xikar with ease, and offers a perfect draw....just the slightest bit of resistance is noticed.

Upon lighting, I first notice a heavy spice that leaves behind a gentle tingling sensation on the palate well after I set the cigar down in the ashtray. There’s an underlying sweetness to it, which is all but muted by the bold spices. From the get-go, it’s clear that this is a far departure from the standard Cu-Avana. Hello Corojo-wrapped ligeros! After the first half an inch, the spices fade a bit, opening the floodgates for a dense and rich series of oak and leather. Clearly, the sweetness in the beginning was the oaky character trying to shine through. The smoke is thick and chewy in the mouth, and creates heavy plumes overheard once exhaled. The zesty aroma fills the room and really lets me know I’m burning something. Then, an inch and a half in, boom. The full-bodied nature of the ligeros at play takes its toll. I feel relaxed and satisfied in the belly. The rich, earthy flavors of the Nicaraguan tobaccos are evolving nicely with the unique spices of Panamanian ligeros, which become more apparent as I approach the final third. The finale is nice. Actually, it’s memorable. A rich, chewy smoke loaded with spices and dense, hearty flavors that coat my palate down to the nub.

In short, this is a great upgrade for Cu-Avana, extending a sizeable olive branch towards those seeking a full-bodied, full-flavored blend.

By the way, the Eagles won....easily. And, I am tied with the boss at the top of our 2008 football pool. 2 weeks left. Big money, no whammies!

Cu-Avana Intensus

Posted by Brandon S

Funny, when I first started this gig mild cigars were all the rage with the Dominican Republic dominating cigar sales in the states. The Dominican enjoyed a well-established reputation for producing many of most popular brands ranging from that Macanoodle brand to Cohiba, Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta. Chances are very good that if you reading this you’ve probably heard of at least one of those brands…either that are you crawled out of bed this morning having never smoked a cigar before and miraculously landed on this dilly of a write up. It doesn’t matter though, you’re here now, I appreciate that, and the rest really doesn’t matter does it? Right then….so, mild cigars dominated the marketplace for years up until about 3 or 4 years ago when some new and powerful brands began to arrive on the scene. Joya de Nicaragua stands out as one of these where I vividly recall standing around our retail shop with the boys enjoying said cigar when suddenly the room began to spin. Then things really got interesting with the release of powerhouse smokes like Rocky Patel’s Edge, the Man ‘O War and others. Indeed, consumers were developing a taste for this newly discovered “strength” and a new genre of cigars was born!

Today full-bodied cigars are as prevalent in smoke shops as Prius drivers with long gray ponytails and open-toed sandals. What’s worse is that many are just plain harsh with little to no balance and make you want to gag and spit them out (I’m talking about the cigars here). With that said I’m uber-excited to introduce you to the Cu-Avana Intensus! This cigar is simply exquisite and will become the new benchmark against which all other full-bodied cigars are judged and I sincerely mean that. The dark-brown Nicaraguan Corojo wrappers are stunning and glisten with oil. The filler, despite being all ligero, is a noticeably well-aged blend of Panamanian and Nicaraguan long-fillers that combine to produce a smoke that’s dense and as rich in flavor as anything I’ve ever tasted. I’ll admit that I was skeptical at first considering that ligero leaves, unless well-aged and fermented properly, are typically the culprit behind those harsh and flavorless smokes that deliver nothing aside from strength. Not the case at all here. Cu-Avana Intensus is a sheer delight to smoke, phenomenally well-balanced and yet remains complex. This is what full-bodied cigars are all about my man!

As you read this our shipment is literally in the air over Nicaragua and headed towards CI headquarters. Trust me though because Cu-Avana Intensus will be well worth the wait. I know what you’re thinking, “how did you get your grubby hands on that glorious box I see pictured here?” and the answer is that I stole it from the boss’s office. That’s right, Cu-Avana Intensus is so damn good I’d risk losing my job for it!