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El Duque Cognac

Treat yourself to a soothing, unique cigar-burnin' experience.

El Duque Cognac is a robust mix of aged Nicaraguan and Dominican long-fillers. Wrapped in light brown Sumatra wrappers, it delivers a medium to full flavor that's rich and extra smooth. The infusion of premium cognac soothes the palate with a rich, creamy smoke and offers enjoyable hint of sweetness. Production was limited to one size only - a hefty Double Corona that measures 6.5"x50, giving you well over an hour of non-stop cigar pleasure.
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Double Corona Tubos (Churchill) (6.5"x50)
20 CIGARS In Stock $100.00 $39.99

Customer Reviews of “El Duque Cognac”

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I guess as a cigar newbie I can brag on a $2 stick if I want...But these IMHO are one helluva golf course cigar...Granted they ain't something that you'd want to hand out to someone that you wished to impress or influence..But to smoke on the links (and lay on the floor of a golf cart while you hit) these are pretty kicking..Slow burner, smooth and with that cognac flavor on the the wrapper and throughout...pretty tasty...And you won't feel badly if you leave it on the the edge of the green and walk or ride off and leave it...Just fire up another..Moist enough to extinguish itself if a couple of guys in the group three or four putt or if you're playing with some hacks who want to overstudy their five and six footers for double bogey..Just fire that boy up on the way to the next tee...That's a plus for a golf cigar in my book..And cheap enough, too..Thanks to CI
True that these are cheap smokes and not that bad. But I found the cigar to be spongy in touch and I don't know where the cognac was infused into..........but there was hardly any hint of cognac in the cigar. They can't compete against the more expensive infused cigars, but yet again for the price....... it is a good hand-out cigar for your friends. Question, what to do with all the great glass tubes????
Bought a 30 pack. Came in 2 types of protective packaging, but unfortunately 1 tube in the middle of the bundle was crushed almost to dust. I had to pitch the tube and cigar. Other than that these smell fantastic!
I got 20 for a try. they are soft as someone mentioned, but had a nice construction and burned straight. the ones i received have a distinct cognac taste. Not a huge fan of flavored cigars, but once in a while its a change. You will definitely need a different humidor to keep them in away from your other cigars.
Great smoke for a 2 buc cigar
Gave this cigar a try and must admit it suprised me. Nice smooth and mellow and the cognac is not over powering, got these just to try but I will keep these in my rotation they are well worth it
Great smoke, tried them when my sister was insisting on getting her something for her bday as a little hint. I prefer a smoke that is more full flavored but this is one that is nice for relaxation, back roading, or the golf course. No bad after tastes like some smokes will give, and when in large groups you will not believe the number of comments that we have received.
These are an amazing cigar for the buck. Great flavors through the cognac infusion. Will definitely keep these in my humidor. These cigars deliver more than I expected for the price!
I purchased 25 of these cigars (El Duque Cognac). i am enjoying them. They have a great tast and are not bitter. over all a great cigar thus far.
Got a case, in the mail they are good flavor to start and finish, in the middle, not as much, but I can't complain...for the price it's a good cigar...the only thing you need to be careful of, is when you get to about 1" left on that the wrapper and binder don't peel off and leave you...after that it's 50/50 whether you'll get to finish it, or have to toss out the innerds and light up hasn't happened with all of them, but about half of the ones I've smoked so far...but the amount of smoke is a lot per puff and the flavor is good for an inexpensive cigar.
oh and I can find neat uses for the glass tubes after you're done with them...a buddy of mine is making some glass guitar slides out of a couple of them
I love these cigars (El Duque Cognac) and I buy them whenever they are available. I prefer a mild taste which these have for me. I have been through at least a couple hundred of these and I hope they become available soon.
These aren't a bad smoke, a little mushy at times, but still a decent flavor. Nice change of pace cigar. Plus you can afford to hand these out to your mooching friends. I will be getting more of these, and as for the glass tubes, a friend of mine cuts them to different lengths to make indoor decorative wind chimes.
Very good along with a big cup of steaming hot, strong coffee with a little cream and sugar...any time of day. Good for those times you can't constantly be paying full attention to your cigar, such as fishing or golfing. I keep some of these on hand pretty much all the time.
Good price, green cigar. The pre smoke smell was excellent, but none of that smell carried over into the taste while smoking....
Smooth, sweet and mild. Smoked it until I burned my fingers. Didn't taste cognac but still a good smoke. Bitter at first but got sweeter towards the middle. Will be buying more.
Nice Cigars the draw was good burn was even, but was expecting more of the Cognac. A little bit of a letdown, other than that it would have been an outstanding smoke. I will not be buying this again.
Simply tasty. enough said!
Wonderful mild smoke that you can kick back and enjoy with friends and or your favorite libation. It's a go to cigar in the humidor.
Great smoke for the price!! My buddy and I were looking for a good low budget stick. I definitely found my favorite every day/knock around cigar. I love it.
Good long smoke. Love the taste!
Interesting taste but all in all it's a good cigar. Thought it would pack more of a punch.