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BlendLab - JX-8552

- Rich, peppery, full-bodied
- Notes of spice, earth, toast, cream
- A massive, 8.5" size accentuates these flavors
- Medium-full bodied with little harshness
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Presidente (8.5"x52)
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Overall Rating 2 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

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The Big One!
monster cigar - 8.5 inches long! 2 hour 10 min burn to about 1 1/2 inch left when let it go. Very strong and rich. Pretty much consistent from start to end. Toasty and tobaccoy with a bit of spice and creamy, slightly sweet aftertaste. Very easy draw. About halfway through encountered burn issues. Needed several touch ups and went out once. However I was sitting outside in VERY humid conditions. Near the end most of the other flavors gave way to stronger pure tobacco. I liked this cigar but could see how you could get tired of it before you got all the way down. It's good but might not hold your interest for the whole 8.5 inches.
Customer Testimonials
FANTASTIC cigar. Meets all my requirements for a work cigar that will keep me at my 6 screen PC. Mellow, sweet, perfect gentle mouth, slow burn, even, needs no minding, and LONG! This doesn't come across as many big cigars. I am ordering more now. Kudos ..... Compliments. .... PERFECT FRIGGING CIGAR! I am now going to try more BlendLabs.. Keep up the magnificent work.
I don't do official cigar reviews but these rock!!! Definitely worth the price!!! Great smoke!!!

Does length really matter? You be the judge!

Jason B

Honduras is located in Central America, just northwest of Nicaragua, and is another major cigar producing country. Because of how fertile the soil is, and the amazing climate conditions, tobacco seeds thrive. The history of cigars being produced here is fairly similar to its southern neighbor, Nicaragua. Both countries share a history of civil unrest and have had their share of natural disasters.

Before the embargo and the nationalization of the Cuban cigar industry, there was already tobacco growing wild in Honduras, used by the indigenous people for hundreds of years. This was one of the reasons a few manufacturers sought refuge in Honduras. By the late 1960s & 1970s, the cigar industry in Honduras was thriving with the increase of plantations and factories.

The 1980s were a bit more difficult on the industry because civil unrest in the country of Nicaragua spilled into Honduras. Part of the country was being used as a base by the Nicaraguan resistance group, called Contras, who were fighting the Nicaraguan socialist government. If that wasn't bad enough, there was a huge problem with blue mold in the mid-late 1980's that severely depleted the crop.

In the early 1990s, the Honduran cigar industry began to thrive once again. Second in its exports to the USA only to the Dominican Republic, Honduras was exporting over 40,000,000 cigars per year. Unfortunately, that number was short lived. In 1998, Hurricane Mitch wiped out the majority of the tobacco crop and severely crippled the entire industry.

But that is not where our story ends.

Cigars being exported out of Honduras are better then ever, with more people enjoying cigars and people like you wanting to learn more about cigars. It's that wanting to learn more which brings me to the Blend Lab cigar of the Week!

The JX-8552, as promised, is a Honduran Puro. What that means is that the Wrapper, Binder, Filler, and country of Origin is Honduras. A beautiful reddish brown Habano Viso leaf is wrapped around a Honduran Broadleaf binder and of course, the Filler is Honduran. Full in body, Full in taste, and Full in flavor, this massive 8.5 inch cigar accentuates the flavors.

The JX-8552 is a beautifully rolled cigar with a smooth draw. A rich profile that will deliver notes of spice, earth, toasty tobacco, and a little bit of creamy sweetness. It is peppery on the retro hale, with a little harshness.