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BlendLab - JR-6154

- Nutty, rich, cedary, and slightly floral
- Hearty and full-flavored
- A pleasant sweetness on the finish
- Pairs well with an American IPA
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Torpedo (6.1"x54)
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Overall Rating 3.33 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “BlendLab - JR-6154”

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5 out of 5
BlendLabJr 6154 Torpedo
This cigar has a great draw even up till the end. Very firm with an excellent ending
4 out of 5
Good smoke
We enjoyed the rich flavor. Excellent work cigar
1 out of 5
Not this one
Unsure of the idea behind this blend/vitola. Personally, I did not find any value in the cigar.
Customer Testimonials
Cold Draw: The first thing I noticed was that aged tobacco taste followed by a woody taste. First Draw: A somewhat oily smoke taste in the mouth with the aged tobacco taste. Medium bodied, with tons of smoke output. The draw is perfect. First Third: Nice, aged, woody taste coming in. Followed by a really sweet, almost cashew, like taste. The smoke has a very, very pleasant aroma to it. It has a very sweet peanut with a wildflower like smell. It’s really hard to describe, but it is extremely pleasant. Second Half: The woody flavor is starting to come forward even more, but now it is more of a soft pine flavor. By soft I mean, the pine is subtle, but it is still the most prominent flavor. The nuttiness has taken the backseat. Now a very faint sweet spice has come in on the finish. The nuttiness has moved forward more in the smoke smell. I mostly smell the nuttiness from the smoke now. The retrohale was a bold nutty and cedar. Ash and Burn: The ash came off at about an inch and the burn started out very slightly lopsided, but self-corrected by the half way mark. A little after the half way mark, I felt the wrapper closer to the ash and it is definitely getting a little squishy. That might be because I was taking several draws back to back from me liking the flavors so much. Last Third: The nuttiness and the woody flavors have died down a little bit and there is a soft wildflower taste that is coming forward. The finish is very short at this point, but it leaves a refreshing, clean taste in the mouth. The retrohale,on the other hand, has pulled forward a spice sensation that even after 10 seconds or so of the retrohale, leaves my nose tingling. Surprise Transition: Around a half an inch from the band, another transition took place. The nutty flavor came shooting forward in a bold new way. The woody taste is still there, but subtle along with the wildflower clean taste. The retrohale has some spice and woodiness to it.
Just got a few of these in on Friday. The following Sunday was the first really decent Spring day we've had in 5 months. I spent the day outside putting away snow shovels, kids sleds and Christmas decorations. The description suggested pairing this cigar with an American IPA, which is exactly what i did. I bought a 6 pack of Southern Tier Brewery's 2X IPA, made locally here in Lakewood, NY. I fired up on of these JR-6154. I was initially impressed with the look, feel and smell of this solid, perfectly rolled cigar. The burn was even and the draw was smooth. The flavors are just as described. I don't know if it was the beer, the nice weather or a combination of all 3, but this could possibly be one of the best cigars Ive ever had. If CI would be kind enough to tell us who make some of these cigars and if they go into production, I would likely make this my #1 cigar in the future. My bet is that this is an AJ Fernandez blend. It has all the familiar tastes and is very comparable to his San Miguel.
The first sunny day here in Chicago I decided to sit out and try this cigar recommended by Matt at the PA super store. This Is really a great find. Got a long ash and a perfect burn. Smooth draw from beginning to end. Lovely flavor super tasty wrapper. Matt said that some times people don't select this because of the box pressed shape, come on folks snap these sticks up. The shape really fits the hand. Hey BlendLab bundle these up and give us a great price. Thanks CI for another memory of early spring and tasty specials.