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BlendLab - SD-5555

- Notes of earth, leather, cedar, spice
- Bold, hearty, and complex
- Full-bodied, but refined
- Pairs nicely with a full-flavored beverage
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Robusto (5.5"x55) SINGLE Out of Stock $7.00    
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Customer Reviews of “BlendLab - SD-5555”
Smoking my last one of these right now...full smoke with much flavor tasted earth on light up and the smoke builds as you go. Sad they discontinued this blend. Most cigars don't "get " me but this one did within the first 2 it!
A nice, dark yet vaguely spicy cigar.
KA of Atlantic City, NJ
Beautiful cigar. Well rolled. Good draw. Stayed lit... easy to handle and enjoy. A little too soft and mushy at the mouth. Flavor was too bold (hot-spicy) for my taste. I enjoy a medium cigar.
AK of Fresno, CA
Great smoke with full body flavor and strength, it lost a little bit of it's strength towards the end but smoked great to the last puff. It had a nice bite with all kinds of spice when exhailing through the nose which I like in a strong cigar. Big bollows of smoke with every draw. Body STRONG LIKE BULL!!!
Great Tasting Blend, Big thank you to Beth for introducing me to the blend room and recommending this full body smoke..Taste never quit and consistentcy in the burn... two thumbs up!!
AL of Pennsburg, PA
I felt the cigar lacked flavor I was expecting and had a hollow in the top 1/3 causing an uneven burn. was not what I would call a mid range in flavor more like a mild to mid. Disapointed in this one.
I thought I'd really enjoy this stick, but I was left wanting and wishing for more. It had been aging in my humi for almost a year and when I pulled it out it felt perfectly humidified. Pre light draw was good..smelled slightly spicy/peppery w/ a touch of barnyard. After torching the foot, the wrapper split nearly a third of the way up...slight pepper notes hit the back of my throat and stayed there til the end. That was more flavors. Nothing. Will not re-order. Sorry CI...Dud, imo
it good smoke and smell like oak but little hard to draw. in the future would like to have box to purshace or 5 pack will be great
KV of burlington, KY
really great cigar smooth great flavor
Started out with a lot of good spice but thin on the back end for body. Loses it's strength as time goes on ends up as a medium smoke. Nice construction and estetics. No way is this a full body cigar. Smoked by Tim Novaczyk Minneapolis Minnesota
The appearance was very nice with a triple cap. The construction was a bit sub-par with some soft spots. The draw was a bit loose but the ash was nice and white and hung on well. It burned fast, but evenly, so it ended up being a shorter smoke than most this length. The flavor was very nice but nothing special. I felt that this was average and for the price gave it an overall value of "8". I don't think I would buy it again, but it was nice for what it was.
TC of Dover, DE
The cigar has great potential. The wrap and construction leaves a lot to be desired for. The wrap tends to break apart or become lose about 50through the smoke. This was consistant through the 20 that I smoked.
MB of Northampton, PA
This was a finger burner after a pinot and pork dinner. Hit the porch on a cool night and found myself wishing for another 1-2 inches. THe granular testure of taste was supurb. Perhaps that was peper, but after a meal and two puffs I found it maintaining it's flavor throughout the burn, which was perfect, even and maintained great draw. While full flavor, I found the taste mixture to be smooth. One question - when will these go on a buy 5 get 2 free sale!
CH of oak hill, VA
This was my first blend lab cigar, and i am enjoying it as i type. a Fantastic stick! Wonderful complexity with a marvelous finish. Draws are large an consistent with a prominent perppery yet sweet taste. Not over bearing but definetly a handfull. I will definetly continue to enjoy and (obviously) purchase this wonderful cigar!
AT of Wind Gap, PA
Very earthy notes on lighting. Good draw, decent burn. Construction was okay. An unspectacular medium bodied cigar. Not recommended for those who like spice, which it lacks.
Waaaaaay too much pepper in the 1st 1/3, so much so that I seriously thought about throwing the stick away. Settled down nicely into the 2nd 1/3 of the stick, however, and became very enjoyable, with great flavor and strong body. Tone down the massive pepper blast at the start of the stick and you'll have a great blend on your hands. I don't think that I'd purchase it again if the blender leaves it 'as is' - the opening experience was just too unpleasant.
SM of Moosic, PA
Prelight is typical hay/barnyard aromas, very pleasent. Upon lighting, I got a red pepper spice with some soft leather flavors. The spice lingers on the tongue for quite some time. 1/3rd point, pepper tones down and leather is more prominent. Slight mocha flavor. Ash held on strong. At 2/3rds, pepper picks up again and leather becomes very noticable, there is a touch of earth. Last 1/3rd, the flavors remain consistent with an excellent burn. This is indeed a very tasty cigar.
GR of Sterling, VA
Im puffing on a SD-555 and its a nice woodsy/earthy full flavored smoke with a nice pull and even burn that gets better the closer you get to the end.
TC of Fort Wayne, IN
pre lit aroma was earthy with hint of pepper. Initial light was smooth. Lots of smooth smoke. Flavor started mild and seemed to move toward medium as it progressed. About two thirds of the way through, a strong pepper taste emerged, then setteld back. Overall a cigar I would smoke again.
MS of Big Rapids, MI
This was a great cigar. It started off smooth and stayed that way all the way through. I smoked it close to the nub and it started to get a little hot and gave off a little aftertaste but overall I thought it was a great smoke. If it was available as a retail stick I would definitely buy it.
DG of Lambertville, NJ
This was a great cigar with great leather and earth tones. Just the right amount of spice. My only complaint was that the draw with only a punch hole was too tight. When I cut the whole end off it drew perfectly. I smoked this right out of the CI humidor, so the humidity should have been perfect and not too moist hence the tight draw.
CB of Toledo, OH
Certainly a full bodied cigar but I found it to be a touch harsh at spots. Burn was even, draw was smooth and it certainly packed some punch. This might be one of those you tuck in the humidor for 6-12 months and try again.
AR of Coconut Creek, FL
This is a very full-bodied smoke. The burn was smooth and even and the taste of pepper and spices lasted through the entire cigar. I will definitely buy this cigar again.
JM of Royersford, PA
The XJ-654 was a great summer cigar. It had a great pre-light aroma. The flavor started out with a strong citrus orange peel flavor with nutty notes. About a third of the way in the flavor became a fruity melon taste while still maintaining the citrus flavor. It had a good draw and burn. I would imagine the cigar would be good with a blue moon or summer ale.
CD of Milltown, NJ
nice smoke, flavors of coco,leather smooth would buy again
CL of Stormville, NY
Very nice... heavy in my hand. Solid with a good draw and firm ash. Nice full taste and plenty of smoke
BD of Beaumont, TX
excellent cigar easy draw paired great with an oatmeal stout
JP of Olyphant, PA
Roll is solid but not firm with a nice barnyard smell. Has an even burn. First third saw an initial burst of pepper. Strong mocha and leather emerged. During the second third, the mocha continues while leather notes grew. Towards the end, a mild pepper kicked in. The last third saw pepper and earth. The pepper grew stronger with a definite kick at the end. Not a bad smoke (8 out of 10), very much what I expected. The only downside is the quick burn. It goes great with a strong cup of coffee.
BL of Fremont, CA
that was one of the best cigars i ever smoked
WT of Norwood, PA
Good cigar, burned evenly and pulled easily. Probably needed to have it sit in my humidor longer. But overall a decent smoke.
KD of Dracut, MA
A very flavorful cigar. Pepper and earth with hint of cedar. Strong but very smooth. What an excellent smoke! Great after a meal or with a strong-flavored beer. Would have preferred a slightly smaller ring gauge. Despite the large ring gauge, the burn was even. Low scores on appearance and construction due to a 3/4 in. tear in the wrapper near the light end. Overall experience was fantastic, from light to finish. This cigar demands your attention while smoking it.
EC of Allentown, PA
Very flavorful smoke. Pepper and earth with a hint of cedar. Strong but very smooth. An excellent smoke! Great after a meal or with a full-flavored beer. Low scores on construction due to 3/4" tear near the light end. Never harsh. Spice grabbed my attention right away and the flavors just got richer and more complex through the stick. This cigar demands your attention while smoking it, and one must be in the mood for a full strength cigar. Highly recommend this cigar.
EC of Allentown, PA
Too much Pepper! Masked any other taste. Burned well, and produced good smoke, but my palate was overwhelmed from the beginning with pepper, and it continued thoughout the entire smoke. Would not buy again.
EM of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Smoking my last one of these right now...full smoke with much flavor tasted earth on light up and the smoke builds as you go. Sad they discontinued this blend. Most cigars don't "get " me but this one did within the first 2 it!