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BlendLab - TO-554


- Bold notes of spices, earth and leather
- Rich, warm aroma
- Uniquely captivating flavor
- Stands up to fuller-bodied beverages

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Robusto (5.0"x54) SINGLE Out of Stock $6.00    
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Customer Reviews of “BlendLab - TO-554”
A very nice cigar. Full bodied with TASTE which I like. The wrapper is great, but the particular wrapper had a heavy step running on the surface which has made the burn uneven. The inside of the cigar burns faster. I love the aroma as well as the taste front and back. Great blend. Only comment is that the construction needs some work. Thanks for a great smoke.
Did not like this at all. Burn was not even and had to relight it 2 times. Too much work
DM of Medford, NJ
found it more on the medium side. good flavor though.
Good, smooth cigar. Could tell there was good production quality.
MS of Pittsburgh, PA
great cigar
AP of easton, PA
Great cigar. The first half was perfect but the second half went out repeatedly. Two seperate smokers both having the same issue.
JD of newton, NJ
Great taste. Great smoke. Very nice wrapper and feel. Smoke thick and smooth with a nice bite. Burn slightly off but by no means affects the experience. Count me in :) love the lab!!!!
MB of Saylorsburg, PA
Great taste. Went out several times after half way down.
ND of Sparta, NJ
I got this cigar Thursday night during the CAO event. It had a dark mocha colored wrapper and look very oily and just a little veiny which was why I gave it a 9 for construction. Upon lighting it had a blast of pepper that stayed for about the first third and then mellowed out the rest of the way. I had a little trouble keeping it lit, some of that was me,given that I was talking with quite a few people. Overall a very enjoyable smoke and one I would like to have again.
GG of Merrillville, IN
I should say at the outset that after smoking two of these at the CI store, I promptly bought a bundle of 50. I also purchased one of every cigar in the Blend Lab, 32 of them, to test them over the next month. This cigar is clearly the winner of the 6 that I have done so far. The only problem I have with it has been the slightly uneven burn at the beginning. I rotated the cigar and was able to straighten out the burn without the use of a lighter. This is a definite winner. Great Cigar.
TC of Dover, DE
I smoked two of these and found them verry different.The first was bitter at the start with spice overall a nasty start. On the plus side the spice was there through the hole smoke. At the half way point there was a strong flavor of nutmeg or clove thas was fantatic. I am sorry to say this did not hapen in the second smoke. A year or two in the humidor may improve these smokes. The second smoke was less bitter at the start and had less spice through out. This cigar still needs some age.
PK of newton, MA
Inspecting the cigar, it was a size I like. I inspected the wrapper it looked good, medium dark, could not see any flaws in it, it looked well constructed. I cut it and drew through it unlit. The draw this way seemed good. I lit it with a match, and did not get it fully lit so I took a second match to it and drew on it, nice. I continued smoking and saw that it was burning a little unevenly, but straightened out shortly. I like that in a cigar, a sign of good construction for me, the flavor in t
Nice dark wrapper, construction looked solid. Smooth, rich flavor, medium to full, with a firm ash and even burn. The flavor stayed consistent to the end.
JW of Boyds, MD
Poor construction with uneven burn. Good flavor until end. Very leathery taste. Not a particularly good looking cigar.
SH of Davidsonville, MD
Smoked two of these. The first tunneled so badly that it was unsmokeable, but I tried. The second was also under filled, you could see it in the ash. At times the wrapper would completely stop burning while the filler kept going. Now as for the flavor of the second it was great! A little bit of spice at first, with some sweetness underlined with leather. Toward the end the sweetness left leaving only spice and leather. In order to go into production the burn/filler issue must be fixed!
MS of Bethlehem, PA
The comments about the burn problems from other reviewers is spot on... This cigar went out twice and needs constant attention to stay lit. The flavor profile is one dimentional, consisting of a sour tobacco flavor. The appearance and construction were good. I wouldn't buy this one again.
RD of Dracut, MA
This was my first cigar from the blend lab. What an outstanding cigar. I smoked this until my fingers got hot. Had a nice peppery flavor and smooth finish. Was a little disappointed about how it burned. Had to relight it a few times. However I was warned prior to buying this cigar that it may burn uneven.
MD of Cornwall, PA
This cigar wasn't half bad! Pre-light aromas of light barnyard, it's light in the hand but firmly packed. Wrapper is very veiny and has a triple cap. Upon lighting, woodsy with lots of leather. Effortless draw, almost too loose. First third is woodsy, leather, light white pepper, burn a little uneven but corrects at half way. T he rest of the cigar remains consistent with the first third. Was looking for some sweetness of the PA filler but found none.
GR of Sterling, VA
Not really impressed with this cigar as there wasnt a lot of flavor even though the burn was even and draw was good. Had it in the evening after dinner with a scotch. Maybe more of an early afternoon or coffee smoke. Perhaps something that didnt overwhelm whatever flavor the cigar had. Too many other options in this price point better to buy more
AR of Coconut Creek, FL
Bought as part of the blend sampler. Started out great, though a little too tight to draw on, then half way through it got really nasty. I couldn't finish second half and I rarely waste a cigar. Maybe it needs to be ages a while longer?
JN of Rockford, IL
very uneven burn. more than an inch run. great flavor. would purchase again if it didn't run so bad.
TF of North Canton, OH
The cigar started out a little harsh and not to my liking but but progressed into a nice nutty and creamy smoke once I passed the 1/3 of it. This is one smoke I think everyone should try just to see if they like the hybrid wrapper. I found it quite complex!
RC of Apo, AE
Burn was uneven, required relights. Taste was fantastic, smell was pleasant, smoke was light. More Medium than Full personally. Would buy again if a bundle was offered that provided a bit better price, at $6 a stick it's a little pricey for the experience it delievers.
MZ of Riverside, RI
Uneven burn, exceptional taste, oily wrapper, sticks to lips.
AF of North Canton, OH
The start to the cigar was actually really good. Nice flavors, good smoke. Then, the burn started to wander. It was like the wrapper was fireproof compared to the filler. Good flavor and taste throughout. It was just that by the way it burned, I smoked half of the cigar at a time. Paid $6. Would rather pay $5 like a Brickhouse Robusto. Brickhouse also has overall better flavor and burn.
JZ of Fishkill, NY
Looks much stronger/nicer than it tastes. Simply doesn't taste like it looks. Still, overall a very fine cigar. Feels good in hand, looks good, smells good, burns evenly, good ash, well constructed...
SK of Springfield, NJ
Slow burn, very fine ash, ran at first, then evened out. Initial tight draw became very good about half-way through. Pleasantly strong, but the flavor was indistinct- gray, not the brown that I prefer.
KH of Columbus, OH
This was the first cigar I'd ever smoked down so far that I burned my lips. Excellent pre-light aromas, like a chunk of chocolate wrapped in freshly oiled leather. It lit easily, burned perfectly, and held an ash so pristine that it almost looked like a photographic negative of the cigar itself. It progressed from a medium slightly sweer cocoa/nut to a thick, full leather and earth. Copious thick, creamy, totally opaque smoke, a perfect counterpart to strong black coffee.
CH of Orange Park, FL