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BlendLab - WC-554

- Notes of cedar, earth, coffee, and a natural sweetness
- Smooth, crisp flavor
- A memorable cigar
- Mild enough for morning, flavorful enough for after a large meal
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Robusto (5.0"x54) SINGLE In Stock $5.50
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Customer Reviews of “BlendLab - WC-554”
Fantastic smoke that was recommended by one of the staff at the superstore... really smooth flavor and a great burn.. hope to see it in a smaller ring size in the future...
Fine smoke I picked up at Hamburg with recomendation by lab assistant. Hope to see this well crafted selection make it to production. Nice burn, flavorful mild smoke.
SO of Walnutport, PA
One damn fine cigar, lots of smoke and lots of flavor, will buy more for sure.
Excellent smoke. I'll put them head to head with Liga Privada Undercrown any day.
Excellent taste. Starts with a spice balanced by the mellow cameroon wrapper. Tastes very similar to the RP conn but with a cameroon wrapper. Undertones of pepper and almond with a nice earthy finish.
Great cigar, smoked it twice both cigars were great. Great value for a quality Cameroon.
Great Construction, Durable wrapper.
JM of Saylorsburg, PA
Great Mild cigar. Burned smooth.
AK of Bethlehem, PA
Great Morning stick with your coffee. A very nutty cameroon wrapper with notes of coffee, earth and sweet spices. Great cigar for a novice smoker.
VB of San Francisco ca., .
I enjoyed this cigar. The wrap held up extremly well till the end, as well as the flavor.
MH of stoudsburg, PA
I found wc-554 to be a very pleasant smoke. I seemed to be medium to full and spicy, a bit sweet. I would purchase this cigar as a special smoke as opposed to an every day cigar.
mild to medium body with peppery start followed by a light honey sweetness; smooth smoke throughout with pepper and sweet notes on an earthy,woody base flavor; burns a bit hot
Nice smoke! Good even burn and flavor. Cameroon wrapper very attractive with memorable flavor. Definitely a 'must try' for mild cigar lovers!
Outer layer of wrapper started to fall apart immediately upon cutting, but stayed together enough to finish. burned evenly and had good earthy flavor. Flavor stayed the same throughout, without any harshness. Was fairly mild. Would buy again at the right price ($4-$5)
MF of Lansdowne, PA
Overall a slight uneaven start up burn but very smooth with rich smoke to boot.
DS of Easton, PA
pepper taste was a little overbearing, but a good smoke
MB of rockville centre, NY
Possibly one of the greatest cigars I've ever had. I plan on sharing and buying more of this cigar. It was recomended to me by and employee because of my interest in Acid cigars.
DT of Kutztown, PA
Possibly the greatest cigar I've ever smoked.
DT of York, PA
Rough wrapper.Good construction.Good burn.Firm draw Nica cameroon flavor.Strong finish
SR of farmingdale, NJ
Smooth smoke. Love your new area.
JB of Lititz, PA
The coffee, cedar and earth notes described were definately there from start to finish, and the finish is short, leaving a nice, rich tobacco taste in the back of the throat. This cigar reminds me of blends from the Padilla Signature series, and would fit perfectly there as an addition. I think Padilla made this blend! I found it to be on the med-mild strength range and would be a nice rotation in my humi ... great job!
ND of Greensburg, PA
This cigar was consistent from start to end: no warmup period. Draw was almost too easy. Smoke was light and had a really interesting smell, that made me think of plums or the nose of a fruity Port. Not much aftertaste. Beautiful white ash that got past the half-way point from muzzle to breech before breaking off. The flavor was not overly complex, it could have used another note or two. Perhaps a little spice or butter, but some direction. Over all, very nice.
GB of Cranbury, NJ
This cigar was ok. The burn was good, but the flavor was alright.
LM of Saylorsburg, PA
This is the best cameroon I have smoked since Perdomo's Edicion de Silvio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TS of Aluta, PA
This was a great smoke! The only issue I have is finding another smoke as good!!! A little more robust wouldn't hurt either. Being as this was given to me by a friend who got it from a friend of thiers, I don't know where to get another.
SA of Wayne, PA
Cutting the cigar, it started to unravel at the top. In need to be more careful with this cigar. Drawing through it unlit, it seemed to draw too easily, making me wonder if it was under filled. Lighting the cigar and drawing on it, it drew well. The cigar burned evenly all the way to the end, Good volume of smoke. The flavor was spicy, had a pepper like flavor hat tingled on my tongue, The cigar tasted a little harsh but acceptable. Overall it was good enough to smoke again which is good sin
AB of Philadelphia, PA
I looked forward to this cigar and wasn't disapointed. The cap was a bit rough and there was a single water spot on the wrapper. The flavour and aroma were both pleasing and the cigar is mild enough as a 'morning' smoke. The ash was firm with no messy flaking and the burn required very little attention.
MM of Leesburg, VA
Very nice cigar. Mild-Medium without sacrificing on flavor. Draw is a bit tough - I needed to skewer it in the 1st 1/3 to get it to draw correctly and produce enough smoke.
MY of Omaha, NE
A good smoke on the edge of great. Nice complex blending, only slightly harsh at the start, develops incredibly nice with complex flavors that aren't overwhelming. I'd call it mild to medium and consistent after the opening. It smokes kind of fast. This stick reminds me of Perdomo's Champagne robusto but with more earthy flavors and slightly less body.
MP of Oak Hill, VA
I was lead to this blend because of my appreciation for Cusano 59 and Punch Rare Corojo as well as many other Cameroon treats. I have to admit it, it's wonderful! The first half inch hits you with a burst of white pepper and mellows to that creamy cognac profile that all great cameroons exhibit. If it goes into production I would insist on a Lonsdale or Toro size because I just need more! Pair it with a Glenlivet 12yr old scotch and you will board the freight train to flavor town, my friend
BC of Northampton, PA
I really enjoyed this one. It was recommended to me by a sales associate as being medium to full with peppery notes and it lived up to its billing. As it burned it gave a bit of a woodsy oak flavor also and i hated the fact that finished. Its a brand I'd like to smoke again.
JI of Carbondale, PA
Liked it and would buy again.
MT of Easton, PA
excellent smoke with a perfect burn I think I need more of these
DP of Newmanstown, PA
smooth, consistent, even burning, mild, surprised by cameroon wrapper-not as flavorful as I imagined
JB of Allentown, PA
This was a bitter starting and bitter smoking cigar. It ashed poorly and burned unevenly. It tasted acidic with hints of plastic. In fact, it smoked as though it had a plastic tip on it! A definite "do not buy again" in my cigar log. Not worthy of a gift, accept to an enemy. I am most disappointed that this was recommended to me by Joe when I visited last week. You guys are better than to offer this and charge $4 for it. A complete crap cigar.
ET of Springfield, VA
I LOVE Cameroon wrapped cigars, so I had high hopes for this one... Unfortunately, even though this stick had been properly humidified, the wrapper cracked and basically fell off after opening the cellophane and cutting. The body of the cigar, apart from the wrapper, did not feel dried out. It did not burn right; canoeing severely. I wish I could have gotten one in perfect condition because it did taste very good, but I can't justify taking a chance buying another one. This was really a shame.
DP of Westfield, MA
This was an excellent burning cigar with a smooth taste and an even burn -- a very enjoyable cigar with very little harsh after taste. Overall an excellent value stick for the smoke it provided and well recommended by the staff!. Paired it with a 2003 Rutherford Hill Merlot and the flavor was outstanding. I would buy this stick again. Lived up to the prediction of good smoke after a full meal. Nice cigar for the price.
DR of Bethlehem, PA
A surprisingly patient burn given its dimensions. Liesurely and peppery for the full length with a rich smoke. It provides an unexpectedly smooth, mild finish that is a treat all its own. It certainly leaves you wanting a second shot at it.
WE of Palmerton, PA
Great Cigar, asked for something smooth and thats exactly what I got
KC of Wernersville, PA
It was a decent flavor, burn was terrible. But overall it was a 7 out of 10. Decent bodied cigar, good variant flavors.
KC of Wernersville, PA
I’m new at cigars so it’s kind of hard to convey my exact view, however I thought it was very smooth, a great smoke, I will buy this again.
HB of Apo, AE
For me, this was a nice smoke. This cigar started off very mild in the first third, however after getting into it a little more it turned into more of a mild-medium. I enjoy these types of smokes, so this was a nice cigar in my opinion. The draw was perfect as well as the burn. I only ashed this cigar three times through the entire smoke. I definitely recommend this cigar to those that enjoy a very mild-medium smoke.
MM of New Cumberland, PA
This cigar is excellent! I really like the Rocky Patel 2003 Vintage Cameroon as well, but I think this is a better smoke. Has great flavor and the price is better than most Cameroon wrapped cigars.
DB of Phillipsburg, NJ
Started out as a smooth burn, but just went crazy at the end. Great flavor and aroma. I would smoke this one again.
BL of Birdsboro, PA
Bought on a reccomendation of one of the store assistants. Was very pleased with this cigar. Very nice construction and good burn. Pleasant flavor that is perfect for a nice relaxing end of the day smoke. I could make this my everyday smoke!
MF of Greensburg, PA
Great cigar!! Smooth and mild to start, finished up a little stronger... Great smoke, lasted over and hour..
DL of Shrewsbury, PA
Wc-554 this cigar starts out lite and smooth, develop to a slits leather spice. But mellow to the end. I smoked it to the tip of my fingers.
BF of Newville, PA
Good solid cigar. Balanced all around. Good burn. Doesn't stand out in any one particular way but that's a guys thing in this case. A jack of all trades. Smooth enough for the novice yet complex enough for the well heeled. I can tell why y'all sell so many of these.
AM of Freemansburg, PA
Exceeded my expectations. What a pleasant surprise.
Anonymous of Front Royal, VA
Really enjoyed this cigar. Lots of smoke and burned evenly. Had a little trouble with the wrapper cracking near the top but got through it. A cigar I would smoke and offer after a good dinner. Could taste the sweetness throughout the cigar. Well worth the price.
GE of Kenilworth, ON
Beautiful smoke, excellent for after a great meal & friends.
Anonymous of Bayville, NJ
Fantastic smoke that was recommended by one of the staff at the superstore... really smooth flavor and a great burn.. hope to see it in a smaller ring size in the future...
Fine smoke I picked up at Hamburg with recomendation by lab assistant. Hope to see this well crafted selection make it to production. Nice burn, flavorful mild smoke.
SO of Walnutport, PA
One damn fine cigar, lots of smoke and lots of flavor, will buy more for sure.
Excellent smoke. I'll put them head to head with Liga Privada Undercrown any day.