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BlendLab - XD-752

- Notes of cream, cedar, coffee, and nuts
- Extremely balanced and refined
- Smooth, slow-burning, and complex
- A very complete cigar
- Pay close attention and pleasing subtleties are abundant
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Churchill (7.0"x52) SINGLE In Stock $6.50
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Customer Reviews of “BlendLab - XD-752”
Bouquet of flavors Above averagel construction, even leaf color med-brown with some small veins- no soft spots- unlit the leafs were segragated and not intertwined. At first light - full flavor, just above medium strength, wood, leather, and spice. The first third- mellow to cream, nut- then floral steals the front of the flavor profile throughout most of the cigar. The cigar then switchs and adds flavors - toast, coffee, mocha, and even hints of vanella. Yet floral impact overdone. AGE?
Great favor for a medium bodied cigar with a great aftertaste, burns a little fast, but is head and shoulders above many of the manufacturers cigars. Would definetly buy again!!
JV of washington, NJ
I've smoked A LOT of cigars and a good amount of the ones in the CI BlendLab, this in my opinion is the BEST! Flavorful, not to strong, not to mild, simply AWESOME!!
Not an over-powering cigar. Nice even flavor, smokey, peppery at start however not over-bearing. Good grey ash, holds firmly while smoking. Paired well with Double Black Johnnie. Would buy again for a second and third try. The construction, feel and choice of tobacco blend drew me to this cigar. Full bodied smoke but again at the lower end, not a kick your butt to the chair power and that's a good combo for a cigar. Well done.
FA of Bellport, NY
Rich and nutty, with a creamy texture and some mild spice. The construction is impeccable. It's a slow burn, ring straight, with nice 1-inch ashes. The spice mellows out around mid-way, and the cigar develops a toasted quality, and adds some depth. It smokes to a 2-inch nub in 90 minutes, building in depth and darkening gradually towards the finish.
CS of SoCal, CA
This cigar is a flavor bomb!! Another great recommendation by the CI staff.
MA of Nazareth, PA
I bought the cigar as a test item based on size, color and strength. I was disappointed in the taste. It was a flat taste that made we wonder when the cigar would end or would it get better near the end. It did not.
WR of Coopersburg, PA
I had high hopes for this cigar based on the blend description and some of the reviews but it didnt live up to my expectations. Notes of pleasant flavor but nothing consistent nor exciting. Draw was easy and burn was smooth but for the price there are several other cigars - in and out of CI blend lab - that have been a more fulfilling experience. Might be a better afternoon coffee smoke than an evening smoke (which is how I tried it)
AR of Coconut Creek, FL
Pre-light aromas of grass and compost, slightly spicy to the nose, foot aroma was more compost with a slightly sweet note but a bit more spice to the nose. Pre-light draw was smooth, grassy, tiny hints of wood with a spice on finish. Light and burn were smooth and easy, no touch ups needed. Flavor was subtle, and the heft/spice progressed and built as the cigar worked it's way through it's length. Decent burn time, good overall cigar that would fair well for the mild/med crowd.
MZ of Riverside, RI
This cigar was very enjoyable. Grassy pre-lit aroma, but once lit, there was a unique flavor that was quite enjoyable. $6.50 paid for blend, and I think it was priced right. I am trying to think of a similar flavor, and I am leaning towards the Brickhouse sticks. Nice almost graham cracker taste. I would buy again and is perfect for the golf course if you are so inclined.
JZ of Fishkill, NY
very 'peppery' at the beginning, almost to the point of being unpleasant. then a few minutes in it calmed down and was a decent cigar, but the wrapper split as the burn reached the halfway mark! this to me is unacceptable as it leaves the rest of the cigar more-or-less unsmokable...
JW of Ossining, NY
wonderfully smooth smoke, excellent taste, not bitter and not overly sweet. this cigar is far better than most "big brand" cigars that i have smoked. smooth even burn smooth draw, each puff better than the last!!
RT of Kutztown, PA