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BlendLab - XJ-4554

- Rich, oaky flavors
- Notes of sweetness and spice
- Thick, creamy smoke
- Pairs well with a hoppy IPA
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Robusto (4.5"x54)
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Customer Reviews of “BlendLab - XJ-4554”

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Excellent smoke over all. No complaints from this crowd.
A great cigar, full of flavor that started from the beginning. I believe the wrapper is corojo which was exceptional.
burned a little funny but the taste was definetly there
enjoyable flavors and a nice appearance. Tougher draw than I hoped for. Need to try another one to verify that issue.
Excellent smoke, great taste from start to finish, No harsh after tones even to the end, easy draw and even burn, just a little pricey for its size
great construction, great burn, awsome flavors. Starts out with earth and pepper then quickly changes to woody flavors (ceadar,maple) coffee, and baking spices. Stayed cool to the nub great smoke ..... to bad you can't buy these by the box!! I would recomend these to any smoker.
Nice cigar overall. Started a little rough then settled down nicly after a few minutes. Burn and draw were good. This cigar should be smoked slowly. Nice flavors throughout.
This cigar is a very good smoke. I had it after lunch it was great.
This was a great cigar that changed flavor throughout finishing with a smooth nutty taste and smoked down till my fingers were burnt.
Very good cigar. Would very much buy one again! thank you Joe for helping me picking out a good cigar!
Wonderful cigar! Flavor consistent throughout. Very well made. This is a keeper!
This cigar looked great but was poorly constructed. IT did have a superb flavor. A bit harsh at the end.
Rich flavors. Chocolate and deep earth. Really very nice. 91 rating
Lots of nice creamy smoke and a slight peppery finish on the back of the tongue and pallete the first few puffs then the flavor goes away. Extreamly mild; not enjoyable at all
1st try with the XJ-4554 and I'm not disappointed. Well constructed with a great draw. The flavor was complex with hints of chocolate and cedar. Can't wait to purchase more!
A bit of a hard draw to start with but much better as the smoke went on. Slow even burn thruout the smoke. A bit on the heavy side - I would say it is on the high end of a medium body smoke. No after-taste at the end and a very clean finish. For me, this would not be an every day smoke but for special times it would be fine. This was a longer smoke then would be normal for this size. All in all, this is a very good quality smoke.
Forgot to mention, this cigar had to be the best draw I've enjoyed in any cigar I have smoked.......and there have been many in my life. A true winner!
Please Please Please put this cigar into production! This cigar is perfect from the light to the nub. PERFECT construction, PERFECT appearence, PERFECT woody flavor with some spice, a hint of sweet, and a slight cedar finish. The sweet spot kicked in at less than an inch and remained consistant down to the nub. The smoke was thick and verrrrrrry creamy throughout the entire cigar. The burn was even and the ash was tight and long almost to the nub. This jem is a KEEPER! Five gold stars.
Very floral...almost perfumy. Good burn and draw with an appealing size and ring.
I ordered two, and a friend and I smoked them together. We both agreed that the construction, burn, and draw were nice and even with little to no maintenance. The flavor just seemed a bit too harsh and biting. Of the three blends I ordered this was likely to be my least favorite, so it could just be my personal taste.
Excellent smoke over all. No complaints from this crowd.