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BlendLab - YD-556

- Notes of earth, coffee, and a hearty tobacco core
- Cuban-esque and spicy
- Builds in strength toward the finish
- A rich, warm aroma completes the experience
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Gordo (5.0"x56)
SINGLE In Stock $6.50

Customer Reviews of “BlendLab - YD-556”

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My favorite from the Blend Lab line up. It's a solid, consistent smoke. Not overbearing or pretentious. Just quality.
5x56 torpedo. Appearance is a 9. Maybe I'm just reluctant to call it perfect, but it doesn't get much better. Draw and Burn is a 9 razor sharp line. Impeccable. Draw was a hair on the tight side, but plenty of smoke available. Construction is a 9, tightly packed and the ash held on for half the cigar, at least. Toasty, creamy, earthy. Cedar and leather comes and goes throughout. Rather dry on palate. Medium Body, Medium Flavor. Just right IMO.
A mellow cigar with some interesting notes to it. Very relaxing smoke.
as advertised. great smoke.
big maduro started awesome then hit "knot" at 1/3 point where i got a blast of mexican spice. it mellowed very slightly then another enormous blast of spice to the nub. had to take a nap after that one....
Enjoyed the smoke! Was a great cigar to go along with a nice single malt. Smoked it and really enjoyed the complexity and the two blended fillers. Not sure my wrapper started to unravel/crack but it still smoked great even with that misfortune. I have one more to smoke and hope it holds together better. Definitely would recommend it to others.
Good flavor, easy draw and perfect ash. Priced well at $6.50 although I wish it lasted a little longer. Definitely will put in the cart for future purchase.
Hey! I purchased this smoke at Cigarfest 11... it's been resting in my humi for three weeks. This is my kind of cigar! Well made, tasty, and holds a beautiful white ash. I tend to measure all cigars against my favorite... RP OWR... This one stands up nicely! Loosely packed, easy draw and beautiful burn... I'm 1/2 way thru the smoke... it has not been a dissappointment. Pairs well with a nice Cabernet! This short torpedo would be better IMO as a 6 x 50 toro... I prefer a longer smoke!
loved this cigar and would buy again. Only wish it was about an inch longer to enjoy it longer. flavor and even draw with a easy milldle range smoke
Overall good construction and appearance, but a bit too firm of a draw for me, and I actually had to re-light about halfway through. Good med-full body, but there are others, i.e. Oliva V in the same price range, with consistantly strong and dependable performance.
The only problem with not being the best smoke I've ever had is that it is one inch too short! Bring on the big 6 inch (or more)
This is my first from the blend lab, and I must say WOW!!! A pleasant surprise. Since I was a super store locker holder and some of the unmentionable horrors that were given to me to rate. But this cigar would be on my repeat list . I may order a wheel of this but I purchased several other ciagrs from the blend lab and now can't to try the rest of them...
This smoked well through the entire cigar but is a medium cigar at best. Soft hints of spice and mild to the senses when exhailed through the nose. I like a stornger cigar.
very nice construction; burned beautifully, with a gorgeous, snow white ash. 1st 1/3 had signif. pepper thru the nose,with a baked bread & flinty taste on palate. Pepper eased in mid 1/3, with flint/bread tones remaining. Pepper returns in final 1/3. but with a sl. floral/herbal note, which was a pleasant end to a great ride. I'm not a huge spice fan, but this was a great cigar! BTW, the cap stood up to serious chewing, and this stick paired VERY well w/ a sweet sherry. I'd buy it again. WELL DONE
very nice smoke
How good was this cigar? I bought what remained in the tray. There are more on the upper shelf which in due time will be in my humindor. One of the best cigars in the BlendLab!
Very good cigar with easy draw, nice ash and pleasant flavor throughout. Priced fairly at $6.50 and will certainly purchase a few more when I do my second round of tastings.
Very smoothe smoking cigar with great flavor, comparable to a LFD Grand Maduro #6,, it burnes nice and even with a full draw. A little coffe notes in the flavor. Light to medium strenth. Sampled by Jerom Rau MIneapolis Minnesota
A pleasant smoke, it started with notes of pepper and spice, mellowed in the middle, and finished with a hint pepper. The cigar had a nice draw and even burn.
Good smoke! This stick reminded me of a RP flavor. It had a good thick white ash and a pleasant smell. The only part I did not enjoy was at the end of the smoke, the pull was easy but HOT. I will add that I am ordering more... the flavor was very good so even though it got hot I am ordering more. I bought these at the super store and wanted to say thank you to Joe for showing me the blendlab and taking the time to explain the different blends. I have 5 more to smoke and write reviews.
First time in the BlendLab. Decided to try the October pick. YD-556. Joe was very knowledgable on the entire selection and said the YD-556 is a must try. How could I say no. I walked out of the store and lit it up for the long drive home. It was a great long lasting smoke. The flavors mix very well with each other and proved to be a smooth smoke. The value is where it is at with this cigar. At $6.50 it's one of the best bang for your buck cigars I've come across. I'm glad I grabbed a second.
A nice well constructed example....the first third starts with some pepper and baked bread....the pepper and bread carriers through out the cigar....some slight floral hints pick up in the second third.....the pepper builds and the bread continues through the final third of the cigar....the burn line was flawless through out the smoke.....overall, a nice a lot of this is subjective, I may not choose it if it were sitting next to a V belicoso which is about the same price point...
excellent blend, milder than expected.
wish i knew the manufacturer. was a really good stick. started off slow but picked up quickl y about an inch in. stayed solid and didn't get bitter towards the end.
Best made cigar I have smoked. Tightly rolled and nice torpedo tip. Medium-bold flavor was smooth and woodsy but not robust enough that you'll be tasting it for the next 36 hours.
This is the first cigar I got in the Blend Lab.. Very nice taste, just a hint of spice.. only drawback was that it had to be relit a few times.. other then that it was a very good smoke!!! can't wait to buy a few more!!!
Piney aroma and taste. Excellent draw and smoke. Very good cigar.
nice spice and some sweetness very enjoyable
Good initial lip taste but bitter throt taste that smothed out over time.
My YD-556 started with a nice amount of spice, but mellowed quickly. The cigar remained complex and silky smooth. This cigar has a some good chocolate flavors creeping in towards the middle. Overall this is a very tasty stick that I'll be purchasing for sure in the near future!
Smooth Draw, Long ash, Good flavor, so-so Aroma
My favorite from the Blend Lab line up. It's a solid, consistent smoke. Not overbearing or pretentious. Just quality.