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BlendLab - RH-5554

- A silky, light-brown Habano wrapper from the Dominican Republic
- Full-flavored, but very smooth and refined
- Notes of earth, black pepper, fruit, and cedar
- A perfect balance of flavor and strength
- Pairs nicely with a Bourbon
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Robusto (5.5"x54) SINGLE In Stock $6.50
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Customer Reviews of “BlendLab - RH-5554”
...first one I've ever had of this make/model/blend and was very impressed and satisfied with the flavors and smoke...a very nice tight roll, low propensity for ashing without effort...yet the draw wasn't stiff...the knot at the nub does need a little coaxing to open it up enough for a good draw but beyond that, nothing bad to say about this one....
Outstanding..... Right down to the nub !!!!!!!
These BAD BOYS are in my top 3 sticks... Camacho Pre Embargo's, and Liga #9.... I just ordered 25 more of these.... LOVE THEM !!!!
Extreamly smooth. Woody taste stays consistant throughout. Not over powering. Hints of pepper at times. Great burn from the start. This is a stand alone quality. Love to taste this after some aging.
TI of Merom, IN
JH of High Bridge, NJ
Great cigar! Just the right sweetness (slight) to make it a very enjoyable smoke. Tks CI!!!! Jerry
JN of Hurricane, UT
I loved this smoke. Mild and mouth watering smooth. The hint of taste was not peppary and so good. Smooth burning. I will order more.
WM of Ft Lauderdale, FL
I will tell you this. I wished that I took this bad ass Blendlab cigar with me to Seoul. The taste was right when I puffed into it. No aftertaste. It was smooth and felt like an aroma blanket of joy. CI kicked ass with this one. My little cigar club that I got down here at USAG-Humphreys will definitely know about this cigar! Thanks CI!
Just went out to walk around with my new cigar that came a month late. I belong to your "cigar of the month club". This cigar was a fantastic mild - medium that tasted like single malt scotch with a touch of almonds. Can you add two more to club purchases. Since this winter has been so mild here, I don,t have to sit by the fireplace and smoke my stogies. Keep up the good work. Best regards, Joe Bires
JB of Macedonia, OH
New Cigar smoker. RH5554 is a smooth peppery, earthy tasting cigar. Excellent draw and cool smoke. This was part of the cigar of the month club selection and I am very glad it was. Will definitely order this when stock runs low.
SW of Arnold, MO
Nice cigar... Good construction, great burn, perfect draw, nice ash. The first inch was peppery and smoothed out to a medium bodied smoke. All in all a nice smoking experience.
RD of Dracut, MA
Only had 2. Smoked my 1st one 2 weeks ago . Looked forward to the 2nd. Had it today. WOW! Hope they are not too spendy. Would order more.
Received this blend with my COM. What a pleasant cigar, at first a mild peppery taste mid through evened out to a smooth cigar. Burned uneven for the first inch and corrected itself and kept a great ash. Smooth draw, good construction, and a great burn. Hope to get more to sample!
PB of Jacksonville, NC
Smoked alot like a Perdoma Champagne 10 year Corona. A little ashy flavored for the first half inch. Then it mellowed out and was very smooth and flavorful. Great blend!
JM of Middletown, PA
smooth, excellant from begining to end
MT of Lonsdale, AR
This attention-grabber boasts a gorgeous reddish-brown wrapper, well-constructed pigtail cap and novel uncut foot. Smoking started with a powerful kick of thick peppery smoke and followed with a perfect draw, even burn and sturdy ash. The 1st 1/3 had intense pepper flavor with smooth hints of leather and wood. In the 2nd 1/3 the leather and wood picked up in a thick creamy smoke. The last 1/3 got bitter, so I left it unsmoked. If its stays available, this could be a new standby.
TS of Canton, CT
This cigar was great! Balanced, with terrific aroma. Satisfying without being too strong. Well constructed with an excellent draw.
This cigar was included in my COM - thanks. Very nice appearance. Due to shaggy end had problem getting a thorough/complete intial light. For the first few minutes it felt like the filler was not packed tight - like a hole - draw was too easy - then it became "normal" and the cigar was highly enjoyed. I would say it was medium strength. Lasted a nice 80 minutes.
BB of Willow Grove, PA
This cigar was one of the best I have ever tried. I absolutely loved it.
LM of Saylorsburg, PA
Very good smoke! Plan to order more. Recommend that CI continue to add their blends to future membership trials each month. Great cigar!!!!
CM of Inglweood, CA
very good! this is THE cigar that turned me on to blend lab. this is the only blen lab one i have tried to date but if they all are this good i will certainly be buying more of them.
RE of edmond, OK
Very good. I am not an expert but I enjoyed the cigar very much.
Very nice smoke with a beautiful burn and ash.Had a very nice flavor and was easy on the palate. I would be a buyer of this cigar at any price below $15.
JL of Albany, NY
I would buy a dump truck load of these cigars if they are ever marketed to the public! This was one of the most delicious, fantastic smelling cigars that I have smoke in quite some time! The draw wasa perfect, however, it had an uneven burn about 1/3 the way through, but corrected itself at the halfway point. It started just a little bit strong for me, but the finish erased that minor squawk, as it was smooth and flavorful with hints of chocolate and spices. Yum-yum! More pls! Smokey Stover
MS of Everett, WA
This was a very good cigar. It burned good and had plenty of flavor. I would buy this cigar when it becomes available in the future. See you all at Cigarfest on Friday. Looking forward to it.
MW of Tabernacle, NJ
A very well made cigar.I really enjoyed the feel of this cigar in my hand. There is a real solid hefty feeling to this stick. You can also taste that this blend is a dominican puro with its distinctive flavor. Keep up the good work.
DB of Hallandale, FL
The RH-5554 surprised me at how good it was. Smooth, nice even burn with excellent ash and smoke, nice smooth draw. Made me immediately want another. Would love to have a box.
RL of Tallahassee, FL
smooth and perfect sweetness for a full bodied ciger
TR of Chevy Chase, MD
Overall very nice cigar. The biggest problem I had was a consistent uneven burn. I would correct it and it would happen again and again.
KK of Eagleville, PA
This stick had a shiny wrapper that smelled great before lighting. I cut the head and 1/2 inch of the wrapper unraveled. The pull was easy and smooth. the tobacco blend was harsh at first were I was forced to cough but I understand how most cigars seem to relax as the smoke continues. I was about half way through the smoke and it started to smooth out. I probably will not smoke this stick again. I have smoked a few other blend lab smokes and I am very pleased! I can't like them all.
LB of Westampton, NJ
It had a great draw and good flavor. I would get this again
CL of Dallas, OR
Got the Blend Lab in my sampler. Nice smoke. A bit light on construction for such a large ring. The draw is perfect and the smoke is thick, but not harsh. Nice ash. Wish they were not quite so "dear". I'd have a bunch of 'em.
SF of Dallas, TX
Unlike some other reviews, this cigar burned perfect all the way to the end. A little harsh for the first 1/2 inch but a beautiful smoke with very easy draw. Would buy again
JE of Mount Pocono, PA
The cigar had great flavors, not too complex, but enjoyable. As stated it did pair nicely with with a good bourbon. The only defect I found was the burn was not as straight as I would have liked and required a few touchups along the way. Overall I would enjoy this cigar again. Nice job guys.
BP of Colorado Springs, CO
Excellent cigar. Received this one in a COTM club shipment. Survived being shipped overseas. Smooth draw with creamy after tones. Will purchase this cigar! Thank You!
KM of Crestview, FL
my first taste of the blendlab experience, it came with my club order as a bonus, and i must say i am quite pleased. i first noticed the plesant peppery taste when i first bit into it. smoked with a very easy draw, burned fairly evenly with a very thick smoke. i paired it with Highland Park's 12 year single malt. i thuroughly enjoyed it, and i will be passing on the other stick to one of my fellow cigar buddies.
CR of Oak Grove, KY
I have to say this was a great smoke; it was smooth all the way down, the wrapper look very nice and held together. However it did have an uneven burn 3 quarters of the way down, but will definitely buy this again. As a matter of fact I’m ordering more right now:)
HB of Apo, AE
better than most o got in my box...really tasty worth the 6.50 no doubt...from opus to dirt...i'm chechen this sight out.
CH of Plainfield, IL
Wow what a great cigar
PW of Gunnison, CO
very nice slow smoke. flavors as described. good solid construction. only had to ash it twice. draw was lighter than expected. smoked it right up to the ring. would buy again.
CP of Joliet, IL
spicy, very full-flavored, milder toward the end. thick leathery wrapper. very different taste than I'm used to, a little offputting. have another and will see how I like it a second time.
JZ of Audubon, PA
The first one of these was VERY peppery; so much that I really didn't enjoy it. This one still was very peppery, but not nearly as much as the first. Both cigars were bought at the same time, so there seems to be quite a bit of variance within the batch.
JZ of Audubon, PA
Excellent construction and perfect draw. Burns very well. Nice long ash. Sl peppery upfront but decreases as you smoke it. Slight leathery with a trace of woody character. Smoothed out considerably as I smoked it.
MM of Aubur, NY
This is the first blendlab that I have had,let me tell you this cigar is great!! Mild-med body.great flavors : chocolate, light pepper , wood , musty tabaco & no bitternes. Very good.
Anonymous of empire city, NY
This smoke was a consistent burn from beginning to end. Generates a very long ash. The wrapper is nice. Somewhat "boring" to me in that the taste was the same from beginning to end - a "dry" and pleasant leather taste was predominant for me. I bought two of these, and when I smoke the second one, I'll come back and compare the two in a review.
MM of Front Royal, VA
Very good
TD of Waterbury, CT
...first one I've ever had of this make/model/blend and was very impressed and satisfied with the flavors and smoke...a very nice tight roll, low propensity for ashing without effort...yet the draw wasn't stiff...the knot at the nub does need a little coaxing to open it up enough for a good draw but beyond that, nothing bad to say about this one....
Outstanding..... Right down to the nub !!!!!!!
These BAD BOYS are in my top 3 sticks... Camacho Pre Embargo's, and Liga #9.... I just ordered 25 more of these.... LOVE THEM !!!!