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How to Calibrate A Hygrometer (Cigar 101)

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Cigars International shows you the most effective way to calibrate your hygrometers!

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How to Calibrate a Hygrometer

A hygrometer is an instrument that is used to measure the humidity ofthe air inside your humidor.

Not all hygrometers are perfectly accurate all the time, which is why its crucially important to calibrate them every 6 months.

A hygrometer reads in percentagefrom 0-100%. The optimum humidity for cigars however, is 70%.

There are two types of hygrometers,analog and digital. Although analog hygrometers are most common,digital hygrometers are far moreaccurate and will give you a moreprecise reading.

In order to effectively calibrate your hygrometer, you’ll need to
preform a "Salt Test".

When the proper amount of salt ismixed with water, it omits exactly
75% humidity. This mixture will create the perfect environment to
calibrate your hygrometer. If done properly, your hygrometer will read 75% when finished. If not, you’ll need to adjust it.

Items you’ll need: table salt, distilled water, a bottle cap, a Ziploc bag, and a small flat-head screw driver.

Step One: create a salt and water mixture. Fill the bottle cap 3/4
full with table salt.

Take a few drops of distilled water and pour it onto the salt. You are looking for a cake like consistency.

Be careful, too much water can dissolve the salt!

Step Two: place your hygrometer and salt mixture in a Ziploc bag. Seal the bag, leaving a little bit of air in it and wait 12 hours.

Step Three: after 12 hours have passed, jot down the reading of the hygrometer, while it’s still in the bag. If it’s not reading 75%,
you’ll need to adjust it.

Step Four: adjusting your hygrometer. Take a small screwdriver and insert it into the slit in the back of the hygrometer. Turn the slit until it reads 75%.

Digital hygrometers however, are far more accurate and very rarely
have large discrepancies. If by chance a mismatch does occur, and the hygrometer does not have an adjustment feature, simply note the variance on a piece of paper and toss it into the humidor so that you’ll always remember the unit is
+ or - 75%.

Congratulations, your hygrometer is now calibrated to ensure a near perfect environment for your cigars!