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Cigar 101 - Cigar Accessories for Beginners - Cigars International

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We're cigar nuts. That's a given. And part of being a cigar nut is playing with all the awesome toys specifically engineered to enhance our fun little hobby. Some are simple enough for a monkey to use, while others require a little bit of explanation. Here, we discuss the cigar accessory basics plain and simple to get you nice and acquainted.

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Cigar Cutters
The most common type of cigar accessory is a cigar cutter. Cutters are used to create openings in the 'head' of the cigar to allow air and smoke to pass through. Some enthusiasts insist on a certain method, whilst others simply use whatever is most convenient. Below you'll find today's most popular and well-known methods.

Cigar Lighters
Some will argue that fire is fire, whether it comes from a high-end lighter or a book of matches. But there's no arguing butane fueled lighters burn at higher temperatures, resulting in a clean and efficient flame. Popular models range from single-flame to quad-flame, and sometimes even more. Any butane lighter will provide more than an adequate flame to light your cigar, it really comes down to how much sizzle you're on the market for. Outside of fuel storage capability, a smaller pocket sized lighter can get the job done just as well as a larger table-top model. When filling any cigar lighter be sure to use at least triple-refined butane or better, as lower quality butane can clog valves and cause a myriad of problems for your unit. And at the end of the day, you can always resort to old faithful: wood matches.

When buying a case the term 'finger' is used to note the amount of cigars a case can hold. For instance, a 3-finger cigar case generally holds 3 cigars. Be sure to check product descriptions for ring-gauge accommodations, as a case will hold less the thicker the cigar, and vice versa. Besides quantity, weigh how much durability you need. Do you need a crush-proof, go to hell and back case, or are you looking for something to simply carry your cigars around in? Select the case that best suits your needs.