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Cigar Accessories for Beginners (Cigar 101)

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Cigars International takes you through some of the accessories that have been specifically designed to enhance our treasured past time!

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Cigar Accessories for Beginners

Starting a hobby in cigars can be a
very daunting task when trying to
understand all the accessories that
have been engineered specifically
to enhance this treasured past

Some are cut and dry,
while others need a little


The Guillotine is generally the
most popular option when cutting a
cigar. There are two types of
Guillotine Cutters, single blade
and double blade.

The single bladed guillotine gets
its name from having a single blade
and is single action - meaning only
one side moves.

The double bladed guillotine has
two blades and is double action -
meaning both sides move. The double
blades deliver a more precise
straight cut than that of a single
bladed guillotine.

A punch cutter is small circular
razor that when pushed into the
head of the cigar, leaves a small
circular opening.

The punch is perfect for mixed
filler cigars and will give you a
clean cut that will prevent bits of
tobacco from ending up in your

A v-cutter is a single action
cutter that provides more surface
area without exposing you to loose

When applied to the cigar, the
result is a V shape at the tip.

Scissor cutters provide an
identical cut to that of a

Made from surgical stainless steel,
scissors create a precise straight
cut, all while making you look
upscale and stylish! Scissors also
extend wide enough to cut any sized

Lighters. We know what you’re
thinking. Fire is fire...right? Not
exactly. Lighting your cigar is a
matter of personal preference,
but we suggest either wooden
matches, or a butane lighter.

There is no arguing that a high
quality butane lighter is going to
burn hotter and light you cigar

Lighters can range from a single
flame, double flame, triple flame,
quad flame...the list goes on!

Pocket sized, table sized, soft
flame, torch...there is a lighter
out there that will cover your

Regardless of the lighter you’s best to use triple
refined butane or more to ensure a
clean and trouble free lighter over

When it comes to cigar cases, it
really comes down to quantity and

Some cases are designed to be sleek
and streamlined.

Other cases are designed to
withstand more of a beating, but
tend to be a bit bulkier, and won’t
fit as easily in a blazer.

Typically made from leather,
synthetic, wood or plastic, cigar
cases come in all shapes and sizes.

Some case are crush proof. Some are
water proof and some are both. In
the end, it’s all about what fits
your individual needs. There is a
case out there for any occasion.

Ashtrays are pretty straight
forward. Like cases, they come in
all shapes and sizes.

No matter the occasion, we’ve got
you covered with an ashtray to fit
your style and more importantly,
your cigars!

This has been a small overview of
some of the accessories we carry.
For more information, visit,
or give us a call at 1-888-244-2790
and we will gladly help you pick
out the right tools to fit your