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How to Smoke A Cigar (Cigar 101)

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Cigars International shows you how to smoke a cigar like a true cigar fanatic!

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How To Smoke A Cigar

In order to enjoy a cigar like a true
enthusiast, you must first learn the
anatomy of a cigar. A cigar is made
up of 3 parts: the head, the end of
the cigar in which you smoke. The
body, where you hold the cigar, and
the foot, the end of the cigar that you

The point of enjoying a cigar is to
get a mouth full of cool smoke that
is filled with flavor. You DON’T in
hale it. You simply want to
experience the flavors.

Using a cigar cutter, make a quick
clean cut above the cap on the head
of the cigar. For more information on
how to cut a cigar, visit">
and check out our cigar 101 videos.

To hold the cigar properly, rest
the cigar on your middle finger and
wrap your index finger around it.

Removing the band is a personal
choice. If you want to remove the
band, it is wise to smoke the cigar
a little bit. The heat from the
cigar will loosen the adhesive on
the band - thus making it easier to
remove without damaging the cigar.

To light the cigar, you need to
light the FOOT and NOT THE HEAD of
the cigar. The head is the end in
which you just cut.

In order to ensure the cigar lights
evenly, you’ll need to toast the
foot. Place the cigar NEAR the
flame and rotate it around, heating
the tobacco to the point of

DO NOT put the cigar directly into
the flame. This will char the
cigar, altering it’s taste.

The type of flame you choose is a
matter of personal preference. Just
about any flame will do in a pinch.
For more information on lighters,

Once you’ve toasted the cigar, turn
the cigar around and blow on the
foot. The red ember will show you
just how evenly lit your cigar is.
If there are dark spots, you’ll
need to touch them up. Turn the
cigar back around and keep toasting
as previously described.

Taking a draw on a cigar is just
like sucking through a straw
without swallowing. Taste the
flavor of smoke in your mouth and
then blow the smoke out of your

Take a nice even draw. Be careful,
drawing too quickly will cause the
cigar to heat up at a rapid rate
and will effect the flavor.

In general, it’s best to take 2-3
draws per minute. You want your
cigar to be as cool as possible
without going out. If your cigar
happens to go out, no big deal,
just simply remove the ash and
relight as described previously.

You don’t want to remove your ash
too often. A long ash is a sign of
a well rolled cigar and will help
keep you cigar cool.

If the need for removing the ash
arises, DO NOT tap it. Instead,
lightly roll it along the lip of an
ash tray and the ash will fall off.

When finished, simply put the cigar down
in an ashtray and let it extinguish itself out.
Most cigars will take 15-20 min to go out.