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How to Season a Humidor (Cigar 101)

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Cigars International shows you how to properly season your humidor.

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How To Season Your Humidor

Seasoning your humidor is a crucial
step in making sure your cigars
have an ideal environment for aging.

The process is very simple and can
be done in just 5 steps.

There are two main items you will
need to season your humidor. A
bottle of distilled water and a
brand new sea sponge.

The use of distilled water is
extremely important. Tap or well
water contains mineral deposits
that can cause mold to grow on the
inside of your humidor.

Make life easier on yourself and
pickup Humi-Care Seasoning Wipes
from Humi-Care. Humi-Care wipes are
pre-moistened with distilled water,
making it the fastest and easiest
way to season your humidor.

Step 1. Remove all items from
inside your humidor including
trays, humidifier, and hygrometer.

Step 2. Take your Humi-Care
wipe and lightly coat the inside of
your humidor. You want to wipe down
all exposed surfaces on the inside
of the humidor, including your
trays and dividers.

Note, the wood will begin to change
color and become darker.

Be careful not to over saturate
your humidor. There should not be
any puddles on the inside. Too much
water can warp the wood.

Too little water won't give your
humidor the kick start it needs to
maintain the 70% humidity that you
are trying to achieve.

Step 3. Place the tray back inside,
close the lid, and let it sit for
24 hours. The reason for this is to
allow the inside of your humidor to
settle down and reach even
humidification throughout it.

Step 4. After 24 hours have passed,
open the humidor and re-install the
humidifier and calibrated
hygrometer. Close the lid for an
additional 24 hours. You want to
give all your components a chance
to acclimate to the humidity inside
the box.

Step 5. After an additional 24
hours have passed, open your
humidor and make sure the
hygrometer is within the range of 68-72%.
The type of climate you
live in makes a big difference on
what percentage you want your
cigars to age in.

If you live in an area with high
humidity, you'll want to leave your
humidor closer to 68%. Too much
humidity can effect the flavor and
visa versa.

If you live in an area with low
humidity, you'll want you humidor
closer to 72%.

Congratulations! Your humidor is
now ready for your cigar storage!